Suppressed History And Censored Research Owing To Massive U.S. Government Cover-Up   AIDS and Ebola, two of this century’s most virulent diseases. Why was AIDS originally known as “The Gay Plague” in America? Is AIDS merely a freak accident of nature caused from an African green monkey virus? Or is AIDS a government-sponsored genocide program that seeded a laboratory virus into select populations for political and social purposes? Is it possible to create pathogenic viruses by genetic engineering? Scientific arguments have been made to support various theories of an artificial origin of AIDS, though these arguments have been suppressed in both the mainstream press and in scientific literature. The AIDS pandemic started as a direct result of genetic experimentation and military madness. The most damning evidence that AIDS was man-made comes from the Department of Defense (DOD) Appropriations Hearings for 1969 wherein Pentagon officials, namely a one Dr. MacArthur requested an AIDS-like virus, and biowarfare labs dutifully provided a virus which would destroy the human immune response. This genetically-engineered germ would be very different from any previous microbe known to mankind. Interestingly, the above Hearings on “Synthetic Biological Agents” occurred the same year as the famous Stonewall Riot that won freedom and political clout for the gay community! Neither the government nor the press nor the scientific community has made any effort to bring the above facts to the attention of the public.    Enter the heroic patriots!! There are tireless physicians who have spent years researching and documenting the exhaustive evidence that proves conclusively that HIV/AIDS is in fact biological (germ) warfare experimentation. Whereas both our derelict politicians and mainstream media continue to fail us regarding this most tremendous story of our time! The heroic physicians introduced on this page are the true “saviors” if you will, who alone have exposed the government’s lies and devious smokescreens contrived to conceal an event that is easily the greatest mass murder in world history!! Those who control, manipulate, and censor the major media, are aware of the political and social implications of the AIDS biowarfare story. The reason for AIDS disinformation is obvious: to cover up the man-made origin of this disease. Americans have been duped!!   In his well known report WHO MURDERED AFRICA, Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D., wrote that HIV was finally produced (genetically engineered) in 1974, after having been PREDICTED and REQUESTED! He tells us that the AIDS virus by the WHO (World Health Organization), was not just a diabolical scientific exercise that got out of hand. It was a cold-blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. African AIDS was the result of the smallpox eradication vaccine program conducted by the World Health Organization during the 1970s. It was not an accident. It was deliberate! It is more than hypothetical hyperbole to conclude that our government has conducted biowarfare on Black Africa. It is fact.    For decades depopulation has been the highest long-range priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World. It was classified – it was a secret. “Reduction of the rate of population in these States is a matter of vital US national security.” [ National Security Memorandum, Henry Kissinger ] Viruses cannot jump species unless they are specifically engineered to do so. It is also scientific fact that the AIDS virus bears no resemblance whatsoever to any virus ever found in a green monkey or chimpanzee, but does bear a total resemblance to cow virus and sheep virus, which have been bonded together to create a hybrid virus. The only possible way these two different species of virus could bond together would be from deliberate laboratory manipulation, and then further engineered to make the jump into a human system. HIV is the synthetic biological agent requested by the United States Government to accomplish a hidden Federal program. The National Institute of Health’s Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) is that said hidden Federal program. To attempt to give a comprehensive listing of the old and new documented animal cancer experiments behind the laboratory origin of HIV would fill up this website. Disbelievers and denialists are urged to open their minds. We are dealing here with a worldwide covert genocidal holocaust of unprecedented proportions.   Dr. Robert Strecker is on record saying that science’s new supergerm HIV (this perversion of science), had been worked on being created for 30 to 40 years, and because it was engineered at Ft. Detrick, MD, obviously his claim holds that it was specifically designed as a weapon of mass destruction. As bizarre as it may seem, there are connections between the U.S. Army’s Fort Detrick biowarfare lab and the National Cancer Institute, where Robert Gallo and other leading AIDS researchers worked. (See Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola, by Leonard Horowitz.) The Army’s DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL WARFARE already has a well-documented tradition of EXPERIMENTATION ON HUMAN BEINGS. And nowhere has homophobia been more blatant or more vicious than in the military. The question arises, why would any homosexual want to serve in the military? Since the beginning of recorded history there has never been a group of people so universally hated and despised as homosexuals. And especially by the Pentagon! What happened in 1978 and beyond to cause AIDS to burst upon the scene and devastate the homosexual segment of the American population?     