NKCPD Killer of Toni Anderson Admitted “Stopping That Missing Woman”!

July 15 Update!

Toni Anderson was murdered because she “saw something” and needed to be “taken care of”.

The something is DRUGS! Big time!


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Rusty May…AKA Charles Russell Hopkins IS the major player in her abduction and death! Suffice it to say…May was working with and still does…the cartels to bring drugs into this country using the importing of “machinery parts”. Cocaine from Guatamala and heroin from the middle east. FBI agents had the dirt on him but all of a sudden were told to “leave it alone’! He has a free pass and get out of jail card ONLY in the “realms of time”!

Toni somehow got caught up in this and either saw something or was asked to partake of something and said no… but in either case Toni became a threat. That is the reason why she was “drugged”at Chrome and told to “gather yourself” by Ficken…May’s buddy orchestrated what happened to Toni.

She was NOT drunk or high on cocaine. She was DRUGGED either at Chrome or by May/Hopkins. May is documented to be there at the QT in his RED CADILLAC, So are at least 3 NKCP SUV’s and not by coincidence! They ALL were there to make sure Toni was no longer a liability to their “network”…Ficken, Kimmel, Romine and especially FBI boy Major Kevin Freeman who was a major player in all of this and they all knew May and worked with him to deal with Toni Anderson.

Alonzo Washington/KC Crime Fighter knows this. KCPD cops know this. The FBI knows this. Comey knew this. This is why Forte “retired”…he knew this too as well as former FBI Special Agent in Charge in KC..Eric Jackson. THEY ALL KNEW THIS.

Rusty May somehow screwed up. He was told to “take care of YOUR problem” by his bosses and with the help of his “drug buddies” in the NKCPD…”they did”! Cash from one side of the Missouri River to the other to all the right “pockets” equals a cover-up of the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson.

Don’t worry folks…The Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page is working hard to protect May and NKCPD because the “admins” including Alissa Cordova know about May as does Mary Ward because it is HER FAMILY that is the NKCPD drug dealers and the ones guilty with May…including ALL THE ATTORNEY’S I HAVE NAMED!

End of story. No more needs to be said except THIS. Toni Anderson will ONLY get Justice when each of those involved in what happened to her and those protecting them meet God upon their DEATH and He then drop ships them into HELL!

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The latest on NKCPD Rogue Terrorist Thug Bill Ficken and brothers

assaulted another woman!

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Toni Anderson Raped and Murdered By NKCPD Rogue Cop Bill Ficken And His “Brothers in Blue”

Bill Ficken DOCUMENTED to have pulled over “You know that missing woman?….I pulled her over”! And we all know now that he was not alone…2 NKPD vehicles followed her plus 1 more “unidentified”!

The heat is on Ficken. Toni is working hard to make sure you and your murdering of Toni Anderson NKCPD brotherhood are exposed as the son’s of Satan that you are. There is nowhere to hide when it comes to God…just ask Cain who murdered his brother Able…after that is…he listened to and believed Satan that he would both be protected by Satan and the murder of his brother would be forever hidden. Game over! You lose.

Just know this…there are in place those outside of “your circle” who are in the ready if ANYTHING happens to anyone who have and are exposing you. It is called being on “stand by”. Just thought this Marine would give you a heads up. For them…there is no such thing as an accident”, a “missing person” or a “suicide”.

For those of you reading this for the first time and are unfamiliar with all the details in the murder of Toni Anderson by NKCPD rogue terrorist thugs…I suggest you google her name… and then there is Mary Wards blog which is outstanding and exposes in detail the lies and cover-ups by KCPD etc etc.!





The Pete Sanchez radio interviews also expose KCPD lies which were spread to cover-up the murder of Toni Anderson. Sanchez did his homework.



And last is the “I have issues” 🙂 blogs by yours truly. Being a former instructor at Haskell Indian Nations University…consider the above and below a “homework assignment” with a head start blog from me because I am a nice guy! 🙂


Wow…little did I know that the blog on Ficken was the MOST READ a few weeks ago. Guess I really need to be sued now huh? 🙂


For those of you in the know…add this latest information to the evidence that for me proves without a doubt in my mind who the guilty are who murdered Toni Anderson starting with Bill Ficken and the others I have named being involved … Romine, Kimmel and Freeman the “Patrol Commander”. KCPD are their locked at the hip  Siamese twins in this crime…complicit in the murder of Toni and the cover-up of with one of the worse attempts known to law enforcement by law enforcement. 🙂

Ficken’s track record of documented brutality and attempted murder is on record in spite of the fact LE and other sell out entities like KCPD and North Kansas City Hospital and their collective of treasonous lawyers would do all they can to prove otherwise as the animated by the devil pond scum liars they are. I find it interesting that the majority of those lawyers defending Fickens crimes are “women”…the kind of women would have been right at home making sure that each and every Jew they were guarding would end up in the ovens.

It is a shamed that the Government of North Kansas City continues to help in the cover-up of what happened to Toni Anderson using the revenues they get from Harrah’s North Kansas City…revenues from those who more then likely by now…are beginning to take their money and families elsewhere because they do not want to support a business and “community” that is owned and operated by complicit in the crimes of murder and brutality of human beings by their police department…a police department that is by FBI definition a terrorist organization.

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