Jewish Exploitation of American Indians

The Jewish  Owned…

Tax Service H&R BLOCK (Henry Bloch) Ripping off American Indians!

Block Predatory Information

One Rosebud Sioux Tribe Member was charged SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS on her $2,900 Income Tax Filing by this JEWISH OWNED COMPANY that has an office in Valentine Nebraska (and on Reservations  or near large concentrations of American Indians. The Block worker had all her papers signed and was out of the office in 30 minutes.

So how did Mr. Bloch and “Company” rip off this Lakota woman.? 

They offered her a “debit card”! They did NOT reveal or explain the HIDDEN RIP OFF PROFIT COSTS when offering this “Block feature” to this woman! She is but one of THOUSANDS of Lakota/Dakota/Nakota in South Dakota not to mention American Indians throughout the country who are EXPLOITED using this “hidden cost” rip off program of Mr. Bloch’s company! 

Of ALL people, Jewish people should NOT be doing this to American Indians! Maybe that is why Paul said, “There are those who call themselves Jews but are NOT Jews”….and in the Book of Revelation, such were classified as “Synagogue of Satan Jews”.


But with American Jews, it is all about MONEY so why not EXPLOIT the POOREST people in this country so that you can add to  your net income from continuing operations of $374.3 million in fiscal year 2007!

Texas judge approves H&R Block settlement

Kansas City Business Journal

A Texas judge on Tuesday approved the settlement of a class action lawsuit regarding H&R Block Inc.‘s refund anticipation loans.

The settlement, approved by Judge J. Manuel Banales in Kleberg County, Texas, District Court, calls for Block (NYSE: HRB) to distribute $26 million in cash, as well as tax preparation and software coupons, to 700,000 tax service customers in Texas. The settlement could cost Block about $262 million if all of those customers take advantage of the coupon and discount offers, though that is considered unlikely.

Block currently faces 10 class-action lawsuits in states including Illinois and Maryland related to the company’s refund anticipation loans. The lawsuits focus on Block’s practice of facilitating high-interest loans for customers who expect tax refunds from the government. Consumer advocates have argued that the loans exploit lower- and middle-class taxpayers by charging them a fee for money they otherwise would receive in days.

The 6-year-old Texas case involves plaintiffs’ claims that Block breached its fiduciary duty to customers by failing to disclose a license fee the lending bank paid Block for patent and trademark rights, marketing and technology costs, and administrative expenses concerning the loans from 1992 to 1996.

Block spokesman Bob Schneider said the Texas settlement does not indicate how the company will contest the other class actions. The Kansas City company has denied liability in all of the cases.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

H&R Block (Bloch the Jew) Exploitation of Native Americans 

Henry W. Bloch

Mr. Bloch served as past past director of trustee for:

  • American Jewish Committee
  • Menorah Medical Center
  • Jewish Federation

The company and its subsidiaries reported revenues of $4.0 billion and net income from continuing operations of $374.3 million in fiscal year 2007. The company has continuing operations in three principal business segments: Tax Services (income tax return preparation and related services and products via in-office, online and software solutions); Business Services (accounting, tax and business consulting services primarily for midsized companies); and Consumer Financial Services (tax-related banking services along with brokerage services, investment planning and related financial advice)

H&R Block’s Mission Statement:

To help our clients achieve their financial objectives by serving as their tax and financial partner.

H&R Block’s Values:

Client Focused. We are passionate about helping clients. Their success is a key measure of our success.

Excellence. We take pride in doing our best in everything we do. We embrace change to learn and grow.

Integrity. We are honest and ethical in everything we do.

Respect. We treat each other with respect and dignity, recognizing that innovation springs from unique perspectives

The H&R Block Bank

The H&R Block Bank formed in 2006 to provide value to our clients and the H&R Block family of companies through innovative and cost-effective banking products and services.

We partner with our tax professionals to provide clients an alternative to mainstream financial institutions by offering low-cost products that are easy to access and pay competitive rates. Our goal is to strengthen the financial future of every client.




Abramoff is Jewish. Scanlon? More on the many Jewish-run rip-off “Indian casinos,” here. (See Native American section down the page)]

