Evidence Points To NKCPD Cops Bill Ficken, Patrick Romine and Christopher Kimmel Murdering Toni Anderson

July 15 Update!

Toni Anderson was murdered because she “saw something” and needed to be “taken care of”.

The something is DRUGS! Big time!


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Rusty May…AKA Charles Russell Hopkins IS the major player in her abduction and death! Suffice it to say…May was working with and still does…the cartels to bring drugs into this country using the importing of “machinery parts”. Cocaine from Guatamala and heroin from the middle east. FBI agents had the dirt on him but all of a sudden were told to “leave it alone’! He has a free pass and get out of jail card ONLY in the “realms of time”!

Toni somehow got caught up in this and either saw something or was asked to partake of something and said no… but in either case Toni became a threat. That is the reason why she was “drugged”at Chrome and told to “gather yourself” by Ficken…May’s buddy orchestrated what happened to Toni.

She was NOT drunk or high on cocaine. She was DRUGGED either at Chrome or by May/Hopkins. May is documented to be there at the QT in his RED CADILLAC, So are at least 3 NKCP SUV’s and not by coincidence! They ALL were there to make sure Toni was no longer a liability to their “network”…Ficken, Kimmel, Romine and especially FBI boy Major Kevin Freeman who was a major player in all of this and they all knew May and worked with him to deal with Toni Anderson.

Alonzo Washington/KC Crime Fighter knows this. KCPD cops know this. The FBI knows this. Comey knew this. This is why Forte “retired”…he knew this too as well as former FBI Special Agent in Charge in KC..Eric Jackson. THEY ALL KNEW THIS.

Rusty May somehow screwed up. He was told to “take care of YOUR problem” by his bosses and with the help of his “drug buddies” in the NKCPD…”they did”! Cash from one side of the Missouri River to the other to all the right “pockets” equals a cover-up of the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson.

Don’t worry folks…The Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page is working hard to protect May and NKCPD because the “admins” including Alissa Cordova know about May as does Mary Ward because it is HER FAMILY that is the NKCPD drug dealers and the ones guilty with May…including ALL THE ATTORNEY’S I HAVE NAMED!

End of story. No more needs to be said except THIS. Toni Anderson will ONLY get Justice when each of those involved in what happened to her and those protecting them meet God upon their DEATH and He then drop ships them into HELL!

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I am now adding NKCPD Major Kevin Freeman to the list of those NKCPD cops who stopped Toni Anderson the second “OMG…just just stopped again”! He was in the unmarked SUV shown in the video with Bill Ficken’s who was seen following Toni Anderson out of the QT. He graduated from the FBI academy and knows Parkville just like Bill Ficken… More to this to be talked about on the radio program and in another blog upcoming.

Blog Radio Program 5/29/2017 – 8:00 Central Time


Next Blog Program on 6/3/2017 with updates on the cover-up of Toni Anderson’s murder!


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Introduction: In this blog I am going to identify the outright lies and cover-up information released by KCPD to deceive the public from the very beginning which labelled Toni Anderson as no more or less then a “a missing person / no foul play” case. but they stated that her case was a continued “ongoing investigation” using the Missouri Sunshine Law” which allowed them to intentionally create a script of lies and withhold vital information for one reason only…to protect the guilty with the Kansas City Police Department calling her disappearance no more or less then a “Mystery”.

Now that “mystery” is solved and his name is North Kansas City Police Officer Bill Ficken! He with at least 3 other “Brothers in Blue” (Patrick Romine and Christopher Kimmel) abducted Toni Anderson and murdered her…or as some still say…trafficked her IF the “body” in the autopsy was not hers and given all the noted discrepancies…who really knows.

For me…that was her DEAD in her car but not by “accident” and/or all the other diversionary assumptions that have been spun to take the light off of those guilty. Those days are OVER!

It was wholly out of desperation due to the fact Bill Ficken was identified via this blog as the ONE who first stopped Toni that it was then necessary to spawn a “written, produced, edited, and redacted” video and accompanying fabrication of the next series of lies with the continued omission of any and all information connected to the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson after she sent the text “OMG…just just stopped again” when she was again stopped by Ficken/NKCPD and the other cops and was never seen again ALIVE!

