Rogue Arizona Judge Colleen McNally and DCS/CPS Reinstated Charges Dismissed By Jewish Judge Cohen Then Brutally Kidnap The Shoars Children

Jewish Judge Bruce Cohen

Shoars case dismissed April 2016 with family picture

UPDATED 12/24/2017

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“Political SODOMITE and CHILD PORN FRIEND/CLOSET PEDOPHILE Judge Joseph Welty on the “LEFT”. The androgynous “he/she” crosses his legs like a BITCH!

Arizona Judge Joseph Welty Appointed By Closet Pedophile Arizona Governor Napolitano Terminates Shoar’s Parental Rights

“Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven….for whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him (her) that a millstone were hanged about his/her neck, and he were cast into the sea.” Jesus Christ

UPDATE: Looks like it’s getting to hot for the below mentioned “criminal cabal” of Judges because Sally “I release child killers” Duncan went “AWOL” under “direct truth fire”. Poor McNally…now getting desperate…probably in a phone call with Governor Doug Ducey and McNally picked a “rookie” Judge Alison Bachus who obviously has career aspirations and who’s track record with the “kidnapping abusing sexual abuse of children” by the DCS/CPS “Nazi pogrom” of syndicated child trafficking for profit is limited to ‘TERMINATING PARENTAL RIGHTS”.

Believe it or not…she “counseled Veterans” besides working as senior counsel for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Obviously the perfect choice for TERMINATING THE SHOARS PARENTAL RIGHTS given she is a integral part of Arizona’s “National Socialist” DCS criminal syndicate of kidnapping, abusing, and violating the constitutional rights of children and families.

Guess I will have to give her a heads up…from this VETERAN to a woman who appears to have a heart for Veterans…but…BUT…she needs to understand that if she does not release the children to their parents…and plays the “termination of parental rights” war game…this combat Veteran will target her with the truth that I will promise her will destroy her career…

This USMC Viet Nam Combat Veterans counsel to you Allison is that you don’t uphold the allegations and lies by DCS…especially the ongoing manipulation and using of a AUTISTIC CHILD to “charge the father with sexual abuse” which is why they “REINSTATED” the termination order by COHEN…otherwise…”termination” by you means “damnation” of your soul eternally and as a Minister/Judge…I can assure you this eternal fact!

On September 29, 2015, Governor Ducey appointed alumni, Alison Bachus to the Maricopa Superior Court bench.

Alison is an LCA Board Member, who currently works as senior counsel for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Governor Ducey said:

“Alison’s background, achievements, and understanding of the law speak volumes about her qualifications to become a judge. … She is a welcome addition to the bench and will continue to be a strong public servant to the people of Arizona.”


INTRODUCTION: Did you hear them? Did you enjoy? Did they sound happy? Did they thank these subhuman animals in “human form” for returning them to abuse including SEXUAL ABUSE? How about you Judge Pineda, Judge McNally, and YOU Judge Duncan? And any and all Judges and Lawyers who are reading this blog? Did you hear what YOUR “complicit in this crime against these children” peers have done to these children? Because guess what…the WORLD will know about these Judges and the Nazi/Free Masonic run Arizona girls and boys guilty of this crime and you can take that to the bank that you deposit the MILLIONS for this crime and others…

If your blood did not boil…then you are not human and your spiritual posterity originates from the Devil himself as is the case of ALL guilty of this heinous murdering of the spirits of these children crime! Hitler himself would of rewarded these Gestapo agents with a promotion!

Just to let everyone know…I made numerous calls to each Judge in this report. I started with Judge Cohen who I now realize is the only “Court” that had the spiritual integrity and courage to have realized the animated by Satan DCS/CPS lies targeting this family and what the Shoar children have suffered FOR OVER 600 DAYS…in the hands of abusive bastards and bitches…which is why he dismissed the DCS/CPS charges because this Jewish Judge realized Jeff and Tabitha Shoar were jacketed with outright lies by a group of sick pathological criminals after the order of the Nazi “destroy a Jewish family and their children” template. Not only that…he was also aware of the fact that one of the Shoar children was ANALLY RAPED while in ARIZONA CUSTODY which is why the former DCS/CPS charges were reinstated to include accusing the father with SEXUAL ABUSE…to cover your complicit in feral asses…which LIE guarantees you a one way trip into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone upon death and me personally exposing all of you for what you are guilty of.

