More than 100 indigenous women in N.L. murdered or missing, meeting told

Truth be told…KKKanda’s WHITES have always been in the shadow of AmeriKKKa’s genocide of Indigenous women. One very IMPORTANT fact is the feral BLACK “Buffalo Soldier PIMP” contribution to what happens to Indigenous women! Download and read about sexual trafficking exploitation of Native women and girls in Minnesota I asked the question…”What RACE were the “PIMPS”? IMMEDIATE ANSWER… B L A C K…no…excuse me…to dignified a word…say NIGGERS! Yet young Native men and women are “wannabe nigga natives” which grooms them for this lethal template of GENOCIDE in KKKanda and AmeriKKKa!

WHITE “liberals” are as racist as “conservatives”…they just PRETEND to care about Indigenous … while laughing behind closed doors when discussing what the next political moves needs to be fabricated to continue to win the vote of Indigenous Peoples!

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