More Evidence Mary Wards “Family” Of North Kansas City Police Officers Stopped and Murdered Toni Anderson

July 15 Update!

Toni Anderson was murdered because she “saw something” and needed to be “taken care of”.

The something is DRUGS! Big time!


Rusty May…AKA Charles Russell Hopkins IS the major player in her abduction and death! Suffice it to say…May was working with and still does…the cartels to bring drugs into this country using the importing of “machinery parts”. Cocaine from Guatamala and heroin from the middle east. FBI agents had the dirt on him but all of a sudden were told to “leave it alone’! He has a free pass and get out of jail card ONLY in the “realms of time”!

Toni somehow got caught up in this and either saw something or was asked to partake of something and said no… but in either case Toni became a threat. That is the reason why she was “drugged”at Chrome and told to “gather yourself” by Ficken…May’s buddy orchestrated what happened to Toni.

She was NOT drunk or high on cocaine. She was DRUGGED either at Chrome or by May/Hopkins. May is documented to be there at the QT in his RED CADILLAC, So are at least 3 NKCP SUV’s and not by coincidence! They ALL were there to make sure Toni was no longer a liability to their “network”…Ficken, Kimmel, Romine and especially FBI boy Major Kevin Freeman who was a major player in all of this and they all knew May and worked with him to deal with Toni Anderson.

Alonzo Washington/KC Crime Fighter knows this. KCPD cops know this. The FBI knows this. Comey knew this. This is why Forte “retired”…he knew this too as well as former FBI Special Agent in Charge in KC..Eric Jackson. THEY ALL KNEW THIS.

Rusty May somehow screwed up. He was told to “take care of YOUR problem” by his bosses and with the help of his “drug buddies” in the NKCPD…”they did”! Cash from one side of the Missouri River to the other to all the right “pockets” equals a cover-up of the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson.

Don’t worry folks…The Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page is working hard to protect May and NKCPD because the “admins” including Alissa Cordova know about May as does Mary Ward because it is HER FAMILY that is the NKCPD drug dealers and the ones guilty with May…including ALL THE ATTORNEY’S I HAVE NAMED!

End of story. No more needs to be said except THIS. Toni Anderson will ONLY get Justice when each of those involved in what happened to her and those protecting them meet God upon their DEATH and He then drop ships them into HELL!

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NKCPD thug terrorist cop Bill Ficken and friend of the WARD FAMILY admitted to a relative to stopping Toni Anderson…then she vanished forever!

INTRODUCTION: Thanks to this murdering dogs in blue and their “Fraternal Order of Fellow Cowards” Toni Anderson will never be a wife and be a mother having her own children.

So with that said…I am releasing this blog on Mother’s Day in commemoration of Toni Anderson and all real mothers including those who unfortunately were cursed to have spawned the likes of a Bill Ficken and those like him…AND to my mother who was a woman that suffered at the hands of the same kind of animated by the devil men.


PART ONE will focus on updated documentation, clarification and identification of those I believe are guilty of murdering Toni Anderson.

PART TWO will focus on those through either overt or covert collusion work with the guilty and are therefore complicit and equally guilty as if they committed the crime of the murder of Toni Anderson themselves.

Also I will include information on those who have jacketed me with lies for the purpose of discrediting me and thus the truth about the guilty which they themselves are in bed with to protect those who are their “friends” and “family” who are guilty of the crimes I have exposed.

Two prime examples are Mary Ward using the lies of Bill Bunting to protect her “family of in-laws” made up of NKCPD thugs, the courts/judges, and a pedophile enabling father-in-law who is President of the North Kansas City School District…all through her husband Jason.

To limit the overload of information on this blog and being repetitive of past blogs, I will post at the bottom corresponding links to previous blogs at the bottom of this page which means that anyone interested in Justice For Toni Anderson will have to read and decide what is true and not true in what I share.

Happy Mothers Day Toni Anderson and to all Mothers who suffered at the hands of evil men yet maintained their undying love for their children.



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It is confirmed from a confidential source that North Kansas City Police Officer Bill Ficken pulled over Toni Anderson because he admitted to pulling her over. “You know that missing woman…I pulled her over just in case anyone asks…” They also believe and have no doubt in their mind that Ficken murdered her as that IS his pattern of violent behavior according to them.