Jeff and Tabitha have provided for and loved their children as have the children’s grandparents. NONE of them are guilty of any of the fabricated by this KKK/Nazi run Arizona collective who’s minds and hearts are where the devil himself resides. When you have a “SS”/DCS/CPS so called “woman” laugh when she forcefully removes innocent children…ripping them from the arms of their father and mother and while the father has a GUN pointed at him by LasVegas jack boot thugs…then you know you are witnessing the works and workers of Satan himself!

So listen up “maggots”…I have put you in my sights for what you have done to these children with a “vengeance unrelenting” because as a United States Marine…”combat-NAM”…YOU ARE those “domestic enemies” I swore on the Constitution to protect the citizens from and especially INNOCENT CHILDREN and your judicial rulings including the “upcoming one” to terminate parental rights by Judge Duncan…yes YOU…who released the father who murdered his own son…will know that I am going to be your personal nightmare from hell if you do not return these children to their family. NO…I won’t use “bullets” or anything physical to take you (Pineda, McNally DCS) down but I will destroy your reputation with the truth knowing I am God led to do so….even by the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

Pssst…Jewish on my Grandfathers side am I and I HATE NAZI’S….say YOU in what you, the DCS and Arizona have done to the Shoar children and family!

Richard Boyden-Former radio talk show host, small time syndicated put the ONLY Jewish radio program on in KCMO, lived in Israel, personal letter on Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s web page etc etc etc.


If “anyone wants to read the LIE FILLED REINSTATED” PETITION…then email me at “ It is signed by DCS Manager Jamie Jenkins and DCS Supervisor Caryn Wagner with Arizona’s Attorney General and Assistant AG’s “stamp”.

If there was ever a template used by Arizona in their “Holocaust” targeting the Shoar Children and all others…it IS the Nazi one…click HERE to see the similarities almost “WORD FOR WORD”!

Image result for caryn wagner dcs arizona

Caryn Wagner is a major DCS Nazi pimpette in what was done to the children AND signed the latest petition of LIES used to kidnap the children. Click HERE to get a “fuzzy warm feeling” about this demon in a female body.

Shoars kids happy after being reunited

Judge Susanna PINEDA

Judge Susanna PINEDA!


Dear Judge Pineda,

I do keep my word you Nazi child abusing daughter of Satan…your name is going to be spread well outside the circle of darkness where you and your putrid collective of sick pathetic vile and filthy family destroying peers work your premeditated and inspired by the Devil himself with malice “pogrom” of child abuse, child raping, child murdering agendas that are Arizona engineered to physically and spiritually murder the pure hearts of children and their parents. What you did to the SHOAR children and parents (and do to others) is unforgivable in the sight of almighty God!

Richard Boyden

Please everyone, call and thank Judge Susanna Pineda for what the Shoar’s children experienced…ok? I am also going to share that this Judge is actively involved with two pedophile infested organizations in Arizona the first being the Boy Scouts of America and the other Big Brothers and Sisters. I share this because…

Pineda was appointed by former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano who was a documented “legal protector” of a Arizona sodomite/gay pedophile, practicing child pornographer and sexual molester of children named James Moore.

Click HERE to read about Napolitano’s “sexual preference/identity” choice in her stopping the investigation of Moore’s crimes against children.

The only reason why I believe Napolitano blocked the investigation was because Moore’s child porn “distribution membership list” may have included Napolitano and other “gays” like her and possibly those Judges she appointed…let’s say for example a Pineda and Judge Sandra Duncan. Duncan was just given the Shoars case by boss Judge Sally McNalley because of the fact Jewish Judge Bruce Cohen dismissed the DCS charges because he believed they were without substance…say “misconduct” (remember that word!).

