Sharing the knowledge…thank-you Joe, for providing it.

NO BLACK has stepped up for Robinson…meaning…ALL BLACKS are either “House Niggers” or “Field Niggers! Even the Black Panties Party of PEDOPHILES and SODOMITES pretending to care about “their people” have ignored Robinsons murder…not just a MURDER but read THIS as to what happened to him.
“‎Paul DeMain‎ to Justice For Perry Ray Robinson, Jr.
October 12, 2011 ·
I have a friend, a friend that shudders when visiting Wounded Knee, South Dakota and reciting a memory of the Knee in 1973. He saw a huge Black man screaming and being dragged out of a bunker. The Black man was being beat and booted in his mouth, with blood gushing and teeth broke — his leg dangling alongside him, held on by several ligaments after being shot, the racial epithets raining down on him in horrible volumes. Carter Camp says he left Ray with both knees shot. Ray was shoved into a closet or cove at the WK Medical Clinic, where Madona Gilbert Thunderhawk saw him bleed to death.”

Synagogue of JEW Bruce Ellison knows as does the FBI who was guilty THEN as does each and every filthy LYING COMPLICIT IN EVERY CRIME OF AIM Jew attorney involved in PROTECTING THE GUILTY!

No wonder Jesus said to them…”You father is the DEVIL”… even he who was a “Liar and Murderer From The Beginning”.

So all you AIM supporters…guess what? YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN EACH OF THEIR CRIMES even as if YOU DID IT…the rapes…murders…acts of pedophilia by EVERY AIM LEADER…who by the way…ALL WERE BI-SEXUAL PAGAN SODOMITES and in spite of the “lip sinc” PreTendian words and acts…including the defilement of the Sacred Pipe which they never had or ever will…say Arvol Looking Horse SHIT!

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