Patrick Romine

Image result for Officer Christopher Kimmel

Image result for kevin freeman nkcpd

Major Kevin Freeman

Being Toni was pulled over not once but twice per her text “OMG just just stopped AGAIN” this means that Ficken was involved in both stops as two NKCPD vehicles are seen following her with a 3d unidentified vehicle. Say Ficken, Patrick Romine and Christopher Kimmel and “others” involved I now believe includes Major Kevin “FBI” Freeman.

After the second stop, Toni was never heard from again which for me means these lying rogue NKCPD cops are guilty of her murder. This is why KCPD took 3 days to make an announcement to prepare the lies that were carefully crafted to protect NKCPD murderers of Toni.

Here is a powerful and disturbing “vision” of what one woman shared with me. She said she saw what happened to Toni while driving through the areas. I personally find her visions credible since they visualize a real life scenario of the truth of what happened to Toni behind the LE lies of “driving into the river down a boat ramp”. This happened in March if I remember correctly…or late February.

“I went last week to park. No one paid one bit of attention to me. No drones. No neg eyes on me feeling. There was gun fire across river but sounded like cop shooting range. And felt one set of eyes on me. As if Toni was looking at me from houses on hill you can see from there.

And another vision. …. in the vision A male cop holding Toni’s phone As if I was seeing thru it. I saw all three cops you’ve mentioned. Both cop suvs. The black SUV two men not cops and the guy holding her phone was with them when they got Toni. I see her tied up in a barn in a very deep wooded area. This vision is of that am. It happened yesterday at work. After I left park last weekend I went to nkc. I know it shows them following her south on Burlington but my gut says Buchanan street behind qt. So I turned into it. That’s when I saw another vision. Her two cop suvs and black SUV stop her. The second stop. She texted. They approached and she ran. I never knew til recent she knew the area. Which I thought early on she did. In my vision she turned left from Buchanan. Then right at light. Then left onto armor. Running all of it.

My vision early on , a good month into it, and visiting the 35 armor area a lot was the feeling of her presence. So as I drove the way i saw her doing I came to shoulder before exit to bond bridge. There is a 29 south sign and that’s is where I saw them finally get her. Even last weekend that vision has never changed. There dragged her out of car. Kicking screaming etc and was put in black SUV. I see 6 ppl total. Three cops you’ve named. Two non cops and the male cop who is the same one on the vision w holding her camera of her being in a barn etc.

This male cop never harmed her. Only observed and helped. But latest vision is that this guy has a very guilty conscience. He wants to come forward but can’t cuz he knows they will kill him for snitching.
Back to last week w me driving route I thought she ran and was caught. When I drove to that 29 south sign I felt Toni’s presence again as if she is still alive. If she is I felt her still in parkville.


Here is another confirmation of Toni being stopped by NKCPD rogue cops and that is discrepancy in the dispatch records of that day from 4:30 to 10:45 are missing. I checked other days and there are NO OTHER TIMES MISSING! Toni was not pulled over at 4:20 as the time frame is still there.

That is when she sent the text. They forgot to remove that time to keep it with their LIE/STORY or that the so-called lane change should be heard on that day from 4:01 to 4:31 am since they claim the stop was at 4:20.

The other time frames missing show that Ficken was missing and could not be located by dispatch which means he was with Toni Anderson!

In the beginning… “However, KCPD, who has reached out to all surrounding agencies, say they have no record of Anderson or pulling her over Sunday.

“We have no indications that she was pulled over by an officer with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department,” said Sgt. Kari Thompson, KCPD.

Police told KWCH-TV that there are no signs of foul play at this point, “meaning there is no active search.” But investigators have been following leads, tracking down evidence and interviewing family members, friends and her boyfriend, according to reports.

Image result for Darin Snapp kansas city police department

“We’ve spoken with family members, friends and co-workers but unfortunately still no sign of Toni’s whereabouts,” Kansas City Police spokesman Darrin Snapp told the Wichita Eagle on Thursday. “There is no evidence of foul play but her disappearance is very concerning.”

Police said like in other missing persons cases, Anderson may have left on her own, KWCH reports. But her mother told KHSB it’s unlike her daughter to be out of contact with her loved ones or to leave on her own.


The lies spread far and wide about  forever “Missing Woman Who Was Not A Victim of Foul Play. A constant streaming of “assumptions and questions raised” by the KCPD and were written and designed by the FBI and KCPD to make sure the real murderers of Toni Anderson…the NAMED NKCPD cops who stopped her the SECOND TIME, ABUDUCTED AND MURDERED HER would never come into question.