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Guess who admitted stopping Toni Anderson? Guess who was seen in video from Crime Watch Daily following Toni Anderson after he first stopped her? Guess who stopped her the “OMG…just just stopped again”? Guess who was who lives in Parkville and knows where the “boat ramp” is which is less then 12 minutes from his house? Guess who monitored the search efforts after he “reactivated” Toni Anderson’s cell phone to lead folks to the Parkville (“boat ramp”) area? Guess who has a tow lot next to his house and a empty garage slot in his house? Guess who kept Toni alive after abducting her and “timed” the placement of her body and car with the end of MO Hwy Patrol searches? Guess who put “fresh” drugs and alcohol in her body while she was either alive or close to her death which explains the those substances found in a “recently alive” body as stated in the autopsy? Guess who has a history of brutally abusing women and men as recorded in numerous law suits and testimonies from his victims? Guess who had his homo homies make up a “edited” using a 3 spliced diced and patched video designed to protect this lying piece of human excrement  (as well as NKCPD cops Patrick Romine and Christopher Kimmel)? Guess who has been protected by the FraTurdal Order Of Rogue Thug Cops? Guess who has been ignored by the by the local KC Media headed by androgynous emasculated reporter Josh Helmeth of Channel 41 Anal Intercourse News? Guess who has been given a “free jail pass” by the Faggot BrotherHood Imposters (FBI) who has a record of and has verified each movement, communication and where he and his his thugs were from the two times he stopped Toni Anderson with his bath house buddies and followed her to when he and his “helpers” eventually put her in the Missouri River DEAD and has said not one word?

North Kansas City Police Officer Bill Ficken!



The above image shows that there is a “dispatch” time line missing right after NKCPD cop Bill Ficken stopped Toni Anderson on 1/15/2017. Ficken then went on his drive with no dash cam time/date stamp or any audible dispatch activity after he stopped Toni Anderson. The timing of this gap of 6 hours 15 minutes is impeccable because of the timing connected to Toni Anderson’s last text at 4:42 “OMG…just just stopped again”. Interesting huh? Ask why! Connecting the dots yet?

This is the link to the KCPD interview with KCPD Sgt. Ben Caldwell when interviewed on Crime Watch Daily. Listen carefully and take notes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGMFd5OFij4&app=desktop

“Just didn’t up and run away”…totally uncharacteristic that would be indicative that she would leave of her own volition”… NO KIDDING! But then this sorry excuse for a “man” pimped every single lie that hid the truth!

Then listen to listen to the “lane change gave a warning story….then went into QT etc. When she started car NO GPS warning. Cell phone dead. But mysteriously the cell phone comes alive until either 6 pm or 9:30 and “coincidentally pings  in the Parkville area” by the boat ramp and where the search then refocuses.  Remember this!

Then in the CWD video it shows that THE COP THAT PULLED HER OVER…SAY FICKEN…FOLLOWED HER OUT OF QT. The last ping was along on 9 Hwy Corridor which leads to Parkville and the boat ramp!  It is now known that there were 3 other vehicles involved if not 4…one next to Ficken that pulled up after the stop, another one across the street in the QT as viewed from his dash cam and a crown vic that also was seen on another video.

This is important because that is 3 other if not 4 other cops. I believe these were NKCPD Officer Christopher Kimmel and night shift sergeant Patrick Romine and who participated in the abduction of Toni and the moving of her and her car when she was stopped a SECOND TIME and taking her to Fickens house ALIVE!

The KCPD lied from the beginning about Toni being stopped by NKCPD. She was not stopped by Bill Ficken for a illegal lane change and almost running out of gas etc. Watch this video of the stop by now identified and last to be seen following Toni Anderson while she was still alive Bill Ficken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-4JZoDAB5I&sns=fb

Just a few notes of importance. Read what is said. 3 video compilations. Audio nixed. Time line fabricated to make it “appear” that Ficken was not involved again with Toni after the 1st stop.

The traffic stop ends at 4:30 and then shows Ficken watching 6-7 minutes.. The additional 12-13 minutes driving are ALL smoking mirrors for no other reason then to view him (if it was him) driving around to the time when Toni’s text at 4:42 which is edited to prove that Ficken never stopped Toni again. Her card was declined at 4:33 by the ATM card and her last text at 4:42. When Ficken is seen driving the dispatch is off and there is no time stamp no car number no name no voices no nothing.

