Why Malcolm X Would Call Kim Gardner A "House Nigger" and Governor Eric Grietens A Honourable White Man

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Did you know the SAME MISSOURI COMMITTEE lead by closet trans Barnes has a love affair with a DOCUMENTED sexual predator but is free because he is a BLACK Democrat ? 🙂


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Judge Orders Kim Gardner to Turn Over Records of Communications ...

Rep. Gardner gets aid from Soros in St. Louis circuit attorney race



Just to remind folks again…BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER…I QUOTE Malcolm X in the use of the words below and in the context I believe he would use them and therefore do I do the same with Kim Gardner and others. Listen to his words and read the same and if you don’t understand then I am sorry.
Having living on the poorest Indian Reservation in the Country doing suicide counseling (as well as taking tons of food to the same and others over 15 years), I will let YOU know right up front that there the word REDSKIN is offensive to REAL NATIVE AMERICANS (not the Washington Jew Post interviewed “White Indians”) as is the word NIGGER and KIKE to Blacks and Jews. I document that history in my blogs. I have NO PROBLEM with the word nigger as long as my RED BROTHERS are daily slurred racially by a mostly all Black football team owned by a Jew and which a nation accepts this racial dichotomy . AND I have lived in Israel and put the only Jewish radio program on air in KCMO! I wrote a published article about MLK when in college. Served with Blacks in the Nam. Counseled Black youth at McCune in Independence and I can go on.
Kim Gardner and her cadre of liars including Stacy Newman among others I “tag and bag”. I don’t catch all my error’s at 70 and with Macular Degeneration taking a toll on my eyes which means I miss errors in spelling etc. . But my mind works and my spirit is inspired by G-d to expose those who are lying about my fellow brother VETERAN! I have been there done that by the “hippies” up to this day. Just google my name and read the bullshit by inbred SPLC punks among others.

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Cole County prosecutor declines to file charges against Gov. Eric Greitens!


Head “House Nigger”Gardner got busted! She can kiss her feces covered career good bye! Read the comments on this in this story published by her “Pimp Paper” 🙂 Good for Governor Greitens! Maybe those in his party who didn’t get neutered or signed up for a “sex change” will demand this “Affirmative Action” loser be charged, disbarred and sent to prison with her collaborating homies. Stacy Newman NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!
Listen to Governor Grietens in the interview! He repented and forgiven I believe by God and his wife and family. Listen to the attorney’s about GARDNER….she is toast! Full interviews ! Those who don’t forgive him are under condemnation by Go-…including those fake “black preachers”!!
And the propaganda media continues to pimp Gardners LIES. WHY charges dismissed? NO EVIDENCE DIRT BAGS….ZERO…NONE…NADA which is why Gardner did not want to testify the lying loser!.

Gardner’s LIES exposed BELOW IN THIS BLOG as confirmed by Greitens attorney’s and documents. GARDNER’S CAREER IS HISTORY!

Read and Learn! 

Warning! Not politically correct in content or language. If you are offended with “truth words and concepts” by Malcolm X then please move on!

The Paid Off Lying Whore Is…..

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“It’s the paid off by the Democrats whore” Katrina Anne Sneed — S N E E D,” KQQZ 1190 AM radio talk show host Bob Romanik announced Feb. 23, about the woman with whom Greitens admitted having an affair.   (Starts at 26:00 here; Katrina “Kitty” Sneed.