Another interesting observation exposing the KCPD LIES having to do with the “time line”.

-All video footage should be demanded in order to make sure the cop or third/mystery car did not follow Toni.

The footage being described is Toni leaving the traffic stop, not the gas station. This is apparently a slight of hand. A subliminal message, if you will.

All three cars turn right, (which is south) a direction she could not possibly have gone according to Police saying she went to the QT immediately after. Her turning south is also consistent with where she told the officer she intended to go.

-The big problem is she failed to drive directly (east) across the street to fill her tank.

-The cop car applies its brakes as Toni pulls away, but we don’t know about the mystery car. If that car followed Toni, then foul play is likely involved. THE ACTION BEGINS AROUND 3:15.

-The cops, media, and anyone interested in this case can only ignore these facts. It is a catch 22. She didn’t go to the gas station and didn’t drive north after the traffic stop.

-Toni, only could have gotten gas before the traffic stop that we see, which could suggest she was stopped before 4:33.


Kansas City woman vanishes after early-morning traffic stop; phone, GPS deactivated

And as Toni leaves the gas station to get back on the highway known as the Route 9 Corridor, you can see the cop who’d pulled her over continue to follow her until she is out of view of surveillance cameras.

There is no visual evidence to show where she went,” said Sgt. Caldwell. 9.1477101,-94.5808062,3a,56.8y ,99.02h,66.59t/data=!3m6!1e1! 3m4!1sZ0vEbb5lt5BJfij61f7sfw! 2e0!7i13312!8i6656 9.147283,-94.5812554,349m/data =!3m1!1e3 ace/2600+Burlington+St,+North+ Kansas+City,+MO+64116/@39. 1477162,-94.5811318,3a,19.7y, 111.21h,87.01t/data=!3m6!1e1! 3m4!1sFFJB95JYAnQz23o1cIWPYQ! 2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4! 1s0x0:0x9471dc0324d42c28!8m2! 3d39.1478167!4d-94.580685!6m1! 1e1…7i13312!8i6656

The footage being described is Toni leaving the traffic stop, not the gas station. This is apparently a slight of hand. A subliminal message, if you will.

-All three cars turn right, (which is south) a direction she could not possibly have gone according to Police saying she went to the QT immediately after. Her turning south is also consistent with where she told the officer she intended to go.

-The big problem is she failed to drive directly (east) across the street to fill her tank.

-This is a blatant cover-up that (IN REALITY) ends as a homicide. The accident excuse is complete and utter nonsense.

The cop car applies its brakes as Toni pulls away, but we don’t know about the mystery car. If that car followed Toni, then foul play is likely involved. THE ACTION BEGINS AROUND 3:15.

The most important and final KCPD statement was made by Capt. Stacey Graves when Toni’s car was found with her in it with the words “No Foul Play”!

Image result for capt stacey graves no foul play anderson

Kansas City police on Monday said detectives were working to get a positive identification of the body found, but Anderson’s mother has said the body belonged to her daughter.

“I can’t confirm anything that has been told to the family of Toni Anderson, but I can say that at this point we don’t have any evidence that suggests foul play,” said Capt. Stacey Graves, a spokeswoman for Kansas City police.

“It’s still an ongoing investigation that detectives are working on so I won’t be able to speak any further about that.”

Toni was identified by “clothes only” and not the same clothes she was wearing when she left work at Chrome. I do believe she was “set up” as she was called into work on her day off. NKCPD officers frequented Chrome including Ficken.

Just wanted to share this with those who want Justice For Toni Anderson.

And lastly…there is the proximity of Ficken’s Parkville residence to the “Boat Ramp”…say 6 minutes. I believe Toni and car were placed in the Missouri River after all the previous searches were finished and that the car was only in the water from 1-2 weeks rather then 2 months.

Displaying received_10209158452467052.jpeg


Another Ficken NKCPD crime against a woman named Angela Roberts


I singled out Mary Ward as being in collusion with Ficken and NKCPD” through her husbands family…the “Wards” because she told me not to share what NKCPD terrorist thug Bill Ficken did to her…almost leading to her death. We had been “friends” to the degree I even offered a car to replace hers but when I realized sharing her experience with Ficken was not going to happen…I decided she did not want justice for Toni Anderson…no matter what anyone says.

By not sharing this willingly…her silence is being complicit with what happened to Toni Anderson by Ficken and the others. Yet…she has demanded Justice For Toni Anderson. How can that be when you hide the murderous rage one experiences from NKCPD rogue cop Bill Ficken?

