This deserves a repost….from the horses mouth!

When on Pine Ridge with one of over 25 loads of food total of over 500 tons and over $100,000 in wood burning stoves etc…I met Doris Respects Nothing who told me Russell Means with 8 other AIMSTERS GANG RAPED HER SISTER! Means also raped Suzanne Dupree, murdered Jancita Eagle Deer before she could testify against William Janklow who raped her…otherwise he would have never been elected Governor of South DaKKKota. Russells brother Bill and Clyde Bellecourt, Synagogue of SATAN JEW Bruce Ellison, and Charlie Abourezk..son of Senator James Abrouezk…were at Means home when Annie Mae Aquash was brought there as the final stop for her MURDER…and just after she was GANG RAPED BY AIMSTERS! Bill Bunting… my new “follower/Homoerotic Sodomite…watches videos’ that show women being RAPED! Real piece of animated by Satan excrement

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