Malcolm X would call Cora Faith Walker a "House Negro" and why!

I shared the below information with  Black Missouri House Representative Cora Faith Walker. Below is Facebook’s response which includes a 30-day ban. I posted this information about her upholding a Nazi genocide program of her own race by White woman, Nazi, and founding mother of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger!
Walker as a Black woman also has no problem with a Black man and  fellow representative in the Missouri House that rapes women including her. His name is Roberts!
Put his name in my search box to see how Cora Faith Walker not only is  now silent about a rapist just because he’s Black.
Read what Tony Messenger of the St Louis Today wrote about what happened to Cora Faith Walker at the hands of Stevens and why Messenger believed her story about her being raped by Roberts!
I’m quoting Malcolm X using his REAL BLACK view of those Blacks who are members of the Democratic Party who he calls house negro’s and chumps and who are the real racists concerning their own race by the default of being members of the Democratic party, the party of the KKK.
Listen to Malcolm X and if you happen to be Black like Cora Faith Walker, you need not only listen to him closely but know for a fact he’s talking about you if you’re a Democrat.

This is Facebook’s response to my post. Obviously Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have no problem with Black people being exterminated just like Margaret Sanger and Cora Faith Walker!

This post goes against our Community Standards.

It looks like something you posted doesn’t follow our Community Standards.


Boyden Richard

Question? Who is the founding mother of planned Parenthood? Does Cora Faith Walker know? I bet she does! That means she is okay with a self-professed Nazi and hater of Cora Faith Walker’s race who she called a weed race that needed to be exterminated.
The founding mother planned Parenthood is Margaret Sanger and a documented admirer of Adolf Hitler. Black people were a weed race according to Sanger along with Native Americans and Jews and Christians. All needed to be exterminated according to Margaret Sanger. So taking control of one’s body is what this is about, y’all really think?
Are we really talking about family planning or are we really really talking about uncontrolled godless fornicating lifestyles that produce not human fetuses which need to be destroyed because of the consequence of not family planning and not wanting a child when your fornicating! Godless fornicators don’t plan for families.
They just like dancing under the sheets. God in the scriptures calls them whores and whoremongers who have no interest in a Godly family. So Cora Faith Walker is okay with the genocide of her own people by aligning herself with a racist who wanted her own people exterminated!
If one is planning a family, then you have a child and and if not, then you take all the birth control options to make sure you don’t get pregnant and there are many that can nip that in the bud yesterday long before 8 weeks. Now for women who don’t want to have children at all and want to eliminate the potential of becoming pregnant, then the absolute problem solution for that is to get a hysterectomy. Don’t tell me that men should get a mastectomy so that women don’t want to get pregnant and if they do want to have an abortion.
It’s called controlling your own body and not a man’s body right? Can’t be hypocritical and have a double standard it applies only to you! This is what is called Planned NO Parenthood by hysterectomy!
That eliminates being a race hater of your own race and a women in general. Too bad some folks don’t know history or they don’t care if they do but just talk to talk because they want to be popular rather than realistic.

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