Why Leonard Peltier The Pedophile and Killer of Innocents Should DIE In Prison!

Unlike 99 percent of you who are his “supporters” who have never met Leonard Peltier, yours truly met him when he was at Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas. It was arranged by Peltier supporter and Ojibwa Deb Peebles who was a co-host on my radio talk show “The Heart of America Forum” on KCXL 1140 AM. In fact I also brought his daughter Marquita Peltier with her son from Pine Ridge two times to the LPDC office in Lawrence KS. Plus I interviewed her twice on my program going over the “evidence” that had to do with the murder of the two FBI Agents Coler and Williams on Pine Ridge.

Of course that was when I was drinking American Indian Movement KOOL-AID back then. I just didn’t read the label which said what the major ingredient was and why the kool-aid was RED. It was not because that was the color of Indians but rather it was the color of the BLOOD of innocents murdered by AIM which including both Indians  and non-Indians.

How “AIMsterBrainWashed” was I? I went out of my way to arrange interviews multiple times with the head honcho’s Dennis Banks, Russell Means and both Bellecourts. My loyalty including setting up a remote broadcast from from Little Wound High School in Kyle on Pine Ridge to acknowledge the 25 year Anniversary of AIM’s take over of Wounded Knee in 1973. This program was a “Two Hour Special” LIVE and broadcast in Kansas City through KCXL. Pete Schartell the owner worked with me to set that up as he was in the station making sure all went well.

I had a LOT of listeners…”Arbitron” rated show…done daily during drive time…a 2 hour show. In fact…this program was used to launch the charity Operation Morning Star which was responsible for shipping close to 500 tons of food and other needed items to Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River and Crow Creek Reservations including over 100 wood burning stoves valued at over $1000 each to Elders and families in need of HEAT!

By the way if any of you have been following the LIES by bi-sexual Sodomite spiritual clone of the Beast 666 Aleister Crowley and his adulterous WHORE Karen Sue Andras…both “Prairie Nigger” haters and PAGAN/New Age/Nazis …according to them I never did any of the above! πŸ™‚ Bunting does glorify the rapes and murders of “Prairie Niggers” by his hero George Custer and calls Bill Cosby a “Real Man” who has the right to RAPE ANY WOMAN! I even have his posts and texts he sent me attacking a Native American woman who was raped by Russell Means asking if she called him Daddy…did he taste good etc…yes…this Bunting who is a “Confederate” TOO!

Sorry about the diversion…goes with the “age” factor more and more πŸ™‚

So when did the “light go on” about Peltier and AIM you ask? When one evening I was reading about what REALLY happened to First Nations WARRIOR Woman Annie Mae Aquash at the hands of AIMsters. Something happened to me spiritually that night as I was reading that testimony…that I not only began to weep uncontrollably but I realized at the same time that her spirit was standing right next to me weeping with me. I could feel her attempt to comfort me as she felt how much my heart was torn by what happened to her. She was brutally beaten…raped…and then taken to a place north of the village of Wanblee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and forced to kneel…and then while weeping and praying about her children…telling her killers…”you don’t have to do this”…they bullet put in the back this innocent mother of two daughters! Read my lips…NOT the FBI or anyone else! No this was a “inside job” which included not only John Trudell, Dennis Banks, Bellecourts but also former Senator James Abourezk..the “Syrian Sioux”.

AND LEONARD PELTIER KNEW THIS IN DETAIL…say complicit in her MURDER by saying NOTHING while knowing she was being jacketed with LIES about being a “snitch” including by him….say “Gun in her mouth”!

Peltier knew she was dead at the same time as Banks and Trudell which was before ANYONE else did other then the FBI and other AIMsters and including Charlie Absourezk, the son of then Senator James Absourezk.  Charlie who is a South Dakota Judge was at Bill Means house where Annie Mae was beaten again and raped and then taken to be murdered.

Did you know that Peltier said “I like them when they are 13!” Say PEDOPHILE and RAPIST! Leonard the “Warrior” liked to “f–k” little Native American girls!

All the AIMsters did for that matter. Means was a murderer, serial rapist and pedophile. Dennis Banks is murderer and pedophile. The women who were murdered and buried at Wounded Knee were first GANG RAPED by AIMsters and Peltier was/IS in the know about this and has said NOTHING!

Peltier was/IS in the know about the murder of Black man Perry Ray Robinson Jr., father of 3 children and by who and who gave the order  at Wounded Knee by AIM and has said NOTHING! (Say Banks, David Hill, Carter Camp)

Peltier was/IS in the know about the rape of the 12 year old girl by one of his AIMster brothers at Wounded Knee and has said NOTHING!

Peltier was/IS in the know about Nogeeshik Aquash Annie Mae’s husband who was confined to a wheelchair and dies in a fire at his home after placing a call announcing he knows who is behind Annie Mae’s murder and what it was about and then murdered by AIM and has said NOTHING!

