Exposing The Lies About Vaccines and Why They Represent Incognito Genocide

Provided by Richard Boyden, Former Radio Talk Show Host and Investigative Journalist (Taught at Haskell) from off my Operation Morning Star web page. This information I shared with “Indian Country” given they are most targeted for genocide in this country.

Vaccines and Incognito Genocide

Vaccine Ingredients -Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Mercury, Etc

Stealth Merger:
Drug Companies and Government Medical Research

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The Artificially Sweetened Times

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome):
A Great Global SCAM

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Introduction to Immunity and Vaccination

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I N D E X : Pages containing multiple links to articles: I N D E X :
* ANTHRAX articles, Index:
* AUTISM-MMR articles, Reversing Autism/vaccine damage, Medical Misdiagnosis, etc, Index:AIDS & HIV, AIDS & Vaccines

* Ear Infection/Otitis Media and associated articles, Index
* F L U Index page: including Flu Vaccines Extremely Dangerous

* Forms: Exemptions, Refusal letters, Letters to Editors
* Printable: Forms, Letters, Fact Sheets

* Genetics: Quotes & links
* Hepatitis A, B, C: The disease and the vaccines, Index:

* Homeland Security Index of Articles
* Inserts: links to Vaccine Package Inserts

* Mercury and Thimerosal: Index
* MMR-Autism Index as above: articles, Reversing Autism/vaccine damage, Medical Misdiagnosis
* Mycoplasma: Index of articles

* Nutrition, Macrobiotics, Herbs, Homeopathy Index
* Polio Index: Overview, quotes and links

* Q and A (Frequently Asked Questions)
* Religion Index: comments, ideas, links.

* SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome), SIDS and seizures Index page
* SMALLPOX articles, Index-
Tuberculosis, TB Test and BCG Vaccine (Flyer & Letters)
West Nile Virus – – links

 Basic Vaccine Facts

Reporting Adverse Reactions following Vaccination
Printable: Forms, Letters, Fact Sheets, Flyers
Basic facts, Graphs, NJ exemption letter, more MSEHPA info, Biography
Vaccination Liberation Membership Package list of documents
Great Vaccination Quotes
Evidence Against Vaccines [More quotes]
Investigate Before You Vaccinate
Do Antibodies equal immunity? Whale.to site
Herd Immunity Flawed theory/new name for an old goddess? [Scandals]
A Quick History of Vaccination:
Adults Don’t Need Booster Shot of Diphtheria, Tetanus[Excerps] Cry of the Heart    Stop Hurting the Children    by Dr. Mark SircusWhole book 382K: http://www.worldpsychology.net/OriginalCorePages/ Cry_of_the_Heart.pdf
Japan versus USA infant vaccination policies: less is better.
Vaccine Damage: What can I Do?
The Belief in Vaccines, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO
doctors_against_vaccines vaccinetruth.org, Gunner Ødum, MD
* * Unvaccinated children are more HealthyWHY VACCINES DON’T WORK, vaccinationdebate.com site
[un-VAX] AUSTRALIA’S HEALTHIEST KIDS vaccinationdebate.com
IAS.org.NZ Preliminary Survey Results: unvaccinated healthier!
Unvaccinated Children –Article by an MD
HEALTH – THE ONLY IMMUNITY vaccinationdebate.com site
The Fallacy Of Vaccination from the Anti-Vaccination League of America
A British Doctors view. VernonColeman.Com
The Case Against Immunizations – R. Moskowitz, MD, Homeopath
The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination
by Benjamin McRearden.[.PDF file, 66K]