A Short Foreword:  I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I don’t know Greitens and I never voted for him. But I have chosen as a fellow Veteran to expose those lying about him because I know how that feels . it is obvious to me that he is being targeted for political assassination and literal annihilation as a man, husband, father and Veteran by those who I consider enemies of this country…just like the dirt bag hippies I remember. I don’t like what has been done to him and for the behind closed “back door” reasons.  He is dealing with real criminals…or better yet…DOMESTIC TERRORISTS who are a threat to this country and our Constitution and want both destroyed.
And I do use the word “NIGGER” in this blog and other words that would be considered “not nice” and justifiably so and not because I am a “Racist” but because of the Black Historical Context that word was explained to me in college per the application of by Malcolm X in my African American Studies Class.  Jews and their history with Indigenous peoples from the time of Columbus who was a Jew to this day. Both groups have no problem using the word REDSKIN which in history I document to be equal to or worse then the word nigger. Present day example is the naming a almost all Black football team owned by a Kike/Jew “Redskins” AND I  have lived in Israel and had personal letter posted on “Bibi’s” web page during his first term warning him of the Jew Hater Clinton!
Lots of blog history on my part documented that is available but for now, I am covering my fellow Veteran’s back. After all he was assigned to a Marine Unit 🙂 which some pussified “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” so called SEALS disqualifies him to be a real SEAL. And then there is the denigration of his work and care for Veterans being attacked and the list goes on.
My “methodology” and the way I do my blog is to find information of importance realizing it is not “professional” compared to college educated folks. I do know that I do get the job done by one story being the most read in the country in a week…close to 200K reads. Say “TONI ANDERSON” who’s case the FBI WOULD NOT TOUCH!
And I am good at sourcing information. I include links to the complete articles of the information which I use to  “tag and bag” those who hate this man for what he believes and also for the color of his skin . I COPY AND PASTE OR “PLAGIARIZE” too just because the words of others are point on.
That’s why I find Malcolm X words and life the most perfect witness to what is being done to Governor Eric Greitens by the “House Negro’s” and friends and why his words represent the truth of what I share.
P.S. I use “Memes” too 🙂
Semper Fi!

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J&J Granted Mistrial In Missouri Talc Powder Lawsuit After SCOTUS Limits Ability Of Nonresidents ...

Democratic Judge Issues Gag Order In Gov. Greitens Case Allows Kim Gardner Legally Lynch Herself!

Why is that? So Governor Greitens the American NAVY SEAL and Constitutionalist can be slandered and jacketed with fabricated planned and prepared unproven allegations by the faggot friendly left wing emasculated pussified androgynous he/she’s Democratic “Politburo” headed by the Soro’s paid off lying incompetent affirmative action “House Nigger” Kim Gardner and her Cracker hatin “homies” who’s lies are being “pimped” by their “bathhouse party” reporters in the media like the Synagogue of Satan Jew run Kansas City  Star and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (both organs for the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Missouri)

The motion filed by prosecutors on Tuesday asked the judge to prohibit “counsel, the parties, and endorsed witnesses from making any public statements outside the courtroom that could interfere with a fair trial or prejudice either the state or the defendant.”

Burlison approved the order Tuesday afternoon.

Greitens’ defense team argued a gag order would prevent Greitens from defending himself from any allegations that could arise from an expected House committee investigation.

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“I was raised a Democrat,” he told Fox News in July 2015

“I registered to vote as a Democrat…Democrats even tried to recruit me to run for Congress,” he explained.

“But there was one rather large problem…I no longer believed…I had concluded that liberals aren’t just wrong…often they are world-class hypocrites.  They talk a great game…but their ideas don’t work, and often hurt the people they claim to help.”

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“The deposition tells an entirely different story about (the woman’s) interactions with the governor,” Martin told the judge. “This woman is not a victim. She was a willing participant in everything they did, and the video goes a long way to establish that. Greitens, through a public relations firm, issued a statement Thursday afternoon saying that he did not slap the woman and that the video would prove that. He also said the woman did not mention being coerced in the video. The defense alleged that the woman turned to her lawyer during the January interview and laughed when asked about being slapped by the governor.

Prosecutors don’t have photo at heart of Greitens case

Greitens’ defense lawyers ask: Was former lover threatened or rewarded by prosecutors?

