Podcast With Updates On The Murder of Toni Anderson By NKCPD Cops

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I shared more information about the obvious lies spawned by the KCPD and with their co-workers the FBI who are equally guilty until they investigate and examine the information connecting them or NOT to the TWO NKCPD cops who murdered Toni Anderson.

The sound is still not the best but right now the engineers can’t seem to improve it. My apologies. Just listen please.

Pete Sanchez Sr. ignored my invite but I knew he would. He is a racist in my opinion and as a result missed out on getting what he knows out to the public. Instead he uses FB and Webslueth which is a LE troll site just like “Toni Anderson Suicide” discussion FB page. Funny thing is…all the “propaganda” I shared with him which he dismissed hatefully…is what he is now sharing.

All of the programs I have done are available any time to listen to.

The latest updates are on the blog link below.




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