This Marine Slandered By Fake American Texas Roadhouse Owner Johnny Cunningham

Johnny Cunningham, Snowflake, Fake American and Owner Operator of the Texas Roadhouse Springfield Missouri believed lies about me fabricated by a newly hired female “skirt” and pathological liar/manger…which resulted in this fake use Veterans for profit loser to cover her lies and in the process denigrated my “credentials” while he called me a LIAR!!! Nothing like disrespecting a United States Marine Corp Vietnam Combat Veteran!

I do not take kindly as a USMC Vietnam Combat Veteran and syndicated journalist getting a phone call and listening to being lied about and profiled by liars who are trying to cover for a “new female managers lying vagina” and the believer in her lies and who uses her lies to attack me with on the phone which is in essence calling me a liar.

Then he denigrates and mocks my credentials which includes being a “USMC combat Veteran. Who is this maggot? Johnny Cunningham is who…the franchise owner of Texas Roadhouse, Springfield Missouri! (See my “credentials” listed below compared to his in detail ! )

He reminds me of the days when the “dirt bag hippies” called us “baby killers” after we were blessed to return to the “land of the great PX”!  Now I am blessed to find myself profiled with lies so as to stigmatize me again except in this case…it is by a “fake American”!

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My best friend Ronald Longanecker who I joined the Marine Corp with in 1965. The Govt. said KIA/MIA but a 3d Recon member that I met in Independence Missouri said he was a captured…a POW…lived 2 years and died.

This is the GOOGLE REVIEW that I fist posted close to 4 years go…about this Texas Roadhouse Springfield Missouri and “owner”. Google says 9 months (due to edits). It will stay there but with a “link connection” to THIS REVIEW! Read what I said “then”. Was I fooled or what? That’s what I get for believing a “fake American” who uses Veteran’s for profit.

Texas Roadhouse Google Review Most relevant This USMC Nam Combat Veteran says…. “Thank You For Your Service” has been directed at me many a time as a USMC Vietnam combat vet.  Thankful I am to hear that but the followup in terms of deeds does not always match the words.

In fact when I ask about a “Military/Veteran’s Discount” in a food establishment and the answer is no…that ends me doing business there.  With owner Johnny Cunningham there is no doubt that he personally is thankful for the “Service” of Veterans by honoring on “Veteran’s Day” over 1000 being treated with a steak dinner right out of his pocket personally! His personal history supporting Veterans is outstanding!

Having been in the meat business years back, I know for a fact that he makes sure that his USDA Choice/Aged steaks are the best possible for us Veterans as well as his “civilian customers”! I personally ask each and every one of you reading this to thank Mr. Cunningham “For His Service” to us Veterans by giving him your business each and every time your taste buds start lusting for a quality premium choice steak!

And I present this last thought and question for you to consider…why would you give your business to ANY OTHER “Steak House” in Springfield who either does not honor and/or thank Veteran’s on Veteran’s Day for their service with a full meal? For me…a meager “appetizer” is almost a slap in the face! I actually refuse to spend my dollars with any business that does not honor Veterans on Veterans Day or with a discount when buying a meal or a meal! And for the “critics”…not every employee of ANY business “walks on water” here or anywhere else for that matter. We all fall short at times and make mistakes but that should not be used to denigrate THIS business in a nasty way like the two dirt bags above. And on a personal note…Thank You For Your Service To Veteran’s Mr. Cunningham!

P.S. For Lee Vang and Billy boy who trashed Cunningham…(or are you a girl?). This Veteran is always impressed with wimps and whiners. You Lee keep coming back to suffer such indignant treatment huh. You need to find a place where the servers will feed you and wipe your face. And Billy…anyone who orders a steak TO GO is either a liar or just got released from a padded room in a nut house! I know the cooks and the owner and management and if you told them what happened they would have made it right but truth is Billy boy (nice pic…:))…ya got caught lying to discredit this business owner and employees. Just letting folks know Mr. Cunningham does not run the kind of business described by two insecure losers.


