Child Raping Sodomite Satanist Harry Hay Founded LGBT movement’s attack on America!

Gay Rights, Gay Marriage, Transgenders, Gender Fluidity, Gay Mafia, Gays Attacking Christians, Lesbians, Gender Pronouns, Promoting Homosexuality to Children, Gays Infringing on Rights, Gay Literature and Film, Homosexual Perversity, Media Pushing Homosexuality

LGBTQ’S Legacy Of Child Abuse “SODOMY FOR ALL” Embraced By Megan Rapinoe And Jewish Girlfriend Sue Bird The Ultimate Resource

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Gay Rights, Gay Marriage, Transgenders, Gender Fluidity, Gay Mafia, Gays Attacking Christians, Lesbians, Gender Pronouns, Promoting Homosexuality to Children, Gays Infringing on Rights, Gay Literature and Film, Homosexual Perversity, Media Pushing Homosexuality

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Scotlands Woke Police Call Paedophiles Minor Attracted People in EU Linked Report; PROTECTING PEDOPHILES IS MAINSTREAM AMONG THE LEFT12/31/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Scottish Police Helping Support Minor Attracted Persons (DANIEL GREENFIELD)12/31/22LGBT, Perverse,
Texas Father Provides Heartbreaking Update to Transgender Custody Battle Against Ex-Wife Working to Transition Son James Into Girl Named Luna12/30/22LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
Crocs Shoe Brand Sponsors Kids Drag Fashion Show12/30/22LGBT, Liberal Bias,
USA Today Front Page Touts Indulgent Parents of LGBTQ Kids Beating the Learning Curve12/28/22LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
A man who allegedly killed his family after alleged disputes about his transgender identification has been marked as a female in a Maine prison.12/28/22LGBT, Violence,
FL Investigating Drag Show: Exposing Children to Sexually Explicit Activity Is a Crime in Florida12/27/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Study: Gender Affirming Care for Children Has No Basis in Medicine12/26/22Healthcare, Science, LGBT
A Massachusetts court unwittingly makes the case for pulling children out of public schools12/24/22Education, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: PBS: Far Right GOPers Are Anti Drag Because Brainwashed (PROJECTION)12/22/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
The Persistence of the Left: Why an ideology so graphically repudiated by history, and so bloody in its application, continues to endure.12/22/22Socialism, Remove History, Conservative
Why the Redefinition of the Word Woman Matters12/21/22Feminism, Indoctrination, LGBT
Another Girl Assaulted By Trans Student In HS Bathroom, Media Quiet12/21/22Feminism, LGBT, Violence
VIDEO: Tayler Hansen on Tucker Carlson: No Dads Were at the Christmas Drag Show; Mostly Single Mothers Who Happen to Be Obese12/20/22LGBT, Perverse,
Feminism Killed Feminism: The transgender movement is the end result of feminisms hatred of women.12/20/22Feminism, LGBT,
Transgender Pervert Arrested After He Exposed His Penis to Women and Little Girls at Wi Spa in Los Angeles12/20/22LGBT, Violence,
J&B Whiskey has embraced transgender madness12/20/22LGBT, PC,
The LGBT Alphabet Lobby Has Come For Its Own Women12/19/22Feminism, LGBT,
40% of students at liberal arts colleges now identify as LGBTQ, study finds12/19/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Federal court declares it is fair for biological males to compete in womens sports12/18/22Feminism, LGBT,
Bernie Sanders wants more puberty blockers for children12/16/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Leftists Call Free Speech Violence To Mute Critics Of Barbaric Transgender Surgeries For Kids12/16/22LGBT, Perverse,
Lesbian to be imprisoned for stating men cant be lesbians? Tonje Gjevjon, a Norwegian artist and lesbian, was recently informed that she was being investigated by the police for engaging in hate speech because of a Facebook post she made stating that men cant be lesbians12/16/22Feminism, LGBT,
Richmond Childrens Museum Celebrates Pride Night With Legendary Santa & Drag Snow Queen12/16/22LGBT, Christianity,
Bidens New Authoritarians Prioritize Gender Transition over Religious Liberty12/15/22LGBT, Christianity, Healthcare
Maine Health Teacher Pushes Gender Ideology, Dodges Public Records Requests12/15/22Professors, LGBT, Indoctrination
Why The Redefinition Of The Word Woman Matters12/15/22LGBT, Feminism, Indoctrination
Transgender Teen Charged With Violently Assaulting Two Female Students in Oklahoma High School Bathroom12/15/22LGBT, Violence,
The New England Medical Journal Uses Denial To Advance Transgenderism12/14/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
What happens when dictionaries intersect with gender propaganda?12/14/22LGBT, Feminism, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Joe Biden: When a Person Can Be Married in the Morning and Thrown Out of a Restaurant for Being Gay in the Afternoon, This is Still Wrong12/13/22LGBT, Biden,
Oregon Department of Education to Spend $2 Million on LGBTQ2SIA+ Curriculum12/13/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
VIDEO: GOP Reps Ask Trans Activist If Extremist Rhetoric Online Leads to Violence – Then Posts Up Several Violent Tweets from Same Radical Trans Activist12/13/22LGBT, Violence,
James Carville: Opposition to Swap of Merchant of Death for Griner Largely Due to Racism, Homophobia, Pro Putinism12/12/22Liberal Bias, TDS, Race
Sam Brinton Fired Following Luggage Theft Accusations12/12/22LGBT, Biden,
Elon Musk Slaps Down Straight Leftist Astronaut Lecturing on Pronouns and the LGBTQ Community12/12/22LGBT, Conservative,
VIDEO: Transgender Navy SEAL Detransitions, Warns Young People About the Trans Agenda and Exposes the VA12/11/22LGBT, Conservative,
WOKE WAR ON WOMEN: Biological Male Concusses Female During NHL-Endorsed Transgender Hockey Tournament12/11/22Feminism, LGBT,
Woke military: Lt. Col. calls cops on mom concerned about LGBTQ indoctrination12/9/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Education