Philip Taylor Sneed by storyoftheyear-fans on DeviantArt

“His name is Philip Taylor Sneed, also known as ‘Moon’,” Romanik continued, about her ex-husband.  As Moon Valjean, “he’s a radio celebrity and producer of The Rizzuto Show on The Point,” St. Louis rock station KPNT, FM 105.7.

Eric Greitens

It’s one thing to cry “witch hunt.” It’s another when you find the broomsticks.

Yes, you read that correctly: in a public motion, we learned that the lead witness in the case against him — the so-called “victim” — was conspiring with top Democrats in the Missouri state legislature to bring down the governor. In other words, she wasn’t a victim at all. She was, instead, a tool of the Democratic establishment, a pawn in their efforts to bring down a strong, conservative Republican governor.


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Please meet the lying conniving WITCH and “Synagogue of Satan” Reform Jew” after Greitens! OH OH! Look who she is with! 🙂 It’s Kitty Sneed! 🙂

Reform Jews ‘a disaster to the nation’

Text message #1) From Democrat Missouri Representative Stacey Newman to the lead witness in the case (referred to as K.S.):

“my House Dem leadership insist you need a lawyer fast.” – Dated January 11th, 2018

That’s what’s taken place in the Greitens’ case. The House Democrats in the Missouri State Legislature have taken a woman who had an affair with a man and coached her into becoming a witness for a crime that never happened. Then, the indictment of that crime was further used to damage the governor’s standing through an investigation in the House of Representatives that never should have taken place.

Text message #2) From Democrat Missouri Representative Stacey Newman to the lead witness in the case (referred to as K.S.)

“I may need to talk w your lawyers.” – Dated January 11th, 2018

Now we have the same Rep. Stacey Newman texting the lead witness in the case to talk with her lawyers. This text was sent two hours after the one above

Americans would recognize that a politician communicating with a witness in a case of this kind is just plain wrong. Here, that’s what Rep. Newman is doing: she’s speaking personally to the attorney of the lead witness in the case, presumably figuring out how to extract maximum political damage out of a flimsy criminal charge.

This text message is evidence — cold, hard evidence — that the Missouri State Democrats have used the governor’s affair in order to bring investigations, unnecessary media attention, and a legal case. This is evidence that a public official in Missouri was coaching and coaxing the lead witness and her lawyer.

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Text #3) From Missouri Representative Stacey Newman texts the lead witness in the case the number of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and adds: “STL Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, she said you can have your attorney call her.” – Dated January 18th, 2018

This may be even more damning than the other two text messages. Why? Because this shows a Missouri House Democrat conspiring with a public prosecutor — Democrat St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner — in order to coax a witness into bringing a charge.
Let’s review: Missouri House Democrats took the woman who had a willing affair with a governor and brought her to the Circuit Attorney in order to drum up a crime they could charge the governor with.

Then, shortly after this exchange, Democrat Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner brought an indictment against the governor for felony invasion of privacy. It was a flimsy charge with no evidence, no police report, and no victim — at least, no one who had gone to the police and said that she had been wronged. Until politicians starting snooping around this case, the lead witness hadn’t even thought to bring a case!


Hantler: George Soros Declares War on the State of Missouri

“It wasn’t enough that, years ago, George Soros fanned the flames of anti-police protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Now he’s back to his old antics: bankrolling a prosecutor to go after a popular, conservative Republican Governor, Eric Greitens.

Soros’ Washington-DC based super PAC gave St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner almost $200,000 to make sure she carried (as his “House Nigga”) his water once elected. And she has: She’s softened enforcement of crimes and, worse, has used the powers of her office to recklessly pursue an investigation against the Governor.

Rep. Gardner gets aid from Soros in St. Louis circuit attorney race | The Missouri Times

Why The Prosecutor In The Eric Greitens Case Could Be The One Who Ends Up In Jail

What if citizens in the city of St. Louis file complaints with the police or Missouri’s attorney general about Gardner’s conduct, leading to a criminal investigation? Ironically, a case that began on illegitimate grounds could end with the quite-legitimate investigation of the prosecutor who started it.
Five new facts have emerged in the course of the trial that point to this being a real possibility. Together, they tell the story of a seemingly malicious and reckless prosecution driven by politics, ignorance, and ego, rather than a pursuit of justice.