Below I have posted links and history of my “credentials” which Texas Roadhouse Owner/Franchisee Johnny Cunningham blew off. Information included is my assistance to Native American Veterans above and beyond what this fake “cowboy/American” has done! That includes feeding Veterans and their families, helping pay utility bills, more then $5k in gift certificates and connecting them with “outsiders” who assist them with the same etc. etc. etc. Difference between me and Cunningham is that my work was “Service With Heart” rather then “Service For Profit” and being apart of a community of “narcissists” and “idol worshipers” who’s existence and self glorification focuses on “Success” AKA. MONEY using Veterans as a “prop” to exploit and increase ones “bottom line”.
And now to my wonderful Texas Roadhouse Birthday experience as a United States Marine Corp Vietnam Combat Veteran…
9/13/2019….Got a call today from owner of Texas Roadhouse in Springfield Missouri, Johnny Cunningham. I thought it would be a “belated Happy Birthday” given Sept. 12th was my 73d birthday and I had left a message earlier to call me about a special cut rib eye that I wanted for my own birthday present that I was going to treat myself with. All by myself as usual…great meal fantastic rib eye cooked by my favorite chef Seth! Little did I know it was “Satan in disguise” on the other end of the phone who proceeded to detail one lie about me after another by 3 female employees…2 managers and my server and which he believed without hesitation which for me makes him a liar like them! When I arrived and got seated I asked my sever to ask the managers to come over. The name of one was Whitney. The is the one that LIED about me.
I showed her and the other one on my cell phone the most read Texas Roadhouse Google review about Cunningham and his work for Veterans written by me and that Cunningham bought meals on Veterans Day for Veterans to the amount of 1500 steak dinners out of his pocket. In fact…I shared with them that on my review I said that Cunningham was one of the few business men in Springfield that helps Veterans. The other reason I asked them to come over was to ask if they would also save scraps for my German Shepherds as other managers have for the last 4 years and including my favorite cook Seth.

My Birthday Dinner Steak Cooked By Seth…(One of dozens over the years and who I tip $5 bucks when leaving!)  The Memory Of Which Was Destroyed By Phone Call From Cunningham Believing Slandering Lies About Me!

When I was finished with my meal, Manager Whitney and the other one proceeded to give me my bill which included a 50% discount!!!! Holy wow!!! Really I asked them. They both stood there smiling and I asked them WHY? And they said “Because you are a good guy“. I said you don’t have to do this…really…as this has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE (and keeping in mind…I never asked for this ever in 4 years…including NOW ON THIS MY BIRTHDAY! ) but they insisted even though I stated to them that I was to ONLY GET A 10% Veterans discount which I told them more then once.
Cunningham can ask ANY manager of server if I ever asked for a 50% discount! (And most all know me by the way!)So did she ask for “permission” to do this and from WHO? Cunningham was not there because I asked. So either she did this on her own and “got caught” and had to lie about me to cover her ass when Cunningham confronted her.
I have never asked for a “xtra” discount EVER in any of my times coming to TRH let alone a 50% discount…YOU READING THIS CUNNINGHAM?

Image result for meme taking a polygraph test

And I am ready to take a polygraph test and taking bets the newbie lying manager won’t!