U.S. Investigating GOP Lobbyists with Ties to Indian-Run Casinos,

BY JACK NEWFIELD, New York Sun, September 8, 2004

“A federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., is hearing testimony and analyzing thousands of banking and billing records connected to two prominent Republican lobbyists and strategists as part of a racketeering probe involving Indian-run casinos. The men, Jack Abramoff and Mike Scanlon, have received a total of more than $45 million since 2001 from 11 tribes with gambling casinos ranging from Louisiana to Mississippi, to California to Michigan, and to Texas. They are under investigation for possible money-laundering, racketeering, and tax fraud, federal law enforcement and Senate sources say. The investigation is opening a window on the murky world of Indian gambling, Washington lobbying, money washing, and campaign finance. It also is a cautionary tale for New York, which has four Indian-run casinos and is considering adding at least four more. A task force that includes the FBI, IRS, and the Justice Department’s public integrity section is running the criminal probe. Indictments are expected this fall, according to sources close to the task force. Mr. Abramoff was ousted from his prominent law firm – Greenberg Traurig – in March, reportedly after his partners discovered he took more than $10 million in payments from Mr. Scanlon without the firm’s knowledge. Investigators say most of the $45 million was paid to Mr. Scanlon as a public relations consultant, meaning he did not have to make public disclosure. Mr. Abramoff, one of Washington’s top lobbyists, must report such payments. Mr. Scanlon, 33, is the former press secretary to the House majority leader, Tom DeLay. Mr. Abramoff, 45, who was the registered lobbyist for the dictatorship of the late Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, received $7 million from the government of the Mariana Islands to keep the protectorate exempt from American minimum-wage laws … The federal prosecutors, who have amassed a “war room” of more 100,000 documents, have subpoenaed the banking records of a foundation created by Mr. Abramoff and his wife and of a campaign consulting company and a “think tank” in Delaware run by Mr. Scanlon. These institutions are suspected of laundering large sums of money “donated” by the tribes for personal and political use by the lobbyists … Mr. Scanlon’s think tank – the American International Center – received a $556,000 donation from the 800-member Coushatta tribe of Louisiana. The AIC, was run by a former lifeguard and a former yoga instructor, produced no policy work, and went defunct after a year. The AIC, located on property owned by Mr. Scanlon, paid Mr. Abramoff $1.5 million in fees, much of it after it after it closed. Mr. Abramoff’s Capitol Athletic Foundation received $1 million each from the Coushatta tribe of Louisiana, and the Choctaw tribe of Mississippi. This foundation then made a $1.8 million donation to an Orthodox Jewish private school founded by Mr. Abramoff. The school closed when Mr. Abramoff was expelled from his law firm. A 2003 audit of the Coushattas by the tribe’s former controller, Erick LaRoque, found the tribe had a $40 million deficit, and that “operating equity and cash reserves have suffered significant decline. “The audit reported that $24 million had been taken from the tribe’s education, health care, and housing funds, and, “There is no documented plan for reimbursement.” Three dissident leaders of the tribe – secretary treasurer Harold John, tribal council member David Sickey, and Ben Langley – have told The New York Sun they were excluded from all meetings and decision-making involving the lobbyists, their fee structure, and what the men did to earn these fees. Mr. Sickey said he is “disgusted” by the donation of “sacred tribal education funds” to the foundation and think tank “without proper documentation.” Law enforcement sources have told the Sun that one aspect of the “hydra headed” grand jury probe is that the Coushatta tribe paid Mr. Scanlon’s company to spy on dissidents and their lawyers … The Agua Caliente tribe of California, which has been resisting a union organizing drive, gave $100,000 to the Republican National Committee shortly after hiring Mr. Abramoff. The Agua Caliente tribe paid Mr. Abramoff $1.6 million in lobbying fees for one year and hired Mr. Scanlon to run a $7.4 million letter-writing campaign to then-governor, Gray Davis, a Democrat, for more slot machines. This failed effort generated 2,000 letters, at a cost of $3,700 per letter, according to tribal dissidents.”

[Yet another in the kaleidescope of professional Jewish scamsters and it’s the usual: skimming off millions somewhere to fund a private Jewish school.]

Records Detail Spending By GOP Lobbyist Abramoff,

by R. Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post, September 28, 2004; Page A01

“T he Capital Athletic Foundation’s Web site portrays youths at play: shaking hands over a tennis net, learning how to hold a bat, straining for a jump ball. Its text solicits donations for what it describes as “needy and deserving” sportsmanship programs. In its first four years of operation, the charity has collected nearly $6 million. A gala fundraiser last year at the International Spy Museum at one point attracted the Washington Redskins’ owner as its chairman and was to honor the co-founder of America Online. But tax and spending records of the Capital Athletic Foundation obtained by The Washington Post show that less than 1 percent of its revenue has been spent on sports-related programs for youths. Instead, the documents show that Jack Abramoff, one of Washington’s high-powered Republican lobbyists, has repeatedly channeled money from corporate clients into the foundation and spent the overwhelming portion of its money on pet projects having little to do with the advertised sportsmanship programs, including political causes, a short-lived religious school and an overseas golf trip. The foundation’s brief history — now the subject of a federal investigation — charts how Abramoff attached himself to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) and, in so doing, became a magnet for large sums of money from business interests. It also demonstrates how easily large amounts of such cash flowed through a nonprofit advocacy group to support the interests of a director. Internal records state, for example, that Abramoff and his wife, Pam — who are listed as the foundation’s sole directors — spent more than 70 percent of its revenue from 2001 to 2003, or $4.03 million, on a Jewish school that Abramoff founded in Columbia. The Eshkol Academy operated for two years and schooled two of his sons before closing this spring with unpaid bills, faculty members said. The records also state that $248,742 of the foundation’s income went toward buying a house near Abramoff‘s in Silver Spring, titled in the name of a company directed by Abramoff and fellow lobbyists from Greenberg Traurig, the Washington law firm where he worked until March. It was initially a school dormitory but is now slated to be sold, with proceeds benefiting the company. Other recorded expenditures include $500 to help finance a memorial dinner two years ago in honor of the Angolan rebel Jonas Savimbi, and $150,225 for a golf trip to Scotland aboard a private jet. Abramoff’s guests on the August 2002 trip included two fellow lobbyists, the Republican chairman of the House Administration Committee and a senior official at the General Services Administration … The investigation into Abramoff‘s financial activities began this spring after The Post disclosed that he and public relations executive Michael Scanlon, a former spokesman for DeLay, had received at least $45 million from Indian tribes that operate gambling casinos. The tribes also had donated $2.9 million to federal candidates since 2001. After Abramoff became their lobbyist, three tribes — the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana — contributed more than $2.02 million to the Capital Athletic Foundation, according to foundation tax records. The Choctaws also gave $1.07 million to the National Center for Public Policy Research, a nonprofit group for which Abramoff is a board member, according to the center’s tax records. Saginaw Chippewa officials have told federal investigators that they made the donations because Abramoff told them it would impress DeLay, a fellow golf buff whom Abramoff described in a 1995 letter to Arnold Palmer as his “very close personal friend.”

