The Necessary Spiritual Understanding Of Why Suicide Among Native Americans Is Epidemic

Introduction: While living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, I was God inspired to write this paper as a result of witnessing the continual and growing rate of suicides by Lakota/Dakota youth. I witnessed and still do the failure of redundant attempts to address the epidemic using programs that are totally lacking in the “spiritual truths” of why suicide is so rampant and successful among Native American youth.

It is my personal testimony that until that truth is understood as well as accepted, that the devil will continue to have his way with God’s Oyate who are slowly but surely being eliminated in this very evil and painful way.

Richard Boyden 3/7/2013

Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide

Genocide by Suicide – The “Spiritual Deception” of Self-Murder

  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to do it….”

Examples of how bad the epidemic of suicides is among First Nations People when this paper was first written. It is much worse now on all Reservations!

During a two week period in the month of July and August 08, there were 4 suicides in the community of Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Overall…suicides are on a RISE throughout the Reservation.

This was a email received (12/9/07) concerning the week of (12/2-12/9) from a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. A State of Emergency was declared on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe reservation in 3/07 because of the increase in suicides and attempted suicides. There were 61 attempts from Jan 1-07 to March 12-07 

“Hey we had another suicide you probably heard about last week, also 4 attempted this past weekend, the youngest being 14 year old male, who tried to hang himself but was caught, one cut their wrist, one overdosed, the last just happened last night, didn’t get the info on how they tried. I now am hearing that the kids today are thinking “It’s the in thing to do”…on some of their bebo pages they brag about…if their going to go out, “their going to go out to suicide, end their own chit”. 

I’m in total disbelief right now, this is a emergency situation. I think what’s needed to be done to try to combat the situation is change their perception of thinking, shove it down their throats, Suicide is evil, something is messed up here”!. -Anthony Bordeaux Jr. is a Sicangu Lakota and member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

On the Standing Rock Reservation there were over 288 attempted suicides and the successful were “in those numbers”. One of the major connections to this statistic according to a Veteran I met at the Oglala Lakota Veterans Pow Wow was the giving out of the anti-depressant Prozac “like candy”…a proven “suicide drug” used by IHS and Social entities.

The Rapid City Journal on 1/15/15 published a Associated Press article focusing on Pine Ridge where at least 7 suicides in the last 4 months took place. Add to this the not recorded attempts and reported promoting of by those who mock and provoke those who are struggling by bullying and “hanging ropes“ in communities on the Reservation. 

Buddy Red Bow, a traditional Oglala Lakota singer wrote a song entitled “Journey to the Spirit World”, a song about “getting ready” to pass over into the “Spirit World” when one dies and into a life of joy where pain and suffering is no more.   “The Ghost Dance” was a prayer for the same promise of a better life after death. The Paiute Prophet Wovoka was given a vision of this from the “Red Messiah” who’s name is “Wanikiya” which is Lakota for Jesus.

Wanikiya promised to return to deliver His people from the evils and oppression’s of the Whites. Wovoka also saw the dead of his people raised and all were healed of their pain and suffering and that all would be brought together who had passed into the Spirit World. After Wanikiya cleansed this land, His people would be restored by Him to this their land after He cleansed this land by His judgment from all evil and sin. This is what Wovoka was shown by Wanikiya…even Jesus.

There are many reasons for the death of the body. Some natural such as old age with the body simply wearing out like an old moccasin. Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are major killers in Indian Country but they are only killers of our body. With “suicide”, the “spiritual deception” or lie that one kills themselves begins first with a a “spiritual thought” where the body dies but not our spirit. Our spirit never dies no matter what happens to our body.

The majority of “suicides” in Indian Country happen when drugs and alcohol are used.  Reasons for wanting to kill ones self could be because of our living conditions such as “poverty” and the fact there there are no jobs, no income, and no money for food and shelter and other important needs for one to help their family with the basic needs of life.

Drugs and alcohol are most always connected to suicide. Included are past and present experiences of sexual abuse such as rapes and molestations. In other cases suicide is the result of the betrayal of ones heart by those trusted and loved.

Why suicides take place cannot be understood “spiritually“ unless we admit and identify the part “spirits” or “demons” play. The fact is they do exist and are able through the use of drugs and alcohol to overthrow our souls by first “speaking to our minds“. All actions no matter what they are begin first “spiritually” with a “thought” whether they are good or evil. With suicide, this “thought or voice” is inspired by demons to do evil.