Out of thankfulness, I even joked…J O K E D… wow…how nice of you..Whitney…laughing I said…Let’s elope”which means “let’s get married”…but instead of this being understood as a joke…it is used against me when Whitney had to cover her ass for giving me a 50% discount to justify that by LYING and telling Cunningham that he buys me meals all the time. And for the record…I have never asked one server or manager for any discount other then the 10% Veterans Discount offered to me by Cunningham when I first met him or has ANY manager offered me more then a Veterans discount.
But Cunningham kept repeating over and over in the phone call…YOU ONLY GET A 10% VETERANS DISCOUNT! Not nice Cunningham to accuse me of this!
Now this is a NEW manager mind you. Never has a manager before accused me of anything in my four years as a customer. Many know or knew me personally. I joked with them, shared my blogs and showed photos of my dogs etc etc etc. Every time I went to TRH, I asked the server who was on duty and they said so and so and many knew me who I then asked them to let them know I was there and when they could… came over and sat down and visited! They all had my cards, knew what I did as a syndicated investigative journalist and that I was a Vietnam Veteran etc etc.
Not one of them made up any LIE about me like Whitney and her partner slandering me and jacketing me with unfounded lies which they shared with CUNNINGHAM WHO DEFENDED AND BELIEVED THESE PATHOLOGICAL LIARS WHICH MAKES HIM ONE…ARE YOU READING CORPORATE?
Now the lies from the sever who introduced herself. She was new and over the four years coming to TRH…there were many before her. If they are a server I never met before, I introduced myself and we communicated. Some more, some less. I spent $700 in meals if not more…sometimes I think closer to $1000 over a 4 years time…if my old memory serves me correct I tipped well.
This new server offered and shared about her move to Springfield from St. Louis…and that she was a “Christian”…oh oh… She later jumps on the bandwagon of profiling me the 73 year old Vietnam Veteran and tells Cunningham that I made her feel “uncomfortable” and why?
Here is the rest of the story about that servers “LIE” and WHY! What did I say to trigger her phobic mind? I asked her after she shared with me about her move to Springfield if she was alone and if so…if she carried a gun for protection. Not yet she said but considering it. I said…go to a gun shop with a range and they will teach you. Best to have a gun I said and never need one then to need one and and not have one. And I said…this day and age women are targeted more for violent crimes and she agreed and even said her father said the same about having a gun for protection. Johnny Cunningham never shared that with her or any of his women employees…and that is the difference between Cunningham and me…yet he says he cares about the welfare of his employees!
Being a “Investigative Journalist” and aware of the “rape epidemic” of women all over this country and especially in the new town she just moved to namely  THE NEWS STORIES OF THE RAPES IN SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI…I felt led to make her aware of what I was aware of this out of genuine concern for her protection and safety which I can assure you…is not the case with Johnny Cunningham because I know for a fact he would not or has not shared this kind of information with any of his female employees and that in spite of his outward “facade” of caring.  I shared what I did because of the potential of a young woman new to this crime ridden town where women ARE targeted for rape! That is the difference between Cunningham and me! Yet he says he cares about his employees!
I also also told her as a new employee at TRH, to be aware of men who at Texas Roadhouse who might want to date her for all the “wrong reasons” and being she was a “Christian”, if someone asked her out…to ask him if he “believed in sex outside of marriage” and if he said yes…to leave him alone. I did this as both fatherly advice and as one who said this to hundreds of young Native American girls who I addressed when speaking at detention centers and jails on Reservations in South Dakota while addressing the subject of suicide among them. Many had been raped and abused and me being aware of that reality…counseled the same to this young girl because that is my “God inspired service from my heart!
Never asked where she lived or about her “gated community” but said that is good for your protection to live there. I shared about me interviewing as a radio talk show host attorney Kevin Jamison who wrote the Missouri conceal carry law and that now in Missouri you can carry any time anywhere on you without a “permit” etc. Se did not know that. By the way…Jamison knows me and my character and what my “credentials” are! And she said her father suggested the same!!!!

I reiterate…I have never asked for TRH employees phone numbers, full names, addresses or asked “would you go out with me” in all my visits over a 4 year period of time and if I did…you can bet I would of got a call from Cunningham!
But this is what happens to a single 73 year old bearded ragged looking Vietnam Combat Veteran who came to the Texas Roadhouse on his Birthday…alone…trusting and sharing and being honest like all my previous visits and mostly on this day…my Birthday…wanting to have another bone in rib eye and a good memory… only to be turned on by the LIAR IN CHIEF who believed the LIES of his phobic suffering from a “selective hearing disability” new managers and employees.