The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination
HTML version, 69K by Benjamin McRearden.
History of a Vaccination Debate
USPHS admits “substantial uncertainty” exists regarding vaccine safety
A Pox on Vaccines -measles, etc-
FIVE BAFFLING VACCINATION FACTS www.vaccines.bizland.com
Autism more common than Measles: Shots in the Dark
Former Pharma Employee Speaks out about Vaccines
VAXWORLD Cartoons: Education in a nutshell
History of Sanitation in a Nutshell
Vaccinations – Do They Even Work and At What Price?—–Ingri Cassel
Scandals: Hib Vaccine, success, failure or a serotype smokescreen?
Scandals: Death By Lethal Injection, From The Heart Of One Mother to Another
Rhogam Information: http://gentlebirth.org/Midwife/genpcare.html
More Rhogam Information: http://gentlebirth.org/…

Various Sites, Health and Immunization info
MORE: 100+ Great Anti-Vax Sites
Long and very good article on Vitamin K at birth.
TB test packet insert, HTML, whale.to/a/tubersol.html
Marketing Drugs in the 21st Century
Too many Tetanus Shots, The Disease and the Vaccine
BMJ site: Anti-vaccinationists past and present [Pro view!]E-replys at end

pro-view .pdf file
“Content and Design Attributes of Antivaccination Web Sites”

Want background information on mainstream concepts so that official policies and recommendations can be better understood? See this FAQ by Roger Schlafly

Natural Antidotes to Biological Toxins Includes garlic & doses, www.DoctorYourSelf.com

Vaccines: New plague for a new era. SunToads Health News 187.
Vaccine-free French healthier than allies (Gulf War)
Dangers of Live Virus during or after pregnancy

Great Vaccination Quotes
Phyllis Schafly: Who Decides What Drugs Are Forced on Children?
Shoot First and Ask Questions Later: By Michael Belkin
Mercury: reference/news/email (24Apr01)
Vaccine Ingredients from Phy.Desk Ref.
Vaccine Fillers and Ingredients 07March2001 [Dr. Mercola article]
Questions/Ingredients: Alert Flyer! from Light Network

(TruFax.org) Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm
Ten Things Your Pediatrician Will not Tell You (2Apr01)

Medical Editor Rips Into FDA 29Jun01
Catholic info on Vaccines, Mandatory?, Letter to Merck, manuf/ingredients
all.org site: Medical Cannibals: The Moral Implications of Fetal Tissue Vaccines
Vaccines – Injections of Death! by Alan R. Yurko

Proof That Vaccinations Cause Learning Disabilities & Autism
Nightmare the Vaccine Injury compensation program has become? [NVIC site:]
CDC and Private Sector Price list of Vaccines, includes “tax” for insurance?
site: http://www.cat007.com/ifihadcancer.htm Reading this will remind you of treatment/knowledge manipulation similar to Vaccine propaganda.
Vaccination: A Sacrament of Modern Medicine (Richard Moskowitz,M.D.)
The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything
Dr. Mercola: Up to 1 in 20 of Clinical Trials May Be Fraudulent in England
Table of Statistics from Unicef 1998

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NewsLetters* Innoculations – The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Causing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases) An Epidemic Of Genocide

By Rebecca Carley, M.D. (www.rense.com)