These demons will begin to “tell us” to hurt and kill ourselves (and even others for that matter). Ignoring and/or denying the existence of these demonic spirits who are the spiritual source of those voice/thoughts/actions” directly connected to one committing self murder is why the epidemic of suicide in “Indian Country continues to increase. In fact these same “spirits / demons” inspire the very thoughts and actions that are seen in the acts of sexual abuse, child molestations, rape, beatings and murder “Indian Country”.

The act of committing suicide begins “spiritually first” with “thinking thoughts” about suicide or what could be called “hearing voices”. These thoughts are NOT ours or from us but we do “hear them” in our minds. When we listen to them and give in to them totally, it is then we kill ourselves in committing suicide. It is no different then when we “remember” what someone said to us that hurt us…it is the memory of a “voice”.

Demonic spirits have the ability and power to “speak to us” in their “language” what they want us to hear and they will never stop. Again their goal is to get us to kill ourselves. Only Wanikiya even Jesus can stop them and only when we pray for Him to do this. Only He has the power to destroy this work of Satan and stop those demons that listen to his voice which become our “thoughts and feelings”. They cause us to remember over and over those hurtful experiences in our life and they use them to torment us. We must chose to not “listen to them”.

What is not revealed by these demons is that suicide is ONLY the killing of and the death of our body.They don’t tell us or show us that after our body is “dead” from killing ourselves that our spirit continues to live and never dies. Once our spirit leaves our “dead body” here in what we call “time”, do we immediately realize we are still alive but now in the “Spirit World”.

How do these demons convince us to kill ourselves so easily?  They use “alcohol”. Alcohol is the “door opener” where now are able to “speak into our minds” and this gives them more power over us. How many times have we felt like dying? And more so when drinking? The demons know that when we drink that we are at our weakest point spiritually in our minds. They over and over without end put into our mind the thoughts that “killing ourselves” is THE ANSWER for us to escape this pain and they take over our “will power” which then is THEIR WILL POWER! .

Being raped is the most evil of acts against the spirit of a soul. It is the equivalent of “murdering” that spirit. Rape is a act of hate and evil inspired by Satan. To understand the “Spirit World” punishment of those guilty of this…one should watch the movie “Ghost” and the last scene where the very demons from hell take the “murderer” after he himself dies right into the lake of fire and brimstone…even hell. Those who rape and hurt women and children will experience all the pain and suffering they caused those they hurt and this happens when they die and their spirit leaves their body! Yes…this will be their hell and they will be angels to the one they listened to…even Satan

The rapist…the perpetuator of rape will experience hell. Yes…gnashing of teeth….the real hell fire and brimstone….tormented for eternity and because you have taken away Tunka”sila’s gift of life. You will pay for eternity what you have taken away for the rape, murder and crimes committed against the women and children because how this act of Satan by you affects the souls of the victims. The spirits  of God’s beautiful creation is killed by rape, when you do this, as a perpetrator, you have committed the greatest of all sin murder, and remember , the judgment day is real ,and Wanikiya itesniya yelo. Who wants to refute this?

(Click HERE to hear an interview with Emerson Elk …Full Blood Oglala Lakota about Rape and Lakota Law and the PUNISHMENT affixed according to Traditional Lakota Law.)

How smart are these evil spirits? Not only do they try to get us to kill ourselves but they also were the source of the spiritual thoughts and actions on the part of those who hurt us! Because those who have suffered at the hands of those who hurt us have nowhere to go or no one to turn to or trust, it is then the demon spirits convince even young children kill themselves to escape the “hell of home” and to get away from those that raped and hurt them..

This is a true and powerful testimony shows how demons or spirits can “enter into us”.

A man named Ritchie wrote a book called “Return from Tomorrow”. In it he shared an experience he had in the Spirit World. While in a hospital and very sick, he suddenly “died” and his body was “dead” for 8 minutes. During this time, he began to experience his spirit leaving his body. All of a sudden he realized and understood was that he was in the presence and company of one who identified himself as Wanikiya…even Jesus Christ.

Jesus showed him two important scenes.  The first one was where he saw a young man sitting next to his father and crying and saying over and over “I am sorry Pops…I am sorry…please… please tell mom I am sorry…“ He was trying to tell his father to tell his mother he was sorry! What he did not immediately realize was that his father could not hear him cry out in this pain of agony and guilt. His father and mother did not see him or could they hear him.

