Black Civil Rights Worker’s Murder Remains Hidden By Obama And Fellow Blacks

What a FIND!!! “What we have here is a failure to communicate!!” POW! Not any more…Has to be Perry himself doing a little “angelic investigative inspiring” for me to find THIS B L A C K Judge to be in the “legal bed” with Perry’s MURDERERS!

AND at a Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast honoring this Judge who obviously has been deceived by the DEVIL’S OWN MURDERING BRIGADE…the American Indian Movement!

Notice who one of Judge Davis’s “legal tutors” was… read my lips…
C L Y D E B E L L E C O U R T! Am sure Davis knows the one who gave David Hill the order to SHOOT PERRY…read my lips again… D E N N I S B A N K S…and with FBI Operative THERE…read my lips again… D O U G D U R H A M…the FBI knew who gave the order…who shot Perry…and WHERE Floyd Westerman’s son BURIED HIM!

So what ya say JOHN TRIMBACH…and your father JOSEPH…FBI Agent in Charge THERE and THEN…huh? Liars and MURDERERS will be…read GOD’S LIPS…”THRUST DOWN TO HELL”!

So all of you will be in good company…no matter what kind of cover your guilty asses games you want to play. IF there was ANY spiritual integrity in any of YOUR souls…you would come clean before you die…and your spirit leaves your body to come before Almighty God…but my gut says you will be just like raping murdering Russell Means and MURDERER “COMPLICITIER” John Trudell…BOTH IN THE LAKE OF FIRE WITH THE ONE THEY LISTENED TO…say THE DEVIL!

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