A federal appeals court has permanently blocked the Biden administration’s mandate on doctors and hospitals forcing them to perform gender transition procedures against their conscience12/9/22LGBT, Christianity, Healthcare
Vermont school board member goes ballistic when father questions trans agenda12/9/22LGBT, Professors, Education
Whether Banning Christians Or Pushing Drag Queens, Public Library Radicals Are Calling All The Shots12/9/22LGBT, Christianity, Education
VIDEO: Joe Biden: Brittney Griner an Incomparable Athlete, Who Represents the Best of America12/8/22LGBT, Biden, Celebrities
Tom Cotton: People Will Die Because Biden Traded Merchant of Death for Brittney Griner12/8/22LGBT, Biden, Celebrities
Karine Jean Pierre: Brittney Griner an Important Inspiration to LGBTQI+ Americans12/8/22LGBT, Biden, Celebrities
Biden Pushes Gun Control, Releases Convicted Arms Dealer in Prisoner Swap, All in Same Day12/8/22Guns, Biden, Celebrities
House Passes Anti Christian Respect for Marriage Act, Sends Bill to Bidens Desk12/8/22Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
Seattle Public Schools Tell Fourth Graders to Write Letter Giving Advice to Trans Kid12/8/22Media, Perverse, Indoctrination
Misnamed Respect For Marriage Act Doesnt Just Gut Religious Liberties, It Puts Selfish Adult Wants Over Kids Needs12/8/22LGBT, Christianity,
Project Veritas: Private School Dean Had LGBTQ+ Health Staff Give Sex Toys to Students, Discuss Queer Sex in Classroom12/8/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
VIDEO: Tucker SLAMS NBC Covering for Bidens Decision to Leave Marine Behind12/8/22Conservative, Biden, Patriotism
ACLU Threatens Hospital Reluctant to Mutilate Genitals12/7/22LGBT, Perverse, Unions
American Girl Book Promotes Puberty Blockers to Pre Teens: More Time to Think About Your Gender Identity12/7/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Kirk Cameron is denied story-hour slot by public libraries for his new faith based kids book12/7/22LGBT, Christianity, Education
Hundreds of Texas Churches Split from Pro Abortion United Methodist Church Denomination12/7/22Abortion, LGBT, Christianity
Grand Jury: Loudoun County Schools Failed at Every Juncture in Bathroom Rape Case12/6/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
303 Creative Is Just The Governments Latest Attempt To Conflate Christian Sexual Ethics With Racism12/6/22LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Rachel Levine Calls on Doctors to Become Ambassadors to Normalize Transgenderism12/5/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Grand Jury: Legal Counsel For Loudoun County School Board Engaged In Witness Tampering During Sexual Assault Investigation12/5/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
The Future Of The First Amendment Hinges On The 303 Creative Case Before The Supreme Court12/5/22LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
How the Transgender Industry Targets Victims of Autism12/5/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Video: Gender Reassignment for Kids Was Done Without Evidence12/2/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
It is time to wage war against classroom décor12/2/22Education, LGBT, Race
VIDEO: Elementary School Teacher Admits What the Real Agenda Is and It’s Terrifying12/2/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Teen Vogue Publishes Article From Doctor Promoting Mutilating Minors in the Name of Gender Affirmation12/1/22Media, LGBT, Healthcare
VIDEO: Shameful Networks Ignore Sickening Report of California Releasing Droves of Pedophiles (OMISSION)12/1/22LGBT, Perverse, Violence
It is Evil To Use Children As The Leading Edge For So Called Transgenderism12/1/22LGBT, Healthcare,
NPR: GOP Bills on GenderAffirming Care Could Cause Teen Suicides11/29/22LGBT, Healthcare, Media
The Most Passionate Science Deniers Are Pro Trans Experts Who Profit From Carving Up Kids11/29/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Senate Rejects Lee Religious Liberty Amendment, Passes So Called Respect for Marriage Act11/29/22LGBT, Christianity,
Outrage is mounting as much of Hollywood remains silent on luxury fashion brand Balenciagas recent scandal involving BDSM themed child ads.11/29/22Celebrities, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Prominent Christian Group Focus on the Family Has Headquarters Vandalized After Left Blames Conservatives For Club Q Shooting by Non-Binary Killer11/29/22LGBT, Christianity, Vandalism
Washington Post reviewed a scintillating new play called Downstate that ruminates on the idea that punishments inflicted on some pedophiles are so harsh and unrelenting as to be inhumane11/28/22Media, Perverse, LGBT
VIDEO: THE VIEW: Farah Griffin: Balenciaga Campaign Is A Bad Misstep Because Republicans Pounced11/28/22Media, LGBT, Perverse
12 GOP Senators Ditched Their Constituents To Allow For Government Persecution Of Speech In Deceptive LGBT Bill11/28/22Christianity, LGBT,
Bidens Gender Fluid Pup Handler DOE Employee Sam Brinton Charged with Felony Theft11/28/22LGBT, ,
Networks Bury CrossDressing Biden Admin Official Sam Brinton Charged With Felony Theft11/28/22LGBT, Biden, Media
Thousands of convicted pedophiles in California are being released from prison in less than a year for horrific acts, including rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of kids under 14, investigation reveals11/28/22Violence, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: Trans activists with beards question existence of biological women11/26/22Feminism, LGBT,
Trans expert who claimed it is civic duty to accost SCOTUS justices cited by Taylor Lorenz as expert on Twitter violence11/26/22Media, LGBT, Violence
VIDEO: Trans Guest on CNN Refuses to Acknowledge Gender Identity of Colorado Shooter, It Was Obvious From Mugshot, Thats a Man11/24/22LGBT, Media, Violence
Radical Teachers Union Boss Calls Republicans Transgender Rhetoric Demonic and Blames Them for Colorado Gay Club Shooting by Non Binary11/24/22LGBT, Violence, Perverse
First Openly Trans New Hampshire Lawmaker Who Made Earlier Bomb Threats Is Arrested for Stalking Woman11/23/22LGBT, Perverse, Violence