Then there is the looped video of Toni going back and forth back 3 times  which adds “Ficken time” needed to separate him from a second stop. At the 2:30 mark reflective police lettering shows a NKCPD vehicle that crosses behind the grocery store  and turns around to parking lot foot lot and parks.

At the 5:29 mark Ficken is walking back to patrol car and the 3d vehicle pulls up next to Ficken. Notice as the other cop comes across that Ficken looks at him and reaches down and flips to his radio to a private channel and keys it and says something as he walks off camera. That conversation is NOT shared because he went to channel 2. That conversation was about the upcoming SECOND STOP is why!

Toni leaves QT and goes 2 blocks north to turn on Hwy 9 corridor to go to 169 over the Heart of America bridge to go to Kansas City and then to Shady Lady. That was her plan. There is no data allowed to show when she left or NKCPD GPS information on Ficken and the others following her. Of course her GPS information was also locked down by NKCPD before it was announced they stopped her.

She was stopped before Riverside and that would of been documented by NKCPD dash cams but guess what? Say “Missouri Sunshine Law”!

There are street video’s of 4 at intersections going toward 9 Hwy Corridor and 2-4 heading toward and at the water plant. Close to 12 cameras before out of NKCPD jurisdiction. Where are they? Why hidden?

Other then the video…there is still no release of the QT video which if Toni was “just missing” should of been released immediately. That would of helped identify her activity there, what she was wearing as well as documenting she was followed by NKCPD vehicles. Now we know why the withholding of all the video/cam sources from QT to Parkville and in Parkville which include 15 sources of visual identification in Parkville if not more.

That way she could of been seen “wandering around lost etc etc etc” if she was just missing and “no foul play”. One would think LE would of released any and all sources of tracking information that would of helped family and friends to track her out of QT to where she was heading. Truth is…this was locked down by NKCPD/KCPD before they “announced” NKCPD stopped her.

I believe that it was on Hwy 9 corridor that Toni was stopped. There just outside of NKCP jurisdiction a  1/4 mile strip that is the perfect spot at that time near the 169 and 9 exchange. . There problem was they did not know of her last text!





Why would this information be “VOLUNTEERED” for any reason or purpose other then to hide and cover up the truth about what really happened to Toni Anderson? I believe after she was abducted that she was then RAPED by Ficken and the others is why? Say “timing” and “timing” again!

The results of the autopsy are either a lie or the truth depending on “timing” of death and description of her body…the condition of etc. It is either Toni Anderson or a “replacement”. Because of the timing of the release, the condition of her body with substances in a measurable forms now lead me to believe as confirmed by forensic autopsy sources that if true, her body was only in the water 1-2 days or a week at the most because these “accurate readings” of alcohol and drugs would only be accurate if she recently died.

In fact in the autopsy report it is not stated how long she was in the water which is interesting. I also believe that the amount of drugs found in her body were “forced” in her body before she was murdered and then placed in her car. That is the only way for those readings to come out as they did.

Think about this. No seat belt. Head rest up which she never did.

I believe with others that before Toni left Chrome that she had been drugged to some degree which caused her to be in the condition she was in when stopped. She was not “tested” because Ficken had another “plan” and his personal history I share below underscores that.They planned on doing a “trade” for a ticket and Toni was not going to do that sooooooooooooooo….

When Toni was stopped the second time it was then there was a confrontation. She out of fear refused to obey Ficken’s command and then either attempted to run/leave and  took off in her car which then was rammed/ pinned which might explain the damage when the car was removed. She was then subdued and removed her from her car. From there I believe she and her car were taken to Parkville to either Ficken’s house which has a 2d garage or to a small a tow lot right next door or possibly his fathers house behind his. Just remember that there was at least 3 NKCPD officer and vehicles involved. Enough to subdue her and take her car.

This means that the timing of the placement of her and her car had to be coordinated with the search by Team Waters Sonar who after 2 months…all of a sudden “read the story” about Toni and called Brian Anderson who gave permission and KCPD said “OK”. Again this was when Missouri Hwy Patrol had finished their searches and did not find Toni’s car “in the same spot” that TWS found her in less then 2 hours. Capt. Stacy Graves KCPD confirmed that MO Hwy Patrol searched the “same spot”.

