‘OPIUM’ REAL REASON FOR AFGHANISTAN WAR: Why Pat Tillman Was Killed / CIA Suiciding US Soldiers Overseas For Bankers

The War on Terror is a sham. We are just here to guard Drugs for the CIA and Bankers. The American People need to be told.

Two days later Pat Tillman was dead. Executed by 3 shots to the forehead at close range, from a NATO Rifle.

If you are guarding (Opium) Poppy Fields, and you complain, you are “Suicided”

The Taliban Destroyed all the Poppy fields. It was corrupting their country and their youth.

This caused the US Bankers and New York Bankers, to lose $300 million a month in Drug Money.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_uN2S3obOY?fs=1&feature=oembed]

The rumors are true. United States soldiers guard poppy fields in Afghanistan

Our soldiers are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. It’s no secret. Back in 2006, a friend of mine in the Army sent me pictures of British troops doing that exact same thing. Here is one of them:

British Soldier Guarding Poppy Field in Afghanistan

And, opium isn’t the only drug our government is dealing in! Remember that CIA plane that went down over the Yucatan two years ago carrying 3.2 TONS OF COCAINE!? Allow me to refresh your memory:
[ 2007/09/26/cia-plane-crashes-in-yucatan-carrying-32-tons-of-cocaine. ]

Afghanistan opium poppy cultivation 1994-2007

The Taliban has almost eradicated the poppy fields. No sooner did the war begin and the poppy fields were reborn.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-CpCUOygqU?fs=1&feature=oembed]

Even The Troops Are Waking Up. We are the “Real” Terrorists.

“Today, the drug movements and networks are controlled by the Americans and the hegemonic system and Afghans are acting as their agents…” But we knew this already…

I have had former students of mine who have served in Afghanistan tell me they have witnessed caravans of black SUVs driven by Americans dressed in civilian clothes, all giving the same name when questioned, pull up to the poppy fields the soldiers were guarding and remove large numbers of plants filling up the SUVs and driving away smiling and waving to the soldiers as they pulled away.

The soldiers know what is going on…

Official: US, NATO Now in Control of Narcotic Trade in Afghanistan

A senior Iranian judiciary official blasted the West’s performance in fighting drugs in Afghanistan, and stressed that the western states, particularly the US, are now in control of the drug trade in the war-torn country.

“Today, Afghans have no special influence in the issue of narcotics but the NATO and western states control drug production and dealings and are busy in this fields,” First Deputy Head of the Judiciary Ebrahim Raeesi said at a conference of the anti-drug police chiefs here in Tehran on Tuesday.

“Today, the drug movements and networks are controlled by the Americans and the hegemonic system and Afghans are acting as their agents,” Raeesi noted.

He blamed the western countries for Afghanistan’s deteriorating drug problems, and added, “They can prevent drug plantation and production through their capabilities in the short run but we are witnessing no action by these countries and drug production has rather found a new form due to their presence.”

The official blasted the western countries for the aggravating drug problem in Afghanistan, and described the huge increase in the production of narcotics in the war-torn country as “a crime against humanity”.

Earlier, an Afghan lawmaker had disclosed that the foreign forces deployed in Afghanistan are involved in the production and trafficking of illicit drugs in the country, adding that the British troops have even trained a number of experts for opium cultivation.

“As long as foreign forces are present in Afghanistan, the cultivation, production and trafficking of drugs will continue in the country,” Nasimeh Niazi told FNA in April.

Heroin-production labs in Helmand, which did not exist before the US-led war in Afghanistan, are now plentiful and work overtly, she added.

Eastern Iran borders Afghanistan, which is the world’s number one opium and drug producer. Iran’s geographical position has made the country a favorite transit corridor for drug traffickers who intend to smuggle their cargoes from Afghanistan to drug dealers in Europe.

Iran spends billions of dollars and has lost thousands of its police troops in the war against traffickers. Owing to its rigid efforts, Iran makes 85 percent of the world’s total opium seizures and has turned into the leading country in drug campaign.

Abuse of Our Military

By Rick Taylor

We should all thank our veterans and current servicemen and women for their service to our country. That is and always will be a “no-brainer”. But over the past several years, after studying what is really going on in the world, I think we can best serve our military, just as they serve us, by making absolutely sure that their mission is in the best interest of their/our country, and not special interest groups or international corporations.

If our country’s leaders really appreciated our military, they would not allow them to be so abused. When they use our military for nation building, international politics, and guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, our military is abused. When whoever is in the White House sends our troops overseas to serve as United Nation “peacekeepers”, they abuse our military. When our military is sent off to war without a Declaration of War by Congress, our military is abused.

