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              I have prayerfully attempted to create a source of information to expose the “Plan” and what I call the “works and powers of darkness” which control almost every aspect of our existence.  In my life I have sought to understand why there has been and is so  much suffering and death among human beings and who has been responsible individually and collectively in bringing about this “PLAN” of Lucifer…even Satan.

          “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places“. These are the words of a Jew by the name of Paul who understood the war being waged against us with the goal to both control and destroy our souls spiritually and temporally, whether it be on this side of the veil or the other. 

I believe that G-d as our Creator, Redeemer, and the Great Spirit, is the Revealer of all that is true unto the exposing of these “works of darkness”  which are designed to make us slaves both in time and eternity to their ‘god’ whom they call Lucifer.  He is the ‘god’ of both Freemasonry and the New Age.

        “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” are the words of Jesus the Jew…NOT the “Christian”!   

He lived and demonstrated both here on this land and in Israel, His example of love while exposing the lies of those representing the ‘forces of darkness among His people and for which He was murdered.  I will not personally condemn His life, acts, and words as many have and are doing, because of those who have misrepresented Him in the demonstration of those acts of spiritual and temporal genocide and lies which have been attributed to Him by both the “imposters” and the victims of.  

But I will use His example to expose those “lies”murders,  and  “works of darkness” using my web page.  I  use “Christian” sources as well as others in my work to expose the ‘works and workers of darkness’ both within “Christianity” and outside of it.  The “Christian Cults” links expose information which is invaluable for understanding the falseness of “Christianity” in history as well as now in terms of both doctrine and works. 

        Whether Jesus would identify with the title “Christian” i.e. Catholic-Protestant…given how His Name has been used in the genocidal agendas against American Indian Peoples and Jews in history, is a question that is both valid and in fact has eternal consequences. As for me, the answer is NO.  

For Jesus to identify with “Christianity” would be like saying Crazy Horse was a “Nazi” or Moses a “Catholic”.  Extreme as that sounds, history is replete with examples of “Christianity” being in the forefront and instrumental in the death of millions of human beings.  This historical perspective does not condemn “true believers” but rather those who have used “true believers” to further their works of murder and abomination in His Name.

        Do  I believe that Jesus is who He states that He is…the answer is YES. More so the reason why I am sharing this information so that His Name can be separated from the words and deeds of spiritual and temporal blasphemy and genocide that have been committed by His so-called “followers” and those who are both “imposters” and New Age Luciferic “pretenders”.

   It is my hope that you will see that what I am attempting to do is to share with you those truths which I feel are not only important for our deliverance from all that is not of the Creator, but to help us understand why and prepare us for  the most horrendous judgment of God upon any nation ever in history! 

Isaiah 13…this is America!

Preface To My Web Page

We as a Nation have been overthrown by the very Powers of Darkness inspired directly from the Throne Of Hell itself to become one of the most carnal, sensual, devilish and idolatrous nations on the face of earth. 

This will be the fulfillment of numerous prophecies, Biblical and otherwise, all of which point to a particular “event”, which by G-d’s description/definition in these prophecies, will be a “cleansing” from off this land of all evil in both word and deed. 

This “Cleansing” is called “The Burning”,(Hopi Prophecy), “The Day of the Lord”, (Vision given by G-d to Tom Beem), a “Day of Wrath and Desolation”, (Vision given to George Washington of the THREE wars to take place upon this land, the LAST one yet to happen and which is decreed by G-d to come upon America.) Read Isaiah 13.

This is AMERICA being referred to when the “nations gathered will invade and spare NO ONE except those that are gathered into a Place of Safety called ZION! There, the Powers of Heaven will be operative in the realms of time after the order of what is called the “Kingdom of God” on earth – where the very power of God as demonstrated by Jesus, will provide all that is needed as well as protection for those that call upon His Name. 


Taught From On High By Almighty God / Why is There a Holy Ghost? To Save You From Being Deceived By Satan!

by Robert W. Murdock


I knew Bob Murdock, a G-dly man who had a personal experience with Jesus at age 5, was later taken up into the “Heavens” (in spirit) to see the “Glories” that Apostle Paul testified of. 

He also had revealed to him by Jesus what Zion in the “Last Days” was to be about, that is was to be a “Place Of Safety” from the Judgments coming upon America. (Read Below).  

Most importantly, he was given by Jesus the understanding of how not to be deceived by Satan (who shall appear as an Angel of Light) in the last days. 

Richard Boyden

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