I believe TWS a part of this cover-up. They were asked to come, directed where to search and found her as “planned”. TWS “excuse” for MO Hwy Patrol sonar not finding her based upon her being a “shinning new car” that would be missed by MO Hwy Patrol vs. “one in the water for 2 months”. That LIE was quenched by the recent search and find by MO Hwy Patrol of a car in the Missouri river in 3 days this month. They also supported and regurgitated the same KCPD story in the local media of Toni getting lost and driving down the boat ramp, drowning etc.

Keep in mind that there was only to much daylight time to hide Toni and her car and Ficken lives in Parkville. And where was she found? And the story was her cell phone and GPS died right after she left QT but all of a sudden started pinging where? Parkville! Near? The boat ramp! Near? Ficken’s house! This means that he and those involved had her phone and used the ping to center her location as a part of the “accident” scenario and the timing of the search find by TWS.

As for Toni’s car…there were footprints leading to her smashed in wind shield. Military boat prints. Why? To either help sink the car or when it was pushed in NOT at the boat ramp. Plus there were “cinder blocks” on the passenger side of her car. Why? To help sink it faster? Damage to side of door from being “pinned”? And the extraction was under darkness to hide any and all evidence that might point to anything other then a “accident” etc. My other blogs talk about that but right now…that is academic knowing now who was protected for how long and who lives right where Toni and car were found! End of story for me.


The Quick Trip drive to Ficken’s house is 17 minutes or less. On the Mo 9 North corridor where I believe Toni was stopped and abducted…less. From Ficken’s to the Parkville boat ramp it is about 12 minutes. The other officers involved live in Kearney (other then Freeman who also lives in Parkville)

From QuikTrip Burlington Street North Kansas City to 6716 NW Graden Rd via MO-9 N.

17 min (9.5 mi)
16 min in current traffic

1. Head south
2. Turn right toward Burlington St
3. Turn right onto Burlington St
4. Keep left to continue on MO-9 N/Burlington St
5. Keep right to continue on MO-9 N
6. Turn right onto MO-9
7. Turn left onto MO-45 N/NW 64th St/Tom Watson Pkwy
8. Turn right onto NW Graden Rd
9. Arrive at location: 6716 NW Graden Rd

From Platte Landing Park to Ficken’s home at 6716 NW Graden Rd via NW Crooked Rd. taking a ‘back road”. From Platte Landing Park to 6716 NW Graden Rd via NW Bell Rd.

12 min (3.1 mi)
12 min in current traffic if not speeding.

1. Head northeast on S Main St
2. Turn left onto W Mill St
3. Turn right onto West St
4. Turn right onto Elm St
5. Turn left onto MO-45 N
6. Turn right onto NW Graden Rd
7. Arrive at location: 6716 NW Graden Rd

For the best route in current traffic visit https://goo.gl/maps/fRDsQfe7EFu


On Justice For Toni Anderson page…there is a copy of the autopsy report replete with information that shows the flaws in the report and that it is totally out of sync with Toni’s identity, time in the water which is not even hinted at and the substances in her body.

You have to scroll down to see a copy of the autopsy.

“Autopsy Results : Several things do not make sense, 1. Contact lenses are in place. 2. False eyelash. 3. Mild to Moderate decomposition 4. Why would she only have cuts in her Abdomen from glass but her shirt & coat were free from defects ? 5. Toni didn’t drink much , but her blood alcohol was almost twice the legal limit ?? Just more unanswered questions.”

Here is one source of information from a forensic pathologist that snuffs the alcohol levels if Toni was in the water 2 months as reported by KCPD and the paid off KC Media.

Image may contain: text

And this off of Justice page and posted by a woman who’s mother noticed a major flaw.

Ashley Michelle Let’s take a look at a few words that some might not know the meaning of, and may skim right over. This is important info, y’all….The report states, “Arcus senilis is absent”. Arcus senilis is clouding of the eyes, which, individuals that have been deceased for any extended period of time(i.e. TWO MONTHS), would exhibit, and they’re saying that she did NOT exhibit this.
In a book titled, ‘Drowning Forensics’, it states, “When someone is deceased for any extended period of time, their eyes will have exhibited corneal opacity/cloudiness. The absence of this demonstrates that the body was recovered within a short time after death.”
Also, the coroner’s report states, “The conjunctivae exhibit lividity but are free of petechiae”. Petechiae on the conjunctivae (eyes) is sign of a death by asphyxiation(i.e. drowning)… this says her eyes were FREE from this sign. Under the section titled ‘Body Cavities’ it states, “The right pleural cavity contains 300ml or purge-type fluid, and the left pleural cavity contains 50ml of purge-type fluid.”