When our government can spend billions and even trillions of dollars for military bases and embassies in Iraq and now Afghanistan but cannot maintain safe and sanitary veteran’s hospitals, our military is abused. When our military is forced to take untested vaccines, that make most of them sick, they are abused. When certain government and military officials have interest in companies that sell these multi-million dollar vaccine contracts to the military and thus profit enormously, they abuse our military. When our government allows our military to be exposed to chemicals and the residue from depleted uranium munitions, they abuse our military. When our troops later become veterans and our government often refuses to treat, or even test them for illnesses caused by vaccines, chemicals, and depleted uranium, they abuse our military.

When our supposed enemy, the Taliban, receives American tax dollars, in the form of protection money from companies that bring supplies to our troops, our military is abused. You can call it the cost of doing business, paying off the enemy, so they will let the supplies go through. When this money keeps the Taliban in business, our military is not only confused but abused. When the Taliban is seen being ferried around the country in helicopters supplied by Western companies, our military is abused. If the Taliban is hiding out Al Qaeda and Osama, our enemies, what in the hell are they doing receiving our money?

When there is nearly unanimous agreement from our current political class that our military forces should be kept in the Middle East and now Central Asia as an occupational force year after year, decade after decade, they are abused. To cancel their retirement and extend their duty beyond original contracts is abuse. Whey they reduce the standards of recruits in order to accommodate even felony criminals and foreign nationals, our military is abused. When they send our National Guard off to defend the borders of Iraq, while leaving our own borders open to potential terrorists, drug smuggling, and criminals, they are abused. I could go on and on and on.

The purpose of our military is not to insure the profits or protect the operations of U.S corporations operating in foreign countries. They should not die for KBR, Halliburton, the Carlysle Group, Exxon-Mobil, British Petroleum, Blackwater, Monsanto, etc. I know my critics will say that our military is keeping us safe from islamo-fascists. Is this really true? Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that our borders are open and have been, like, forever? If you were the president and you told us that the enemy hates our freedoms and wants to kill us, wouldn’t you first close the damn door to the country. TSA can strip search granny at the airport, but over one million people a year cross our border and no one in our Homeland Security cares. Perhaps there is a good reason they don’t care.

I will come out and say it. Peace in the world is not the purpose of the U.S. military. Our military’s purpose is to defend the people and property of the United States of America. And the people and property are at home. Anything other than that is an abuse of our military.

Legendary Marine Corp General Smedley Butler, author of “War is a Racket”, said that there are only two things we should fight for. “The defense of our homes and the Bill of Rights”. Anything other than that is an abuse of our military.


The backtracking, the misinformation, the deliberate withholding of documents that required a FOIA request in the first place, and now the demotion of a general involved in the “investigation” – all point to a cover-up of massive proportions.

Tillman had been keeping a journal since the age of 16, and he took it with him to Afghanistan. Two days after his demise, the journal, along with most of his personal property, mysteriously vanished.

Adding another layer of murk, the White House is claiming “executive privilege” in refusing to release documents dealing with Tillman’s death.

But who is being protected?

First they told us Tillman was killed by hostile fire fighting for Bush’s crusade to export “democracy” to Afghanistan. Then they said he was felled by “friendly fire,” i.e., by his own troops. These new revelations suggest – although they don’t conclusively prove – that this fire may not have been all that friendly.

What I want to know is this: how could someone who was apparently killed from 10 yards away – and was hit by three bullets in very close proximity on the forehead – be a victim of “friendly fire” from 90 yards away, as claimed?

All of which raises another, increasingly troubling question: Who killed Pat Tillman – and why?




General McChrystal issued a report siting enemy action for the death but later sent out a report indicating possible friendly fire as the actual cause.

Chris Matthews of Hardall, on July 26, 2007 cited the killing as “fragging” a form of intentional homocide. Autopsy results indicated no possible rationale for Cpl. Tillman’s death other than a premediated murder, with multiple 5.56mm bullets striking the Ranger in a tight pattern.

These were carefully aimed shots fired from only a few feet away, no other explanation is possible although many were given, and supported by the Army. The doctors who examined the wounds said “murder” but the Army had another agenda, one General McChrystal signed onto, one of deception.

What began to come out was that every word released by the Army under the watchful authority of General McChrystal was a lie, not just the murder being depicted as “enemy action” but every detail of the continually changing stories describing what now looks to be a political assassination. Cpl. Tillman had begun to openly discuss views “unfavorable” to the continuation of the war.

Tillman was not the “George Bush” crusader robot he was supposed to be. He had disappointed. He was going to have to pay.

With the presence of a sniper team nearby, a fact previously withheld, the source of the virtual “firing squad” salvo that killed Tillman was obvious. What is also obvious is that Tillman was murdered at the direct orders of the highest authorities of the White House.

One “dead Tillman” talking peace could have been worth a thousand “live Tillmans” in the field, if all of those threatened and coerced had only kept silent.

