Kent Duane Greve Protected by FBI To Murder Native American Woman Suzance Dupree

Read and Learn. Kent Duane Greve …PEDOPHILE and DRUG DEALER/MANUFACTURER representing THE SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH IN KETTLE FALLS WASHINGTON is protected by the FBI, DHS, BORDER PATROL, DEA, and Stevens County and Washington State Government officials including in is premeditated act of targeted Suzanne Dupree for death DAILY using this Energy Laser Powered Death System!

You will burn in the Lake of Fire Greves…and your protectors the FBI and company with along with your “spiritual associates” connected to you.

Using the words of Jesus…”Your father the devil”. Death will claim you no matter what including those of your “brotherhood of murderers” and when it does…I personally will rejoice knowing all of you are burning!

STOPEG - Stop Electronic weapons and Gang stalking



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