STCU Criminal President Tom Johnson To Be Exposed By Native American Woman Suzanne Dupree In Her Own Words

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Howdy Tom and Jeff and company! Did you laugh at the wording of the “voice mail”??? Saying that I didn’t know what I was talking about? GOOD…because that wording was intentional so that ALL of you would be waiting to read THIS BLOG as you are now. There is always a way to catch liars in the act…of lying…criminal reprobate minded owned by Satan souls like you and others reading this blog.

Just to let you know we have every piece of information connecting racist American Indian hating STCU to Chris Dickey and the others involved in the FEDERAL CRIME of Real Estate Fraud that all of you have partook of targeting Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree and her husband to steal the property she paid STCU for DOCUMENTED but because all of you are in collusion with the drug dealer Chris Dickey have made sure the DEED OF TRUST WITH ORIGINAL BOUNDARIES AND WATER RIGHTS STAYS IN HIS NAME. And to think he is best friends with child pornographer Duane Greves…as are YOU!

Not only that Johnson…besides expelling her…stealing her $3500, canceling her credit cards. losing her deposits and opening accounts in her name at other banks…you are complicit in the documented acts of ATTEMPTED MURDER  of her and husband by your friends!

Suzanne Dupree
Suzanne Dupree’s Blog…

Yes a real live woman who if anyone wants to call her…here is her number to document this…it is 509-684-8359  (and be sure to ask her about Bill Bunting too and what a racist rape supporter lying dog he is and asked how she liked being RAPED BY A RAPIST LIKE HIM!)

So on MONDAY…she will share the history of your crimes against her in her words…the history of the real estate fraud naming each entity involved which information IN HER VOICE is being forwarded with documents to the Justice Department office of Jeff Sessions!

And we all know he loves Washington State that is made up of a government that is patterned after Sodom and Gomorrah with a special love for Supreme Court Justice and Jew Ginsberg who is all for legalizing paedophilia!

So stay tuned ya hear? 🙂

And for those needed a “background” on these criminals being protected by the FBI and local law enforcement including the DEA and Homeland Security as well as Washington State Govorner Jay Inslee and AG Ferguson….read the below link/blogs.

How do ya like me now? 🙂

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