VIDEO: CA High School Teacher, Former Teachers’ Union President and Gay Club Advisor Caught Soliciting Underage Boy; Older Brother Confronts Him in a Viral Video11/22/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
The media and the Democrats exploit another tragedy to silence their opponents11/22/22LGBT, Violence, Media
VIDEO: Randi Weingarten Republicans Transgender Rhetoric Is Demonic11/22/22LGBT, Professors, Unions
FTX Gave Over $1 Million To The LGBTQ Victory Fund That Boosted Transgender Lawmaker Into Office11/22/22LGBT, HoaxFraud, Economics
Republicans Lummis, Collins Double Down After Voting To Advance Reckless Same Sex Marriage Bill11/22/22LGBT, Christianity,
VIDEO: CNN Stunned As Their Narrative on Gay Club Shooter Gets Crushed; attorneys for the accused shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, say in new court filings tonight that the suspect now identifies as non binary.11/22/22LGBT, Violence, Media
8 year old shamed in Vermont school over pronouns11/22/22LGBT, Education,
House Dems Demand DOJ Go After Critics of Child Sexual Mutilation11/22/22LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
NBCs Collins: Right Targeting Transgender People to Blame for CO Shooting11/22/22LGBT, Violence, Media
The Respect For Marriage Act Is An Exercise In Tyranny, And Everyone Knows It11/22/22LGBT, Christianity, Perverse
VIDEO: CBS Exploits Transgender 11 Year Old to Attack Virginia Bathroom Law11/22/22LGBT, Media,
The Club Q shooting and the religion of the left11/22/22LGBT, Violence, Christianity
The Respect For Marriage Act Disrespects Faithful Americans11/22/22LGBT, Christianity,
AOC Targets Lauren Boebert, GOP over Gay Nightclub Shooting Attack in Colorado11/21/22Violence, LGBT,
VIDEO: THE VIEW Sunny Hostin claims Jesus Christ would grand marshal a Pride parade11/21/22Christianity, LGBT, Media
The gods of diversity are killing the golden age of medicine11/21/22Healthcare, Science, Indoctrination
VIDEO: MSNBC: It is Sad GOP Wants to Ban Drag Shows, GOP Should Be Ashamed11/21/22LGBT, Media,
An elected school official in Rhode Island said using proper pronouns; against the stated identity of a transgender child is an act of violence.11/21/22Professors, Violence, LGBT
VIDEO: MSNBC Circus Freaks Out Over Gay Club Shooting, Blames Conservatives11/21/22LGBT, Media, Violence
VIDEO: CHOP gender clinic founder admitted in 2017 that child sex change surgeries were being done without evidence of efficacy11/21/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
DICK MATCH: Jacksonville LGBTQ youth center shares new memory card game on Instagram11/18/22LGBT, Perverse,
GLAAD Calls Candace Cameron Bures Comments Irresponsible and Hurtful Threatens Advertiser Boycott11/18/22LGBT, Christianity, Media
Conservatives Cant Run And Hide From The Left Anymore. They Have To Stand And Fight11/18/22LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Rachel Levine says states should leave care of gender confused youth to experts11/18/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Trans Cross Country Runner Proves Men Make Superior Women11/18/22Feminism, LGBT,
Pope Franciss Tacit Support For Gay Marriage Subverts Scripture To Please The World11/18/22LGBT, Christianity,
Judge Rules Against Biden Admins Attempt to Force Doctors to Aid Gender Transitions11/17/22LGBT, Healthcare, Freedom
Fact Checking 7 Claims by Defenders of Democrats Marriage Bill11/17/22LGBT, Christianity,
New York Times Condemns Tattoos on Children While Waffling on Puberty Blockers Causing Brittle Bones11/17/22Media, Liberal Bias, LGBT
San Francisco to award guaranteed income to 55 impoverished transgenders; $1,200 per month for free11/17/22LGBT, Economics, California
Attacks on Candace Cameron Bure Expose Ruthlessness of LGBT Activists Against Christians11/17/22LGBT, Christianity,
Senate Votes 62 to 37 to Advance Bill That Would Protect Same-Sex Marriage; Here Are the Republicans Who Voted with Democrats; Blunt, Burr, Capito, Collins, Ernst, Lummis, Murkowski, Portman, Romney, Sullivan, Tillis and Young.11/16/22LGBT, Conservative,
On Survey, 1,168 Parents Report Their Kids Encountered Sexually Explicit Content In School (stat%)11/14/22LGBT, Education,
US Team Redesigns Crest with LGBTQ+ Rainbow Stripes Ahead of World Cup in Qatar11/14/22LGBT, Patriotism,
Suburban Saint Louis Voters Reject Drag Shows At Libraries And Schools By 40 Point Margin11/14/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Leftists carefully market sex books to make them seem wholesome for kids11/14/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Biological Male Wins Miss America in New Hampshire Teen Beauty Pageant11/9/22Feminism, LGBT,
Democrat Leigh Finke Is Minnesota First Transgender Lawmaker11/9/22LGBT, ,
Bombshell Audio Reveals How Tony Evers Normalized Gender-Bending Insanity In Wisconsin Schools11/8/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Virginia Republican congressional candidate Yesli Vega rallied supporters on the eve of the election, saying, We have to take our country back. It is insane that we are talking about jailing parents for protecting their children11/7/22LGBT, Education,
VIDEO: Journalist Tayler Hansen Choked Out and Body-Slammed at Beto O’Rourke Event after Screaming Out Question on Transitioning Children11/4/22LGBT, Violence, Texas
POLL: 75% of Americans Say Transgender Insanity Targeting Children has gone too far (stat%)11/4/22LGBT, Healthcare,
VIDEO: New Jersey teacher tells students babies can be born non binary11/4/22Professors, LGBT,
Moderate Democrat Tim Ryan Backs Free Sex Changes for Illegal Migrants11/3/22Immigration, LGBT, Healthcare
CDC Quietly Replaces Pregnant Women with Woke Gender Neutral Term Pregnant People in Flu Guidance11/3/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
VIDEO: BC says voter ID laws disproportionately impact trans people11/2/22VoterFraud, LGBT,
ABC sitcom The Conners, the family pushed for exposing neighborhood children to sexually explicit books with the false claim that parents are banning the classics from school libraries across the country.11/1/22Media, Indoctrination, LGBT