Image result for DUNCAN, (Schneider) Sally "judge"

It is important VERY important to also know that Judge Sally Schneider DUNCAN released/dropped the charges of MURDER against a “father” who murdered his son because of “prosecutorial misconduct“!

Josh Martinson

In other words, Judge Duncan let a CHILD MURDERER GO FREE. Josh Martinson was murdered by his “father” Jeffery Martinson because Arizona CPS allowed for that man to have visitation rights in spite of his DOCUMENTED history of abuse, drugs, etc. ! Nice huh? Only in Arizona but hey…all these Judges are complicit in the abuse, sexual molestation of, raping and murdering of each child that suffers under their caring watchful eye. Judge Cohen dismissed the charges against the Shoar’s for because of DCS/CPS “misconduct”!

So now we know why Arizona and McNally picked Duncan for the Shoar family…because she has a heart of stone is why when it comes to children and the hate that flows in her veins will be seen when she terminates all parental rights to Jeff and Tabitha Shoar!

But it is necessary that a more important and additional question to be asked and that is WHY were the charges reinstated with the ADDED CHARGE OF “SEXUAL ABUSE targeting the father with Avondale PoPo (w0uldn’t return my call) doing the investigation? You ready?

Because Judges Pineda, Duncan, and McNally along with Arizona AG as well as the DCS/CPS were fully aware of the fact that at least one of the Shoar’s children who was sent to a “group home” was in fact “sexually molested” and they had to cover it up by stating in the reinstatement petition that the PARENTS are now guilty of sexual abuse! So how else can they “prove the parents guilty” unless they kidnap the children and use “any means necessary” to either coach or brainwash them into lying.

Fact IS…the only signs of sexual abuse was with ONE child and AFTER they returned to their parents…when in their sleep…they cried out…”STOP STOP” while “humping”! Sounds like the DCS girls KNOWINGLY placed this child in a PEDOPHILE group home.

Click HERE to read about the “covered up” sexual abuse of children sent to group homes while in the custody of Arizona DCS/CPS and with the legal approval of the judges.

In FACT…Judges like Pineda, Duncan, and McNally “approve” of the DCS/CPS sending kidnapped children to those “shrinks” that believe in “NORMALIZING PEDOPHILIA”!!!!

Connecting the dots now? Say “appointed by Janet Napolitano” the protector of GAY pedophiles. Here is one of their “SHRINKS/advocates” who think pedophilia is OK! Click in HERE arto read the latest in the professional field and where kidnapped children are sent to be “evaluated” right in ARIZONA no less!

Now a little more about Judge “Boss Lady” McNally.

Judge Colleen MCNALLY

Judge Colleen McNalley


Judge Colleen McNally rules over Pineda, Duncan, and Cohen. Click HERE for a another look into her dark heart when she threatened with JAIL a mother DCS workers did to her children and family… say GAG ORDER….say “Judicial MISCONDUCT”! She is the “Nazi” who removed Judge Cohen.

Image result for nazi abuse jewish children

Keep in mind McNally has a lot of experience (made LOTS of money) with CPS. She worked as their attorney but is a full fledged dictator and tyrant in Nazi clothing enjoying sending children off to the “camps”!

(Yikes…did you know the Nazi’s were “left wing liberal sodomites and pedophiles…click HERE to continue connecting the dots to Arizona Judges and DCS/CPS after the example of Janet Napolitano as one example as cited above!) 

A must read is Judge Sandra McNally’s own words of “self-condemnation and damnation”…just for the records sake about her “goals for children”! And make sure while reading that at the same time you also listen to the Shoar’s children in the audio ok?

“What happens in the first few years of life can determine outcomes many years in the future,” said McNally.

That’s why what happens inside the courtroom and what happens when a CPS worker takes over a child’s case is so important.