Then Ritchie was then shown another scene just like the first one where a young girl was crying out to her boyfriend to forgive her and that she was sorry for what she had done in committing suicide. Again, she could not be heard. Both wanted to return to their body after they killed themselves but they could not. They could only see that their body was dead but not them…that their spirit was still alive!

What Jesus said next to Ritchie was this… “These are those that committed suicide and this was the consequence of their act”!! They did not know that when they killed themselves that this would be the beginning of their “Journey To The Spirit World by Suicide” which was the result of their listening to those demons who convinced them to kill themselves.

Next Ritchie was taken by Jesus into a bar where he saw many men heavily drinking and smoking. All of a sudden he saw the hands of “spirit bodies“ trying to drink the same drink but they were unable. These “spirits were in their “spirit body” but no longer in their “body of flesh” they had when alive. So…each time they tried to grab a drink, their “spiritual hand” passed through the glass.

Ritchie then realized these spirits were those who had died and were now in the Spirit World. There they had the same desire to drink that they had before their “body died”. They wanted their flesh or body to once again experience the pleasure of drinking. But in the Spirit World their torment was to never ever experience the “pleasure of alcohol” and was because they never “repented” of this sin before they died. The only way these spirits who were no longer in their bodies to again satisfy their need to drink was to find a body to enter in to. Until they could do this, they were in a state which is called “hell” or “outer darkness”.

Now we will see how Satan and his demons use alcohol and drugs to enter into a soul. While Ritchie was watching that one man drinking heavily, this man passed out and fell on the floor. All of a sudden he was shocked to see this man’s forehead open up a “spiritual hole” in the front of his forehead and IMMEDIATELY one of the “spirits” that had died and had no body and was trying to drink his drink, entered into him through that opening in his forehead like a flash of lightening.

What this man was shown by Jesus is how alcohol and drugs are the “door openers” for demons/evil spirits to enter our hearts and minds. Once “inside of us”, they will be able to more easily control our thoughts, feelings, and then direct our actions. It could also be said that when this happens…one is “possessed” by a demon and then when this demon or more then on takes over our soul, it is then the sins of sexual abuse, rapes, and murders take place.

Demons are the source of those thoughts and actions of evil. Sometimes one remembers what they do when under the influence of EVIL SPIRITS and other times no. When one “Blacks Out” because they are overthrown or possessed by a evil demon that that is when some of the most hateful crimes are committed because those demons “inspire that act” and the thoughts and images connected to the evil done no matter what it is.  And this includes “drinking and doing drugs” because these demons cause the craving to continue. In fact one could say they “own your soul” because their will power is your will power and their will power is to do evil.

It is recorded in the Holy Scriptures that the most EVIL of acts committed against others are inspired by those “spirits” who were cast out of the “Spirit World” of Heaven where Jesus fought a battle with Satan the Devil. There one out of three spirits were cast out of Heaven because they willingly chose to listen to Lucifer over Jesus. Here on earth they became demon spirits and here on earth they have no bodies and therefore are looking for bodies to enter into and possess.

Their spiritual work is to change the hearts of men to do the most evil things to one another and ourselves. They always looking for souls to overthrow as the spiritual voice of Satan who through these demons work to convince us to kill ourselves and others, to rape women and children because when one does this, it is then they separate us from He who loves us…even the Creator and whoever does this will find themselves in the Spirit World in hell with Satan forever!

Now we see how and why Satan and these demons tempt us to drink and use drugs because it is then they can speak to us in our hearts and minds while “in us” and they become one with us in our minds.When this happens they now have us thinking “their thoughts” which then become OURS. Now they are able to convince us to believe the LIES they put in our mind that there is only ONE WAY to stop all of our pain, to end the memories of suffering is to convince us to kill ourselves.because we no longer are able to tell their thinking” or “voices from ours .

This is how the devil uses alcohol and drugs to convince us to KILL OURSELVES and why alcohol is the preferred beverage of Satan.

The following true story is a powerful, sad, and painful one. During a traditional Lakota wiping of tears ceremony during a sweat, Elder’s Beatrice Whiting and her husband Ed from the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe had a revealing and powerful experience that came in the form of a young Lakota woman who committed suicide at the age of 17.