Gay AP Scribe Rants Right Wing False Claims Are Tainting Drag Queens11/1/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Google Cites Unreliable Claims To Ban Ads For Kids Book About The 2020 Election But Not Trans Propaganda10/31/22VoterFraud, Media, Indoctrination
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia gender clinic founder says age is just a number when advocating for double mastectomies for healthy 14 year old girls10/31/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
The ACLUs Interpretation Of Anti Discrimination Would Destroy Free Speech; laws should be interpreted in ways that restrict the decisions of business owners, even when they have nothing to do with the identity of the customer, which gives governments broad power to restrict freedom of speech10/28/22Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
Emails Show Colorado District Lying About Furries In Schools To Smear Parents, GOP Gubernatorial Candidate; local media called it a conspiracy theory10/28/22Professors, Education, LGBT
Democrats are now hostage to the transgender extremists, and it is going to cost them dearly10/25/22LGBT, ,
Judge Strikes Biden DOJs Burdensome Bully Tactics Against Opponents Of Trans Surgeries For Kids10/25/22LGBT, Healthcare, Biden
Joe Biden Says It is Wrong for States to Ban Puberty Blockers and Sex Reassignment Surgery For Children10/24/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
Devout Catholic Biden Invokes God And Morality To Push Genital Mutilation Of Gender Confused Kids10/24/22LGBT, Perverse, Christianity
Teen girls forced to disrobe in front of males lose their free speech rights10/23/22Feminism, LGBT,
Poll: 78% of Americans Do Not Support Sex Changes for Minors10/21/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Democrat Cheri Beasley Previously Defended Child Sex Change Surgeries10/21/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Virginia Teacher Reveals The Lefts Next Public School Quest: Convincing Autistic Kids They Are Trans10/21/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Rep. Rashida Tlaib Introducing Bill to Change the Definition of Sex in Civil Rights Laws10/21/22Islam, LGBT,
Move over Gender Queer, there is a new obscene book in schools; the newest perverse book is Me and Earl and the Dying Girl10/21/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
Reminder that in 1969 Planned Parenthood produced a memo recommending strategies for population control. These include restructuring the family, encouragement of increased homosexuality, tax funded abortion, and sterilization.10/21/22Abortion, LGBT, Remove History
Portland Antifa trans person vows to silence womens rights activist, raises money for weapons10/21/22Feminism, LGBT, Violence
Mural at Michigan Middle School Sparks Outrage Over Transgender Flag and Demon Face10/20/22Education, LGBT,
Missouri Moves to Require Libraries Shield Minors From Books and Materials That Are Not Age-Appropriate10/19/22Education, LGBT,
VIDEO: This Happened In IOWA; Not New York Drag Queen stripper10/18/22LGBT, Perverse,
Primary Care Institution Prioritizes Gender Affirming Medicine for Children10/17/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Women Boycott Ulta Beauty For Featuring Transgender (Biological Male) on Podcast Called The Joy of Girlhood10/17/22Feminism, LGBT,
Virginia Parents Could Face Felony Charges for Not Affirming Childs Gender Identity10/14/22LGBT, Perverse,
In The Genital Mutilation Market, Business Is Booming; valued at USD 1.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.23% from 2022 to 2030 (stat%)10/14/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Virginia Democrat Plans Bill To Charge Parents Who Do Not Affirm Their Child’s Gender Identity10/14/22LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
VIDEO: I Wouldnt Believe This if I Didn’t Just Hear It: Mother scolds school board for book teaching kids to have gay sex10/14/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Doctor Who Mutilates Kids Goes On Campaign Trail For North Carolina Democrat10/13/22Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
Maine University Students Demand Prof Be Fired for Contradicting Their Fantasy That There are Multiple Genders10/13/22LGBT, Professors,
2 More Attorneys General Support Coalition Of 13 Telling Biden To Stand Down From Repression Of Child Mutilation Critics10/13/22LGBT, Healthcare, Biden
Suddenly, gender identity doesnt matter to the Biden administration anymore, when it comes to the draft10/12/22LGBT, ,
Planned Parenthood Cartoon Encourages Children To Get On Lethal Puberty Blockers If They Feel Transgender: The Drugs Work Like A Stop Sign10/11/22LGBT, Perverse,
DC Comics Cancels Gay Superman Comic Due to Dismal Sales10/11/22LGBT, Media,
Poll: Majority Of Catholics Reject Democrats Distortion Of Church Teaching On Abortion, The Sexes. Only 13% aligned with Democrats abortion stance and 67% support funding pregnancy centers. 75% oppose males in girls bathrooms with 63% saying they strongly oppose. 93% of asian parents and 88% of black parents support school choice (stat%)10/7/22Abortion, Christianity, LGBT
The Never-Ending Persecution Of Jack Phillips10/6/22LGBT, Christianity,
NY Judge Rules Polygamy On Same Level as Couple Relationships10/3/22Perverse, ,
Barbara Bush Childrens Hospital in Maine has a gender clinic which offers puberty blockers to kids, cross sex hormones, guides for boys on tucking, and guides for girls on chest binding10/3/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
3 of the nations leading medical associations asked Bidens DOJ to investigate and prosecute journalists and parents who are concerned with hospitals and physicians who provide transgender surgeries to minors. The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, and Childrens Hospital Association10/3/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