1. It appears that Gardner began preparing the paperwork for the indictment prior to conducting any investigation.

Take a look at the bottom right hand corner of the indictment Gardner filed in this case. Notice the date: 12/22/2017.

That appears to be the date on which this document was first created. And it’s an interesting timestamp. Why? Because according to a letter released by the circuit attorney’s office, Gardner did not launch her investigation of Greitens until Jan. 11, 2018.
That means the indictment paperwork was apparently begun by the circuit attorney’s office a full 20 days before that office publicly became involved in this case. In other words, Gardner (or someone on her team) began writing out an indictment document before evidence of a crime was ever brought forward, before her office conducted any kind of inquiry, and before a grand jury ever sat. You don’t need a law degree to be bothered by this: Why would you prepare an indictment about a crime weeks before investigating that crime?
Answer: You wouldn’t. Unless of course the evidence didn’t matter to you, because you were just looking for any crime that fit and any jury that would indict.

2. Gardner allegedly broke the law in the course of her prosecution.

3. Gardner’s assistant prosecutor allegedly misled the grand jury about the indictment.

4. Gardner’s investigators were under FBI investigation.

5. Even the chief of police of St. Louis is demanding answers.

To read the full report…click HERE!

Bailey Jay, Future, and News: Missouri GOP @MissouriGOP Follow Here's our full statement on the recent news re: Governor Greitens JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Republican Party released the following statement: "Kim Gardner has received more than $200,000 from George Soros groups," said Sam Cooper Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. "Missourians should see this for what it is, a political hit job. This law has never been prosecuted in this way and it is safe to say if Eric Greitens wasn't governor, it wouldn't have beern this time either. We have a progressive anti-law enforcement Democrat wanting to single-handedly oust a law-and-order governor. We look forward to a bipartisan committee of legislators elected by people across Missouri to find out what's really going on- ensuring St. Louis liberals aren't controlling the future of our state 7:50 AM-23 Feb 2018 161 Retweets 176 Likes
yourworldnews.org | White Liberals: Wolves in Democratic ...

Gardner GUTTED in the words of this former Attorney and Cop

I Worked In St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office. Her Indictment of Gov. Eric Greitens is Most Disturbing.


Time To Take Down This Lying Fabricating False Evidence Hate Whitey And America Racist Affirmative Action Being Investigated By The FBI Democrat For Bribery “House Nigger” Kim Gardner

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Soros Funded “House Nigger” Facing Bribery Charges

George Soros bought her seat for her and since taking office she has concentrated on prosecuting police, not criminals.

From Mopns
– On November 14th, 2016, Marc Lazar, a convicted child rapist, was arrested by St. Louis city police. He was charged with two felony counts of selling liquor without a license. His wife, Katherine Lazar, would also be charged in the same high-end wine scheme, in which they illegally sell expensive wine without a license and avoid paying sales tax on the transaction.
– Then, early last fall, the Lazars met with Kim Gardner and several members of her staff, including the prosecutor of this case. In this meeting, Marc Lazar made an offer to Ms. Gardner that if her office dropped the case, he would ensure that what would have been the sales tax of tens of millions of dollars in illegal sales “found its way” to her.

The prosecutor in the case was so upset by the offer and the fact that Gardner did not turn down the deal that she,  Ramona Gau, went back to her office and wrote a memo detailing what happened at the meeting.

Gardner never notified authorities about the bribery offer and Feb 6th, 2018, the case against Lazar and his wife was dropped just two weeks before his trial. The case was considered a slam dunk.

On February 6th, 2018, the Circuit Attorney unexpectedly dropped all charges against the Lazar’s, just two weeks before their trial was set to begin. As a professional in this field, I cannot emphasize enough how odd this is. A case involving several millions of dollars, high-profile defendants (including one with a prior felony record), and hundreds of hours of investigatory and legal work doesn’t simply get dropped days before a trial.