[Abramoff is Jewish. Scanlon may be also. See more Jewi$h predation of Native Americans, here (scroll down towards bottom)]
Fleecing the ‘monkeys,’
by Jerry Reynolds, Indian Country Today, The Nation’s Leading American Indian News Source,
October 5, 2004
“Days after the week-long celebration of the new National Museum of the American Indian, tribal members and Congressmen were fuming over revelations about a new scandal in Indian country, the doings of lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his associate, Michael Scanlon. At a Sept. 29 Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on $66 million in lobbying fees that the two received from several tribes, Sen. Daniel K. Inouye noted the contrast, saying that attention now turns from the museum and its promise for the Native future to ”another most unseemly manifestation of the exploitation of the American Indian.” In e-mail exchanges that the Committee blew up on large panels in the hearing room, Abramoff and Scanlon referred to tribal clients who paid them $66 million over three years in terms of ”absolute contempt,” said Chairman Ben Nighthorse Campbell, R-Colo. Campbell said Abramoff on one occasion sent an e-mail stating ”I have to meet with the monkeys,” referring to his clients, the Mississippi Choctaw tribe. On other occasions, Campbell said, the e-mails refer to tribal clients as ”morons, stupid idiots … troglodytes, losers.” Campbell, the only Indian in the Senate, said the words offended him personally. Witnesses and senators at the hearing referred to the two men variously as ”vultures,” ”con men,” ”crooks,” ”charlatans” and ”a pathetic, disgusting example of greed run amok.” No one called them guilty of criminal wrongdoing though. The committee has issued at least 45 subpoenas and reviewed thousands of documents in exposing an alleged pattern of business practice aimed by Abramoff and Scanlon at ”impressionable” tribal leaders, in Sen. John McCain’s word. During the years when the e-mails were exchanged, 2001 to 2004, the committee alleges that Abramoff and Scanlon received or directed the spending of at least $66 million from six tribes: The Mississippi Choctaw, the Louisiana Coushatta, the Agua Caliente, Sandia Pueblo, the Saginaw Chippewa and the Tigua of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. Despite assertions from the committee that Abramoff and Scanlon put minimal effort into earning their fees, newspaper accounts indicate that some of their efforts went into keeping track of likely competitors for casino tribes. In one incident, reported at length in the Washington Post, the two along with Christian conservative Ralph Reed, worked to support efforts of the state of Texas to shut down the casino of the Tigua in El Paso. (Reed, a known foe of gaming, has not been implicated in the other Indian-specific ventures of Abramoff and Scanlon.) Upon succeeding, the e-mail trail shows, the two gloated over the unemployment of casino workers. Having fulfilled the requirements of one tribal contract by lobbying to get the Tigua casino shut down, they turned around and took $4.2 million from the Tigua to lobby for its reopening. Along the way, in an exchange of e-mails, they belittled the Tigua for needing their help. The casino has never reopened. In securing lucrative contracts for themselves, Abramoff and Scanlon may have interfered in at least two tribal elections by backing slates of candidates favorable to them, said senators and witnesses. Agua Caliente Chairman Richard Milanovich told the committee that the two tried to arrange his defeat … In addition, the committee alleged, Abramoff directed tribal contributions to a charity he controlled.”

[Abramoff is yet another sordid, wealthy Jewish scamster. Scanlon may also be Jewish.]
Abramoff Allies Keeping Distance. Lobbyist under scrutiny for dealing with Indian tribes,
by Thomas B. Edsall, Washington Post, November 8, 2004
“Shortly after Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, tribal leaders of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians approached lobbyist Jack Abramoff with a problem. The tribe’s Silver Star Hotel & Casino had barely opened and already legislation was moving forward in Congress calling for Indian casinos to be taxed in the same manner as Las Vegas gambling facilities. Abramoff knew how to take care of the Choctaws. He convinced the House Republican leadership that it had violated a core principle of the new conservative majority: It had raised taxes. The legislation was scuttled. With Indian gambling revenue now exceeding $16 billion annually, Abramoff‘s success saved the tribes hundreds of millions of dollars. Soon, he was representing half a dozen other Indian tribes, some paying his firm $2 million or more a year. In less than a decade, Abramoff’s ties to Republican congressional leaders and powerbrokers in the conservative movement catapulted him into the highest ranks of Washington lobbyists. By 2003, Abramoff‘s clients — including the Business Roundtable, Atofina Chemicals, Humana, Primedia Inc. and tribal clients — paid his law firm $11.57 million in fees, one of the highest such sums in Washington. Paving the way for Abramoff‘s rise were his ties to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist and former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed. Abramoff‘s success lay in his ability to portray clients as exemplars of successful free market competition under attack by overzealous Democrats. On behalf of Indian tribes and other clients, Abramoff convinced the GOP majority that Democrats were bent on regulating and taxing the entrepreneurial vitality out of the U.S. economy. In effect, he turned conservative orthodoxy into a cash spigot … Now, however, the $66 million that Abramoff and his business partner, public affairs consultant Michael Scanlon, charged Indian tribes has become the focus of separate investigations by a federal grand jury and Congress. The controversy has produced disclosures embarrassing to some of Abramoff‘s political allies. Already, the inquiries have revealed that Abramoff and Scanlon — DeLay’s former spokesman — channeled money to Reed and Norquist’s organizations. Reed has been forced to explain receipt of money channeled from casinos through Abramoff; Norquist, in turn, has denied that the payments he received drove the pro-tribe agenda of Americans for Tax Reform The 1994 Republican takeover of the House and Senate was a crucial moment in Abramoff‘s transformation from a conservative ideologue into an influential lobbyist. He became a valuable commodity, a conservative K Street figure with direct access to the newly powerful right wing of the Republican Party … Two years later, Abramoff and Norquist took over Citizens for America, a conservative advocacy group created by drugstore magnate Lewis Lehrman. After the two arranged a costly “summit meeting” of anti-communist leaders in Angola, Lehrman, according to media accounts, let Abramoff and Norquist go. In 1986, Abramoff became chairman of the International Freedom Foundation, which was secretly financed with $1.5 million a year from the white South African government, according to sworn testimony to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Mirijanian said Abramoff denies receiving money from the South African government. Between 1986 and 1994, Abramoff was president of Regency Entertainment Group, a company that financed ideologically conservative movies, including the 1989 film “Red Scorpion’ … In 1995, Abramoff took on another major client, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, an American protectorate in the Pacific. Again, he capitalized on his ability to exploit conservative ideology. The Marianas sought to retain exemptions from U.S. immigration and labor laws to import laborers from China at $3.05 an hour — $2 under the federal minimum wage — to make garments labeled “Made in the U.S.A.” Abramoff portrayed the Marianas as a case study of the success of the free market unfettered by wage and immigration laws.”