* Hippocrates Systems Radio Broadcasts, Dr. Carley, answers rebutals to above article, and charges the Director of CDC’s National Immunization Program with crimes against humanity … www.drcarley.comTHE TRUTH BEHIND THE VACCINE COVER-UP By Russell Blaylock, M.D. http://www.wnho.net/vaccine_coverup.htmArizona judge amends parenting plan, orders vaccinations [Janet Burton case]
Forced Vaccination & Plea for Help [Arizona Fall 2004 ongoing.]
Anthrax Vaccinations Halted Again [by US District Court injunction Oct 28/04]Response to 60 Minutes Broadcast 10-20-04 (Vaccine segment)
A collection of letters: See left column for link on New Medical Awareness Seminars site.
Links to material useful in writing CBS to correct their biasSign a Petetion to 60 Minutes II: TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINATIONS on autismtruth.orgDon Harkins talk given at Mut Zur Ethik Conference in Austria.
Vaccines: Weapons for the 21st CenturyStudy links hepatitis B vaccine to multiple sclerosisIOWA FIRST TO BAN MERCURY FROM CHILDHOOD VACCINES
California is the second state — after Iowa — to limit the use of vaccines containing thimerosalSafeMinds Critiques & Commentary MMR & Autism – Denmark SafeMinds.orgNVIC SAYS IOM PLAYED POLITICS IN REPORT ON AUTISM AND VACCINES
National Autism Association: IOM AND CDC COVER-UP:
TAAP Response to I.O.M. statement May 18, 2004
SafeMinds Outraged That IOM Report Fails American Public
IOM press release – for reference to above articlesDrug firm threatened us, say MMR families -Guardian – UK 12May04UNICEF Nigerian Polio Vaccine Contaminated with Sterilizing AgentsDrugging America to death portland.indymedia.orgCodex Alimentarius Commission: A threat to mankind www.proliberty.comHuge Supplements Ban Coming To Europe www.thehealthcrusader.comSCANDAL OF THE ANTHRAX BABIES www.sundaymirror.co.ukGulf war syndrome: the legal case collapses www.whale.toStealth Merger: Drug Companies and Government Medical ResearchDec03 – Create and Keep – Freedom-of-choice for Anthrax VaxSARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome):
A Great Global SCAM
Deaths following Smallpox Vaccination – Health Care and Military
Shaken Baby/Impact Syndrome: Flawed Concepts and Misdiagnoses
Vaccination Liberation testimony to Idaho House, Senate H&W Committees Feb 26/2003Open letter to the authors of “
the Danish MMR report”Vaccine History: Dates first licensed in USA
Why Pharma companies can not afford our health by:
Congressman MD Urges Pediatricians Warn Patients about MMR Vax unsolvedmysteries.comABC News: Vaccine Renaissance Outpaces Sickly Drug IndustryCollection of ‘Mainstream Smallpox News articles’ Dec 2002
Chet Day, Smallpox News, Smallpox Vaccination 101, SmallpoxVaccination101.com/Govt. to seal Vaccine Records? Litigation to continue? Repeal Security Provision?
Essay On Vaccine Injury, Homeland Security, and Culpability, Dr Len HorowitzDr. Andrew Wakefield to NEJM rebuts ‘cant find’ MMR-Autism connectionVirusMyth.net – AZT ON TRIAL, false testing for false hypothesis
Rotary club gets an ear full of “The Perfect Business”
CDC Teleconference on Smallpox Vax transcript – [for everyone?]
Synthetic PolioVirus, unlicensed smallpox vax, Quarantine, MadCow Warning
AAP and CDC push for flu shots for infants (Dr Mercola.com)
WFAA-TV investigates Mercury (Thimerosal)
BMJ Authors of guidelines have strong links with drugs industry
Hepatitis A – Inventing A Market for Another Superfluous Vaccine
Dr. Mercola: Warn Every Pregnant Woman about Heb-B in hospital.
Dr. Mercola: US Military Finds That Anthrax Shots May Cause Birth Defects
* The Killer Vaccines – An Honest Physician Warns of Serious Dangers
http://www.newsmaxstore.com/newsletters/blaylock/ Dr. Blaylock Wellness Report.

* http://www.
herbalhealer.com/breakingnews.shtml vaccines and more
* HEALTH NEWS, recent articles including vaccines, www.spiritcaller.net
* Vaccine news of the week at NVIC (www.909shot.com)
* older vaccine news at NVIC (www.909shot.com)VacLib’s Older News Articles, Mostly year 2001

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Epidemic Intelligence Services? Entertainment or Propaganda?
^September2001 Faith&Reason, Cure.All, MD letter, UK_Propaganda_refuted, Birth_Control, Seizures&refutation.
^Jul/Aug01: AIDS, Single Jabs, Anthrax, Immunization Month,Drs Oppose, etc
^January-June2001 Quackwatch, Anthrax, Adverse, lyme, risk, Hep-b, prevnar, Pregnant, Vac_Scene_2000, Japan, Drug-Approval.

