Tony Messenger Disseminates Lies About Governor Eric Greitens On Behalf Of JES Holdings and His Political Chumps In Both Parties

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Tony Messenger the “WHITE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT” that Malcolm X exposes!


Malcolm X exposes Tony Messenger and those he pimps for~!

Short Foreword:  When one’s friends on FACEBOOK are directly connected to criminal activity, then that means you are complicit when you lie for them which Tony Messenger does better then anyone in the MSM!

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Messenger: The birth of a Twitter troll is disturbing side effect of Greitens saga, toxic political culture

Tony Messenger

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Tony Messenger Propaganda Minister For The Forth Reich Of The Rich Of St. Louis and Missouri


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The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.

— Malcolm X

Tony Messenger is A POSTER BOY WHITE LIBERAL whose  “Friends” who he supports and lies for at all costs!

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Click HERE to read the lies “told a thousand times” by Tony Messenger through his “shit hole” paper!

A Conversation with Tony Messenger - Editorial Page Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 8-14-12 ...
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Messenger blocked me on Twitter 🙂 Only a PUNK with no balls would block someone who is exposing the lies spawned by those named below and who he represents. In my Marine Corp he would of been tagged as the “Boy from Texas” 🙂 For that matter so would Jay Barnes and Josh Hawley and all the other traitors of Governor Eric Greitens  in his party. I call them the “Log House Bathhouse Boys”! None including Messenger have earned the right to have the word VETERAN come out of their mouths after what they have done to jacket a Navy SEAL in their siding/protecting/getting paid off by the TAX EXEMPT HOUSING MAGGOTS that Eric saw as a blight upon the citizens of State of Missouri which is the REAL REASON he is being targeted by Jay Barnes, Josh Hawley and Stacey Newman etc. all using and paying off Katrina Sneed…the  lying WHORE, her WHORE MONGER X who worked with attorney Al Watkins, another butt buddy of Messenger. To simplify this and Messenger and his relationship with those he is paid by and for and behalf of…Tony Messenger is their “BITCH”!! Right Tony?

What Tony Messenger and the “RAG” he represents AKA the St. Louis Post-Dispatch won’t won’t publish because they are PAID to publish exactly what they are told to do about Governor Greitens so as to divert attention from the below. Otherwise…they would end up DEAD!

Click HERE and HERE and notice Messenger has avoided this information because it is about HIS FRIENDS one of whom is a sexual raping and sodomizing Black predator! Tony is not a “racist” 🙂

“$.58 of every LIHTC was squandered away for decades. Scamming taxpayers out 1.5 Billion Dollars. Greitens stopped the scam& stood up to the corruption. Where was ‘s Moral Turpitude while taxpayers were getting screwed & LIHTC industry was profiting off our backs ?”



Start Working for the People of Missouri Not JES HOLDINGS LLC , Jeffrey Smith ! The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Scam is Over in Missouri ! Times up for Tax Credit Millionaires End the witch hunts on Governor Greitens

The money flows through these PAC Groups Congratulations you bought & paid for puppets


ITS NOT OK FOR YOU TO MAKE YOUR DONORS MILLIONAIRES! Todd Richardson Caleb Rowdan Shamed Dogan Nicholas Schroer Elijah Haahr Jamilah Nasheed Eric Schmitt Doug Libla kathie Conway Jeanie Lauer Rep. J. Eggleston Rep. Curtis Trent

$.58 of every LIHTC was squandered away for decades. Scamming taxpayers out 1.5 Billion Dollars. Greitens stopped the scam& stood up to the corruption. Where was ‘s Moral Turpitude while taxpayers were getting screwed & LIHTC industry was profiting off our backs ?


Replying to

She said her memory of seeing a phone wasn’t strong enough to actually testify to it?! If she told Gardner that, I would’ve thought they wouldn’t pursue charges, so I guess politics were definitely a factor. This whole circus just needs to end, it’s beyond ridiculous.


Make STL Great Again Retweeted

This is not a woman that was sexually assaulted ! This was a consensual affair Brought to light by political operatives that could not control the governor! The special interests have no regard for people only their profits $$$ LIHTC are Corrupt Greedy Evil


What a waste of my taxpayer dollars. I won’t forget republican turncoats either. If you didn’t support the gov then you won’t get my vote. That means you josh hawley…


Let’s Play Is Your Legislator a Swamp Creature 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ Go to Search candidates reports If you see the names on list, Congratulations! Your Legislator is a Swamp Creature They are bought by LIHTC ( low income housing tax credits)

Mike Parsons works for Lobbyists , Not for People He’s a Good Ole Do Boy He will Do the will of the Lobbyists & Speical Interests They Pay & He Say . Stop the swamp Pay-n-Say Do Boys

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Just like be an advocate for our Navy Seal Governor ! Trying to but yet these and profiteers are trying to impeach him! Expose yourselves before do it for you!




OH Really ? She had No evidence ! Stop the impeachment Former employee describes circuit attorney’s office as ‘mismanaged’ –

Yoz @YearOfZero

Barnes was in on it! See Hannaway’s statement. He knew about payoff by Faughn before charges filed. Was involved in plotting coup!

Who else was involved @Rep_TRichardson ?? Email tel: 573-751-4039 @Rep_TRichardson @EricGreitens

Paid off Whore”KS” AKA Katrina Sneed and stalking of Sheena Greitens and paid by attorney Albert Watkins to LIE Phillip Sneed

Sheena Greitens redacted the name of the governor’s mistress’ ex-husband in the letter, explaining: “The court has determined that Mr. S is entitled to anonymity; out of respect for our legal system, I have permitted the redaction.”

The Friends of Tony Messenger the BITCH!

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