“On May 20, 1981, in a unanimous en banc opinion, the Court of Claims awarded [Arthur] Lazarus, [Marvin] Sonosky, and Payne $10,595,943 in attorney fees, the maximum 10 percent. ‘The result the attorneys have obtained for their clients has been extraordinary,’ Chief Judge Friedman wrote in summary of the court’s views. “Starting with a case that appeared doomed, they obtained an award of more than $100 million — which is more than twice as alrge as any other made in an Indian claims case. Both the attaining of any award and the magnitude of the award made were attributable soley to the endeavors of the attorneys. Considering all the circumstancs — the nature of the case, the obstacles the attorneys had to overcome, the low intial prospect of success, and the great skill and dedication with which the attorneys did their work — we conclude that attorneys’ fees of 10% of the award, or $10,595,943, are appropriate.”

The fee decision, not surprisingly, made front-page news, as in the New York Times, which ran a long story and a photograph of Lazarus, Sonasky, and Payne under the banner headline ‘Big Wampum for a Legal Tribe.’ According to Stephen Glasser, publisher of the Federal Attorneys’ Fee Awards Reporter, the $10.6 million Sioux fee ranked as one of the largest, if not the largest, fee ever awarded by a court.

The response in Sioux country was predictable. Having argued for years that Sonosky and Lazarus represented the Sioux soley out of financial self-interest, AIM leader Russell Means denounced the lawyers as ‘parasites’ and called the fee ‘the largest rip-off of Indian claims money in the history of this country.’ To [lawyer Mario] Gonzalez, the whole fee proceeding was a ‘sham.’ Other commentators concurred in the judgment of prize-winning author Peter Mathiessen, who wrote in his book In the Spirit of Crazy Horse (a Sioux history focused on the 1975 Pine Ridge murder of two FBI agents) that the Black Hills claim ‘had been won by the wealthy lawyer [Lazarus] and lost by his poverty-stricken clients …’

Sonosky shrugged off the criticism, most of which (because of the Ogalala contract expiration issue) was directed at Lazarus. In 1956, Sonosky had gambled that he could win the Black Hills claim and that gamble had paid off handsomely. The Court of Claims fee decision made Sonosky a rich man overnight. His personal share amounted to more than $4.8 million.”

— Lazarus, Edward. Black Hills White Justice. The Sioux Nation Versus the United States from 1775 to the Present, HarperCollins Publisher, 1991, p. 409-410
[Note: thisbook was written by the son of the head lawyer for the Sioux nation, and is biased in this manner .]

Abramoff History and Information Links

Also, See the HUD/Jewish Connections

HUD Fraud, Spooks and the Slumlords of Harvard – The Harvard-Bush Connection

HUD Corruption and Money Making

Who Gets the Money? Needy Native Americans, you’d think. But Indian casinos are making millions for their investors and providing little to the poor,
Time, December 8, 2002
“So how, exactly, is Hollow Horn prospering from the $12.7 billion Indian gaming industry? Like most Native Americans, not at all. Last year the Oglala’s Prairie Wind Casino, housed in a temporary, white, circus-tent-like structure smaller than a basketball court, turned a profit of $2.4 million on total revenue of $9.5 million. Most of the money went to fund general programs, such as services for the elderly and young people, as well as education and economic development. But even if there had been profit sharing instead, the payout would have worked out to a daily stipend of just 16¢ for each of the 41,000 tribe members. That’s not to say that members of a few small tribes near big cities aren’t doing very well from gaming. In Minnesota, 300 members of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux community reportedly take home more than $1 million a year. But bands like that are the exception. Only 25% of gaming tribes distribute cash to their members, usually no more than a few thousand dollars each. So if the overwhelming majority of Native Americans like Hollow Horn aren’t benefiting from the Indian casino boom, who is? In many cases, the big winners are non-Indian investors, some of whom pocket more than 40% of an Indian casino’s profits. Actually, calling these people investors understates their role. They often serve as master strategists who draw up the plans and then underwrite the total cost of bringing a casino online: ferreting out an amenable tribe, paying a signing bonus, picking up tribal expenses and paying the salaries of the tribe’s officials, all of this before a spade of dirt is turned. If an Indian band isn’t federally recognized as a tribe and is thus ineligible for a gaming venture, these full-service backers will bankroll genealogists to construct a family tree, then hire lawyers and lobbyists in Washington to help change the band’s status. And if a reservation isn’t prime real estate for a casino, the investors sometimes purchase a more suitable patch and instruct their lawyers and lobbyists to persuade the government to designate the land as a trust, as reservation property is called … Say what you will about Lyle Berman—and people have called him a lot of things: a pit bull, an intimidator, a fearsome competitor—but no one has ever accused him of modesty. Of his casino-development company, Lakes Entertainment Inc., Berman once told reporters, ‘We’re the most successful company in Indian gaming’ … By his account, as of September 2001, he was worth almost $69 million.”

October 30, 2001 Casino case raises issues of money, politics Contributions coincide with favorable decisions,
By Sean P. Murphy, Citizens Alliance (from Globe), October 30, 2001
“Arthur Goldberg, owner of Caesars, Bally’s, and other casinos in Atlantic City, knew a threat when he saw one: When an Indian tribe, the St. Regis Mohawks, announced plans last year to build a casino in Monticello – an hour closer to New York City than his casinos – Goldberg knew his business would suffer. But Goldberg, a fund-raiser for the Democratic Party, had friends in high places. Pretty soon he was arranging meetings with President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Then came a cascade of ”soft money” contributions to the Democrats. Over a five-month period following the April 2000 announcement of the Mohawk casino deal, Clinton’s Bureau of Indian Affairs made several unusual decisions helpful to Goldberg. First, the bureau withdrew the federal government’s longstanding support for the group of Mohawks who planned the casino in Monticello; instead, the bureau backed a group of tribal leaders allied with Goldberg; and finally, the bureau intervened to help prevent the enforcement of a Mohawk tribal court’s $1.8 billion judgment against Goldberg for interfering in tribal affairs. On the very day – Oct. 6, 2000 – that the Bureau of Indian Affairs issued a letter declaring that the tribal court had no authority, Goldberg’s company contributed $10,000 to the Democratic National Committee. It was the second time a Goldberg contribution was registered on the day of a decision favorable to him … ”Arthur Goldberg reached right into the government to protect his Atlantic City casinos by controlling gaming in New York state,” said Robert Berman, a businessman who headed the group planning the Mohawk casino at the Monticello Raceway.”