Actual NYC Blood Center recruiting ad – June, 1979 LAST CHANCE For Gay Men to Join the HEPATITIS B* VACCINE PROGRAM. *A Sexually Transmitted Disease. Enrollment closes in June, after which the vaccine may not be available for several years. Take the FREE blood test to determine your HEPATITIS B status and eligibility for the program. For hours and information call: New York Blood Center 570-3047   AIDS in America clearly traces back to the U.S. Federal government’s infamous enterprise of deceit, the hepatitis B experiments performed on thousands of gay volunteers between the years 1978-1981. New York City (in 1083 gay men), San Francisco (in 7000 gay men). The experiment began in Manhattan in November 1978, when over 1,000 homosexuals and bisexuals were injected with the experimental vaccine. Dr. Wolf Szmuness’ experimental hepatitis B vaccine was manufactured by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Also taking part in the study were the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, the National Institute of Alergy and Infectious Diseases, and big drug companies such as Merck, Sharp & Dohme, and Abbott Laboratories. To be eligible for the experiment the men had to be young, healthy, promiscuous (emphasis added), and under the age of 40. For statistical purposes — gays were set up — the government tested and interviewed the most promiscuous gays — those signed up in VD clinics for example, and then made the statistics fit the entire gay community. Szmuness had no trouble rounding up gays who were willing to be guinea pigs in a vaccine program that offered health benefits for themselves and their community. Most of the men in the experiment were white. Three months after the experiment began at the New York City Blood Center, the first AIDS case was discovered in a young white Manhattan gay. Beginning in March, 1980, similar vaccine experiments took place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, Denver and Chicago. In the fall of 1980, the first West Coast case of AIDS was reported in a young white gay man from San Francisco. To this day the New York City Blood Center refuse to release their data on the AIDS deaths following that experiment! The details of the experiment, and its effect on the health of these men, are contained in the records of the trials. However, since 1984, when 64% of the men who got the vaccine already had full-blown AIDS, no additional reports have been released (Waves Forest, “Designer Diseases”, Open Road, Fall 1988, p.3). The U.S. Department of Justice is keeping this incriminating information “classified” and “unavailable” for public research and investigation. The definitive report of this study can be found in two books by Dr. Alan Cantwell, AIDS and the DOCTORS of DEATH and QUEER BLOOD. Those American gays never realized they were the victims of a secret biomedical plot directed against them. The more one studies the hepatitis B experiment, the more the connections to biological warfare and genocide become apparent. To those perceptive enough to discern it, the mass deaths of homosexuals from AIDS was similar to the mass deaths of Jews in the Holocaust!   Media Disinformation   With the publication of And The Band Played On in 1987, the media became obsessed with author Randy Shilts’ “Patient Zero” story. A Canadian airline steward named Gaeton Dugas is portrayed as the promiscuous gay man “who brought the AIDS virus from Paris and ignited the epidemic in North America.” What Shilts probably did not know is that when Dugas was diagnosed with AIDS in 1980, over twenty percent of the Manhattan gays in the hepatitis B experiment were HIV positive. This twenty percent infection rate was discovered after the HIV blood test became available in 1985, and after the mens’ stored blood at the New York Blood Center was retested for HIV antibodies (JAMA, Vol. 255, pp. 2167-2172, 1986). Remarkably, these gay men had the highest recorded incidence of HIV anywhere in the world for that time! Even in African populations, where AIDS had been theorized to exist for millennia, there were never reports of such a high incidence of HIV in 1980. The media continue to promote ludicrous propaganda about the origin of AIDS, always avoiding discussion of the idea that HIV came out of a laboratory, and always pointing the finger to Africa.   Dr. Robert Strecker   Dr. Robert B. Strecker, M.D.,Ph.D., was the first AIDS whistleblower, and Lorimar Pictures has bought the screen rights to this most brilliant and courageous doctor’s life story. And a true AIDS activist, Eric Taylor, the 1994 founder of B.L.O.O.D.,~ Brotherly Lovers Of Original Democracy, – in Philadelphia, to spearhead a class action lawsuit against the Pentagon for bio-engineering AIDS, has collected over 3,000 signatures from all 50 United States. Witnessing the unprecedented openess of the Clinton Administration in dealing with similar situations such as cold war radiation experiments conducted upon thousands of unsuspecting poor people, Gulf War Syndrome (increasingly linked to experimental biowarfare vaccines given to a half-million U.S. troops), and a Presidential apology for the racist Tuskegee syphilis study from 1932 to 1972, Brotherly Lovers is pursuing a Congressional hearing rather than a class action.   