The Typhonian Tradition: Sodomy

As explained by William Schoebelen: “Most Witches, myself included, find it necessary to study his material and “plug themselves into” the magical current of Crowley’s demon spirit guide, a mysterious being named Aiwass. Aiwass is another name for Set, an Egyptian god. Sodomy is especially “sacred” to Set. It opens what are called the “Typhonion” tunnels, channels through which extremely powerful demons, like the horrible Choronzon, can travel from the “alternate reality” and emerge into this universe and enter the sex partner’s body. Sex (especially lustful and disconnected sex) is a major way in which demonic oppression can be passed from one person to another.”

According to remote session intelligence collected and Guardian mentorship, Aleister Crowley is a key figure in cooperating with the NAA groups, starting from Grey Alien contact with an entity named Aiwass made in Cairo, Egypt in April 1904. They scribed and implanted him with “Book of the Law” which is the central sacred text of Thelema, written down from dictation mostly by Aleister Crowley, although his wife, Rose Edith Crowley and the entities themselves are known to have written phrases into the manuscript of the Book after its dictation. In 1911 Crowley had Rose committed to an asylum. 

This contact began a lifelong series of interactions and collaboration with NAA to bring into physical manifestation Satanic forces of the Black Sun Program under the guise of representing themselves as “Holy Guardian Angels” that are “more powerful than the Sun God”. They collaborated with Crowley, sent him to various key locations of the earth’s power vortexes to open closed portals and assist in their patriarchal domination hijack of power grids of the earth. This allowed the NAA another form of entry into the earth through Black Magic Grids through the consent and cooperation of a human body, namely Crowley himself. It is little understood today that Aleister Crowley was an Negative Extraterrestrial Contactee and Abductee. In ES Ascension terms, we refer to these power grids as the Thoth Grids or Phoenix Grid as well as Black Magic Grids, and that Crowley is the alien contactee that served the Armageddon Software timelines and was manipulated to enforce the Black Magician archetype for Satanic forces to increase Satanic Ritual Abuse or SRA on the earth. 

Crowley’s archetype is synonymous with Black Magician as his massive Negative Ego and Sexual Misery programming was exploited from his previous incarnation as a Solar Templar Lord in the Atlantian cycle. He was given the path to learn the “Tunnels of Typhon” which is the reverse Sephiroth path, or the dark tree of life called the Qlippoth. (In ES, we call this the Negative Form or Shadow Selves that connect to the Fallen and dead light creations.) The NAA was interested to control the middle east grids completely, and used the area of original NAA invasion to manipulate Crowley into becoming their poster boy for activating their replicated creation code. The rituals were used to evoke and conjure the Fallen Angelic and demonic hierarchies, such as  the forces of Baphomet and its many feed lines into the layers of the parasitic Imposter Spirit.

According to the Guardians, Aleister Crowley is a child murderer, sodomized and sacrificed many children in his quest for immortality when on the path of Typhon. Some people are aware of this, while many others say his writings are poetic and beautiful, he is just misunderstood. The man was a mad genius and sexual deviant. He was given these mental powers by Negative Aliens who were serving their agenda for using him to spread “The Church of Satan” and other methods of increasing Satanic forces on the earth for the purpose of enslavement and possession of human energy fields. When addressing these forces and studying them, one comes to know they are psychopathic liars and deceivers manipulating people to serve their agenda ( in whatever means, appearing light or dark)  and can never be trusted. 

The Typhonian tradition is sometimes defined as a current that flows through the cosmology of the Order Templi Orientis (O. T. O.), more firmly established and made famous by Aleister Crowley. Typhon was the god in Greek mythology who when appearing before the other gods was so ugly he changed into a fire-eating monster; he waged a terrible war and was eventually killed by one of Zeus’ thunderbolts. Thus, Typhonian is synonymous with fire and force, also means the Opposer. Typhon’s Egyptian counterpart is Set or Seth. 