Kerzner’s son lobbying for casino,
Las Vegas Sun, January 23, 2002
“Howard Kerzner is keeping his hopes alive to build a major resort casino in Hawaii. Kerzner, president of Sun International Hotels Ltd., has spent the past two weeks lobbying lawmakers in Hawaii for an exclusive gaming license … Howard Kerzner is the son of Sol Kerzner, the chairman and chief executive of Sun International. Sol Kerzner is best known in Las Vegas for his aborted bid to acquire the Desert Inn on the Las Vegas Strip from then-owner Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Steve Wynn acquired the D.I. shortly after Kerzner backed out of the $275 million deal in March 2000. In gaming circles, Sol Kerzner is also well known for a lucrative deal in which a partnership he headed developed and for a time managed the giant Mohegan Sun Indian casino in Connecticut. The Boston Globe reported the partnership, Trading Cove Associates, will have received an estimated $1 billion from the tribe that owns the casino over the life of the partnership — apparently hundreds of millions of dollars more than allowed by federal law. Critics charge that amount is exploitative and well above the 30 percent limit on profits non-Indians are allowed to earn from Indian casinos. Trading Cove and Mohegan officials have defended their arrangement as appropriate, though that deal has prompted Congress to consider tightening the law to ensure tribes are not exploited by non-Indian developers.”

Tribal Gamble. The Lure and Peril of Indian Gambling,
Boston Globe, August 26, 2001
One of a series of Globe articles on this subject:
“Focusing on the huge profits some investors now take from Indian-owned casinos, an angry Senator John McCain yesterday grilled two government officials on the deal-making behind the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut and on the Clinton administration’s last-minute recognition of the Nipmuc tribe of Central Massachusetts. In his questioning, McCain made clear his concern that non-Indian investors at the Mohegan Sun casino dodged federal law to get hundreds of millions of dollars in extra profits that rightfully belonged to the tribe. “Do you find that disturbing? Outrageous, even?” McCain asked Montie Deer, the chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission, a panel established to enforce a strict limit on casino profits for non-Indian investors … McCain pinpointed the Mohegan tribe’s relationship with a group of investors known as Trading Cove Associates, a syndicate headed by international gambling mogul Sol Kerzner, creator of Sun City in South Africa. In 1988, Congress recognized that some tribes were so poor that they might agree to give as much as 90 percent of any profits to their non-Indian investors. Congress set 30 percent as the maximum profit margin for those investors, though in exceptional circumstances the tribes could grant up to 40 percent. The Indian Gaming Commission was charged with enforcing that limit by approving contracts between tribes and investors who would also act as casino general managers. The Mohegan tribe made its deal with Trading Cove Associates, which originally proposed to develop both a casino and an on-site hotel in exchange for the development rights. But before submitting the proposal to the National Indian Gaming Commission, Trading Cove withdrew the hotel component. The commission approved maximum compensation for Trading Cove in 1995 anyway — an arrangement worth close to $500 million, to be paid over seven years. After the casino opened, Trading Cove and the tribal leadership agreed on a ‘buyout’ whereby the tribe would take over direct management of the casino. Nevertheless, the tribe promised to pay Trading Cove in full, as if Trading Cove had continued as general manager. But with Trading Cove no longer managing the casino, the National Indian Gaming Commission lost authority to enforce restrictions on Trading Cove’s share of profits. That was the ruling of the commission’s general counsel in 1998. As a result, Trading Cove could then negotiate for profits above the maximum set by Congress. And it did so by selling the hotel rights back to the tribe for as much as $450 million, according to interviews and documents reviewed by the Globe. Trading Cove, in all, will receive an estimated $1 billion from the tribe.”

Casino operator offers to buy, donate massacre site,
by Deborah Frazier, Rocky Mountain News (at,
September 3, 2002
“The wandering spirits of 163 Arapaho and Cheyenne slaughtered and mutilated at Sand Creek on the rolling prairie of southeastern Colorado in 1864 have another chance at resting in peace. There’s a Dec. 2 closing date for rancher William Dawson to sell the 1,456 acres at the heart of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, where 700 Colorado militia soldiers killed and mutilated Cheyenne and Arapaho, mostly women, children and the elderly. ‘It will be a big win for everyone,’ said Victoria Livingston, Dawson’s real estate agent. ‘It has been sacred ground for the Indians since the massacre. It should end up with the Indians.’ Election year tribal politics have delayed the closing three times in 2002. Jim Druck, a Minnesota-based casino operator, will pay $1.5 million for the land. He runs a casino for the Cheyenne and Arapaho in Oklahoma and will donate the property to the tribes … Druck, owner of the Minnesota-based Southwest Entertainment Inc., heard the story and offered to pay Dawson’s price in late 2001. That same year, he had taken his family to the Nazi death camp at Dachu, where his father, an Army captain, had helped evacuate the starving survivors at the end of World War II. The Drucks are Jewish, but none of their close relatives died in the concentration camps, he said … Druck, who calls himself a ‘recovering attorney’ who did well in real estate, also did pro bono work for Native Americans in Minnesota until he closed his law practice in 1976. Years later, some of his Indian clients approached him to run a casino. Druck went to work for the Arapaho and Cheyenne in Oklahoma in 1992 on the first Indian bingo casino approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Druck also owns the Gold Rush Casino in Cripple Creek.”