Here is a message she sent me confirming her “collusion” with the murderers of Toni Anderson and why she did not want me to share the email.
May 4
“Ok. So a few things if I do come on the radio show. I dont want to mention names. My in-laws are close with the judge and some officers in NKC. And since I have put my face and voice out there seeking justice, I have been especially shunned. This is, I believe, 1 of the reasons they are not helping us with a car temporarily.

If you read the email from Mary Ward, you will understand what happened to her and why and why she wanted this information withheld for one reason only…her husbands “family” connections in NKCPD, judges and of course her father in law who knows everyone in NKC .

Now North Kansas City School District and it’s President 🙂 and Mary Ward … 


Displaying received_10158501684540291.png



Dr. Terry Ward – President Of North Kansas City School District That Hires Pedophiles, Rapists, and Sodomites Who Abuse Students

Term expires April 2019
4307 N. Holly Court
Kansas City Missouri 64116
Send email

(MSBA Delegate, Audit Committee, City Council Rep-North Kansas City, City Council Rep-Kansas City, Legislative Committee Chair, Telecommunication / Technology Committee, TIF Commission-Gladstone, TIF Commission-Kansas City, TIF Commission-North Kansas City and Strategic Planning)

This is her pedophile enabling “father in law”… the father of her husband Jason.. Dr. Terry Ward who is the President  of the North Kansas City School District which knowingly hires child molesters and sodomites who rape, sodomize and sexually molest students while ignoring the concerns of parents.

Links to stories about NKC pedophile infested school district under the leadership of Dr. Terry Ward…Mary Ward’s father in law 🙂

Former NKC district middle school teacher pleads guilty to sodomy

Former NKC district middle school teacher charged with rape, child molestation

Image may contain: 1 person, child, outdoor and closeup
This blog is also about the email to me and Justice For Toni Anderson stating what Bill Ficken and NKCPD officers did to her…laughing at her as she cried out for help and medical attention. She could of very easily died. (EMAIL AT BOTTOM OF PAGE…a really good read!  🙂 )
I connect the dots to her not wanting this information about Murderer Ficken and those involved in Toni’s murder shared as her “complicity in Toni’s murder by her silence”. Read the email and read her own words. please.
This is why I withdrew my offer to both lend her a car and give her one I was having a new engine put in.
So in order to deflect the truth about Ficken and her through her husband Jason WARD…she begins a unsubstantiated slander campaign against me on a “closed pro Law Enforcement Facebook page”
where she shares the below 🙂 using a man who is friends of and likes both pedoophiles rapists and murderers named Bill Bunting!
“I would suggest you do a background check on like Spokeo, or whatever site u may have for background checks. If you havent already. Theres also a youtube video by Bill Bunting about Richard Boyden being exposed. Richard had aggravating menace and stalking charges in Ohio. He had a concealed firearm on him at the time and something about Improper use, not quite sure on that last one. The guy in the YouTube video is one of the victims of that incident and goes into detail about what happened. Mr. Boyden has also been charged with exposing himself at a McDonalds. Scary stuff, seriously”
Big mistake slandering me with LIES! 🙂 I will use the truth to destroy YOU!
Really…ME…EXPOSING MYSELF AT A McDONALDS? Really Mary Ward? Where is your documentation of ANY CHARGE? 🙂 Oh wait…I know your source… Bill Bunting who was never a victim of “that incident” or are there “stalking charges” either let alone any “exposing charges” because if there were I would be in jail! And I would be in jail little girl with a record etc. How does it feel to be caught in a LIE like your FAMILY HAS? 🙂
“Menacing” is what I was charged with in the end. Not stalking. Can’t you read? 🙂 The gun charges were OHIO laws that are not Missouri’s! My x was almost killed by her x boyfriend so I brought a gun in case but in OHIO the Nazi State you can’t carry like in Missouri PLUS my x was NOT allowed to testify and the charges were bogus period and reduced 🙂
This is Mary Ward’s “credible source” of information.
This is my answer to Wards lies. LIES! 🙂 I did a radio program connecting the dots to Mary Ward, Bill Butt Plug Bunting Ficken and the murder of Toni Anderson and MORE 🙂–bill-ficken
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Bruises that covered almost all of Michael S. Stewarts body as seen on his wrist complements of the beatings he took while being handcuffed by Clinton County Sheriffs and NKCPD officers with NKCPD thugs Ficken, Romine, and Kimmel beating Stewart while handcuffed at the North Kansas City Hospital. Michael S. Stewart could of easily been murdered by Ficken because he was choked out twice and Ficken laughed about it to Stewarts wife. Mary Ward is connected to the attorneys for these thugs through her husband Jason 🙂
This is a documented Case of NKCPD/Ficken brutality.
If Stewart loses this case…he will end up being “murdered” by having to go back to a jail  where “cops” are targeted. Stewart was charged with bogus charges which is the MO of NKCPD and Clinton County and the corrupt prosecutors and judges who want Stewart DEAD and his blood will not only be on the head of the attorneys and perps but also Mary Ward!
 Does the murder of Toni Anderson fit this pattern?

