Arizona’s Judiciary Child Kidnapping Luciferian Free Masonic Agenda Targeting Innocent Children For Destruction

Dedicated to Arizona’s Luciferian/Satanic/Free Masonic Judicial spiritual deviates who are bound and determined to destroy the souls of children for profit and sexual trafficking. They are living demonstrable PROOF that there is a Satan as revealed in the information below that is LINKED. Free Masons world wide are the authors of sodomy and child sexual abuse as documented and found in most countries and more so among the leadership of…IF you do your research that is and which I have exposed on my blog. Therefore what is taking place in Arizona with children is but a microcosmic example of what is shared and on a scale that could only be attributed to the “One Cast Out Of Heaven”…even Lucifer who the most famous Free Mason  of all Albert Pike stated is their “GOD”!

On a personal level…my father was a EVIL Free Mason and am sure is now in hell! Add to that my latest experience with “wife” who returned to the control of the most most famous latter day demon who’s modus_operandi was the rape, sodomizing of and satanic blood and murdering sacrifice of innocent children in the name of his god Satan…say Aliester Crowley and who’s sexual filth now saturates this country Add to that her now being a witch/goddess and whore (her words) who willingly allows herself to be possessed and in conjunction with a Satan sent Crowley clone in the filthiest context and examples possible as found in the example of Bill Bunting. Bunting’s spirituality is a carbon copy of what is shared below as being possessed by the very demons who represent the army of Satan in these the last days.

This information is found in a long presentation in PARTS and this is the LINK for you to begin a spiritual awakening in areas of darkness and evil exposed by God himself through the author of this most revealing work!

Be thankful you know now what is happened not only to children in Arizona but WORLD WIDE as being a part of a Latter Day Agenda to establish the “kingdom of Satan on earth” which Jesus Christ will destroy upon arrival…say SOON!

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