At $500 an Hour, Lobbyist’s Influence Rises with G.O.P.
New York Times (posted at, April 3, 2002
“In the last six months of 2001, the Coushatta Indians, a tribe with 800 members and a large casino in southwestern Louisiana, paid $1.76 million to the law firm of Jack Abramoff [law firm: Greenberg Tausig], a Republican lobbyist here. Last month, the Bush administration handed the tribe a big victory by blocking construction of a casino by a rival tribe that would have drained much of the Coushatta’s business. William Worfel, vice chairman of the Coushattas, views the administration’s decision as a direct benefit of the eye-popping lobbying his tribe paid Mr. Abramoff, more money than many giant corporations like AOL, Time-Warner and American Airlines paid lobbyists in the same period … Mr. Abramoff, 43, has used his close ties to Republican Tom DeLay of Texas, the Republican whip, and other conservatives in the Hose to become one of the most influential — and, at $500 an hour, best compensated — lobbyists in Washington … Unlike many lobbyists who take almost any client who is willing to pay their fee, Mr. Abramoff says he represents only those who stand for conservative principles. They include three Indian tribes [actually five noted in this article: the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana, the Coushetta Tribe of Lousiana, the Sagninaw Chippewa Tribe, the Hopi Tribe, and the Missississippi Choctaw] with big casinos and, until recently, the Northern Mariana Islands … [Abramoff] is an Orthodox Jew whos ays that even more than politics, his religion is a cnetral element of his life … The Mississippi Choctaw paid Greenberg Traurig more than $1 million in the last half of 2001 … The other big issue for Mr. Abramoff in 1995 that promoted his career was a bill pased by the Senate that would have stripped the Norhern Mariana Islands of their exemption from the United States minimum wage and immigration laws … Representative George Miller, a California Democrat who sponsored the legislation in the House, is still furious about Mr. Abramoff’s action. In a recent interview, Mr. Miller said, ‘[Abramoff] spent a lot of time, effort and money to protect a system that was a growth industry for sex shops, prostitution, abuse of women, slavery, illegal immigration, worker exploitation and narcotics, and he did it all in the name of freedom.'”

One little, two little, three little Indian casinos
by Kenny Pearlman, Game Master Online, October 1, 2002
“Southern California is inundated with Indian casinos. When the idea of building casinos on Indian reservations came up in the California legislature it would have been soundly defeated except for the fact that the Indian tribes contributed millions of dollars to the Governor’s race, as well as to the various Senate races in the state. The Indian’s land was sovereign and so couldn’t be regulated by any state agency … The Indians promised there woud be no hanky-panky, that they would run their casinos just like the Nevada casinos; in fact, since most of their start-up money was coming from the Nevada casinos [Who owns these?] anyway, they would their ‘investors’ check their operations. That’s like sending the fox to the chicken shed to count the chickens. When it came time to do any checking, the Indians had their Jewish lawyers claim soverignty and it was a done deal. The books could be cooked and no one was allowed in the k itchen to even see what they hell they were putting in the food.”

Tribal Gamble, The Lure and Peril of Indian Gambling,
A Big Roll at Mohegan Sun,
Boston Globe, December 10, 2000
First of four parts,
“It rises out of the rolling hills with the promise of grandeur, its massive glass towers designed to loom 440 feet over the reflected countryside, an instant landmark, a beacon to a palace built for gamblers. At a cost of $1.1 billion, this expansion of the Mohegan Sun Casino is one of the country’s largest private construction projects, a steel testament to the extravagant profits in the rapidly expanding Indian gaming industry. But it also stands as a monument to a classic American deal, a latter-day version of Indian treasure being carried off by non-Indians, despite a federal law designed to keep Indian gaming money firmly in tribal hands … In all, the investor group headed by Sol Kerzner, developer of the Sun City Casino in South Africa, will take at least $800 million out of the Mohegan Sun Casino. The Mohegans were almost penniless and landless and relying on lawyers apparently financed by the Kerzner group when they struck the deal that cost them so dearly. Since then, the terms of the deal have largely been kept quiet by the Mohegans and the investors. At least two of the three members of the regulatory agency responsible for reviewing the finances of Indian casinos only learned of the lucrative hotel component when contacted by the Globe. The heavy share of profits being carted off by non-Indian businesses like Kerzner’s is only one failure of the federal Indian gaming system. Born partly of a desire to apply the ’80s faith in free enterprise to the nation’s poorest ethnic group, the story of Indian gaming is now one of congressional intentions gone awry. The gaming act has failed to broadly improve the living conditions of most Indians. A Globe analysis revealed that just 2 percent of the country’s Native Americans earn 50 percent of the country’s $10 billion in Indian gaming revenues, and two-thirds of Indians get nothing at all … The explosion in Indian gaming casinos, already allegedly infiltrated in some places by underworld figures, is occurring with little government oversight. The commission responsible for policing more than 241 Indian gaming operations has a budget of only $8 million and a staff of 70. By contrast, the commission supervising the 12 Atlantic City casinos spends $58 million and employs a comparative army of 800 regulators While hundreds of millions of Indian dollars are being spent on lobbying and campaign contributions in states where gaming is prime – including more than $100 million in California alone – tribes have witnessed per capita government spending on Indian health, education, and housing drop in real dollars, while human service spending for all Americans has soared. … Kerzner and two other businessmen spent freely for lawyers and other professionals to negotiate the tribe through a labyrinth of federal and state regulations, Mohegan leaders say. … In 1998, Trading Cove cashed out. Their take: a flat five percent of all money spent at Mohegan Sun, not just profits, for every year until 2015, without doing any further work. Based on the tribe’s estimate, it’s worth $675 million to Kernzer and his two partners. The remaining years of the management contract – the subject of all the commission’s wrangling – was worth $245 million, according to federal disclosures by the tribe. The largely unnoticed hotel portion of the deal was worth $430 million. Combined with the $145 million already paid out on the management contract, the Kerzner group will leave the deal with more than $800 million … Leonard Wolman, one of Kerzner’s partners, said ”All the agreements were properly filed.’ Wolman, a South African native who has become one of Connecticut’s leading developers, said he and his Trading Cove partners were ”fairly compensated” for the ”incredible risk” they took in the deal.”

Genting MD lending US $80mil to tribe to build Niagara Falls casino,
The Star, November 15, 2002
“GENTING Bhd managing director Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay will lend US$80mil to the Seneca Nation of Indians to build a casino at Niagara Falls, according to a report in The Buffalo News. The five-year loan from Lim’s family investment company, carrying an interest rate of 29% per annum, would provide the fuel for the plan to turn the New York side of Niagara Falls into a gambling haven, said the report dated Nov 12. Several other Indian tribes had approached Lim seeking financing for casino projects around the United States but Steven G. Horowitz, a New York attorney representing Lim, said his client had turned them down because they did not have what the Senecas have – a Niagara Falls address … The report said that while most US bank real estate development loans were going for about 5%, the interest rate Lim would get from the Senecas was more than two-and-a-half times the rate paid on junk bonds.”