POLIO: Indian State Complains To WHO About Vaccine Quality
Dr. Len Horowitz, Transcript of Gabon, Africa presentation
Too many Tetanus Shots, The Disease and the Vaccine
Adverse Reactions to Flu and Hep B Shots (29Jan01)
Autism/MMR: Second Study Links Autism To MMR Jab (20Sept2000)

Vaccines are indeed linked to autism (08June2000)
Autism and MMR or Rubella Vaccine in Moms (18apr01)
Autism/MMR by Dr. Viera Scheibner & Bronwyn Hancock BSc. – Feb 2001
Five autistic children… MMR and Autism –definitive proof to me! (6Mar01)
Autism/MMR Resources 60 Minutes TV (15Nov2000)

Hepatitis B Vaccine Dangers (12Mar99)
Incidence of Hep B Virus in U.S.A. (10Apr01)
How Vaccines Are Made (25Nov2000)
Vaccine tests kill babies (30May2000)

Shaken Baby Syndrome – Alan Yurko- Appeal and Offer (Update May01)
Some Question and Answer Emails
VacLib’s Older News Articles, Mostly year 2001

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Legal Information

S. 3—The Protecting America in the War on Terror Act of 2005”
* Information on S.3 & letter to Senators NationalAutismAssociation.org
*For S.3 wording: goto http://thomas.loc.gov/home/c109query.html
Enter S. 3 in the Bill Number, click on “Search”
Letter opposing Idaho H&W proposal to add more dangerous vaccines to Childhood Schedule
* Innoculations – The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Causing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases) An Epidemic Of Genocide

By Rebecca Carley, M.D. (www.rense.com)

* Hippocrates Systems Radio Broadcasts, Dr. Carley, answers rebutals to above article, and charges the Director of CDC’s National Immunization Program with crimes against humanity … www.drcarley.com
Yurko Project Consultants Offer Help in SBS cases and related issues.
Attorneys 4 Vaccine Injury or Deaths http://www.noshots4me.com/
NVIC sells Law Firm Directory of attorneys handling vaccine claims
Vaccine Injury: Maglio Law Firm: Mercury, Hep B, MMR and DTPFamilyRightsAssociation.com/info/help/cps_victims_beginners_manual.htmIOWA FIRST TO BAN MERCURY FROM CHILDHOOD VACCINESCalifornia is the second state — after Iowa — to limit the use of vaccines containing thimerosalSafeMinds Critiques & Commentary MMR & Autism – Denmark SafeMinds.org150 Irish Parents Sue MMR Makers www.timesonline.co.uk
Finally: Billing Codes for Alternative Medicine
California Judge Rules Against Quackbuster “Credibility” WWW.QuackPotWatch.orgResults of ACIP Survey from ChildScreen (on Vaclib.org)Milberg Weiss Class Action Lawsuit Against
VaxGen(AIDSVAX) securities fraud
U.S. Court of Federal Claims has Autism records postedSpecial Announcement – Good News
All state laws that mandate vaccinations unconstitutional?
Federal Class Action Claiming Vaccines Containing Thimerosal Linked to Autism
WYoming Senate File 11, 14JAN03
NJ Hep B Vaccination Legislation
Index to MSEHPA, source, letters, comments.

