America’s Subversion By Satan And Those Who Listen To His Voice In High Places


America’s Subversion 

The Enemy Within

author: Sonny René Stermole


Chapter 1

Chapter 2
The Plan is Hatched

Chapter 3
System of Subversion

Chapter 4
Freemasonry’s Occult, Evil Empire Exposed

Chapter 5
The Great Work – Whose Re-Incarnation ?

Chapter 6
The Trojan Horse – The Enemy Enters Within

Chapter 7
Under Another Name

Chapter 8
New Age Army Expose, Psychic Warrior Subversion Exposed

Chapter 9
Psychic Subversion, Freemasonry’s New Age Telepathic Work

Chapter 10
New Age Expose, New Age Spirit Guide Incarnation Exposed

Chapter 11
The Clinton Mystery, Jean Houston’s Demon Guides

Chapter 13
FBI & CIA Masonic-Mormon Spiritualism Expose, Mormonism Exposed

Chapter supplement: Middle-East Subversion, America’s Subversion, Treason and World War Three


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