“Community Of Christ” Sodomite-Diversity Leadership Connected To Satan

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And the angel spake more things unto me, which were heard by my brethren, but I did not hear them; for when I heard the words, If thou wilt not be destroyed of thyself, SEEK NO MORE TO DESTROY THE CHURCH OF GOD, I was struck with such great fear and amazement, lest perhaps I should be destroyed, that I fell to the earth, and I did hear no more; But I was racked with eternal torment, for my soul was harrowed up to the greatest degree, and racked with all my sins.

Yea, I did remember all my sins and iniquities, for which I was tormented with the pains of hell; ea, I saw that I had rebelled against my God, and that I had not kept his holy commandments; yea, and I had murdered many of his children, or rather led them away unto destruction; yea, and in fine, so great had been my iniquities, that the very thoughts of coming into the presence of my God, did rack my soul with inexpressible horror.

Community of Christ Leadership Are Sons And Daughters Of Perdition

Stephen M. Veazey, Prophet-President of Community of Christ | Mormon ...

Stephen M. Veazey “Prophet/President”


And while we were yet in the Spirit, the Lord commanded us that we should write the vision; for we beheld Satan, that old serpent, even the Devil, who rebelled against God, and sought to take the kingdom of our God and his Christ wherefore he maketh war with the saints of God, and encompasses them round about.

And we saw a vision of the sufferings of those with whom he made war and overcame, for thus came the voice of the Lord unto us.

Thus saith the Lord, concerning all those who know my power, and have been made partakers thereof, and suffered themselves, through the power of the Devil, to be overcome, and to deny the truth, and defy my power; they are they who are the sons of perdition, of whom I say it had been better for them never to have been born for they are vessels of wrath, doomed to suffer the wrath of God, with the Devil and his angels, in eternity, concerning whom I have said there is no forgiveness in this world nor in the world to come having denied the Holy Spirit, after having received it, and having denied the Only Begotten Son of the Father; having crucified him unto themselves, and put him to an open shame these are they who shall go away into the lake of fire and brimstone, with the Devil and his angels, and the only ones on whom the second death shall have any power; yea, verily, the only ones who shall not be redeemed in the due time of the Lord, after the sufferings of his wrath for all the rest shall be brought forth by the resurrection of the dead, through the triumph and the glory of the Lamb, who was slain, who was in the bosom of the Father before the worlds were made.

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Gay Rights Revelation added to the Community of Christ D&C (World Conference Part 2: April 12–15)

Stephen M. Veazey, Prophet-President of Community of Christ | Mormon ...

Stephen M. Veazey “Prophet/President”

Following this period of prayer and discernment, Stephen M. Veazey was ordained as the eighth prophet-president of the church in 2005.

Veazey has greatly expanded the World Church Leadership Council to be…more inclusive of the church’s diverse voices.

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Crafting “Gay” Children

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Why SODOMY Is The Key SATANIC Practice Of The LGBT Agenda

The HOMOerotic Brotherhood

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Stephen M. Veazey, Prophet-President of Community of Christ | Mormon ...

27 July 2023 President Stephen M. Veazey was hospitalized July after a medical emergency. He is working with his doctors to assess the situation

UPDATE 31 July 2023 President Veazey is working with his medical team to determine the next best steps. He and the family continue to appreciate the church’s prayers and support. We will provide weekly updates as they are available. (NO WEEKLY UPDATES)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer /Questioning = CHILD OF GOD.


“We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgarities. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, …. All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only gods are handsome young men.” 

Michael Swift `Gay Revolutionary,’ printed in the Congressional Record February 15-21

Human sexual activity Of Sodom and Gomorrah Embraced By The Community of Christ

LGBT Sodom and Gomorrah History

Joplin Community of Christ | Joplin MO

‘Gay’ Agenda? What ‘Gay’ Agenda?

100 years ago, Germany’s ‘Einstein of Sex’ began the gay rights movement

Trans-Faith Takes Over The Church: Transgender Pastors & Renaming Ceremonies

Community of Christ is a welcoming community for all!  Come join us and embrace God’s love and peace in a sacred community.

We are LGBT inclusive


Those Sons of Mighty Satan who practice the dark occult arts believe and preach proudly to the world that Sodomy is a vehicle through which the door is open to the spiritual realm. Sodomy is Satan’s sex or Satan’s new birth of the Initiate. Sacred Sodomy is the foundation for Gay Satanists. 