There is always an attempt to reach a settlement, some variance of a plea bargain, issue a fine, offer a suspended sentence, etc.

– In this case, nothing of the sort happened. It was, in legal terms, “nolle prosequi”—a term in the Court that means the prosecutor is abandoning all charges. In other words, it’s like the case never existed. Even the spokesperson for the CAO’s office could not offer a reason why the case was dropped.

After the case was dropped, the whistleblower alleged that the FBI got involved and question staffers in Gardner’s office.
The testimony from Ms. Gau was so compelling, she was asked to speak to the US attorney according to the whistleblower.

 Prosecutors who withhold or tamper with evidence now face felony charges!

GARDNER IGNORED BY MISSOURI AG JOSH HAWLEY! WHAT A COWARD! Josh the emasculated joke really wants to beat Satan’s Fairy godmother Claire McCaskill so he sells his soul for 30 pieces of silver like JUDAS!
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and her First Assistant Robert Steele gave passionate pleas Thursday, nearly shouting in the courtroom at times.
Prosecutor Steel told Judge Rex Burlison that the invasion of privacy case against Governor Eric Greitens should not be dismissed, saying, “He is guilty!”
In defense of failing to turn over evidence timely, Steel said, “There’s not one ounce of evidence that there’s anything exculpatory to Greitens.”
Steele continued, “Nothing in the notes disproves anything in our case. Nothing!”
Judge Rex Burlison seemed incredulous.
“You seem to be arguing the State decides what is or is not exculpatory,” he said.
Kim Gardner stood up, saying, “Why would I not turn it over? (The video) didn’t work. I did not commit a crime.”

St. Louis Circuit Attorney refutes misconduct allegations, says ‘I did not commit a crime”


Prosecutorial Misconduct

Prosecutorial misconduct is the act of breaking the law, or a code of ethics, while working as a prosecutor. Prosecutors are responsible for determining who should be held accountable when a crime is committed. An example of prosecutorial misconduct might occur if a prosecutor failed to turn evidence, which would prove the defendant’s innocence, to the defense attorney, choosing instead to convict the defendant and win the case. To explore this concept, consider the following prosecutorial misconduct definition.

Definition of Prosecutorial Misconduct


  1. The act of breaking the law, court rules, or code of ethics of law practice, while working as a prosecuting attorney.

Types of Prosecutorial Misconduct

Prosecutors may engage in a wide variety of illegal and unethical acts in the name of getting a conviction. What follows are several types of prosecutorial misconduct. This kind of behavior can vary from case to case, but the types of prosecutorial misconduct presented in this list are some of the more common examples of prosecutorial misconduct.

Failure to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence

Prosecutors are bound by law to turn over any evidence to the defense that shows that either their defendant is not guilty, or that he deserves a lesser punishment.

This type of evidence is referred to as “Brady material,” after the case Brady v. Maryland. In this example of prosecutorial misconduct, the Supreme Court ruled that the prosecutors are required by the Constitution to turn over such evidence.

Prosecutor in Greitens case accused of ‘gross misconduct’

“I’ve practiced law for 35 years,” defense attorney Scott Rosenblum said. “I’ve never once accused a prosecutor of incompetence. I am doing that this morning.”
Prosecutors said there is nothing in the video or notes that affect the criminal charge.
At issue is a Jan. 29 interview Gardner and a private investigator, William Tisaby, had with the woman at the center of the case, identified in court documents as K.S. They had originally told defense attorneys that a video recorder malfunctioned, and that Tisaby had taken no notes during the conversation. But defense attorneys told Judge Rex Burlison they received the tape and notes Wednesday night, just after the release of a report from the special state House committee investigating Greitens’ conduct. The woman told the committee that the encounter at the heart of the felony case was coerced. The committee found her testimony credible.
The tape shows that there are “major flaws in K.S.’s story, more than we were aware of,” said defense attorney Jim Martin. “Her story is just that — a story.”
The defense team also accused Gardner of encouraging Tisaby, the investigator, to lie under oath during his March 19 deposition. They quoted numerous portions of the transcript in which he said he took no notes during the January interview, including once after a question from Gardner. But in the video, Martin said, Tisaby can clearly be seen taking notes, which were also turned over on Wednesday night.