Whatever Stanley McChrystal does with his life, panding to neocon extremists, the “book” and the tours that go with it or real retirement, the murder of Pat Tillman will follow him to the end of his days.


ADMIN NOTE: Some think the War in Afghanistan was for a Pipeline. Except that the Bush Administration almost had a deal with the Taliban, up to the day of our attack. He was just stringing them along, because he knew the 9/11 Attacks were coming and he really wanted the “Drug Trade”, which the Taliban hated with a religious passion.

[ SOURCE: Veteran’s Today ]


US Troops Protect Afghan Opium Fields

Afghanistan Opium Fields and US Military Suicides and Assassinations:

Some brief history of US military intervention in Aghanistan

Muslim Terrorist Apparatus Was Created By US Intelligence

The Muslim terrorist apparatus was created by US intelligence as a geopolitical weapon. American Central Intelligence organized, trained, funded and armed the dis‐united, Afghan, tribal freedom-fighters under one banner, the Taliban, in order to resist Russian infiltration into the Middle Eastern axis‐of‐oil region (and opium production region).

Once the Russian threat was eliminated, the Taliban wished for legitimacy in their own Afghani national affairs. ‘Corporate’ American domination was unacceptable to the united Afghan freedom-fighters. Prior to 9/11, the US Administration had threatened the Taliban because they were reluctant to grant complete control of their homeland to ‘corporate’ rule. The Taliban were told that submitting to US Administration plans for the region would ”bring a carpet of gold”, but resistance would ”bring a carpet of bombs”.

The CIA has not severed its relationship with Al Qaeda

More on the subject is in the following articles.
and here:

Afghanistan’s poppy fields – The opium trillion dollar/year windfall
The oil companies get 80 dollars a barrel….the heroin/opium trade sells a barrel of Afghani opium for 19 million dollars wholsesale.

You figure when the US military is preventing the Taliban, Russians and local Afghan tribal lords access to the poppy fields, and the US military is protecting those same poppy fields….then guess what, whoever is pulling the strings of the US military is bringing in 19 million dollars per barrel of opium sold!!

And that is only wholesale. Street value is above 60 million dollars a barrel.

US Sponsored Afghan Opium Drug Trade
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_r28QxXsr8?fs=1&feature=oembed]

Afghan heroin & the CIA – Geopolitical Monitor

The Western world faces the onslaught and deaths associated with heroin addiction

Control of the opium/heroin trade is another reason for taking out the competition in developing nations. This is a trillion dollar per year industry.

Here is a description of the US military and the Afghanistan opium industry:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4vMLQmChJU?fs=1&feature=oembed]

The US military is now protecting the opium fields which the Taliban, we were told, had been destroying before the war….So think about that for awhile:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_gOaPeSCME?fs=1&feature=oembed]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP-CCEiPjLU?fs=1&feature=oembed]

Military “Suicides” – Keeping The Lid On The Use Of The Military?
Part 1 of the Philadelphia Inquirer Story.,
Part 2 of the Philadelphia Inquirer Story.,
Part 3 of the Philadelphia Inquirer Story.,
Part 4 of the Philadelphia Inquirer Story.,

Was the hero soldier, Pat Tilman, becoming too dangerous?

Also, scroll down to thread #17 (it is about the seventh thread down) of the following URL link, and listen to this fellow’s comment http://forums.islamicawakening.com/f18/taliban-ban-opium-growing-afghanistan-201-pre-26232/index2.html

Often, weapons are supplied to poorer, cash‐strapped nations in exchange for drugs like opium or cocaine….and the covert American government agents ship the drugs back to America/Europe for resale. In this next video, after the first minute, we learn about .
more on CIA drugs‐for‐weapons trade: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b6kf5PIzX4&feature=related

CIA Cocaine Connection
and here:

Tens of dozens of books have been written about the international drug trade, U.S. Government and military involvement as well as on some of the world’s most aristocratic families. Our own government may involve itself from time to time in protecting these people. Remember the huge drug cache found behind the propeller of one of former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin’s freighters? No usual sting operation was set up to catch those who would come to make the pick up. Just a press announcement to warn the criminals involved.

Canadians pay a dreadful price because of this. Our young forced into prostitution or crime to support their habit as well as too many people dying on our streets. Thousands of ruined Canadian lives. We can thank many of the West’s most respected elite for this trade. They make such obscene amounts of money in this trade this is an extremely dangerous topic and our police & media are aware of this. Justified fear keeps them silent except on the small people selling their dimes.

Sometimes a significant Asian drug lord is caught and exposed for their crime of being in competition with those who are really behind this evil.

Ron Paul on CIA Drug Trafficking

85 percent of drugs produced in Afghanistan are shipped out by US aircraft

Afghan opium/heroin production under CIA supervision
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1Gh01wmYIk?fs=1&feature=oembed]

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