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The Deepest Roots of the Modern LGBT Movement

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Homosexuality and Demons

Transference of Unclean Demonic Spirits Through Sexual Abuse or Molestation

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The Typhonian Tradition: Sodomy

In the House of the Strong Man Sodomy is the Key

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The Luciferic Initiation In These “The Last Days”

LGBTQ’S Legacy Of Child Abuse “SODOMY FOR ALL” Embraced By Megan Rapinoe And Jewish Girlfriend Sue Bird

Obama and His Synagogue of Satan Jews/Free Masons/SodomCrats Making America “Sodom and Gomorrah”


CANADA: The New Sodom and Gomorrah? YES, Thanks to Synagogue of Satan Jews!

PictureHarmony (formerly GALA (Gay and Lesbian Acceptance)) is a non-profit organization

A community welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA+) persons, and their allies.

Harmony is committed to working with Community of Christ members, friends and leaders to share information about the ministerial needs of persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities (SOGI). Harmony is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the State of Missouri.

6 Undisputed Facts That Prove "Homosexuality" Is Demonic Possession ...Our mission is to provide advocacy, education, and resources for Queer voices* in Community of Christ with a shared vision of full participation.**


‘We’re Coming For Your Children’: San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir Sings In Viral Video

Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse

Heinous: Webster Dictionary page 448…extremely wicked; atrocious; odiously sinful.
The word wickedness is describing the evil actions and perverted sexual acts done to children. The flagrant acts of wickedness were always done with a goal and religious significance behind these acts. These men were performing ancient rites to achieve immortality,and to enter the celestial abode through the tunnels of Typhon.

They gain access through these tunnels to ten evil gods known for extreme wickedness. The new religion they have established and now practice in their temples and lodges is called “Thelima.”Thelima is shown to have 11 degrees were they perform homosexual act sin their ritual. This form of sex magic teaches that through sodomy one can excess and open up the tunnels of Typhon. The altars on which these sexual rituals are performed emulated the Trapezoid, a symbol for the Frustra which is the pyramid found on the back of the dollar bill with the All Seeing Eye. This is called a Frustum because it is designed for the manifestation of demons.

*The term Queer is being reclaimed by some who identify as LGBTQ+ and is used as an umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ community. 

We use the phrase “Queer voices” to describe all person, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI), who have the courage to use their voice to speak for justice for the marginalized in the Queer community.
Community of Christ.


Community of Christ’s Next Steps for LGBT Inclusion

Community of Christ as Church Home for Transitioning Mormons Pt 1 – Mormon Stories #526: John Hamer 

Why strong delusions – Part 1

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Why Strong Delusions

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Moloch, The Ancient Pagan God Of Child Sacrifice

Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children: From Antiquity to Today

Because they have abandoned Me and made this a foreign place. They have burned incense in this place to other gods that neither they nor their fathers nor the kings of Judah have ever known. They have filled this place with the blood of the innocent.

They have built high places to Baal on which to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal— something I never commanded or mentioned, nor did it even enter My mind.

So behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when this place will no longer be called Topheth or the Valley of Ben-hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter.…

Chapter XII Of Aleister Crowley’s Bloody Sacrifice Of Children and Matters Cognate

For the day shall come that the Lord God will speedily visit the inhabitants of the earth; and in that day that they are fully ripe in iniquity, they shall perish.

But behold, if the inhabitants of the earth shall repent of their wickedness and abominations, they shall not be destroyed, saith the Lord of hosts.

But behold, that great and abominable church, the whore of all the earth, must tumble to the earth; and great must be the fall thereof:

For the kingdom of the devil must shake, and they which belong to it must needs be stirred up unto repentance, or the devil will grasp them with his everlasting chains, and they be stirred up to anger and perish:

For behold, at that day shall he rage in the hearts of the children of men, and stir them up to anger against that which is good; [Psa2:1-3]

And others will he pacify, and lull them away into carnal security, that they will say, All is well in Zion; yea, Zion prospereth, all is well;

And thus the devil cheateth their souls, and leadeth them away carefully down to hell.

And behold, others he flattereth away, and telleth them there is no hell; and he saith unto them, I am no devil, for there is none: And thus he whispereth in their ears, until he grasps them with his awful chains, from whence there is no deliverance.

Yea, they are grasped with death and hell; and death, and hell, and the devil, and all that have been seized therewith, must stand before the throne of God and be judged according to their works, from whence they must go into the place prepared for them, even a lake of fire and brimstone, which is endless torment.