“She sat there, and allowed him to lie under oath” during the deposition, Martin said.

Greitens defense team accuses St. Louis circuit attorney of misconduct

ST. LOUIS • A day after the release of a Missouri House investigative report on the invasion of privacy case against Gov. Eric Greitens, his attorneys accused St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner of misconduct and “gross incompetence.”

Defense attorney Jim Martin told the court Thursday that it wasn’t until an hour after the release of the committee report that Gardner provided the defense with a videotaped interview of the woman with whom Greitens had an affair. The report, released in Jefferson City, presented new allegations that Greitens struck the woman during their sexual encounters.

Greitens, through a public relations firm, issued a statement Thursday afternoon saying that he did not slap the woman and that the video would prove that. He also said the woman did not mention being coerced in the video.

The defense alleged that the woman turned to her lawyer during the January interview and laughed when asked about being slapped by the governor.

The defense attorneys said they were led to believe that the recording equipment used in the interview had malfunctioned and that no tape or handwritten notes of the interview existed.

“The deposition tells an entirely different story about (the woman’s) interactions with the governor,” Martin told the judge. “This woman is not a victim. She was a willing participant in everything they did, and the video goes a long way to establish that.”

 Highlights of testimony of woman AKA…PAID OFF WHORE…at center of Greitens affair

The defense accused Gardner of withholding evidence and said it would ask for sanctions against Gardner and seek to depose the woman and her ex-husband again. In addition, the defense asked the judge to reconsider a defense motion to dismiss the indictment against Greitens.
They also accused Gardner of allowing William Don Tisaby, the investigator she hired, to lie under oath in a March 19 deposition about whether he took notes during an interview with the woman. The defense showed screen grabs from the video of the interview that showed Tisaby taking notes with Gardner next to him.
“I have never in my practice accused a prosecutor of incompetence or misconduct. I am doing that this morning,” defense lawyer Scott Rosenblum said in court Thursday. “Ms. Gardner is either guilty of gross incompetence or perjury. There is no middle ground. She has either suborned perjury tacitly or proactively, or both.”
In a court memo filed later Thursday, Gardner said the new allegations “appear to be an attempt to distract the Court’s and the public’s attention from the merits of this case.”
“However, justice will not be served if the allegations against the Circuit Attorney become the focus of the case, instead of the defendant’s illegal and reprehensible conduct toward the victim,” Gardner’s memo says. “The Court should not be misled by the diversionary tactics of the defense. The drastic remedy of dismissal will not serve justice or fairness, but will unfairly reward the defendant.”
In court, Gardner told the judge that she didn’t know until Monday that the recording of the woman’s interview existed and had not seen it until this week. The interview took place at a St. Louis hotel in January with Gardner, Tisaby, the woman and her attorney Scott Simpson.

“I never saw the tape because we were under the impression that it never recorded,” Gardner said.

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William Don Tisaby

Image result for William Don Tisaby fbi bigamy

Lying out of his ass “House Nigger” and FBI CONFIRMED BIGAMIST William Tiasby



house nigger

a black person that sucks up to the white man for benefits. From slave times where the house nigga would get to work inside the house as opposed to picking cotton out in the hot sun.
Man, yous a house nigger”…”No I ain’t!”…”yes u are! youd suck a crackers dick just to get some kool aid!!!”