After all, I am not one of those “Amazing Families Who Support Us At Home” members 🙂 Not a snowflake or suffering from a Satanic case of “Sexual Dyslexia” AKA…a Gay/Sodomite/Trans endorser of “bowel movement sex” because  this Marine knows the difference between a man and a woman per Almighty God. In other words, the reason why I was singled out was because according to Johnny Cunningham and his “senior citizen Vietnam Veteran” profilers of me…I didn’t fit into or belong in the TRH “Family Atmosphere” meaning… I was “Age/Gender/Vietnam Veteran” profiled by him and his “hired liars” who made that clear with my birthday experience by those he trained to share “Service With Heart”!

My second syndicated journalist article was about this Marine Jon Hammar taken prisoner by the Cartels that run Mexico

Image result for Jon Hammar marine mexico Image result for Jon Hammar marine mexico

Read The Stories About What My Fellow Marine Went Through At The Hands Of The Cartel Controlled Mexican Government! And as I got up to leave, I saw manager Whitney and gave her my syndicated journalist card with stories from this blog and one in particular connected to the 2d syndicated article I wrote which was in part responsible for Obama to move to release fellow Marine Jon Hammar who was kidnapped by the cartel controlled Mexican Government! That article was read by the Department of Defense and the State Department. I said that there were at least 100 Marines who were on standby to go to Mattamoris Mexico and break him out of jail and leave a trail of dead Mexican bodies to Brownsville, TX and it worked! 🙂
My first syndicated article that went national and as a result, the State of South Dakota “backed off”. State of South Dakota Initiates “Pogrom” Of Economic Genocide Against Small Farm Raw Milk Producers..

Cunningham’s Credentials vs. Mine Or…The Difference Between Real “Service With Heart” Vs. Fake “Service With Heart”!

Cunningham said he did not care about my credentials…oh really?

So I am going to share with him and you reading my “credentials” so that you can judge who has done more for Veterans and others and why? That’s fair isn’t it? My first Blog Talk Radio program during which I address the lies and Cunningham personally Part 2  Blog Talk Radio Program “continuation” of expounding lies of employees of Texas Roadhouse about me with Johnny Cunningham’s endorsement and approval!

Cunningham’s Credentials For Veterans

1.Cunningham buys steaks for Veterans on Veterans Days. Approximately 1500 he said. 6 oz. Choice or Prime? I doubt it but no matter…because TRH buys direct from the Packers which means being I used to be in the meat business selling saw blades, frocks etc…his cost for a 6oz. could not be much over $1.50 up to $2.00 which calculates to $2,250 to $3000 bucks for 1500 Veterans. TRH locations average 5,000 guests a week according to TRH stats. I am going to be nice and say…the average meal “minus alcohol” is $4 bucks and that does not include the large number of families I saw each time I came there. That equals $200,000 in one week of revenues and Cunningham’s cut is TEN PERCENT = $20,000. Of course there is “overhead” but all I am say is…a one time steak giveaway of $3,000 bucks for Veterans is hardly a great sacrifice 🙂 If I am way off…then he or TRH can send me the correct stats 🙂

2. Donates $5,000 in gift certificates so Veterans can fly to Washington D.C. Wow…I am impressed. Another donation had to be used to complete the trip for the Veterans by the way.

Below is a “partial” list of my credentials Johnny Cunningham said he was “not interested” in  and denigrated 🙂
Of course by “default” this includes my  includes my rice paddy two step in Vietnam for close to 18 months documented…tour and a half.

Introduction Article I wrote to allow you to understand how and why my God inspired my “Service With Heart”  An American Indian “Angel” Amidst  Ethnic Cleansing in America
1. Vietnam combat Veteran…USMC…18 months…honorable discharge. My Biography 2. Worked with and ministered to sexually abused children as a volunteer Seattle Public Schools when Harry Nelson was principle. Inspired by God prayers for a young Black boy named Michael who’s mother found him being sodomized by her brother were answered. He was healed and restored to normalcy by Jesus Christ.

Pedophile Priest who snuffed my suicide radio program. John Hatcher…member of the pedophile infested Catholic Church of the Devil.