A Minnesota high school assistant principal is facing backlash from students and parents after a circulated email showed her telling staff to use their straight, white privilege when defending the school’s decision to do away with traditional homecoming titles10/1/22Professors, Race, LGBT
High School Girls Banned from Their Own Locker Room After Voicing Concerns about Transgender Athlete9/30/22Feminism, LGBT,
Seattle Childrens Hospital Vows To Keep Performing Gender Surgeries on Children9/30/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
Gavin Newsom Signs Bill To Let California Strip Gender-Confused Teens From Parents; Even When They Live In Other States9/30/22LGBT, Perverse, California
Maren Morris Has Zero Understanding Of Country Music Fans9/30/22LGBT, Celebrities,
Pope Francis appoints pro-LGBT cardinal as head of culture and education in Roman Curia9/30/22Christianity, LGBT,
Biological Male Dominating Opponents in Womens Pro Disc Golf9/29/22LGBT, Feminism,
First Openly Trans US Army Officer and Wife Arrested in Plot to Give Medical Records to Russia9/29/22LGBT, Patriotism, Biden
Media Think High Schoolers Skipping Class To protest Trans policies Is More Newsworthy Than A War On Parents9/28/22Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
These Detransitioners Have A Message For Distressed Girls: Mangling Your Body Is A Sickness, Not A Cure9/28/22LGBT, Conservative,
Grade School Used To Be About Math, Science, And Growing Up. Now It is About Sex, Drag, And Obesity9/28/22Education, LGBT, Science
A taxpayer funded organization called Zero to Three is promoting transgender identity on 2 year olds9/26/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
VIDEO: A disturbing video is a reminder that drag queens and kids don’t mix9/26/22LGBT, Perverse,
If Barring White People From Getting The Monkeypox Shot Isnt Racism, What Is It?9/26/22Healthcare, Race, LGBT
Pentagram Tattoos in Bidens Monkeypox Kingdom9/26/22LGBT, Biden, Christianity
Parents Defending Education EXPOSES trans guidance for educators across the US9/23/22LGBT, Education, Professors
VIDEO: Philadelphia Childrens Hospital tells doctors to keep teens gender identity secret from parents9/22/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Health expert uses debunked multiple personality junk science to push trans agenda9/22/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Gays Against Groomers Activist Group Blacklisted by Google, PayPal, Venmo9/21/22LGBT, Media, Economics
Canadas Legalization Of Public Sex Displays Is Coming To A School Near You9/21/22Education, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: Cultural Leftists Scream at Book Ban Groups9/21/22LGBT, Media,
adical California Legislature Passes Bill Allowing State to Subvert Parental Rights and Take Custody of Out of State Minors Seeking Trans Surgeries9/19/22LGBT, Perverse,
The fraud of the Respect for Marriage Act HE84049/17/22LGBT, ,
Report: Michigans Education Department Is Urging Teachers To Transition Kids Behind Parents Backs9/16/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
Coming Out Event in Buffalo Grove, Illinois Hosted By Nonprofit Encourages Kids As Young As 5 To Attend9/16/22LGBT, Perverse,
Teacher captured on video telling students to call pedophiles minor attracted persons9/12/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
VIDEO: A sex ed books tells parents that children learn best when they get to watch9/10/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
POLL: 36% of white Democrat college educated women say men can get pregnant9/10/22Feminism, LGBT, Indoctrination
AZ Superintendent Of Public Instruction Democrat Kathy Hoffman Sued for Directing Minors To Hyper-Sexualized Chat Rooms And Grooming Students9/9/22Perverse, Professors, Education
The quiet rise of LGBT influence in Christian and conservative circles9/9/22LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Bank Withdraws Support From Pride Festival Due To Activities Involving Children/Minors9/8/22LGBT, Perverse,
Biden Appoint a Gay Satanist to Lead the National Response to Monkeypox9/8/22LGBT, Perverse,
Wells Fargo, Target, CitiBank, Hewlett-Packard Sponsor Child Drag Performances9/7/22LGBT, Economics,
Non Profit Fights Back After Biden’s COMMUNIST DOJ Subpoenas Group That LEGALLY Drafted Bill To Prevent Gender Transitioning Before 199/7/22Freedom, LGBT,
The ACLU now supports the chemical castration of kids9/7/22LGBT, Unions, Healthcare
Transgender Historical Revisionism9/6/22Remove History, LGBT, Education
Country Music Star Jason Aldean Dropped by PR Firm After Wife Calls Sex Change Operations for Children Evil9/2/22Celebrities, LGBT, Perverse
Normalizing the Trans Children Agenda: Brought to you by the ACLU, the Biden Administration, and other dirty tricksters.9/2/22LGBT, Perverse, Unions
Utah LGBT Group Sponsors All Ages Back to School Drag Show With Inappropriately Named Performers9/1/22LGBT, ,
VIDEO: MSNBC Accuses Red States Of Impeding Transgender Suicide Prevention9/1/22LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Rep. Chip Roy Demands Answers After Austin Fire Dept Dismisses Chaplain For Saying Boys And Girls Are Biologically Different9/1/22LGBT, Christianity, Texas
Paedophile Academic Calls for Tolerance for Minor Attracted Persons, Demands Acceptance from LGBTQ+ Community9/1/22LGBT, Perverse,
20 MLB Teams Promote or Fund Groups that Perform Child Sex Change Operations8/31/22LGBT, ,
Kroger Allyship Guide Tells Employees to Celebrate Trans Holidays, Support Bail Fund that bails violent criminals out of prison.8/31/22LGBT, ,
Parents And Pastors Across America Fight Drag Shows For Kids8/30/22LGBT, Christianity, Perverse
And Now, the Left Moves to Normalize Pedophilia: This has been coming for years.8/30/22LGBT, Perverse,
Antifa Armed with AR15s Guard Kid Friendly Drag Show in Texas8/29/22LGBT, Perverse, Violence
Country star Brittany Aldean thanks parents for proper parenting, and the LGBTQ lefties lose it8/29/22Celebrities, LGBT,
