James Abourezk Exposed As Israel/America Hating “Nazi/Muslim” And “Godfather” Of Obama

James Abourezk, Obama and the American Indian Movement represent in word and deed spirit and truth…SATAN which is ISLAM which is why AIM is a MURDERING RAPING SODOMIZING PEDOPHILE INFESTED organization because their “founders and enablers/handlers” are…say James Abourezk , Bellecourts, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, John Trudell, Peltier, Dino Butler, David Hill, Carter Camp, Leonard Crow Dog and the GOING TO HELL OF NOT ALREADY THERE LIST is replete with documentation proving the same! NOTHING AMERICAN INDIAN ABOUT ANY OF THEM!

Just remember that Jesus was a REAL JEW and that He is soon to destroy the likes of any and all things not of Him ON THIS HIS LAND!

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