Justice For Toni Anderson Page Taken Over By NKCPD "Trolls"

July 15 Update!
Toni Anderson was murdered because she “saw something” and needed to be “taken care of”.
The something is DRUGS! Big time!
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Rusty May…AKA Charles Russell Hopkins IS the major player in her abduction and death! Suffice it to say…May was working with and still does…the cartels to bring drugs into this country using the importing of “machinery parts”. Cocaine from Guatamala and heroin from the middle east. FBI agents had the dirt on him but all of a sudden were told to “leave it alone’! He has a free pass and get out of jail card ONLY in the “realms of time”!
Toni somehow got caught up in this and either saw something or was asked to partake of something and said no… but in either case Toni became a threat. That is the reason why she was “drugged”at Chrome and told to “gather yourself” by Ficken…May’s buddy orchestrated what happened to Toni.
She was NOT drunk or high on cocaine. She was DRUGGED either at Chrome or by May/Hopkins. May is documented to be there at the QT in his RED CADILLAC, So are at least 3 NKCP SUV’s and not by coincidence! They ALL were there to make sure Toni was no longer a liability to their “network”…Ficken, Kimmel, Romine and especially FBI boy Major Kevin Freeman who was a major player in all of this and they all knew May and worked with him to deal with Toni Anderson.
Alonzo Washington/KC Crime Fighter knows this. KCPD cops know this. The FBI knows this. Comey knew this. This is why Forte “retired”…he knew this too as well as former FBI Special Agent in Charge in KC..Eric Jackson. THEY ALL KNEW THIS.
Rusty May somehow screwed up. He was told to “take care of YOUR problem” by his bosses and with the help of his “drug buddies” in the NKCPD…”they did”! Cash from one side of the Missouri River to the other to all the right “pockets” equals a cover-up of the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson.
Don’t worry folks…The Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page is working hard to protect May and NKCPD because the “admins” including Alissa Cordova know about May as does Mary Ward because it is HER FAMILY that is the NKCPD drug dealers and the ones guilty with May…including ALL THE ATTORNEY’S I HAVE NAMED!
End of story. No more needs to be said except THIS. Toni Anderson will ONLY get Justice when each of those involved in what happened to her and those protecting them meet God upon their DEATH and He then drop ships them into HELL!
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FOREWORD: https://richardboydenreport.wordpress.com/2017/06/18/bill-bunting-splc-member-sodomite-and-pedophile-enabler-on-his-way-to-hell-with-his-adulterating-whore-and-mary-ward/
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Mary Ward can be thanked for this program…a paid off by NKCPD attorney’s sell out and detractor TROLL from the truth about Bill Ficken’s direct involvement with what happened to Toni Anderson and for that matter her.
Fact is when she denied her email and teamed up with sodomite and pedophile enabler William R. Bunting to jacket me with lies and the Justice page still kept her on the page…that meant to me “she owns” that page by the fact “they” care not about her “outside” activities 🙂
Guess what? Wrong move ya all! 🙂
Radio program on Sunday night 8 central
Enjoy ! 🙂

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