Nothing less than a Congressional hearing and investigation that may lead to a full world conference in the United Nations is needed to clarify and defuse the alleged mentally deranged plan of world depopulation through genetically engineered bio-weapons and prevent world panic! Now if silence is complicity, then the American mainstream press IS libel for it’s continuing, ongoing silence in the face of this diabolic world genocide encompassing the decimation of third world countries for purposes of population control. The CIA’s want and need for an offensive biological agent to stem the African birth rate is a matter of record documented over 50 years ago. The American people have the right to know and deserve a dialogue on this global genocide of Nuremburg gravity! The massive government cover up and disinformation campaign is expected to escalate (witness the proliferation of certain conspicuous books). Dr. Leonard Horowitz is building a grass roots activist movement to finally expose this great crime against humanity, and to hopefully prevent future bio-attacks against gays and other targeted groups with “ethno-specific” viruses. The Genome Project makes this technology a very plausible reality for concern. During the late 1950’s, the 60’s, the 70’s, and the early 80’s, scientists and policy makers in the U.S. believed there was a population explosion of peoples who they considered inferior and or undesirable. This is historically the very essence of the intolerant and genocidal mindset. The political consequences for humanity can be disastrous if the new genetic technology is used for evil purposes. The cancer virologists and the genetic engineers are the new masters of life and death on the planet.   Physician/scientist, cancer/AIDS researcher, Dr. Alan R.Cantwell’s AIDS biowarfare books are his classic AIDS AND THE DOCTORS OF DEATH (suppressed at the Fifth International AIDS Conference at Montreal, Canada), and the Benjamin Franklin Award winning sequel, QUEER BLOOD:The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot. 1-800-431-1579. Dr. Cantwell is also author of the revolutionary THE CANCER MICROBE. It is a continuing tragedy that microbiologists, pathologists, oncologists, dermatologists, and other physicians and researchers are not willing to investigate the microbe of cancer. Knowledge of this cancer germ has been suppressed by a greedy and arrogant scientific establishment that does not really want to find a cause and a cure for cancer because it is more lucrative to continue the “search.” Until this infectious agent is recognized, it is doubtful that medical science will ever achieve an effective treatment for AIDS and cancer. A terrific SOURCE for books about AIDS as man-made disease, emerging viruses, the cancer conspiracy and other medical conspiracies etc., contact:   Dr. Alan Cantwell Author of Classic AIDS Books   Aries Rising Press P. O. Box 29532 Los Angeles, CA 90029 Phone/FAX (323) 462-6458 E-mail AlanRCan@aol.com  Current catalog of books upon request.    Dr. Horowitz’s brilliantly researched book, EMERGING VIRUSES: AIDS & Ebola; Nature, Accident or Intentional? (1996) Available also from Aries Rising Press. According to Dr. Horowitz, one of the prime players was Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, who in 1969 allocated $10 million of Congressional funding for the development of AIDS-like viruses by the U.S. military. Kissinger also allegedly instructed the CIA to stockpile a Pandora’s box of deadly viruses for a secret germ warfare project code-named MKNAOMI. Kissinger and a few MKNAOMI scientists controlled the fate of AIDS-like viruses engineered for the Army for use in CIA-directed operations. EMERGING VIRUSES delivers a particularly devastating indictment against AIDS researcher Robert Gallo. Horowitz reveals the early Nazi roots of biological warfare research. EMERGING VIRUSES concludes that the people society blames for starting the AIDS pandemic — American gay men and Africans — are innocent victims, while those who created AIDS continue to profit by developing expensive new drugs to treat it. Pharmaceutical industrialists create the problems and then manufacture the solutions. EMERGING VIRUSES is an explosive book exposing the madness of modern medicine and a powerhouse of evidence to show why AIDS is a man-made disease. “Perhaps now, as AIDS consumes the lives, liberties, and pursuits of an estimated 100 million HIV-positive people worldwide, the time has come to vanquish our delusions about it and its origin.” Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s website  Tetrahedron Incorporated

AIDS: An Explosion Of The Biological Time bomb? by Robert E. Lee (2000)