3. Ministered to and counseled Native Americans struggling with suicide. Did this for 3 years living on Reservations in South Dakota. Wrote a God inspired article titled “Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide” . Gave out over 6000 copies which my God used to reveal the spiritual consequences of suicide which in turn saved hundreds of lives. Spoke at jails, detention centers, homes and did a radio program on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation what was removed by the Pedophile Infested Catholic Church by Pedophile Priest John Hatcher. Calls from families were immediate because their children were considering suicide…young as 10…12…and I went to to many wakes and funerals.
3. Radio Talk Show Host for 5 years. The Heart Of America Forum. It was a drive time and most listened to and Arbitron rated radio show in the Kansas City area during that time . Shared the information on my first web page which now is on this one… and launched Operation Morning Star charity for American Indians using this show. See below information.

Interviewed Marine Carl Gorman Sr. Navajo Code Talker who was among many Native American Code Talkers responsible for saving over 100,000 if not more White (like a Johnny Cunningham) lives on both fronts during World War 2

The Manifest Destiny of the genocide of American Indians I exposed on my radio program and Operation Morning Star Blog and Cunningham and those like him have no problem calling “Redskins” like the Jew owned mostly all Black football team

Taking bets George Custer is a hero of Johnny Cunningham!

Mass Murder of 300 Lakota Dakota men women and children in 1890…Wounded Knee South Dakota!
Just a few of the families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that I delivered food, appliances, wood burning stoves etc to over a 20 year of time…my credentials Cunningham disrespected and denigrated. Is he a racist?
No photo description available.

4. God inspired Charity called “Operation Morning Star”. Over 500 tons of needed items and supplies such as chain saws, 30K garden plants, fresh meat, fresh veggies, over 3000 fresh turkeys, canned goods, stoves, refrigerators, freezers and good quality furniture like beds and couches, quality clothes including thousands of diapers, formula, and children’s winter clothes and school supplies to Indian Reservations including to Veterans and their families in South Dakota. Over $100,000 in wood burning stoves given to families and Elders in need of “heat” and who’s stoves were in need of replacement. ALL DOCUMENTED. Below read the letters of appreciation from Tribal members and Chairman below. I was honored at the Vietnam Veterans Pow Wow for bringing food and family size tents to the village of Oglala on Pine Ridge that had been hit by a tornado. I invested over 75K of my own money…and thousands of hours preparing web pages with information, radio programs about when trips were planned and where drop off points were set up through out the Jackson County area.
Image result for steve curd newspaper

One article published in the Independence Examiner but removed along with all the others by RACIST KKK EDITOR STEVE THE NAZI CURD! More articles below.
No photo description available.
Image may contain: 1 person

Gave energy efficient Eden Pure heaters to families


This is a SEMI being loaded for our 0/4 Christmas Trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation taking “gifts” to the communities of Manderson, Porcupine, and Allen. In the first photo, you see former Independence Mayor Ron Stewart on the left. He helped load the “Teamsters Local 41” 18 Wheeler which they “loaned to us”! In the next photo, you see the “volunteer loading crew” who assisted loading the  van!  I am next to Mayor Stewart on his right. Ray Lewis on my right, was the “backbone” for many years of Operation Morning Star!

Made close to 15 Christmas Trips   (over 35 total) with supplies PLUS THOUSANDS OF TOYS FOR KIDS…ALL NEW…GIFT WRAPPED AND AGE GENDER LABELLED and close to 3 thousand fresh frozen turkeys if not more!
5. There were close to 30 newspaper articles published about Operation Morning Star including in the Washington Times, Kansas City Star and the Independence Examiner among others!
Below are just a few articles documenting my “credentials” which Cunningham felt were of no importance compared to the lies about me.

  1. Independence Examiner Article Read about my “Credentials” that Cunningham “MOCKED”!
  2. Independence Examiner Article
  3. Washington Times Article.
  4. Dakota Journal Article.
  5. Kansas City Star Article
  6. Kansas City Star Article,local/3acd368a.c16,.html
  7. Article From Me Exposing The “Jewish Exploitation” of Native Americans
  8. Article By Me On Pedophile Infested Catholic Church Snuffing Successful Suicide Radio Program
  9. Oglala Sioux Tribe Letter of Support Per Tribal Chairman

Mack Truck donated by Jack Carter of Carter Glass Company…used to bring donations to Pine Ridge.