Screengrab of investigator interviewing woman in Greitens case

Do you see what I see??????^^^^^

 Gardner admits investigator erred in claim he interviewed Greitens ex lover without notes

To Read Kim Gardner’s covering her lying ass document click HERE

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Image result for quote lbj "niggers"
Activists and clergy defend St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner against Republican attacks

Activists and clergy i.e. “Field Niggers” defend “House Nigger” St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner against Republican attacks

Image result for kim gardner HOUSE NIGGER meme

Attorney Al Watkins speaks with reporters outside the Carnahan Courthouse in downtown St. Louis following a hearing. March 26, 2018.

Albert Watkins SCHMUCK JEW took $100 K from Missouri Times owner Scott FAUGHN

Source: http://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/missouri-times-publisher-delivered-50k-cash-attorney-key-greitens-witness#stream/0
Al Watkins, the attorney representing P.S., the ex-husband of the woman at the center of the case, is also representing Tisaby.
Martin said Watkins told the defense that Tisaby couldn’t be re-deposed until next week because he is “addressing matters of national security.”
“This smells like some kind of collusion,” Martin said.
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said she reached out to Tisaby as directed by Burlison but was told he would not be available for a re-deposition until Monday, April 30.
Martin went on to say that having Watkins represent Tisaby is a conflict of interest in the case since Tisaby questioned K.S. back in January.
“The real concern is Watkins and Gardner have to know there is a conflict of interest,” Martin said.
Burlison ordered that Watkins be at the courthouse on Monday for a hearing at 2 p.m. to further discuss the matter.
Watkins issued the following statement:
“I suggest my client is simply the latest in a long line of those who are being blamed by Greitens for his legal and political woes,” Watkins said.
Source: http://claytontimes.com/greitens-defense-team-accuses-prosecutors-office-of-collusion-in-invasion-of-privacy-case/

  Interesting and right on Blog!

Corrupt Kim Gardner & William Tisaby (“House Niggers”) Broke the Law to Withhold Evidence In Sham Case Against Gov. Greitens

“We have proof that Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and her team hid evidence from the people of Missouri and from the Missouri House of Representatives — evidence that undermined the narrative pushed in the House report. Kim Gardner hid a video that she knew directly contradicted allegations in the House report, and she allowed her lead investigator to lie about it, under oath”

So lets see…

  • There is no evidence of a crime – not even a police report.
  • There is no photo or even evidence of transmission of a supposed photo.
  • Dirty Whore herself admits that she never saw Greitens with a phone or camera.
  • Dirty Whore admits that she may have dreamed the whole thing up.
  • Piece of shit criminal Kim Gardner and the corrupt prosecution withheld the requested video from the prosecution – claiming that the video camera malfunctioned, so the video was not available, and that was a lie.
  • Piece of shit criminal Kim Gardner and the corrupt prosecution withheld withheld specific notes that were requested by the defense – lying and falsely claiming that the lead investigator William Tisaby didn’t take notes during the deposition of Dirty Whore, when in fact he took around 11 pages of notes.
  • William Tisaby, the corrupt “lead investigator” on the Greitens case perjured himself when he lied under oath to the court.

What more is needed to show that this is a dirty contrived political bullshit case designed to destroy a sitting State Governor.

“Kim Gardner hid a video that she knew directly contradicted allegations in the House report, and she allowed her lead investigator to lie about it, under oath. Just last night — as false stories were being pushed to the press — the prosecutor turned over a videotape of her interview with the woman. This was evidence that the prosecutor was legally required to turn over months ago. She purposefully kept it hidden until one hour after the false report was released”

This bullshit case needs to be thrown out immediately, and if it is not then the judge is also corrupt, and needs to be fully investigated.
Even more unbelievable – Dirty Whore also claims that Greitens FORCED her to come over to his home to get naked and screw….
Um… Let’s just think about that for a minute..
That’s pretty fucking stupid, and anyone who believes it is either corrupt or dumber than a wet bag of hair.
If you were forced to do something once, then that is a lot more believable than putting yourself in a position where you are being forced to do the same thing over and over.