As explained by William Schoebelen: “Most Witches, myself included, find it necessary to study his material and “plug themselves into” the magical current of Crowley’s demon spirit guide, a mysterious being named Aiwass. Aiwass is another name for Set, an Egyptian god. Sodomy is especially “sacred” to Set. It opens what are called the “Typhonion” tunnels, channels through which extremely powerful demons, like the horrible Choronzon, can travel from the “alternate reality” and emerge into this universe and enter the sex partner’s body. Sex (especially lustful and disconnected sex) is a major way in which demonic oppression can be passed from one person to another.” 

According to Kenneth Grant, a leading exponent of this Typhonian Tradition, and head of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO)  in the United Kingdom until 2011, “This tradition is part of a current of magical force and occult lore dating back to Sumeria and pre-Dynastic Egypt. Originally known as the Draconian Tradition it is a magical current “based on initiated knowledge or gnosis of the Fire Snake.” The Fire Snake is also known as the Kundalini or the Ophidian Current; the basis of all true initiation.”.   

This statement is very interesting for us in ES community because we are aware that the point of planetary invasion was in Sumeria-Egypt around 5,500 year ago, when the planetary and human DNA was totally unplugged. When we think about Crowley, Thothian Grids and the connection to Egypt and the Hermetic Qabalah, it becomes very clear who is behind the O.T.O. and Typhonian Tradition.

From the Ascension Glossary : 

When the Sumerian-Egypt invasion began, this event unplugged human DNA and scrambled the Fire Letters and the geometric codes in the planetary Morphogenetic Fields which blocked Higher Sensory Perception and thus, blocked multidimensional perception of other Timelines and extradimensional races. The Stargate Takeover in Egypt form the Luciferian Rebellion allowed the Annunaki and NAA groups to erase the collective human race memory in the Astral Plane and Soul Matrix layers, of which they created the False Ascension Matrix as an enslavement for repeated human reincarnation for recycling souls. For those with their genetic preference or under Mind Control to serve the NAA on earth, they gave the real Atlantian Cataclysm history and the ability to have Higher Sensory Perception. They gradually infiltrated the ruling monarch classes and bloodlines and collected life force through SRA methods to give to those to remain in Controller power with the NAA program to continue to enslave the asleep, amnesiac humans.

The Alien Machinery distorted the 12 Tree Grid template created by the Lyran-Sirians on Tara as a homing device to find, retrieve all lost aspects of the 12 Strand DNA, such as retrieve soul fragments and mismatched body parts and human beings stuck in Phantom Matrix timelines.

At the point of NAA invasion it blocked the 8th Portal and the 12th Portal of the Planetary Gates, therefore blocking the 8th Chakra and 12th Chakra and related energy centers in the human body and planetary body. This blocked life force and kundalini natural flow, blocked all the endocrine system glands, the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid, etc. This severely shortened the human life span and damaged immunity creating diseases and other mutations. This was desired to shorten life span in order to set up for recycling to Astral Plane in 4D.

The most current issues facing humanity now is that these Negative Aliens have rewrote Human History from 5,500 years ago at time of Invasion in Sumeria-Egypt and instituted a Mind Control plan for Patriarchal Domination and continued enslavement agenda for all Earth humans. (See Sumerian-Egypt Invasion)

Who is Typhon? According to Mr. Grant of the O.T.O., Typhon is “The feminine aspect of Set; sometimes typified as the Mother of Set in her role of Goddess of the Seven Stars, of which Set is the Eighth.” Set is the brother of Osiris in the Egyptian Pantheon. Set, Osiris’ dark brother, chopped Osiris up into many pieces, leaving him for dead. Set was also the prototype for Satan. Grant writes, “The word Set or Sut, means ‘black’. This indicates not only the generative nature of this god but also his association with the night-world, Amenta, for from being a god of the heavens Set fell beneath the horizon and was recognized in later mythologies as the Lord of Hell, the Hidden Land. This god (i.e. Set, Satanism) is of supreme importance in Crowley’s Cult, being not only the name of the primal creative spirit but also the formula of sexual magick”.

