Received Death Threat On Phone From Bill Bunting

noun: cyber-stalking
  1. the repeated use of electronic communications to harass or frighten someone, for example by sending threatening emails.

This month I met with Independence Police Major Paul Thurman and Independence City Prosecutor Mitchell Langford and played them the death threat message on my cell phone sent from a cyber stalker named Bill Bunting who has been doing this since my x wife knowingly gave him my contact information in Jan 2016.

The x broke a no contact order…asked me to marry her and came to Missouri. Bunting and her have conspired together to jacket me with lies working with members of the American Indian Movement who I documented as being murderers, rapists and pedophiles as well as drug dealers and more.

One such “Jacket” includes me never being a Marine or serving in the Nam based upon “internet research” that had nothing to do with my time in the Nam. Emanuel Cleaver verified my service. The VA verified my service and has given me a 100% disability based upon Agent Orange systemic heart disease.

Bunting has said I was a pedophile, never ran a charity for American Indians called Operation Morning Star and that I stalked my x with a gun and I am on “probation” which is not true. Her violation of the no contact order ended contact restrictions. I had no intent of ever seeing her again but…I trusted…married her and lost $15,000 of my VA money to her lies including helping her family with rent etc. DOCUMENTED.

Just sharing so that everyone might know why my name is slandered as it is.

I also filed a death threat in Douglas County that I received from American Indian Movement former chairman John Trudell who my x committed adultery with. The Sheriff reading that message did not hesitate in calling it just that…a death threat.

Bunting sent me messages that “Real Man have the right to RAPE ANY WOMAN THEY WANT…and that when being raped…they should ASK FOR MORE!” Plus he has family members that are in prison for sexually abusing children and he himself attended a high school especially for youth embedded and obsessed with pornography as verified by the vile texts in the language that has the context of what a pedophile would think and do to a child.

That’s it…for now.


Richard Boyden