“Noisome Beasts”, Black-Out Saturday, Race Riots, Chinese-Russian Troops, Judgement Of God and Zion!

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Fentanyl Floyd + BLM = ISLAM


A “blueprint” for the way forward for the Black Lives Movement will be unveiled in Times Square in New York on Sunday at 12 p.m. and delivered to communities across the country, according to a leader of the New York BLM movement. Hawk Newsome spoke with Fox News about the “blueprint” of the group, and it’s frightening. He discussed having a force like the “Black Panthers or Nation of Islam” to help fight against the “war on the poor” and “anti-blackness.”

“We have black Special Forces officers advising us, and we will teach and train people in our communities, the Black Opts department of Black Opportunities.”

Newsome confirmed that BLM “peace officers” would be armed and open carry guns.

“We pattern ourselves after the Black Panthers, after the Nation of Islam, we believe that we need an army to defend ourselves. We will build and train peace officers to keep the peace in our communities, to defend our communities, to keep our communities safe.”

Start at 2:40…”Donald Trumps Days are numbered…”dictator” …will take military to defend…” Also 2:04 to 2:14

As White House braces for largest protest yet, Pentagon sends troops home

NOISOME noi’-sum (hawwah, ra`; kakos):

“Noisome” from “annoy” (annoysome) has in Bible English the meaning of “evil,” “hurtful,” not of “offensive” or “loathsome.” It is the translation of hawwah, “mischief,” “calamity” (Psalms 91:3, “noisome pestilence,” the Revised Version (British and American) “deadly”); of ra`, a common word for “evil” (Ezekiel 14:15,21), “noisome beasts” (the Revised Version (British and American) “evil”). It occurs also in Job 31:40 the King James Version margin as the translation of bo’shah, “noisome weeds,” the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) “cockle,” as in the King James Version margin; of kakos, “evil,” “bad” (Revelation 16:2), “a noisome and grievous sore.” “Noisome” also occurs in Apocrypha (2 Macc 9:9) as the translation of baruno, “to make heavy,” “oppress,” where it seems to have the meaning of “loathsome.”


This word is used figuratively of an infuriated multitude ( 1 Corinthians 15:32 ; Acts 19:29 ; Compare Psalms 22:12 Psalms 22:16 ; Eccl 3:18 ; Isaiah 11:6-8 ), and of wicked men ( 2 Peter 2:12 ). The four beasts of Daniel 7:3,17,23 represent four kingdoms or kings.








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