While they were singing and praying during their ceremony, a light began to appear before them. As it increased in size, they began to see the face of a young woman they new. Her name was Darliss Brown and also was a member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. Darliss was the daughter of Darla Rabbit and was a past student of Beatrice. Darliss had committed suicide two weeks before. Why? Because her heart was betrayed when she found her boyfriend with another girl. Darliss was also carrying “their” child.

The spirit of Darliss was weeping and cried out saying “I am sorry, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do it”. Beatrice saw her suffering and that Darliss NOW realized the consequences of her self-murder. Once in the “Spirit World”, Wanikiya even Jesus allowed Darliss to experience the consequences of her act with her experiencing in her heart and mind every single feeling of the of the pain and sorrow of those that loved her as if it was her own.

She suffered “with them” because of what she did. She wept as they wept and mourned as they mourned over the death of her body (but not her spirit!) when they found out what she did. She was there at the wake and at the funeral and in the private places of weeping and wailing of all who loved her!  Darliss saw and experienced the hurt she caused her mother, grand parents, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, friends and relatives. No escape, no joy, no deliverance from THIS pain and suffering. This was the consequence of her being “deceived” by the demons who convinced her (using alcohol) to kill herself.

She was so sorry she HURT THEM THAT MUCH and had she known, she would never have killed herself but when one “Journey’s To The Spirit World by Suicide“, they can not not return and undo what they had done.

One has to ask when you are being given thoughts by demons/evil spirits to kill yourself, do YOU want to hurt those who love you THAT MUCH?

Darliss had been deceived into killing herself and was sorry but ONLY AFTER her spirit left her body! But then it was to late. When she entered into the spirit world after “killing only her body” she was then aware that she was deceived by those “demons/evil spirits” who convinced her to kill herself but now it was to late and she could not come back and undo what she did.

On November 25th of 0/7, four years after Darliss killed herself, Jesus allowed her mother to receive a visit from her daughter. Darliss came to her from the “spirit world” and into “time”. Darla was in her bedroom lying on her bed holding a photo of her daughter and still grieving and weeping for her and still feeling the pain of missing her in her heart.

All of a sudden, she felt a cool breeze in the room and Darliss appeared before her in her spiritual body and spoke to her in comforting words, “Mom, it’s all right, it’s all right”. Darla felt the love of her daughter for her as she spoke to her and that she was still sorry for what she had done. Darliss was still grieving over the pain she had caused her mother and others four years later. This act of love, forgiveness and healing was allowed by Wanikiya for both Darliss and her mother.

Few who commit “self murder” or suicide are allowed to come back from the “spirit world” to explain or share anything. They only see and witness the suffering of those they hurt. It is like the “two way mirror” in a police movie where you see others but are not seen by those on the other side of the mirror. You weep and wail and cry out for forgiveness and try to explain to them your mistake to all those you loved and who loved you, but it is no use because you will never be seen or heard.

You also realize when you enter the Spirit World that you were deceived by the devil and his evil spirits into believing the LIE that committing suicide was the “right thing or cool thing do”. You thought that all your pain and suffering would end and that you would no longer experience the pain of what others have done to you. Instead you realize this LIE OF SATAN now has become your torment because your act of self-murder cannot be undone and this then is your “hell” or what is called “outer darkness”.

Is there an end to this suffering? YES! And there is forgiveness but only when Wanikiya determines you have learned your lesson. Then there is a healing. The question for everyone to ask is, do we want to kill ourselves to experience this and cause such suffering for those that love us as well as suffer eternally in the Spirit World?

Cherokee Walking Eagle Kills In Water is a Sicangu Lakota and member of the of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. She lost her daughter Crystal to suicide. Crystal was a mother of six children. She also was drinking alcohol when she killed herself. She likewise was deceived by “evil spirits” into believing the lie that she could escape the pain that was in her life by committing suicide. Cherokee also had a “spirit world” experience with her daughter Crystal that helped her in her grieving.

Three weeks after her daughter’s funeral, she had a “real life experience/vision” where Crystal appeared to her and started gently rubbing her head. She could feel her touch on her head. Crystal asked her mother “Are you alright”? Cherokee said “Yes, I am alright”. She felt Crystals concern for her as well as her sorrow over what she did. Cherokee wept during this visit from her daughter and was thankful that Wanikiya allowed Crystal to come to her as this helped her heal. When she awoke from the dream, Crystal had gone back to the Spirit World..

