What you need to know to be Invisible on the Internet!

My VFW rep told me he had an experience with a “Bill Bunting” trying to jacket him with LIES about NOT SERVING…threatening them direct or trying to get someone to believe their lies to have the target “OFFED!

When it was all done and over with…not only was the lying bastard “F’d”…he ended up in the slammer! Fellow COMBAT VET’s don’t like PUKES…like those messing with Suzanne and I know personally have DickHead and his BrownGrayee boy in their LETHAL SIGHTS! Real Veterans know what the “death punch” is…and why there are times when it needs to be used…LIKE MY JEWISH MOSSAD brothers and fellow JEWISH VETS who hate drug dealers, pedophiles, and animated by Satan forms of “human feces” in the flesh.

The nice thing about “ALL THINGS RECORDED” and in addition threatening them with DEATH is not a very nice thing to do…especially to those you assume you can get away with it in so doing.

Play your game all you want by “your rules” but know this…OUR GOD trumps the rules of the one who owns you whether in time…or in eternity and evidently we have been chosen to expose the PEDO DRUG collective in Washington State as protected by the FBI, BORDER PATROL, and DEIA..who in fact both participate and protect the CRIMINALS THEY ARE IN BUSINESS WITH… kind of like the FEDS protecting their American Indian Movement of murdering raping pedophiles.

It is all good…because no one has the power to do evil except God allows it and in the case of those mentioned…He does so for the purpose of sealing their eternal fate with the god who owns their souls now in time and will when they cross over..even he who is the LIAR and MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING! Destroying the souls of children… torturing …raping and snuffing them is UNFORGIVABLE…

So when the grim reaper knock on your door…you will wish you were never born…no…CREATED!

Enjoy this reality check “spiritual appetizer”…just for YOU…watch and realize when your heart stops beating…say “tick tick tick”…then your spirit will view your dead rotten putrid filthy body as it is removed…only then to be snagged by the demons you represent and are working with NOW not knowing the truth of who your boss is until they take you to HIM>>>EVEN SATAN!

Enjoy ..not a matter of IF…just WHEN and for some it will be SOONER then they will ever expect! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y2wqkD2KVM

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