Corruption of Indian casinos no surprise,
by Bill Steigerwald,
Jewish World Review, Dec. 13, 2002
“Gee, here’s a real shocker. It turns out a government program to help American-Indian tribes become more self-sufficient by allowing them to run casino gambling operations on their reservations is a failure, a fraud, a joke, a scandal. Imagine that! In theory, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 was supposed to raise Indians up from poverty, wean them off government handouts and teach them how to run their own businesses. In fact, what we created, says Time’s special report, ‘Wheel of Misfortune,’ is a craps table of chaos, unfairness, greed and abuse. Very few Indians – there are 1.8 million of them, 85 percent still living on or near reservations – have benefited from the $12.7 billion-a-year Indian casino industry on tribal lands, says Time. Most of that gambling revenue goes to a small number of now very rich tribes and to the non-Indian big-bucks investors who bankrolled or manage their casinos. The country’s 337 Indian tribes are, as a group, still a socio-economic basket case, thanks in large part to 150 years of being owned and operated by the Great White Fathers in Washington, D.C. Half of reservation Indians today are unemployed, and a third live beneath the official poverty level … But the folks who put out Forbes – America’s best, most gleeful and most consistent booster of free-market capitalism, would only have yawned and said, ‘So what else is news?’ For 85 years, Forbes has made its living reporting and studying the bad things government does when it sticks its politicized nose into the people’s business. Its special anniversary issue is, as usual, generously crammed with smart, well-written, readable and completely biased articles that, as its editor, William Baldwin, says, ‘celebrate the success of capitalism in spreading prosperity by spreading innovation.’ Forbes knows the obvious and never tires of repeating it: Capitalism and economic freedom improve lives. As proof, it profiles 85 innovations created by inventors and entrepreneurs of all levels of savviness and craziness – from sneakers, frozen food and wallboard to FM radio, cell phones, Pampers, three-point seatbelts and Viagra – that we either take for granted or can’t live without.”

Ex-FSIN chief praises Hitler in speech
The StarPhoenix, December 14, 2002
[Note: the StarPhoenix is owned by Jewish/Zionist activist media mogul Izzy Asper. This article is also highlighted here, in his paper, the Leader-Post, in Regina, Saskatchewan, which Asper also owns]
“A respected Saskatchewan Indian leader said Friday Hitler did the right thing when he ‘fried’ six million Jews during the Second World War. In comments one local Jewish leader described as unfortunate, David Ahenakew, a senator with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN), a former chief of the organization and a former chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), said in an interview Friday the Nazi leader was trying to clean up the world during the war. ‘The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war,’ Ahenakew said. ‘That’s how Hitler came in. He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn’t take over Germany or Europe. That’s why he fried six million of those guys, you know. Jews would have owned the goddamned world. And look what they’re doing. They’re killing people in Arab countries’ … When asked how he could justify the Holocaust, Ahenakew said: ‘How do you get rid of a disease like that, that’s going to take over, that’s going to dominate?” Ahenakew said when he served in Egypt in 1964. he saw Jews kill people. When asked for details, he said mines planted by the Israeli army killed civilians. ‘All I know is what the Germans told me. Of course, I believe them. I saw the Jews kill people in Egypt when I was there. The Palestinians, Arabs. I saw them (Israel) f—ing dominate everything … I don’t support Hitler. But he cleaned up a hell of a lot of things, didn’t he? You would be owned by the Jews right now the world over. Look, a small, little country (Israel) like that and everyone supports them. Who the hell owns many of the banks in the states, many of the corporations? Look at here in Canada. Izzy Asper (chair of CanWest Global, the owner of The StarPhoenix). He controls the media. What the hell does that tell you? That’s power. That’s f—ing power.’ Ahenakew, who was FSIN chief from 1968-78 and AFN chief from 1982-85, grew impatient when told non-Jews own media companies, as well. ‘The hell with the Jews. I can’t stand them. And that’s it. I don’t want to talk about them.'”

[Stating that Jews dominate the mass media is true. In Canada, saying this is apparently punishable as a “hate crime.”]
Ahenakew claims ‘racial control’ of media,
CBC (Canada), August 14, 2003
“An aboriginal leader who faces hate crime charges for comments about Adolf Hitler and the Jews has made controversial new comments about racial control of the media, a Toronto-based magazine says. David Ahenakew In its July/August edition, This Magazine quotes David Ahenakew as saying no one race should have control of the media. “When a group of people, a race of people, can control the world media, then there’s got to be something done about that,” Ahenakew is quoted as saying before hanging up the phone on reporter Alex Roslin. The article says Ahenakew later told the reporter that he is frustrated that he has to defend himself over his views on Jewish control of banks and the media. “For me to keep defending myself in my own land is not going to happen,” This Magazine quotes Ahenakew as saying. It is Ahenakew’s first interview since his controversial comments last year about Hitler. FROM JUNE 11, 2003: Ahenakew charged with spreading hate. In December, he told a Saskatoon reporter at a conference that Hitler was trying to “clean up the world” when he “fried” six million Jews in the Holocaust. World domination Ahenakew said Hitler’s rise to power was a response to the “disease” of Jewish world domination. He was head of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations senate at the time but later quit the post. In June, the Saskatchewan Justice Department charged him with promoting hatred. He later apologized for his comments and said he doesn’t hold the views expressed in the December interview. But the article in This Magazine quotes sources familiar with the former native leader who say he has long held racist views which have been largely shielded from the public.”