This is the ONLY mention in the document (that I can find) that talks about any fluid near the lungs, and “purge-type” fluid is nasty fluid that builds up in a small space that lines the lungs. I just can’t wrap my head around any of this. I can almost promise you that someone, somewhere is pitching a show to a network, that will bring to light all of these inconsistencies… it’s just a matter of time.”


There is more but my take on this is…IF Toni died from “drowning” it was done to her before she was put in the water. Same with drugs in the amounts mentioned.

Kristen Benton From personal experience, contacts can float right out of your eyes the second you open them underwater. This leads me to think Toni’s eyes were never open underwater. This with other details make it seem as if she had passed prior to entering the water. It makes it even more likely that her death was attended by another person on land who closed her eyelids for her after she died prior to placing her in the river.

Holly Gene Custer Yes and amphetamines and cocaine and things of that sort only between two and three weeks. So how would those have still showed up in her system but not THC
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Justice for Toni Anderson
Justice for Toni Anderson Actually, If you Smoked Marijuana often, it would take longer than 30 days to get out of your system.
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“To those who were wondering Toni’s eyes were green. I’m not certain why on the ME report it says brown…”

Kristen Benton

I have done a little research on the presence of THC in postmortem toxicology. Found this statement used pretty universally in research and from the National Institute of Health.
“Cannabinoids are often excluded from postmortem toxicology screens due to their ubiquitous nature, interpretative difficulties and unanswered questions regarding their postmortem redistribution. ” So basically, they don’t check for THC or other chemicals detected in marijuana use in toxicology testing after death because they haven’t drawn precise conclusions about levels and what happens to such levels during decomposition. Basically, the tests are too unreliable so they just don’t do them.
Like · 1 · Report · Saturday at 6:58pm

Kristen Benton

I would like to see research on the margin of error in this scenario but don’t think a lot exists. I do think the toxicology results are useful but were used in the wrong manner here (i.e. victim blaming). They could be better used to establish TOD. For those asking about vitreous testing, I also read a study that found it is not accurate in drowning cases because the metabolites present diffuse into the surrounding water.
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Kristen Benton

I have read differing studies on the accuracy of alcohol levels. I know from first hand experience that diabetics can fail a urine drug screen for alcohol but pass a breathalyzer given at the same time due to sugars fermenting in urine and making ethanol.
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Justice for Toni Anderson

I’ve been reading a lot about Autopsy toxicology reports being inaccurate in drowning cases.
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Justice for Toni Anderson

That is just it….. I don’t think she drowned. The tox is correct.
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Zakia Love

Maybe ficken has a deep freezer lol but anyway how do you drown with no water in your lungs because according to the autopsy she had no water in her lungs
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Pamela Patterson Kidd

Zakia Love, EXACTLY!!
There is more but YOU can see how the autopsy is dissected and shown to be full of misinformation.


Ficken really IS and his company of “domestic terrorist rouge cop” brothers and their violent abusive treatment of women and men in North Kansas City…here is a short incomplete history of his/their tasering men and women. Ficken is a documented whore monger who goes after married women. He bragged about “chocking out a man” that was handcuffed and laughing about it to that man’s wife! He had a affair with a nurse at the North Kansas City Hospital.

  1. Ficken was involved in the violent tasering of a woman named Angela M.Roberts at North Kansas City hospital. She was brutally and forcefully subdued, then put into the back of a NKCPD vehicle by a cop and a hospital security officer vehicle handcuffed and tased at least 6 times until she passed out. After that she remembered nothing. NCKPD was sued and a settlement/agreement was reached.
  2. Ficken was involved in another law suit where he unnecessarily conducted a criminal background check on the husband of a woman with whom he was having an affair. Timothy Gilliam is suing the officer, Gary W. Ficken Jr.; the city of North Kansas City; its police department; and Police Chief Glenn L. Ladd in U.S. District Court in Kansas City.
  3. Ficken is involved in another law suit. The suit alleges three separate counts of excessive force, two counts of failure to protect constitutional rights, and individual counts of wrongful arrest and conspiracy. He was involved in the brutal beating of Michael Stewart the defendant who he also chocked out while Stewart was handcuffed and laughed about it.
  4. Ficken lives up the road from the park and boat ramp (SEE BELOW) where Toni had her “accident”. .
  5. Ficken with a “Brother in Blue” brutally pulled a young woman out of her drivers side window during a “traffic stop” on 10/16/2016 in North Kansas City. She ended up with bruises and cuts all over her body. She was lucky that her mother was listening to this and that the cops knew this otherwise she might have ended up like Toni.  She was charged with bogus charges of course.
  6. Other women have messaged me about this “666 Beast” and his “brothers” and how he abused them physically and verbally and I am sure…there are more.
  7. NKCP cops sexually harass as “sexual predators” nurses at North Kansas City Hospital.