North Kansas City Hospital below attorneys are representing the named rogue NKCPD thug cops in the Michael S. Stewart case.  Stewart is a former Police Chief and officer. Harrah’s of North Kansas City, the North Kansas City Hospital are paying the named attorneys.

NKCH refuses to release the video’s of Michael S. Stewart being beaten while being handcuffed to a wheel chair and a bed and had to go to the emergency room twice. NKC Hospital leadership named below. Ficken choked out Stewart twice…the kind of choke grip that is illegal!

From the Clinton County Leader

“Michael S. Stewart of Parkville, Mo., filed a personal injury suit against individuals from the three departments on Monday, August 8. In the suit, Stewart and his wife, Jennifer Stewart, seek damages in excess of $2.7 million stemming from alleged incidents in August of 2014.

The suit alleges three separate counts of excessive force, two counts of failure to protect constitutional rights, and individual counts of wrongful arrest and conspiracy. Additionally, the suit alleges the loss of consortium on the part of Jennifer Stewart.

Those locally named as defendants in the suit include David Speiser and John Wilson, then of the Lathrop Police Department, Deputies John Patterson and Jeffery Parton of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, and William Neil and Sheriff Porter Hensen of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. Speiser also worked at the time for the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. Two defendants from the North Kansas City Police Department – Christopher Kimmel and an unnamed shift sergeant (his name is Romine) are named in the lawsuit, as is Gary Ficken, Jr., a security officer at North Kansas City Hospital.”

Stewart et al v. Speiser et al

Plaintiff: Michael S Stewart and Jennifer Stewart
Defendant: David Speiser, John Wilson, John Patterson, Jeffrey Parton, Nicholas Neill, Porter Hensen, NKCPD cops Gary W. Ficken, Jr., Christopher Kimmel and Pat Romine
Case Number: 5:2016cv06117
Filed: September 13, 2016
Court: Missouri Western District Court
Office: St. Joseph Office
County: Clinton
Presiding Judge: Beth Phillips
Nature of Suit: Other Civil Rights
Cause of Action: 42:1983
Jury Demanded By: Defendant
Ficken is stalking Stewart!
Named North Kansas City Officers and Attorney’s defending them and who are indirectly paid by Harrah’s revenues and who Mary Ward are “friends of” on behalf of FICKEN!
Defendant: Gary W. Ficken, Jr.
Represented By: Timothy S. Frets


Represented By: Mary C. OConnell


Represented By: John W. Witten


Defendant: Christopher Kimmel
Represented By: Karen J. Halbrook


Represented By: Lindsay Poehling Windham
Defendant: Pat Romine
Represented By: Karen J. Halbrook
Represented By: Lindsay Poehling Windham

Lindsay Poehling Windham

Image result for north kansas city hospital main entrance

And there is allowed for sexual abuse of patients at North Kansas City Hospital by a known sexual predator named Price who drugged a woman and stuck his fingers in her vagina while maintaining an “erect penis”. North Kansas City Hospital is owned by North Kansas City who’s employee is defended by attorney’s and Ceasar’s gets tagged which is not their fault.

North Kansas City Hospital Leaders Who Are Paying The Above Named Attorneys…the same attorneys who defend Ficken and others.

Here are the executives who represent North Kansas City Hospital. Notice how many women who evidently have to no problem what takes place in their facility.