Legal News – Index of articles/links
The Erosion of Public Trust & Informed Consent through Immunization Harassment, Discrimination and Coercion” from PROVE at http://www.vaccineinfo.net/harassment/report.pdf.
Online Video Testimony on behalf of PROVE by vaccine injury attorney John Kim against removal of liability for vaccine injuries against a vaccine manufacturer in Texas April 14th, 2003. http://www.senate.state.tx.us/ram/archive/2003/apr/041403StAffpm.ram.
Forms: Exemptions, Refusal letters, Letters to Editors
A T T O R N E Y S: USA listing http://www.noshots4me.com/
NVIC sells Law Firm Directory of attorneys handling vaccine claims
Informed Choice and Vaccine Fact Sheets [CDC site]

Vaccine Injury Alliance: 10August01 leading law firms and NVICP awareness.
How to Legally Avoid School Immunizations (2Aug00)
How to get exemption forms
Legal help obtaining exemptions: http://www.vaccineexemption.org/
links to all states exemption info:
Florida Case History on Religious Exemption
Idaho Daycare Requirements
Travel, Immigration & Vaccination
First Mercury Poisoning/Vaccine Law Suit Filed March 23, 2001

HR 1287 – Vaccine Injured Childrens Compensation Act of 2001 (17Apr01)
Shaken Baby Syndrome – Alan Yurko- Appeal and Offer (Update May01)

Editorial: Medical Records, School and Idaho State Law
How To Start A Grass Roots Organization by Karin Schumacher: home.san.rr.com
State Law Vaccine Search Engine: www.washlaw.edu

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Avoid Vaccinations

How to Legally Avoid School Immunizations (2Aug00)

How to get exemption forms
Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death (7-30-00 )
NJ Refusal Letter and informationhttp://www.geocities.com/titus2birthing/VacMilitary.html Vaccine Exemption and Military Servicehttp://www.mercola.com/fcgi/pf/article/vaccines/legally_avoid_shots.htm
How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds (printer friendly version)
How To Legally Avoid Vaccinations at: www.naturesbestnews.com

The American Activist
Ingri and Don’s (Vaclib and I.O.) evening Radio Broadcast Schedule
Autism One Radio: Education and Information to help your child. www.autismone.org/radio/ON-LINE PETITION to all members of Congress asking for the complete removal of Thimerosal from all vaccines.The national on-line “Show Us the Vaccine Data Petition” by NVIC for Vaccine Safety Datalink access.* * A P R I L: National Autism Awareness Month, see info.New Jersey, Cherubs, Events and Quarterly NewsletterVideo Tape of Vaccinations: What the CDC’s Documents Reveal
S E M I N A R S :
Defeat Autism Now, Conferences: Auburn, Alabama – Boston – Edinburgh, Scotland – Toronto, Canada.“TAAP into Treatment” Casi’s Quest (TAAP of Florida)Vaccination Liberation – Post Falls, Idaho – Four Part SeriesVaccination Liberation – Sandpoint, Idaho – Four Part SeriesDr. Tim O’Shea – Author of The Sanctity of Human Blood, Seminars.The Center for Autistic Spectrum Disorders casdweb.orgNew York Area: knowvaccines.com 17May04 20September04First International Symposium on Vaccination, 12-13NOV2004, London
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Membership Information Moved to Membership-Index page Chapter Home Pages:
Arizona VIAL www.azavenue.com/kelly/organizations.htm
* VIAL N. California
FL. The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP) www.vacinfo.org
Casi’s Quest – Florida Chapter of TAAP www.CasiQuest.org
* Idaho – http://www.vaclib.org
S. Idaho – http://www.noshots4me.com/
Indiana www.Familiesfornaturalliving.org
VIAL – Kentucky Chapter www.birthrightinkentucky.com
*V.I.A.L. Maine Chapter
*V.I.A.L. – Mississippi chapter
*Nevada V.I.A.L. Home Page
*New Jersery: Cherubs
* = pages on WWW.VacLib.org site

State Chapters/People-Resources Listed by State & Canada.

Resource Contacts

How to Legally Avoid School Immunizations (2Aug00)
How to get exemption forms
People-Resources Listed by State & Canada.
Resource for Asserting Right to Abstain (Help)
Shaken Baby Syndrome – Alan Yurko- Appeal and Offer (Update May01)
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