Satanism is based on the manipulation of energy and consciousness through Mind Control, deception, possession and is many times ritual based SRA. Satanism is promoted on the earth through the Archontic Deception Strategy Mind Control by enforcing those anti-life behaviors as a value system within humanity. These deeply sick rituals (such as Blood Sacrifice in war and killing, Pedophilia) create an energy field, a vibrational frequency, which connects the consciousness of the participants to the NAA group (i.e. reptilians) and other Consciousness energies in the lower fourth dimension. This is the dimensional field, also known as the lower astral to many people, which resonates to the frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, shame, hatred and so on. For people that are psychopaths that have no guilt or remorse when inflicting pain or harm on others, the product of what they create has an energy vibration that leaves a waste product in the planet, while inflicting harm to other people. So it is important to note if a person rapes or harms another person and does not feel remorse for his actions, this does not mean there is not an energetic consequence from that action. Many people with Satanic belief systems think that they are superior, entitled to take what they want, and do not care of the energetic consequences. This is the major problem that has spread the disease of hatred in the world today. 

When a SRA ritual focuses on these emotions or upon addictive states, as Satanism does, a powerful connection is made with the lower fourth dimension, the NAA, Fallen Angelics or reptilians. These are some of the ‘demons’ which these rituals have been designed to summon and feed since the NAA invasion occurred. Sex (especially lustful and disconnected sex) is a major way in which demonic oppression can be passed from one person to another, this is why they promote the Sexual Misery program as much as possible. 

The term Imposter Spirit is the Luciferian or Satanic Spirit which promotes false light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, manipulation with malice to promote intentional harm, death or destruction to serve its selfish personal agenda. These anti-life belief systems are the basis which forms the Negative Ego and was manifested out of the predator mind of the NAA and Orion Group. 

Further to discuss the Typhonion Order path taken to study the Qlippoth, Kenneth Grant says “The Qlippoth are denizens of the back side of the Tree of Life. This back side or dark side is said to be behind the regular Sephiroth of the Qabalah. They are said to be the shells or the husks of the dayside of the Tree. But according to Kenneth Grant they are actually the first, primal manifestation of all things. In terms of Lovcraftian lore they are the Ancient Ones or Great Old Ones of the Necronomicon. They are the first primal void of Nothing before there was something. They have been considered evil by Qabalists and Occultists for centuries only because they represent the terrible blackness of the void and the complete destruction of what we understand as ego, which seems horrific to us. These Qlippoth reside in what is known as the Tunnels of Set. These Tunnels are behind or beneath the Day Side of the Tree of Life as the Nephilim reside beneath the earth. As terrifying as these “beings” may seem, Grant says they are here to enlighten us, as the Nephilim were. Why is the abode of these beings called the Tunnels of Set? Grant writes; “Of Set, because Set is the Seat of the powers manifest as the Tree of Life.” This is what is known as the Typhonian Tradition that Kenneth Grant speaks of. 

Clearly, many people such as Mr. Grant had no idea how the NAA used him, as they used Crowley, in mind controlled possession to further spread Satanic forces through the Typhonian Order Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) to possess and control more human beings on the earth and in the afterlife. Possession by Satanic or Luciferian forces is not gaining spiritual truth, it is temporary ego gratification of earthly power and a sellout of your eternal soul. These NAA entities are deceivers and promise these people immortality and give them power and wealth on earth so they can cull more people to bind and possess in their groups. These are wolfs in sheep’s clothing ready to lead the sheep to slaughter, as in Gurdieff’s tale of the Black Magician in the Predator Mind. Immortality through possession and being bound to serve Satanic forces – this is not sovereignty, it is spiritual enslavement. People that are lulled to sleep by Crowley’s more poetic moments of genius in his Books of Thoth, are missing the whole point behind the OTO, the agenda of furthering satanic control and human enslavement by the NAA forces. 

It is important to note that some people involved in these orders are usually not aware of what kind of forces they are complicit or communing with. Satanic forces can be dressed up as nice and intelligent people, and that attracts more people that are unaware of the spiritual-energetic implication.  This is the propaganda of a nicer and gentler face of Satan that is promoted at lower initiation levels. However, when we feed into these systems that ultimately are controlled at the top chain by the NAA, we are entering a space where half truths are doused in poison. If we do not figure out we are drinking from this poisoned chalice, it can make us very sick. This is the inherent danger to the uninformed or inexperienced spiritual neophite. 

May Love, Light and Peace be with you! Lisa