Meet The Tag Team Of Murdering Raping “AIMSTERS” And Their Handler!

In the photo you need to note that former senator James George Abourezk is surronded by documented and protected by the US Government confirmed rapists, murderers, and pedophiles Russell Means, Dennis Banks, and Clyde Bellecourt. 

Not to repeat history here but if you really want to learn about these animated by Satan beasts that make up the “brotherhood” of the American Indian Movement…then just go to “categories” on my blog and sit down and read!

Abourezk’s son Charlie was at Russell Means house Bill when Annie Mae Aquash was brought to be further beaten and raped before murdered by AIM on orders from James Abourezk with Banks, Bellecourt and John Trudell in full agreement.

Charles Abourezk web page is HERE! So here ya have a SD “attorney” complicit in the murder of Annie Mae Aquash along with his buddy Jew Bruce Ellison who was the “synagogue of SATAN Jew” lead legal lead of jacketing Anne Mae as a FBI snitch when it fact it was her that identified not only the “snitches” but the fact that JAMES ABOUREZK was the “Owner/Handler” of each and every AIMSTER under him and working DIRECT with the FBI/US Government to protect this collective of raping murdering pedophiles who’s “assignment” was to fabricate a cover to steal more Indian land and Indian CHILDREN while enjoying full immunity by the US Government to rape and murder at will!

Here is a quote on “3 Sisters” about this FAKE MURDERING LIAR who pretends he cares about all things Indian Country!

Currently a Justice of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Supreme Court, he is also a member of the South Dakota Advisory Committee to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. He is an adjunct faculty member at Black Hills State University, where he teaches Sociology & American Indian Studies and at Oglala Lakota College in the Lakota Leadership Program where he teaches courses on development, community organization, and the psychology of oppression. He also teaches elementary and secondary teachers in Rapid City, SD in continuing education courses on racism, American Indian issues, and group dynamics. He was the permanent representative to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights for the International Treaty Council 1979-1983. ”

Charlie needs to teach a course on how to cover-up the rape and murder of innocent REAL INDIAN men, women, and children as well as Black men like Perry Ray Robinson as orchestrated by his “pedophile enabling step father” JAMES who uses his very own creation called ICWA and as exposed on THIS LINK and THIS LINK for what ICWA really is and inspite of the Wall Street Journals latest IDIOT ARTICLE! (YIKES…did you just think of what just passed through my mind?)

There ya have it…just another tidbit on the what the American Indian Movement is and is NOT!

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