“Nobody wants to see a child abused and if you had contact with a child and then they are later abused, it is a horrible thing because you start looking to see what you could have done better or differently,”

Here is the history of the Arizona DCS targeting the Shoar family for NO justifiable reason…except for MONEY that is….just like pimps who kidnap young children and girls…drug them…rape them…and then “trick them out” for more money. Here is a interview with McNally who I consider no more or less then a “Pathological Liar”?  Click HERE!


Arizona Kidnaps Shoars Children from Nevada … – Medical Kidnap…/arizona-kidnapsshoars-children-from-nevada-children-scream…

Aug 26, 2016 – The Shoars children were so happy to be together again. Source: Shoars family. by Health Impact News/ Staff.

Children Kidnapped by State of Arizona Finally … – Medical Kidnap…/children-kidnapped-by-state-of-arizona-finally-returned-to-par…

Apr 7, 2016 – Source: Shoars family. by Health Impact News/ Staff … The Shoars family has released the following statement: We want to …

Freedom and Justice for the Shoars Family | Facebook

Many thanks to Medical Kidnap for covering the Shoars’ fight for Freedom and Justice


Arizona Court Issues Gag Order on Family of 7, Detective Wants to Subpoena Interview on Radio

Arizona Judges Continue to Threaten Parents and Restrict Free Speech

Arizona Family Terrified – Foster Parents Taking Their Children to Mexico Against Their Will

To hide their “MISCONDUCT” and the fact they know about the Shoar child being sexually abused and where…this collective of FemiNazi’s” CPS/DCS  and Judge child haters using Judge Ducan will terminate totally the parental rights of Jeff and Tabitha Shoar.

I also think and believe that Judges McNalley, Dunkin, and Pineda and their DCS/CPS girls are in fact “CLOSET PEDOPHILES” simply because they KNOWINGLY sent a child to a group home with a history of “sexual abuse of children” by both staff and older youth.

Yes…Arizona CPS/DCS has to be pedophile infested to have sent this boy to a group home that has pedophiles embedded among their staff!

This mother and her story exposes the “spiritual DNA” of DCS/CPS…read HERE!

Listen to MURDERED Georgia Senator for exposing CPS “underground” of sexual abuse, child pornography, and embedded pedophiles trafficking Georgia children and I am sure is exactly what Arizona is doing!

Irregularities in the death of Senator Nancy Schaefer who exposed Georgia’s CPS Child Abuse Syndicate of rapists and sexual abusers . toxic arizona cps sponsored child abuse rape, and murder

Arizona State Agencies Named in Federal Class Action for Their Dangerous, Severely Deficient Foster Care System


(480) 547-0419 is Amy fox number she is the supervisor for Victoria Jones who man handled the children. is the old AAG and new AAG is Chrystal with the courts for duncan and her assistant Is new case manager as of 9-2-16  name is Corey wolter this is Deb and another for Judge Duncan and was a nasty and rude and a LIAR!

This is Karen Wagner’s number> She was the old case manager supervisor who was assigned on 8-25-16 and swore under oath for the new petitions. (480) 294-3789 and (623) 333-7920. is a 3 Rd head supervisor before case was dismissed. is current attorney who is a conflict of interest because before the case was dismissed he filled in for Amie Clarke the guardian at litem and also jeff contacted him first and has not received nothing from him since 8-26-16 .. he is removing him self on 9-8-16 is our old cps workers supervisor before our case was dismissed

(602) 372-0686 is judge Cohen number he was the good judge that DISMISSED our case

Jamie Jenkins is the old case worker as of 8-25-16 who also signed off on the petition and lied along with her supervisor Karen wagner. They both promised to email us and keep us informed and never did plus more old case manager before case was dismissed this was the last case manager we had right before our case was dismissed and she filled in stuff after my father in law signed and more is our old case manager is tabitha attorney who is removing himself from my case because he said he don’t like beinh told how to do his job

I expect Judge Sally Schneider DUNCAN…the woman who freed a CHILD MURDERER to “terminate” the parental rights of Jeff and Tabitha Shoars so they can never see their children again and if she does that…I will pray the Judgement of Almighty God to come upon her in both time and eternity and I seal this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ…even so…Amen!

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