Apr 12

Sorry, this is about to be a long message. But, it’s been on my mind constantly, so I think I should share.

Back in 2012, when my husband and I started dating, he owned a house in NKC close to Macken Park. At that time, my youngest son was 3 years old. One Sunday, a friend of ours had come over. Not even a minute after she walked in the door, we noticed the front door was open. We were having issues with the door not closing all the way before, so we had been extra careful about watching It. My son had walked out the door, down 3 steps down the sidewalk literally like 20 feet and was right in front of his neighbors house. The man that lives in that house is a politician. I only knew that because it was around election time, and he had signs all over his yard. He was running for representative. So, I walk out the door, see my son, the man was hanging up his cell phone when I was walking down the stairs. I said something to my son about waiting for me before he comes outside, and say sorry to the neighbors. I start to pick my son up, and the man grabs my son and tells me “you need to wait the police are on their way,” and refused me to take my son. OK, anyone that knows me knows I’m an easy going person. But, mess with my kids or try to question me as a mother, hits the automatic mama bear switch. So, I’m about to punch the dude cause he won’t let me pick my son up! Then, here comes a police around the corner. Literally less than 2 mins from when he hung up his phone. So, Mr officer gets out, dude HANDS my son to the officer, and walks away. Officer of course asks what’s going on, so I tell him. Then point out how I’m literally right next door to my husband’s house. The officer tho, is being an ass. Making comments about “a good mom knows where their kids are constantly.” I had alcohol on my breath cause it was football Sunday. But, had only had not even a full beer yet, just started drinking it. So he makes a comment about alcohol on my breath, pretty much implying I’m an unfit mom without giving me a chance to say anything. Understandably, I get upset.

THEN the officer tells me “I could call family services and arrest you for child neglect. He then follows me into my husband’s house, sees my husband and instant attitude change. “Oh, Mr. Ward! I didn’t know this was your house.” Makes some small talk with my husband, then just cleavearly not saying anything more to me. So, whatever, forget about it and go on with our day.

Fast forward about 2-3 months. It was the weekend, my husband and I were drunk, got into an argument. Side note, I still had my own apartment, but I was pretty much living in my future husbands house. Anyway, my current boyfriend told me to leave. But, I wasn’t taking him serious, we were just arguing. I told him I needed to take a nap, then I would leave. Went to bed, fell asleep.

Next thing u know, I have 2 officers, one of the coincidentally being Ficken, waking me up saying my bf wanted me to leave so I needed to get up and leave. Another side note, the law is that if someone stays even 1 night in someone’s home and have personal items of theirs in the home, they have established residency. I even had my kids personal items in the house. So, I tell the officer’s we are just arguing and I would leave after I took a nap and called for a ride. They told me “the homeowner wants u to leave NOW, so are you going to leave?” Now, I’m irritated and mention I have been living there so he would have to go thru the court in an eviction process. I once again said, “but I will leave after a nap and finding a ride. They STILL would not leave me alone. At this point, I sit up, grab my phone and tell them I’m calling my lawyer.

Within a second, my phone was hitting the wall across the room and I was pulled up thrown around and handcuffs on. They told me I was being arrested for trespassing. Then they physically push me out of the house, pushing me into the back of a police car to take me to jail.

At this point, I had a serious emotional breakdown, crying so hard and panic attack like I EVER had experienced before and I could not breathe. Like my face was going numb, my hands and feet were tingling and cramped up. All signs of not enough oxygen getting to my brain. I’m not nor have ever been a criminal or been in a jail.

The 2 minute that felt more like an hour drive to the police station, I was telling Ficken that I can’t breathe, feel sick, going to pass out, PLEASE JUST OPEN MY WINDOW EVEN AN INCH so I can get some air. He TOTALLY is ignoring me, no acknowledgement I was even in the car, which intensifies the panic attack.