10 Year Old Trans Model with Trans Mother Is Set to Undergo Surgery at 168/29/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Axios Criticizes Catholic Church for Alienating Drug Dealers, Gays; conspiracy theorists and serial liars at Axios are now attacking the Catholic church for alienating idol worshipers.8/26/22Violence, Perverse, Christianity
After Proclaiming The Opposite, Medical Pros Quietly Admit Mutilating Trans Kids Doesnt Fix Depression8/26/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Whistleblower: American Academy of Pediatrics Ignored, Buried Doctors’ Major Concerns Over Trans Agenda8/26/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
The cofounder and director of the Yale Pediatric Gender Clinic said in a video that she guides those as young as 3 years old through their gender journey8/23/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
A psychologist at the Boston Childrens Hospital claimed that children know they are transgender seemingly from the womb, explaining that the gender clinic sees children as young as ages 2 and 38/22/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
Republicans Are Playing Right Into Democrats; Hand On Gay Marriage; The Orwellian titled Respect for Marriage Act disrespects marriage by denying that the family is an institution with its own authority and that marriage and family were neither created nor defined by the government.8/22/22LGBT, Conservative,
VIDEO: Despite the Evidence, CNN Insists Monkeypox Is NOT a Sexually Transmitted Infection8/22/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
K to 12 Teachers In Texas Are Urged To Take This LGBTQIA+ Training on Taxpayers Dime, Here is The Course Materials They Are Given To Brainwash Students as young as 5yrs old8/22/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
Jersey Shore Christians Accused of Bullying LGBTQ+ for Building Cross Shaped Ocean Pier8/22/22LGBT, Christianity,
Meet the 80 Year Old Woman Who Refused to Shower With a Man8/22/22LGBT, Perverse,
Democrats Weaponize the IRS to Silence Critics: The Lefts hit squad magnifies.8/22/22Freedom, Economics, Biden
The Predatory Male Behavior Of So Called Transgender Women8/19/22Feminism, LGBT,
Colorado School District Directs Staff to Address Children by Chosen Gender8/19/22Professors, LGBT, Education
Radical Soros-Funded Massachusetts US Attorney Threatens Americans Who Oppose Genital Mutilation of Children, Calling Opposition a Hate Crime8/19/22LGBT, Perverse,
Take A Look At The Sexual Propaganda Displayed All Over The Walls Of A 5th Grade Classroom At The United Nations International School In NYC8/19/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
The Transgender Movement Is Not Just Intolerant. It is Barbaric And Violent, And It is Coming For Your Children8/19/22LGBT, Perverse, Conservative
Parent Sues School Over Transgender Brainwashing: Proselytizing California groomers are running wild.8/19/22Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
The left is destroying the family one sexualized child at a time8/18/22LGBT, Perverse,
A moral call to arms about the transgender revolution8/18/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Professors
California Department of Education Advertises Sex Change Operations to Students8/17/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
The Episcopal Church embraces sex changes for children of all ages8/17/22LGBT, Perverse, Christianity
NBC News lies to protect Boston Childrens Hospital that offered trans surgeries for minors8/17/22LGBT, Media, Healthcare
The Battle for Our Children and Their Minds8/15/22Perverse, Professors, Education
Monkeypoxing Around with Dont Say Gay8/15/22Healthcare, LGBT,
Conform or Else: Christian athletes risk their livelihoods, by opposing LGBTQ Pride8/15/22Christianity, LGBT, Indoctrination
Not a Single Dem Senator Voted to Define Pregnancy as Unique to Biological Females8/12/22Feminism, LGBT,
War On Parents: Male Teacher Asked This Moms 11 Year Old Transgender Daughter To Sleep In Boys Cabin8/10/22LGBT, Professors,
Globalization in the Shadow of the Crescent: How market globalists, progressives, and jihadists found allies in each other.8/10/22Conservative, Islam, LGBT
Biden Moves to Protect America’s National Religion; In violation of Americas First Amendment.8/10/22LGBT, Abortion, Biden
California Bill Would Force Healthcare Workers to Attend Pro Trans Indoctrination Classes8/8/22Healthcare, LGBT, Indoctrination
The Flying Unicorn Lands in North Carolina8/8/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Metro Atlanta Gay Couple Arrested for Producing Porn with Adopted Children8/7/22LGBT, Violence,
Telling Kids To Hate Their Biology Might Be Whats Actually Killing Them8/5/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
Pennsylvania Pride Event that Taught Children How to Pole Dance Received $10,000 Grant Championed by Gov. Tom Wolf’s Administration8/5/22LGBT, Professors, Education
Transgender Surgery or Female Genital Mutilation – Are They Different?8/5/22Feminism, LGBT,
James Lindsay Blacklisted by Twitter for Criticizing the Left for Grooming Children8/5/22Media, LGBT, Perverse
STUDY: These Violent Facts About LGBT Couples Are So Real Even Biden’s DOJ Forced to Admit Inconvenient Truth8/4/22LGBT, Violence,
Child Abuse: Mother of 1 year Old Asks Trans Kids Facebook Group if Son is Trans8/3/22LGBT, Perverse,
WaPo Perspective Defends Drag Queen Story Hour, Sexualizing Children as Sincerely Wholesome Event8/3/22LGBT, Perverse, Media
Parents rights group sues Iowa school district over student gender transition plans8/3/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Big Tech Censors Saying Grooming Online8/3/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Teacher Gets Owned by Middle Schoolers on Pronoun Nonsense8/3/22LGBT, Professors, Education
U.S. Military Base Is Hosting a Drag Show8/3/22LGBT, Patriotism, Biden
Pennsylvania Dept. of Education says kids can identify as transgender as young as age 38/2/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
The father of a Texas cheerleader who was reportedly physically assaulted by a transgender cheerleader is striking back at critics who say he is transphopbic and says his daughter is pro-LGBTQ.8/2/22LGBT, Violence,