Peggy Schmitt

Peggy Schmitt, President & CEO

Jody Abbott

Jody Abbott, Senior Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

Jim McNey

Jim McNey, Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Gary Carter, MD

Gary Carter, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Sarah Oakley

Sarah Oakley, Vice President
Chief Nursing Officer

Doug Abel

Doug Abel, Vice President
Chief Information Officer

Linda Coventon

Linda Coventon, Meritas Health
Network Executive

Dawn Bryant

Dawn Bryant, Vice President
Human Resources

Becky Fisk

Becky Fisk, Vice President
Revenue & Business Development

Matt Foresman

Matt Foresman, Vice President Professional Services

Randee Gannon

Randee Gannon, Vice President Marketing

Tom Goulding

Tom Goulding, Vice President
Strategic Financial Services
& Supply Chain Management

Jerry Husman

Jerry Husman, Vice President
Facilities & Support Services

Jen Kozinn

Jennifer Kozinn, J.D.,
Vice President & General Counsel

Judy Springer

Judy Springer, Vice President Quality/Case Management


Apr 12

Sorry, this is about to be a long message. But, it’s been on my mind constantly, so I think I should share.

Back in 2012, when my husband and I started dating, he owned a house in NKC close to Macken Park. At that time, my youngest son was 3 years old. One Sunday, a friend of ours had come over. Not even a minute after she walked in the door, we noticed the front door was open. We were having issues with the door not closing all the way before, so we had been extra careful about watching It. My son had walked out the door, down 3 steps down the sidewalk literally like 20 feet and was right in front of his neighbors house. The man that lives in that house is a politician. I only knew that because it was around election time, and he had signs all over his yard. He was running for representative. So, I walk out the door, see my son, the man was hanging up his cell phone when I was walking down the stairs. I said something to my son about waiting for me before he comes outside, and say sorry to the neighbors. I start to pick my son up, and the man grabs my son and tells me “you need to wait the police are on their way,” and refused me to take my son. OK, anyone that knows me knows I’m an easy going person. But, mess with my kids or try to question me as a mother, hits the automatic mama bear switch. So, I’m about to punch the dude cause he won’t let me pick my son up! Then, here comes a police around the corner. Literally less than 2 mins from when he hung up his phone. So, Mr officer gets out, dude HANDS my son to the officer, and walks away. Officer of course asks what’s going on, so I tell him. Then point out how I’m literally right next door to my husband’s house. The officer tho, is being an ass. Making comments about “a good mom knows where their kids are constantly.” I had alcohol on my breath cause it was football Sunday. But, had only had not even a full beer yet, just started drinking it. So he makes a comment about alcohol on my breath, pretty much implying I’m an unfit mom without giving me a chance to say anything. Understandably, I get upset.

THEN the officer tells me “I could call family services and arrest you for child neglect. He then follows me into my husband’s house, sees my husband and instant attitude change. “Oh, Mr. Ward! I didn’t know this was your house.” Makes some small talk with my husband, then just cleavearly not saying anything more to me. So, whatever, forget about it and go on with our day.

Fast forward about 2-3 months. It was the weekend, my husband and I were drunk, got into an argument. Side note, I still had my own apartment, but I was pretty much living in my future husbands house. Anyway, my current boyfriend told me to leave. But, I wasn’t taking him serious, we were just arguing. I told him I needed to take a nap, then I would leave. Went to bed, fell asleep.

Next thing u know, I have 2 officers, one of the coincidentally being Ficken, waking me up saying my bf wanted me to leave so I needed to get up and leave. Another side note, the law is that if someone stays even 1 night in someone’s home and have personal items of theirs in the home, they have established residency. I even had my kids personal items in the house. So, I tell the officer’s we are just arguing and I would leave after I took a nap and called for a ride. They told me “the homeowner wants u to leave NOW, so are you going to leave?” Now, I’m irritated and mention I have been living there so he would have to go thru the court in an eviction process. I once again said, “but I will leave after a nap and finding a ride. They STILL would not leave me alone. At this point, I sit up, grab my phone and tell them I’m calling my lawyer.

Within a second, my phone was hitting the wall across the room and I was pulled up thrown around and handcuffs on. They told me I was being arrested for trespassing. Then they physically push me out of the house, pushing me into the back of a police car to take me to jail.

At this point, I had a serious emotional breakdown, crying so hard and panic attack like I EVER had experienced before and I could not breathe. Like my face was going numb, my hands and feet were tingling and cramped up. All signs of not enough oxygen getting to my brain. I’m not nor have ever been a criminal or been in a jail.

The 2 minute that felt more like an hour drive to the police station, I was telling Ficken that I can’t breathe, feel sick, going to pass out, PLEASE JUST OPEN MY WINDOW EVEN AN INCH so I can get some air. He TOTALLY is ignoring me, no acknowledgement I was even in the car, which intensifies the panic attack.