Steve Crawford putting up one of the donated family size tents for Pine Ridge residents who lost their homes to tornadoes. Over $6000 dollars raised for tents purchased from Target.
6. Spearhead a Tornado Relief with photos and other trip photos. OMS raised $7000 for family size tents and delivered food, water and other needed items.
7. Some Referral Letters AKA my CREDENTIALS!
8. Over 30,000 Garden Plants were delivered to Lakota Elders and Families over the time OMS was active. This is but one to the community of Oglala on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Donated garden plants from Cameron Green House…taken to Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations…close to 20,000

Agnes Running Enemy, Rosebud Sioux Tribe. She was adopted by a radio listener who sent her $ on a regular monthly basis

9. Over $100,000 in wood burning stoves were delivered to Lakota Elders and families on the four Reservations we serviced. Here are a few examples with photos.

  1. Elder Receiving Wood Burning Stove Pine Ridge
  2. Started A One of A Kind Assistance Program For Families and Elders…including Veterans!


This is off my web page back then…. You can provide needed food, payments of utility costs etc. How? By sending money/credits in THEIR name to: Grocery Stores, Propane Companies and Utility companies. You KNOW where your money goes! NOT to Operation Morning Star. You have a record and you will be in personal communication with the families! We ask for a one year commitment if possible of $50.00 or more per month. Let us know if you are interested and we will introduce you to Elders or Families in need of support.
10. Taught Introduction To Radio Broadcasting At Haskell Indian Nations University. Read letters of thanks and reference letters. 
11. Why God sent me to Pine Ridge He seeing the suffering caused by this country and government that is ignored to this day.

Elder from Pine Ridge…one of dozens…who received a new needed wood burning stove. His home above.

12. Photo History of OMS Delivery of Food, supplies and wood burning to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota


In ending…I have been prompted to share this paper I wrote that is on my web page. In it there are scriptures that reveal what lies in the future which include the Judgment of God on this nation and why and what God has prepared for those that are left from World War 3 on this land…yes…you read right!

I am soooooooooooooooo used to being lied about, threatened and treated with absolute disrespect…the below examples being one of many which is why I exposed Johnny Cunningham for how he treated me. I consider him absolutely no different then a Bill Bunting…yep…you read my lips right!

“Ummm…any woman raped by Russell Means or Bill Cosby should be grateful… I mean these are real men who should be able to take what they want from any woman they please… If she was a real woman she would be begging for more”. Bill Bunting/William R. Bunting
Heads Up:  I have been lied about and  cyber stalked (thanks to Karen Sue Andras ) for six years by a flaming sodomite and rape promoter named Bill Bunting who goes out of his way to jacket me with lies like I NEVER SERVED … I am a pedo, stalked my x with a gun, exposed myself at MacDonald’s etc. etc. etc. But…of course…no proof and never to my face because he is a coward! 🙂

He almost killed his harlot Andras and threatened to kill me as documented and heard by Independence Police in a voice mail left with me. 
He is a felon who threatened to kill cops and a friend of mine who made the mistake of befriending and helping him. Bunting also “promotes the rape of women” in his own words above no less which are quoted per his emails to me. All documented whereas with me…not one lie out of his vile filthy mouth about me is documented with LE or anyone 🙂

No photo description available.
So what happened to me at the hands of Cunningham is nothing new, after all…not everyone has a ex-wife, Karen Sue Andras…who colluded with her “whore-monger” and others to have me murdered.
After John Trudell threatened me as recorded in the Douglas County Sheriff’s office…CANCER kicked in! God’s vengeance is how I looked at this. After all…he was the Chairman of the raping murdering pedophile infested American Indian Movement…and is now in HELL!
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Karen Sue Andras and daughter (below) worked in tandem calling for my murder.

Daughter Amanda Shelton right after her jumping on the “homicide of me bandwagon” suffered this!

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faggotbook won’t let my experience with Texas Roadhouse be shared. LOL…figures.

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