Spirituality is not found by mentors who are murderers, liars, thieves & rapists!

Aim LEADERS and their “spiritually complicit” in their cold blooded murders, rapes, pedophile activities, drugs will get their “Spiritual Reality Check” when they DIE and enter the “spirit world of HELL”!


James and Charlie Absourezk, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Leonard Peltier, Richard Marshall, Means family still alive, Richard “MR. FBI” Two Elk, Dino Butler, David Hill, Synagogue of JEW Attorney, FBI liars Joseph and John Trimbach authors of American Indian Mafia which is FULL OF LIES, Black Judge and friend of AIM Michael Davis, ALL JEW ATTORNEYS working to cover up AIM’s crimes, FBI, BIA, Eccoffey, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Lorelei DeCora Means who let Black man Perry Ray Robinson bleed to death after being shot by AIM at Wounded Knee.

And of course OBAMA who knows everything about AIM because his “Oral Office Middle East Advisor and Mentor” was the “Syrian Sioux” Senator James Absourezk!

And all those who know and knew the truth and have kept silent to this day as if that will help them when they come before Wakan Tanka even Jesus Christ.

The blood of those murdered cries out from the ground to this day and be assured the Justice and Judgement of Almighty God will claim YOU THE GUILTY and send you to a place custom made and prepared for all those who are the spiritual progeny of “The Liar and Murderer From The Beginning” where YOU will be with HIM YOUR GOD IN ETERNITY!

Even so AMEN!

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