By the time we get to the police station and he opens the door to get me out, I can’t walk. Legs are jello, and I start to black out. He just let’s me collapse on the ground. I hear him saying something to someone about needing help cause he has “a crazy drama queen. And the butch is acting like she can’t walk.” I somehow get into the police station on a bench waiting while they book me in, but of course taking their time. I lay over on the bench and immediately get yelled at to “Sit back up!” I said “I’m sorry sir. I’m really not trying to be hard to handle, I really just don’t feel good.” I mention I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and take medication for it. My medicine is in my purse, my name is on the prescription bottle, can I please just have one?

They looked at each other and just laughed.

I finally make it to Clay County jail, I was so happy to be out of NKC.

I get out the next day, and between then and my court date a few months later, my husband and I decide it was stupid and he isn’t going to pursue anything. He is going to tell the judge he wants to dismiss it.

Later, I will thank my lucky stars that we had worked it out. Court day comes, my husband’s mom comes with him.

Now, I already know his parents know a lot of people because they are very involved in the community. His mom is one of the president’s for the Harvest Ball.

So, I’m never surprised when I see strangers always knowing them every where we go. But, this was odd. Court starts, the judge, Steve Fuller starts calling names off the docket.

While the first person had already been called up and was in the middle of stating their case, Judge Fuller seems to notice where my then bf and his mom were sitting. He calls the bailiff over and everyone can hear him tell the bailiff, “Mr. Ward is right over there. Go ask him why.” I watched the bailiff walk over to Jason and ask him why he is there and hear Jason say he was there as a plaintiff and points at me making a comment about it’s with me. Bailiff goes and tells Judge Fuller. The judge then totally stops the person and tell them he’s going to call them back up in a while. He has that person sit down then calls my case. We get up in front of the judge and he asks Jason what’s going on as he opens the file to look at it. Jason tells them what happened but he doesn’t want to pursue the charges. The judge asks him if he wants the case dismissed, Jason says yes. So, at that point, heiunsuredly says to have a seat, whispers something to the bailiff. But instead of calling the other person back up or moving on, everything just stops.

A few minutes later, Judge Fuller says to his mom, “Mrs. Ward, will you come up here for a minute?” She goes up there and everyone hears him say hello, how are you doing? And how is Mr. Ward doing? Is he still on the school board? Haven’t seen you guys since so and so had that party for… Then, he cuts off the microphone, motions for Jason’s Mom to come closer, and for almost 5 mins have huddled conversation. The bailiff comes back in and whispers something to the Judge. He tells his mom she can go sit back down, it was nice chatting with her, tell Mr. Ward he says hello..etc. He then calls Jason and I back up.

He asks Jason like 3 times if he was sure he wanted it dismissed, Jason says yes every time. Then he looks over at me and tells me he “was fully ready to trial me that day, but guess it’s ur lucky day. He never let’s a person dismiss a case in court but he was going to let it happen THIS time. Hope it learned a lesson, and he doesn’t want to see me in there again.” I never had a chance to utter even 1 word.

Life went on, it was just thrown to the back of my brain, just forget it… And so on. But since Toni’s car was found, the memory has been popping up more and more. Then hearing more information triggers more thinking.

ANYway, that long story is to get to the point, it DOES matter who you are, women don’t matter, after all, we are “just crazy bitches, drama queens.”

Multiple officers saw me during my panic attack and even when I asked for medical attention, they refused and laughed at me.

There’s a reason Toni’s case attracted my attention. Ask anybody my friends, I don’t watch the news, read it, or even acknowledge it. Usually if I hear from someone about something thats happened, my attitude is “it’s not me that’s going through it.” That keeps it just a “story”, not my business.

I truly feel it attracted my attention because of what I personally experienced. I think the straw that 100% convinced me something is definitely wrong, it for sure was not an “accident,” was just the other day when I saw the pic of Ficken and heard he was involved.

It was seriously bells going off, the immediate feeling that something bad did happen to Toni.

I can honestly say that I know 100% that Toni was killed.

Mary Ward
Sorry, it was 2011, not 2012
Anyway, I forgot a big point.

Come to find out, Jason’s parents to school with Judge Fuller from elementary school thru college

Justice for Toni Anderson
Wow, thank you for sharing your story Mary! That is horrible that they treated you that way!