Peltier was/IS in the know about the murder of Leo Wilcox by AIM after he who spoke out against them on a local radio station and urged his people to β€œSend Means and his renegades out of Oglala Sioux Territory”. Leo Wilcox died in a car fire along the side of the road at approximately 8:30 PM the following night after being bludgeoned said NOTHING!

Peltier was/IS in the know about Banks shooting Buddy La Mont at Wounded Knee…letting him bleed to death and has said NOTHING!

Peltier was/IS in the know about who if not him…murdered the two FBI agents and has said NOTHING!

So  anyone…please tell me what makes this so called “Warrior” worthy of ANY mercy in the form of “parole”.

Tell me what makes this so called American Indian a REAL INDIAN or even a “WARRIOR”?

Tell me what makes his life worth more then those that were raped and murdered by his “Brotherhood” and who are FREE because Peltier has said NOTHING!

Tell me why YOU his followers care more about this lying fake raping murdering pedophile then those of his victims including those that suffered the same at the hands of his “Brotherhood”?

NONE of you care about what happened to Annie Mae!

NONE of you care about those murdered, raped, and buried at Wounded Knee!

NONE of you care about the families of the innocents that been the victims of AIM brutality!

Which in fact makes YOU spiritually complicit in each and every diabolical Satanic inspired act of brutality by AIM and more so Peltier because IF he was a “Real Indian”…he would of come clean with the TRUTH by now. But evidently…Peltier has NO feelings or compassion for those that have suffered at the hands of AIM. Just like that “No Snitch Bitch” Trudell!

This whole scenario reminds me of CUSTER’S 7th Calvary in what they did at Wounded Knee in 1890 except for the fact that “THEY” did what they did to their “enemies” while AIM did what they did to their OWN people and yet YOU still idolize them in your sick pathological worship of these murderous demons after the order and example of those who idolize murderer Charles Manson!

I dare you to please explain to me the difference between Leonard Peltier and Charles Manson!

FOOTNOTE: AIM’s “IndianNess” Revealed!

Just a couple of insights into this PreTendian Movement made up of FAKES as evidenced by the below!

Have-to-be 20th century indian leader roster

1. Dennis Banks is 1/2 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <————–> 1/2 non-indian
2. Clyde Bellecourt is 1/16 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <β€”β€”β€”β€”-> 15/16 non-indian
3. Vernon Bellecourt is 1/16 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <β€”β€”β€”β€”-> 15/16 non-indian
4. Russell Means is 3/4 indian..X Y Z A B * <β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”> 4/16 non-indian
5. WinonaLladuke is 1/64 indian..Y ? A * <————–> 63/64 jewish entity
6. Leonard Peltier is 1/4 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”> 3/4 non-indian
7. Robert Robideau is 1/4 indian..X Y Z ? A B * <β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”> 3/4 non-indian
8. Ward Churchill is 1/128 indian..Y ? A B * <β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-> 127/128 non-indian
9. John Trudell is 1/2 indian..Y Z A B * <—————–> 1/2 non-indian
10. Dino Butler is 1/2 indian..X Y Z ? B * <β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-> 1/2 non-indian

Grand total DNA lineage: 2 59/64 indian <——–>7 7/128 non-indian


? = tribal or public search records do not support their tribal lineage allegations
X = they been incarcerated
Y = they have worked for a state or the us govt
Z = county jail time
A = public relations expert
B = has assaulted a real full blood indian who questioned their indian lineage
* = being of espanic descent, wearing stereotype indian style jewelry or clothing, always being the first to call a press conference with the AP news media, adoption into a reservation family using old ceremonial rites or starting your own non-profit indian support organization, does not establish nor automatically qualify you as a bone-fide american indian leader.

What is the criteria behind a 1/64th indian? 

4/4 >> 1/2 >> 1/4 >> 1/8 >>1/16 >> 1/32 >>… 1/64 indian

This breakdown of blood lineage represents 6 non-indian consecutive copulated off-spring co-productions within a continued 1/2 direct blood lineage individual from a 4/4 indian blood lineage. This is only true if the indian lineage produces off-spring with a 100% non-indian person in all 6 stages. The seventh generation will be of 1/128 degreed indian lineage.

Evaluation:  This have-to-be indian chart indicates 10 people claiming they are american indian but the indian lineage research indicates 2.83 indian and 7.18 non-indian total indian lineage. Some thing isn’t right here. The research shows someone is playing 10 little indians. It is a subtle β€œidentity hijacking” that has been overlooked for many centuries.

John Trudell directs the yuppies, β€œlook to the DNA. In there lies the key to the indian people.” Hmm? If we accept the reality of indian lineage and its DNA evidence, that makes lobo johnny a non-indian.


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