FL Education Commissioner: USDA Trying to Hold Poor Kids Hostage with Food Program to Impose Transgender Policies8/2/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Our Established Religion: Yes, we really do have one, regardless of what the First Amendment says.8/2/22LGBT, Conservative,
VIDEO: Elementary Principal Apologizes for Trying to Groom Kids Via Summer Reading8/1/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Parents, If You Dont Get A Grip On Your Kids Social Media, Trans Activists Will8/1/22LGBT, Indoctrination,
VIDEO: THE VIEW: Drag Shows Are Fine for Kids, No One Killed By Them Like Guns8/1/22LGBT, Media, Guns
Episcopal Church in New York Invites Drag Queen to Pride Chapel8/1/22LGBT, Christianity,
Woke Health Care Contributes to Monkeypox Spread: The deadly cost of the Woke capture of our institutions.8/1/22LGBT, Healthcare,
The Tavistock scandal shows the dangers of civil service groupthink7/30/22Healthcare, LGBT,
NPR Suddenly Worried About Disease-Related Stigma When It Comes to Monkeypox7/30/22LGBT, Healthcare, Media
The Transgender Dichotomy7/29/22LGBT, ,
Seattle Pacific University, a Christian university affiliated with the Free Methodist Church, has filed a lawsuit against the attorney general of the state of Washington, Bob Ferguson, for intruding on its private religious convictions, private communications, and hiring practices for discriminating against gays7/29/22LGBT, Education, Christianity
Americas Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine promotes fathers milk7/28/22Feminism, LGBT, Science
Mother Loses Custody of Daughter for Refusing Transgender Status: She Is a Girl7/28/22LGBT, Freedom,
Australian Rugby League Players to Boycott Game After Being Forced to Wear LGBT Themed Rainbow Jerseys7/28/22LGBT, ,
VIDEO: Top Senate Democrat Candidates Wont Define What a Woman Is7/27/22Feminism, LGBT,
FDA Warns Puberty Blockers Cause Vision Loss, Brain Swelling7/27/22Healthcare, LGBT,
Radical LGBT Activists File Lawsuit Against DeSantis, Demand Picture Porn Books in Elementary School Libraries7/27/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
22 States Sue Biden Admin For Leveraging Federal Lunch Money To Force K o 12 Schools To Put Boys In Girls Bathrooms7/27/22LGBT, Education, Biden
VIDEO: Rainbow Haired Doc: Parents Who DONT Chemically Castrate Children Are Abusers7/27/22Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
Joe Rogan Smears Republicans as Homophobic for Not Codifying Same-Sex Marriage7/26/22Celebrities, LGBT,
Childrens Gender Clinic Founder was a Consultant for Puberty Blocker Manufacturers7/26/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Maryland School District Requires Assisting Child Gender Transition, Lying to Parents7/25/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Unlike COVID, There is No Behavior Shaming to Halt Monkeypox Spread7/25/22LGBT, Healthcare,
AP Rejects Facts, Insists the Media Genuflect to Trans Activist Terminology7/25/22LGBT, Media, Science
First Children in US Test Positive for Monkeypox, CDC Chief Says Both Had Contact with Gay Men7/24/22LGBT, ,
Trans Pedophile Convicted of Making Child Porn With 7 Year Old Daughter and Transgender Roommates Has Been Moved to Womens Prison7/23/22Feminism, LGBT,
Crayola Posts Transgender Model Wearing a Chain Link Bra Over Clothing to Virtue Signal About Diversity7/23/22Indoctrination, LGBT,
VIDEO: Ted Cruz Silences Radical Biden Nominee With One Question; Rachel Levine says the science is settled7/22/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
New study shows 55% of Democrats are tolerant of the term minor attracted persons7/22/22Perverse, LGBT,
Sen. Ron Johnson suggests he Will back Democrat bill that commits federal govt to recognizing polygamy7/22/22LGBT, ,
The Lefts Trans Agenda Is All About Erasing The Past To Control The Future7/21/22LGBT, Remove History, Conservative
Twitter Silences Jordan Peterson For Thought Crimes: Censored for his views on Ellen Page and the trans movement.7/21/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
These 47 House Republicans Just Sided with Democrats to Vote Gay Marriage Into Law7/20/22Christianity, LGBT,
House Dems call for additional SCOTUS seats, vote on same sex marriage, contraceptives7/19/22Freedom, LGBT,
Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administrations Effort to Allow Males to Compete in Womens Sports7/18/22Feminism, LGBT, Biden
VIDEO: Biden Asst. Health Secretary Levine: Empower Youth to Get Gender Affirmation Treatment7/18/22Healthcare, LGBT,
Biden Administrations CDC Encourages Teachers to Use Leftist Gender Curriculum7/18/22LGBT, Perverse, Science
LGBT Activists Push to Bar Anthropologists from Identifying Human Remains as Male or Female7/18/22LGBT, Science,
Woke Rights Are All Based On Coercion7/18/22Abortion, LGBT, Conservative
Reddit has banned the word groomer, a description of child predators who expose children to sexually explicit material, in what it says is an effort to tackle “hate speech. The site also banned the claim, which until recently was a matter of mainstream psychology, that being transgender is a mental illness. I7/18/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
VIDEO: NPR Claims Dino Emojis Belong to Trans People, Tucker Mocks Them7/18/22LGBT, Media,
The Anti American Wokening of Historical Sites Isnt News7/18/22Remove History, LGBT, Patriotism
A man identifying as a woman who impregnated two women while behind bars at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Clinton, New Jersey, has been moved to another location.7/17/22Feminism, LGBT,
Transgender Militia Leader Sentenced to 14 Years for Domestic Terrorism7/14/22LGBT, Violence,
