My Past Media Accomplishments Stolen/Destroyed By Pete Schartel KCXL 1140 AM Owner

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Richard Boyden

The Bookstore is now online and open for business on the Internet!Purchase Books, Bay-Gen Radios and Lights and more to come!

I started transformed KCXL 1140 into the most listened to “Talk Radio” station in Kansas City Missouri whereas before it was a “listen to itself” station except for a few programs.
Heart of America Forum, The Bright and Morning Star and Oh Jerusalem were programs I convinced the owner to broadcast. Oh Jerusalem was hosted by a “Sabra” AKA Israeli. Having lived in Israel and seeing her resume…I thought that here is a REAL JEW that needs to be heard!
I started a successful book store stocked with books authored by those I interviewed on my daily arbitron rated show! I even had a number of them come to KC and give talks.
Those were the good days up and until Gale Shartel threatened Pete Schartel to either take me off the air or she would make sure when she divorced him…that “he would lose the station and never see his kids again”! Why…because I was destroying her “wet dreams” of William Jefferson Clinton in exposing his murders, serial raping history, dead bodies and drug connections.
So much for Pete Schartel being a “man”. Stole my “boydenweb” web page and the recordings of all my programs. “IT’S ALL GOOD”!
Almost forgot…he made sure no one could contact me and that included THE THOUSANDS THAT HELPED OPERATION MORNING STAR in giving needed food, appliances, wood burning stoves etc. and that is because Schartel and his wife Gayle/Gail were left wing liberal sodom and gomorrah  racist “Indian Haters”!
She dumped him anyhow and he hooked up with another Indian Hater! 🙂

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