By the time we get to the police station and he opens the door to get me out, I can’t walk. Legs are jello, and I start to black out. He just let’s me collapse on the ground. I hear him saying something to someone about needing help cause he has “a crazy drama queen. And the butch is acting like she can’t walk.” I somehow get into the police station on a bench waiting while they book me in, but of course taking their time. I lay over on the bench and immediately get yelled at to “Sit back up!” I said “I’m sorry sir. I’m really not trying to be hard to handle, I really just don’t feel good.” I mention I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and take medication for it. My medicine is in my purse, my name is on the prescription bottle, can I please just have one?

They looked at each other and just laughed.

I finally make it to Clay County jail, I was so happy to be out of NKC.

I get out the next day, and between then and my court date a few months later, my husband and I decide it was stupid and he isn’t going to pursue anything. He is going to tell the judge he wants to dismiss it.

Later, I will thank my lucky stars that we had worked it out. Court day comes, my husband’s mom comes with him.

Now, I already know his parents know a lot of people because they are very involved in the community. His mom is one of the president’s for the Harvest Ball.

So, I’m never surprised when I see strangers always knowing them every where we go. But, this was odd. Court starts, the judge, Steve Fuller starts calling names off the docket.

While the first person had already been called up and was in the middle of stating their case, Judge Fuller seems to notice where my then bf and his mom were sitting. He calls the bailiff over and everyone can hear him tell the bailiff, “Mr. Ward is right over there. Go ask him why.” I watched the bailiff walk over to Jason and ask him why he is there and hear Jason say he was there as a plaintiff and points at me making a comment about it’s with me. Bailiff goes and tells Judge Fuller. The judge then totally stops the person and tell them he’s going to call them back up in a while. He has that person sit down then calls my case. We get up in front of the judge and he asks Jason what’s going on as he opens the file to look at it. Jason tells them what happened but he doesn’t want to pursue the charges. The judge asks him if he wants the case dismissed, Jason says yes. So, at that point, heiunsuredly says to have a seat, whispers something to the bailiff. But instead of calling the other person back up or moving on, everything just stops.

A few minutes later, Judge Fuller says to his mom, “Mrs. Ward, will you come up here for a minute?” She goes up there and everyone hears him say hello, how are you doing? And how is Mr. Ward doing? Is he still on the school board? Haven’t seen you guys since so and so had that party for… Then, he cuts off the microphone, motions for Jason’s Mom to come closer, and for almost 5 mins have huddled conversation. The bailiff comes back in and whispers something to the Judge. He tells his mom she can go sit back down, it was nice chatting with her, tell Mr. Ward he says hello..etc. He then calls Jason and I back up.

He asks Jason like 3 times if he was sure he wanted it dismissed, Jason says yes every time. Then he looks over at me and tells me he “was fully ready to trial me that day, but guess it’s ur lucky day. He never let’s a person dismiss a case in court but he was going to let it happen THIS time. Hope it learned a lesson, and he doesn’t want to see me in there again.” I never had a chance to utter even 1 word.

Life went on, it was just thrown to the back of my brain, just forget it… And so on. But since Toni’s car was found, the memory has been popping up more and more. Then hearing more information triggers more thinking.

ANYway, that long story is to get to the point, it DOES matter who you are, women don’t matter, after all, we are “just crazy bitches, drama queens.”

Multiple officers saw me during my panic attack and even when I asked for medical attention, they refused and laughed at me.

There’s a reason Toni’s case attracted my attention. Ask anybody my friends, I don’t watch the news, read it, or even acknowledge it. Usually if I hear from someone about something thats happened, my attitude is “it’s not me that’s going through it.” That keeps it just a “story”, not my business.

I truly feel it attracted my attention because of what I personally experienced. I think the straw that 100% convinced me something is definitely wrong, it for sure was not an “accident,” was just the other day when I saw the pic of Ficken and heard he was involved.

It was seriously bells going off, the immediate feeling that something bad did happen to Toni.

I can honestly say that I know 100% that Toni was killed.

Mary Ward
Sorry, it was 2011, not 2012
Anyway, I forgot a big point.

Come to find out, Jason’s parents to school with Judge Fuller from elementary school thru college

Justice for Toni Anderson
Wow, thank you for sharing your story Mary! That is horrible that they treated you that way!

We had another woman message us and tell us that she went to school with Ficken and he was really creepy back then. I am starting to wonder if he was the one that murdered her.