This thoroughly documented book is over 500 pages long and is packed full of specific history relevant to the development of biological agents that cause the immunodeficiency states in infected hosts. Well worth a serious read, with an excellent foreword by Dr. Alan Cantwell, M.D., author of over 30 scientific papers in referred -journals and 4 books related to HIV, Kaposi’s sarcoma, and other AIDS-related conditions.   The “old” cases of the Manchester, England case of the 1950s — and the very young black boy from St. Louis case of AIDS in 1969 — have both been DISPROVEN as old AIDS cases, (See Hooper’s The River, 1999), a book which debunks these cases. Until the majority of people wake up that AIDS is a man-made disease and force the issue in the press, this subject will remain TABOO in the media, except to pass it off as “conspiracy theory” and “paranoia.” Caveat: The Hooper group is fixated on ONLY one thing, — and that is the possibly contaminated polio vaccines of the 1950s. They curiously ignore all other vaccine programs, as well as additional sources of possible viral contamination during vaccine manufacture. Although Hooper’s writings point to a man-made origin of AIDS, they certainly are not the last word on the matter; and his conclusions still remain a theory best evaluated by comparing them with the views of other researchers who believe that HIV was deliberately introduced to American gays and African blacks by hepatitis B and smallpox vaccine programs in the 1970s, and not solely via the polio vaccine route. And we suggest to interested readers not to believe everything in the newspapers, CNN, and in medical journals. Blaming primates and human sexuality for the intoduction and spread of AIDS makes as much sense as blaming Jews for the Holocaust. And yet almost all the “intellectuals” believe in the monkey-chimp “out of Africa” origin of AIDS. The EVIDENCE for bonified AIDS cases in the U.S. and Africa prior to the eruption of AIDS in the late 1970s is WEAK. However, the AIDS “experts” have used this weak evidence to totally discredit all the irrefutable evidence pointing to HIV as being intoduced in the 1970s. Ask yourselves why??? AIDS: An Explosion of the Biological Timebomb? is a 117,000 word, 16 chapter, 1600+ hyperlinked footnoted work examining historic leukemia, sarcoma, and immunodeficiency research over the last 60 years. Incremental developments in these sciences reveals likely origin, certainly intentional creation of HIV. AIDS: AN EXPLOSION OF THE BIOLOGICAL TIMEBOMB   ***************************************      AIDS Bio-Engineering On Trial This section is lovingly devoted to the courage and outspokenness of one remarkable lawyer and AIDS activist named Boyd Graves, author of the book, STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence Of The Laboratory Birth Of AIDS (2000). State Origin is not only a case study of the Special Virus Cancer Program, it is the heroic story of one man’s tireless efforts to bring these facts to light against all odds.   My name is Boyd Graves and I have AIDS. Last September I filed suit against the U.S. for the “creation, production and proliferation of the AIDS virus.” I submitted to the U.S. Federal court, page 129 of U.S. House Bill 15090. It is the U.S. Pentagon’s incriminating testimony about creating a new virus (July 1, 1969).   NOW we have the “progress reports” of a hidden Federal program entitled “Special Virus.” The “Special” virus program began in 1962 [according to the progress reports]. The program inoculated monkeys with human viruses and then released them into the wilds of Africa. The U.S. owns a primate colony in Uganda. In progress report #8, 1971, (See Emerging Viruses, pp. 406-409) we have discovered a paper by Dr. Robert Gallo that is identical to his 1984 announcement of the CO-discovery of AIDS. I have been called by the Pentagon and the Center for Disease Control out of Atlanta.   However, nothing compares to the incriminating testimony the Pentagon gave on June 9, 1969. On June 9, 1969, the Pentagon admits that it was doing research on an offensive biological agent that would lead to a “World-Wide scourge and black-death type plague in certain geographical areas of the world.”   The major press in the U.S. refuses to view the Pentagon testimony or the progress reports of this “hidden” Federal program. Even the U.S. Federal court set aside the direct evidence and ruled this to be ‘frivolous’. The world is awakening to the devastating effects of the man-made HIV retroviruses that are methodically annihilating one continent’s population after another. Although some of the top world scientists know without any shadow of a doubt, who was/is behind this diabolic genocidal assault on mankind, nothing is being done to rectify this MASS MURDER.   Internet AIDS Biowarfare websites are taking on a paradigm-owning adversary with infinite monies — public, private, and foundation and who just happen to sign the paychecks for all the courts and all the prosecutors. They own the covert services, they own the military, they own the airwaves and the newsprint, they own the hearts and minds of the American populace. Every 9 to 5 NSA secretary and transcriber should know that they are aiding and abetting the U.S. government’s massive secret extermination program against gays, Blacks and other non-White ethnicities.   Dr. Len Horowitz (800-336-9266), Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD (323-462-6458), Professor Francis Boyle (217-333-7954) and Don Scott (705-670-0180) will all testify as to the laboratory origin of the HIV virus. Don Scott is President of The Common Cause Foundation: http://www.cfsaudio.4biz.net/ccf/index.htm   The world needs to view the testimony from June and July 1969, and the progress reports of the U.S.’s “Special” Virus program. These are the “missing links” in that they provide the data, experiments and contracts that concocted the HIV virus.   The people of the world need for this information to come out. The progress reports are absolutely extraordinary and astonishing in proving the culpability of the United States of America.   