So what is the answer and alternative to suicide? It is the restoring in our hearts and minds the love and forgiveness taught by Wanikiya even Jesus Christ when He once walked among Native Peoples on this land. Jesus demonstrated this Red Road of life in how He lived and why we are to follow His example and obey His words. Only when we do this will we then be like Him and no longer do or say anything to hurt another and be used by the devil as the source of death and destruction of other souls and our own.

The Black Rap Culture is a tool of of the devil and his evil spirits. They are working hard to place in the hearts of young Native youth the thoughts, feelings, and actions that are demeaning to young Native men and women, Elders etc. This evil spirit of the THIS BLACK ROAD inspires violence, hate, vengeance, abuse, and rape of women.

A Native female is not a “bitch” or “ho”. She is to be treated with dignity and respect. That is being truly Native. The opposite is the way of the devil. Native men have no excuse to be or do the same and in the spirit world, if they do not stop this behavior while alive, they will suffer the eternal consequences…say hell and deservingly so. In fact, Native men who treat Native women and children this way, will be n hell with Satan who they listened to in raping and killing their women and children.

What does all this mean in “real time’ while we are still in our bodies? It means one will repent and and stop doing evil in their life that hurts and harms another human being including oneself. It means you will repent and cease to do evil and do what you must to quit drinking, doing drugs, gambling. You seek out help, go to ceremonies, and pray to your Heavenly Father in the name of Wanikiya who is Jesus Christ to be given the power to be healed from the pain you have suffered and this through His Gospel that He taught to His people when on this land among them.

It means you go to those you have hurt and tell them you are sorry and ask for their forgiveness for your souls sake. It means you once again become the faithful husband and wife, the mother or father that has been missed and is needed by your children. It means you forgive and love yourself even as Wanikiya forgives in His love for you. It means you follow His example of love in how you treat others and with that same love He has for you because that is being “Spiritually Born Again“ and with you no longer having any desire to do evil as you did in the past.

It means that you must pray against the devil in the name of Jesus so that you will not be deceived and directed by the evil spirits and be used by them in the destroying of your own soul by suicide or the reason why someone else kills themselves. It means you must turn to your Heavenly Father in prayer in the name of Wanikiya for Him to heal you of all the pain and suffering you have experienced in your life because you cannot be healed except by Him which is His love for you.

This power and love is represented through the Sun Dance because of the eternal sacrifice of THE First Sun Dancer, even Jesus-Wanikiya. It was His eternal loving example and gift of healing and love for us which will restore us to the Red Road of blessing and healing because only He do this. “What manner of men ought ye to be” asked Jesus? “Even as I am!” To become like Jesus…even Wanikiya is to become truly Lakota. Through His death as the “First Sun Dancer”, Jesus Christ has forever destroyed the black road of death and evil inspired by the devil himself. His love and sacrifice as the First Sun Dancer redeems us from death, hell and Satan both in time and in eternity.

The prayer of the Ghost Dance was given by Jesus to Wovoka as a promise that He will make His people once again a Holy people which will be how they were when He was among them, even a people of one heart, one mind, dwelling in righteousness with no poor among them.  His power and love was in their hearts one for another.

This is then the true spirituality of the Lakota and Wanikiya because they repented of their sins and obeyed Him and did what He taught His people when on this there land. When they stopped listening to Him and began to listen to Satan even as many do now, the blessings were lost which is why death and destruction continues among His people here and now. Wanikiya … even Jesus is waiting for His people to repent and obey His Gospel so that can abide the “cleansing judgment” of this land and be saved by His power in these the “Last Days”.

Richard Boyden has personal experience with suicide ideation. He was Wanikiya / Jesus inspired to write this paper.. He has addressed the epidemic of suicide in jails, detention centers, schools, and in homes on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation and the Crow Creek Reservation all in South Dakota.

He can be reached any time at or 816-599=1388.

Resulting Testimony from Bill Miller which came out of prayers. It is a testimony of Jesus in his song the “Ghost Dance”. Google Bill Miller Ghost Dance Wolfs Den to hear. or click here

Sources of Holy Scriptures:  Holy Scriptures, Anti-Mormon Doctrine Book of Mormon (NOT LDS MORMON) Testimony of Wanikiya even Jesus coming to this land and His Gospel to His people, Latter Day Revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants


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