Mary Ward
Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised. Even if not purposely,

I feel he knows something about it.

And after my experience and reading his past record on Richard’s blog, I can totally see something like that happening.

Justice for Toni Anderson
Did you ever report him for how he treated you? Anxiety is a major issue and can cause serious damage to someone.

Mary Ward
Right, it was horrid. I NEVER had an anxiety attack so bad.

I seriously should have been sent to the hospital the moment I collapsed getting out of the car. I needed to be put on oxygen and given medicine thru an IV.

I am a CNA, and they also knew that so they shouldn’t have questioned me.

When I got up to the Clay County jail. I still wasn’t feeling well, but not as bad as earlier. They have buttons in the cells u push if u need assistance for any reason.

So, I pushed the button and told them I think I needed medical help. A deputy came in, and granted she was nice. But I was telling her about what happened in NKC and the way I was treated.

I told her I had requested medical help then, told her how I was treated like a “drama queen”, and that I have no criminal background so it was my first time in jail. She asked me why I was there, then told her about the so called “trespassing”.

She thought the trespassing charge was a joke, but about my anxiety attack, she said,”well, you know anxiety is all in our heads. It’s something WE create.

So, you just need to calm your thoughts and a nurse will be talking to you in a bit.” That’s part of an intake is u have to be seen by a nurse when u are booked into jail. She left making me feel more stupid cause “I was supposed to be able to control my emotions.” Anyway, about 3 other inmates came in after she left asking if I was OK. And they sat with me and told me jokes and stories to help me feel better. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them, who knows what would have happened. Cause at this point, I still couldn’t have my anxiety medicine. About 2-3 hours later, I finally got called out to see the nurse. I went thru the whole story with her too. I then asked if I could have my medicine. She told me that a doctor has to OK prescriptions before they can give them out, so since it was late, I wouldn’t be able to get my medicine at least til the next day.

Thankfully, I was released the next afternoon. I also take a thyroid supplement which is very much needed because they had to take my thyroid out in 2001. That is where my anxiety issues had stemmed from, when I was sick with my thyroid issues.

Anyway, the next morning when they were passing out meds, I got into line and when I got up there, the nurse said “I don’t have anything for you.” I said I should have my thyroid pill and my anxiety pill. She said the doctor hadn’t ok’ed anything for me yet.

I had mentioned the story to a lawyer when I was calling some to see if I needed representation when I went to court. 2 of the lawyers said it would be hard to prove in court because it was my word against theirs and I had been drinking.

Mary Ward
I have seen that the majority of people don’t take anxiety as serious as it is. Because of that, ppl that truly suffer from it get made to feel they are crazy. For example, about 5 months ago, my anxiety starting acting up big time.

My husband still had not truly understand it. Anyway, ended up my son had to call an ambulance.

I currently live in Gladstone, so when the paramedics came, of course the police came. It made my anxiety worse when they walked in the door due to my previous experience and what my husband was saying.

But, the police looked at me, took my husband out in the hallway, the paramedic said first thing, “I deal with anxiety so just know that I know. You are not crazy.”

That was so awesome! Had a ride to the hospital in an ambulance but by the time I got to the hospital, my attack was pretty much finished, thanks to this wonderful EMT.

Ended up the officer’s had a nice “chat” with my husband. So much that when he got up to the hospital he went to talk to my doctor and the doctor educated him on true anxiety and also told him that it’s treated like something in our heads that we can just turn on, turn off. So, at least now ppl are starting to get educated about it.

But, I feel my experience with NKC was purpose torment, and they truly got a laugh out of me. And I feel it’s not just me that have had experiences like that. From the issue with my son getting out the front door to when I got arrested.

They don’t care about u unless u r someone important, that they know. And women are definitely a nothing to them. How can they call a sick woman a bitch and a drama queen??

The judge told me he was ready to trial me THAT without even knowing what my defense would be, why?

Just because he knows my husband’s family?? Now, the 2 lawyers that I told my story to that said I wouldn’t have a case, are on Judge Fuller’s facebook.. Hold on

Mary Ward
This is his facebook. Note Matthew Rose and David Wells, both lawyers.

Justice for Toni Anderson
Wow !!!
Truly makes me ill. Thoughts and prayers to you hun. We are always here

This is my blog about Ficken murdering Toni Anderson with his brothers in blue and the cover-up which I need to “update” again 🙂
They are going to SUE ME 🙂

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