WHERE ARE GOOD DECENT PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT AFRAID TO BEAR FORTH THE TRUTH? I seek a mandate from the people of the world to further assist in exposing this covert genocidal biological warfare and inhumane medical experimentation, the keystone of an aggressive ongoing global population control program. We have allowed 30 years to pass, it is time.   If you are opposed to State-sanctioned, premeditated MURDER, get involved or wait until you are chosen to be culled. Sincerely, Boyd E. Graves, Director-AIDS CONCERNS, the Common Cause Foundation, 1874 Lampson Ave., 3rd Floor, Cleveland, OH 44112-1530, Phone: (216) 481-5622, Email: If you are opposed to State-sanctioned, premeditated MURDER, get involved or wait until you are chosen to be culled. Sincerely, Boyd E. Graves, Director-AIDS CONCERNS, the Common Cause Foundation, 2700 Washington # 1402, Cleveland, OH 44113, Phone: (216) 481-5622, Email: boyded@xcelnet.net   In Canada on Saturday, August 21, 1999, American, Boyd E. Graves stunned the International medical community when he presented the AIDS FLOWCHART; the ‘research logic flow’ of a “hidden” Federal program entitled, “Special Virus”. The “Special Virus” program began in 1962 and produced at least fifteen progress reports that correspond to the schematic. The flowchart IS the “missing link” in the definitive proof of the laboratory origin of HIV/AIDS. It has already met and exceeded the scrutiny of some of the world’s top microbiologists and scientists, including Dr. Garth Nicolson.   ****************   You can only fool intelligent people for so long. Our take on this new round of transparent propaganda alleging a natural evolution of the AIDS virus from wild African chimpanzees is that it is a desperate attempt to further obscure the scientific evidence and incriminating facts. Now that thousands of grassroots activists are successfully alerting millions more regarding the works by Drs. Strecker, Cantwell, Horowitz and others, spin doctors need to work overtime. Their periodic propaganda can only distract and confuse people for so long. Millions now realize that AIDS, as well as other immune system related disorders including chronic fatigue CFIDS, fibromyalgia, Lupus, multiple sclerosis and many more neurologic injuries including autism, attention deficit, and hyperactivity disorders in our children, along with several unique contemporary cancer epidemics including lymphomas, leukemias and sarcomas, are largely vaccine induced injuries.    John Seale, M.D., concluded that AIDS was man-made in “Origins of the AIDS Viruses, HIV-1 and HIV-2: Fact or Fiction?” which was published by The British Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine in 1988 (81: 617-619). And Dr. Georges Mathe, the father of bone marrow transplantation and one of the giants of clinical immunology, has long stated HIV is an engineered virus.   Lieutenant Colonel Thomas E. Bearden (U.S. Army, retired) wrote the book, AIDS Biological Warfare in 1988 claiming that HIV was developed in American biowarfare labs, urging: “It is imperative that the Congress of the United States launch a full investigation of the entire background of the AIDS biowarfare strike, as a matter of the highest priority.” Bearden holds a Master of Science degree in nuclear engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, and now heads an aerospace firm.   The New York Native was the first American paper to report the story, quoting an anonymous source who worked for the Fort Detrick Biological Warfare lab in Bethesda, Maryland, and claimed that the AIDS Biowarfare program was called “Operation Firm Hand.” (4/13/87).     Jakob Segal, an East Berlin microbiologist, interviewed in the London Sunday Express, October 26, 1986, insisted that “the AIDS virus was man-made,” and when asked about the widely-accepted green monkey theory of AIDS, the German professor quipped, “It’s ludicrous and scientifically incredible — and has been promoted I believe, by the U.S. Government as part of the cover-up.” Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., has been most outspoken against physicians who are hiding the truth about the man-made origin of HIV and generous with her endorsements promoting Dr. Cantwell’s honest books. Dr. Cantwell’s expose of AIDS as a man-made epidemic has already resulted in the New York and Los Angeles productions of two critically-acclaimed plays: Aubrey Hampton’s MIXED BLOOD: A DRAMA ABOUT THE CREATION OF THE AIDS VIRUS; and Christian Ander’s THE MAN WHO CREATED AIDS.   The AIDS biologic experiment is a replay of the medical terrors of Nazi Germany, but few people realize that another man-made Holocaust is occurring in front of our eyes. Dr. Strecker has astutely pointed out why the perpetrators selected gay men for the hepatitis B experiment. Because, said the doctor, they knew that NOTHING would be done since homosexuals are the most hated group in history. And the silence continues!   NEVER in the history of medicine has a viral disease EXCLUSIVELY attacked only gay men (originally). HERE, according to the doctors, is the “SMOKING GUN”……   How do you turn a black heterosexual disease in Africa into a white homosexual disease in America? How could AIDS have started in Africa and in New York City at the same time?      
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