[What does the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl have to do with Canadian Indians? Nothing. But the Jewish Lobby bends everything into their orbit of pro-Israel fanaticism.]
Cree chief supports fight against anti-Semitism,
CTV (Canadian Press), June 1, 2003
“Shared experiences of oppression and racism bind Canada’s Jews and native people in a common battle to fight hatred, the grand chief of Quebec’s northern Cree told a conference on Sunday. “Part of a shared experience between aboriginal peoples and Jews is a history of oppression, of marginalization, and of struggling to retain our identities as societies within larger, often hostile and hateful societies,” Grand Chief Ted Moses told an anti-Semitism conference organized by the Canadian Jewish Congress. The event attracted the father of slain American reporter Daniel Pearl, Canadian political leaders, human rights experts and a variety of Quebec political commentators. In an emotional speech, Judea Pearl denounced the growing global scourge of anti-Semitism and discussed his family’s efforts to address the root causes of hate that resulted in his son’s death. Pearl was a Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and killed last year in Pakistan while researching militants and terrorism in Pakistan. In a videotape of his killing, Pearl defiantly told his captors that he was Jewish … A series of conference speakers described the worsening anti-Semitism that has arisen around the world since the attacks on New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington. “We are entering a new, escalating, virulent, global and even lethal anti-Semitism,” said Irwin Cotler, a renowned human rights professor and Liberal MP. Traditional anti-Semitism against Jews in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere has been replaced by increasing attacks against the Jewish people and the right of Israel to survive among nations, he said.”

Holocaust of the American Indian Peoples

Columbus, Genocide of Natives, and His Jewish Ancestors

Michael Medved

Michael Medved,  Jewish talk show host, denies the “American Holocaust”, the genocide of Native Americans!

That is like saying there was no “European Holocaust”!

Who knows…maybe there was NOT! Of course, the MAJOR REASON why Jews such as Medved deny the “American Holocaust” is because of the DIRECT JEWISH INVOLVEMENT starting with Columbus in 1492.

Medved call’s Indian Nations “Struggling Stone Age Societies”!

This Jew says there was an “American Holocaust” by Lilian Friedberg

Wall Street Journal Publishes Article by Jewish Writer For Atlantic Journal Who Justifies the Extermination of American Indians!

Robert D. Kaplan of the Atlantic Journal Wins the L. Frank Baum “Wizard of Ozterminate Them All” Award! Another “Synagogue of Satan Jew” blaspheming his heritage as a “incognito Nazi”!

   The Projects on the Prairie: We can eliminate poverty on Indian reservations by eliminating Indian reservations – Wall Street Journal (Jewish “Nazi” Street Journal?)

 Jewish Exploitation Of American Indians   

 Fraud Victims Ask to Speak at Abramoff’s Sentencing 

Abramoff admitted that he defrauded the tribes out of millions of dollars. He overbilled them, charged them for services he didn’t perform and took actions that weren’t in their interests, according to federal investigators

Jew Congressman Waxman legislates supports HATE NATIVES EMPLOYMENT BILL!.
A rider that would have limited sole-source contracting to tribes, Alaska Native corporations and Native Hawaiian organizations was removed from a defense bill, The Anchorage Daily News reports
The Native American Contractors Association lobbied against the provision, which was the work of Rep. Henry Waxman (D-California). He has used his position as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to criticize the Native contracting program.

Alaska Republicans Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young have been fighting the efforts and are being joined by lawmakers of both parties who see the value of Native contracting, said Young. “They are waking up now,” Young told the paper.

“This is the latest episode. We’re hoping we’re going to tire him out eventually,” Karen Atkinson, the executive director of NACA said of Waxman’s efforts.

Get the Story:
Stevens, Young defend contracts for Native corporations (The Anchorage Daily News 10/2)
Username: indianz, Password: indianzcom

Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed

Abramoff attended Hanukkah and holiday events at the White House, said an aide who has seen the list. Press Secretary Scott McClellan said Abramoff might have attended large gatherings with Bush but added, The president does not know him, nor does the president recall ever meeting him.

Abramoff also referred to his tribal clients in disparaging terms, according to e-mails uncovered during the probe.

Singer: The Supreme Court’s attack on tribal sovereignty

The Rhetoric of Extermination   

First Whiskey Producing Distilleries That Distributed Alcohol to American Indians Started by Jews

“… every redskin must be killed from off the face of the plains before we can be free from their molestations. 

They are of no earthly good and the sooner they are swept from the land the better for civilization… I do not think they can be turned and made good law abiding citizens any more than coyotes can be used for shepherd dogs”

Quote – Major John Vance Lauderdale, surgeon US Army. Attending physician at the Wounded Knee Massacre.

Jewish Bounty Hunter

Sigmund Shlesinger, a Jewish immigrant from New York City, working in Kansas on Cheyenne lands near Sheridan Kansas…gleefully participated in the mass murder of Native Americans.

 He participated in hunting down families in their homes and attacking them. He helped to see they were murdered, terrorized and deported in a massive ethnic cleansing.



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“Scalpt 3 Indians which were found about 15 feet from my hole consealt in grass…for purpose of collecting bounty.”

Sigmund Shlesinger, personal diary entry Sept. 21, 1868. Western Kansas. (“Trail Blazers of the Trans-Mississippi West,” American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, Vol. 8, 1952)

Racist Jewish lawyer… defends the use of REDSKINS for the Washington Redskin football team with no opposition from the ANYONE! All is fair then…right?

Redskins vs Nazi Swastika

Stop the Mascots and Sterotypes of Native Peoples

Honoring Indians With Disrespect

News Analysis, Ed Wiley III – A Black African American

Cancer and Essiac Tea

Obama Endorses White Corrupt Jew over a Native Alaskan Tlingit Woman…Obama the Racist against Natives HYPOCRITE!

Barrack Hussein Obama,  (member of the Black Congressional Hate Indians KKKacus) showed his REAL COLORS when his office sided with a money loving, economic exploiter of Alaskan Natives Jew named Ethan Berkowitz (see Jewish contributions to Native American History above) who accepted “industry pac and lobby money” from BIG INDUSTRIES DESTROYING ALASKA, instead of supporting Diane Benson, a Tlingit woman and Alaskan Native who’s son is a Veteran of the Iraqi war, lost his legs and who has dedicated her life to saving and preserving Alaska and Native Nations and cultures and Alaska itself for all it’s citizens.

 She was betrayed by the Slumlord Obama…and this is a in your face example of the fact that Obama is a liar and user and nothing more then a “house negro” pimp for the White Jewish Free Masonic New World Order of the “Massa”!

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