We had another woman message us and tell us that she went to school with Ficken and he was really creepy back then. I am starting to wonder if he was the one that murdered her.

Mary Ward
Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised. Even if not purposely,

I feel he knows something about it.

And after my experience and reading his past record on Richard’s blog, I can totally see something like that happening.

Justice for Toni Anderson
Did you ever report him for how he treated you? Anxiety is a major issue and can cause serious damage to someone.

Mary Ward
Right, it was horrid. I NEVER had an anxiety attack so bad.

I seriously should have been sent to the hospital the moment I collapsed getting out of the car. I needed to be put on oxygen and given medicine thru an IV.

I am a CNA, and they also knew that so they shouldn’t have questioned me.

When I got up to the Clay County jail. I still wasn’t feeling well, but not as bad as earlier. They have buttons in the cells u push if u need assistance for any reason.

So, I pushed the button and told them I think I needed medical help. A deputy came in, and granted she was nice. But I was telling her about what happened in NKC and the way I was treated.

I told her I had requested medical help then, told her how I was treated like a “drama queen”, and that I have no criminal background so it was my first time in jail. She asked me why I was there, then told her about the so called “trespassing”.

She thought the trespassing charge was a joke, but about my anxiety attack, she said,”well, you know anxiety is all in our heads. It’s something WE create.

So, you just need to calm your thoughts and a nurse will be talking to you in a bit.” That’s part of an intake is u have to be seen by a nurse when u are booked into jail. She left making me feel more stupid cause “I was supposed to be able to control my emotions.” Anyway, about 3 other inmates came in after she left asking if I was OK. And they sat with me and told me jokes and stories to help me feel better. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them, who knows what would have happened. Cause at this point, I still couldn’t have my anxiety medicine. About 2-3 hours later, I finally got called out to see the nurse. I went thru the whole story with her too. I then asked if I could have my medicine. She told me that a doctor has to OK prescriptions before they can give them out, so since it was late, I wouldn’t be able to get my medicine at least til the next day.

Thankfully, I was released the next afternoon. I also take a thyroid supplement which is very much needed because they had to take my thyroid out in 2001. That is where my anxiety issues had stemmed from, when I was sick with my thyroid issues.

Anyway, the next morning when they were passing out meds, I got into line and when I got up there, the nurse said “I don’t have anything for you.” I said I should have my thyroid pill and my anxiety pill. She said the doctor hadn’t ok’ed anything for me yet.

I had mentioned the story to a lawyer when I was calling some to see if I needed representation when I went to court. 2 of the lawyers said it would be hard to prove in court because it was my word against theirs and I had been drinking.

Mary Ward
I have seen that the majority of people don’t take anxiety as serious as it is. Because of that, ppl that truly suffer from it get made to feel they are crazy. For example, about 5 months ago, my anxiety starting acting up big time.

My husband still had not truly understand it. Anyway, ended up my son had to call an ambulance.

I currently live in Gladstone, so when the paramedics came, of course the police came. It made my anxiety worse when they walked in the door due to my previous experience and what my husband was saying.

But, the police looked at me, took my husband out in the hallway, the paramedic said first thing, “I deal with anxiety so just know that I know. You are not crazy.”

That was so awesome! Had a ride to the hospital in an ambulance but by the time I got to the hospital, my attack was pretty much finished, thanks to this wonderful EMT.

Ended up the officer’s had a nice “chat” with my husband. So much that when he got up to the hospital he went to talk to my doctor and the doctor educated him on true anxiety and also told him that it’s treated like something in our heads that we can just turn on, turn off. So, at least now ppl are starting to get educated about it.

But, I feel my experience with NKC was purpose torment, and they truly got a laugh out of me. And I feel it’s not just me that have had experiences like that. From the issue with my son getting out the front door to when I got arrested.

They don’t care about u unless u r someone important, that they know. And women are definitely a nothing to them. How can they call a sick woman a bitch and a drama queen??

The judge told me he was ready to trial me THAT without even knowing what my defense would be, why?

Just because he knows my husband’s family?? Now, the 2 lawyers that I told my story to that said I wouldn’t have a case, are on Judge Fuller’s facebook.. Hold on

Mary Ward
This is his facebook. Note Matthew Rose and David Wells, both lawyers.

Justice for Toni Anderson
Wow !!!
Truly makes me ill. Thoughts and prayers to you hun. We are always here



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