Schmuck jEW represents another Schmuck JEW who ripped of REAL JEWS IN THE MILLIONS

Image result for albert watkins attorney for gould
Dispatch Jew Editor link

Brainless MO Democrats Change Name of Fundraising Dinner ...

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Central Reform Congregation and Congregation Temple Israel

 Image result for house negro field negro malcolm x

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Gardner the  wants Black criminals to REMAIN CRIMINALS

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner dismissed on Monday a first-degree robbery charge against Danny Barnett

Barnett was accused of attacking Huan Le, then 64, in an alley in the 2700 block of Cherokee on Oct. 24, 2016, and taking his cash and credit cards. Barnett was charged in November and indicted by a grand jury in February.

Guess that further confirms that Kim Gardner is a RACIST…ya think? Obviously she doesn’t like ASIAN immigrants setting up a business in the BLACK COMMUNITY to provide basic necessities for the residents of!

Huan Le

The beating left Huan Le in critical condition and hospitalized for weeks with broken facial bones, his son said . Several teeth had to be surgically removed.

Mark Georgeff

Look at the picture on his Go Fund me site. Broken jaw, broken eye socket, part of his tongue missing. There’s a special place in hell for scum that preys on elderly people…
Gary Schnur ·

Black on Asiain crime is becoming an epidemic, mostly on the coasts. Asians apparently tend to be soft targets that carry sums of money. Believe it or not, there is a popular rapper “YG” that actually gives detailed instructions on how to rob, and burglarize Asian Americans. If you find this hard to believe, look it up on YouTube. “Meet the Flockers” is the title. They also have the lyrics in case you can’t understand the “artist.”

Why some Asian Americans want to ban this rap song – The …


Oct 21, 2016 – Rapper YG’s song “Meet the Flockers” came out in 2014 but is now being criticized for portraying Asian Americans as opportune victims of crime. … The goal, he said, is to hold people “culturally responsible” for violent content — a move he said includes demands for a YouTube ratings system.

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A “House Nigga” working for tbe Domestic Terrorist Organization called the FBI which has a documented history of MURDERING Blacks, Whites and Native Americans. Hired by “House Nigga” Gardner!

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Anthony Box, a former FBI Agent and Associate General Counsel for two Department of Defense agencies, will be joining the Circuit Attorney’s Office as Chief Investigator

He has more than 20 years of global investigative experience in both the public and private sector. He has been involved in hundreds of investigations all over the world including criminal, counter intelligence, white collar, healthcare fraud, and public corruption, among others, ranging from $100 million investigations with Deloitte Financial Advisory Services in Dallas, Texas to serving as a advisor with the Afghanistan Ministry of the Interior, Office of the Inspector General to improve transparency, accountability and oversight.

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Malcolm X Assassination & FBI COINTELPRO

COINTELPRO: Teaching the FBI’s War on the Black Freedom Movement

Montana Drug Smuggling and FBI Complicity

George Bush & Pedophilia & FBI & Police

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Lead “House Nigger”


History of the Dems and Racism | US Message Board ...

“Hitler and the Nazis were resolutely pro-gun-control, pro-speech-code and anti-religious. They regulated everything and dumped billions into public-works projects. Further, the intellectual cross-pollination between German eugenicists and the founding mothers of modern feminism is remarkable. Recall that Margaret Sanger, the still-revered founder of Planned Parenthood, was an undiluted eugenicist committed to, in her words, the elimination of ‘weeds . . . overrunning the human garden’ and the segregation of ’morons, misfits, and the maladjusted.’ Her journal, The Birth Control Review, was a convenient transmission belt for racist bile. Lothrop Stoddard, who also was on Sanger’s Board of Directors, wrote in ‘The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy’ that ’we must resolutely oppose both Asiatic permeation of white race-areas and Asiatic inundation of those non-white, but equally non-Asiatic regions inhabited by the really inferior races.’”


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