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is promoting to youth an online chat space that discusses sex, polyamorous relationships, the occult, sex change operations, and activism, and is specifically designed to be quickly hidden while being used. It also mixes LGBT adults and children and is run in part by Planned Parenthood.7/14/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Planned Parenthood: Transgender Identity Cemented Early in Elementary School7/13/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
The lefts obsession with transgenderism is barbaric7/13/22LGBT, ,
Democrats Abortion Witness Further Proves Higher Education Is A Den Of Leftist Nutjobs as UC Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridges, who, during her testimony at a Senate Judiciary hearing this week, insisted that men can get pregnant.7/13/22LGBT, Education, Professors
Media Berates J.K. Rowling for Complaining About Trans Video Calling For Her Death7/13/22Celebrities, LGBT, Media
Report: W.H.O. Guidance Claims Sex Not Limited to Male or Female7/12/22Healthcare, Science, LGBT
Democrat Judge Blocks Texas From Investigating Two Families With Transgender Kids for Child Abuse7/11/22LGBT, ,
Washington State school board director offers sex ed to children7/11/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
The Disney movie THOR is woke from beginning to end, mocks Christianity, everyone is gay, and the queen is called king7/11/22Media, Liberal Bias,
NPR sinks ever deeper into LGBTQ+ incoherence7/11/22LGBT, Media,
The Social Justice Factory and Bidens Title IX Regulations7/11/22Feminism, LGBT, Education
Biden Ally and Netflix star Jerry Harris Who Sexually Assaulted Boy in Public Bathroom Sentenced to 12 Years in Federal Prison7/10/22LGBT, Biden, Celebrities
Drag Queen who goes by the stage name Lil Miss Hot Mess, admitted that drag is a political tool used to destabilize kids early understanding about sex.7/8/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Army Mandatory Training Requires Soldiers To Shower With Transgender People Of Opposite Sex, Accept Primitive Work Conditions7/8/22LGBT, Feminism,
Another Childrens LGBTQ Drag Queen Advocate Charged With Child Pornography7/7/22LGBT, Perverse,
ACLU, National Education Association Claim Children Are Never Too Young to Undergo Sex Change7/7/22Perverse, Education, Unions
California Governor Gavin Newsom Vacations in Montana – a State He Banned Travel to For Its anti Transgender Policies7/7/22LGBT, Liberal Bias, California
Teachers Union Wants to Change the Word Mother to Birthing Parent in Contracts7/7/22Unions, LGBT, Professors
VIDEO: Even Gavin Newsom doesnt believe what he says: Adam Carolla7/7/22LGBT, Liberal Bias,
DOE Employee Alleges Gender Fluid Drag Queen into Kink and Pups Did Not Meet Qualifications to Be Deputy Secretary in Nuclear Energy Department7/6/22LGBT, Biden,
Woke National Teachers Union Agenda Includes Mandatory Masks, Vaccines and Banning the Words Mother and Father7/6/22Education, Unions, Race
Disney Pinocchio Star Cynthia Erivo: LGBTQ+ People Should Be Commended for Being Brave7/5/22LGBT, Celebrities,
Video: Police, Soldiers, Scouts, Healthcare Workers Join Pride Parade7/5/22LGBT, ,
Singer Macy Gray Enrages Trans Crowd Saying, Just Because You Go Change Your Parts Doesnt Make You a Woman7/5/22Celebrities, LGBT,
The LGBT Hostile Work Environment7/5/22LGBT, ,
A Washington state school board director and owner of a sex store will be holding a sexual education workshop inside her store aimed at children and teens under the age of 18, with the youngest age allowed to attend being just 9 years old.7/5/22LGBT, Perverse,
Childrens Library Association Pushes Gender Confusion On Kids With Pro LGBT Summer Reading List7/5/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Drag Queen Exposes Bare Breasts While Walking Toddler Down Runway7/3/22LGBT, Perverse,
Salon: Exposing Your Kids to Drag Performances a Good Thing7/3/22Media, LGBT, Perverse
Vanderbilt Health Sponsors Childrens LGBT Pride Event, Profits from Sex Change Procedures7/1/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Healthcare
Trans Educator Eli Erlick Tweets Bloodthirsty Challenge After Roe v. Wade Overturn7/1/22LGBT, Perverse, Violence
Canadian Police Describe Person with Full Beard as Missing Woman7/1/22LGBT, ,
Baymax Shows Remorseless Disney Plans To Keep Pummeling Kids With Its Sexual Agenda7/1/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
New Gay Spiderman Is Latest Marvel Addition7/1/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
The Military Went Woke. Now It Cant Find Recruits (DANIEL GREENFIELD)6/30/22Patriotism, Biden, PC
The degradation of our military6/29/22LGBT, Biden, Patriotism
Twitter Censors Jordan Peterson for Calling Elliot Page by Birth Name Ellen6/29/22LGBT, Media, Celebrities
Floridas Parental Rights in Education Law Will Force Teachers to Take LGBT Propaganda Out of Classrooms6/29/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Disney Animated Childrens Series Baymax Features Transgender Man Who Menstruates6/29/22LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
The Institution of Marriage is Under Mortal Attack6/29/22Conservative, ,
29 Year Old Transgender (Man Posing as Woman) Takes First Place Against 13-Year-Old Girl in Womens Skateboarding Event6/27/22Feminism, LGBT,
Pennsylvania Drag Queen Charged Over 25 Times for Perverted Acts with Kids6/27/22LGBT, Perverse,
VIDEO: Fully Nude Bicyclists Flash Children at Seattle Pride Parade – Cops Say It Is Okay6/26/22LGBT, Perverse,
VIDEO: Children Watch Nude Cyclists at Boy Scout Led Seattle Pride Parade6/26/22LGBT, Perverse,
Study: Transgender-Identifying Youth Nearly Doubled in U.S. (STAT%)6/26/22Indoctrination, LGBT,
Suspected Radicalized Islamist Charged with Terrorism After Deadly Shooting Rampage Across European Capital6/25/22LGBT, Islam, Violence
Gay Agenda activists cruise towards desecration of the family unit6/24/22LGBT, ,
VIDEO: Democrat Attorney General Wants Drag Queens in Every School6/24/22LGBT, Perverse,
Social Justice Warriors and Their Greatest Victims: Why the Left is the worst enemy of every demographic it claims to support.6/24/22LGBT, Christianity,
NHL Implores YOU to be an LGBT ALLY6/23/22LGBT, Liberal Bias,
California Lawsuit Claims Trans Inmates Halt Hormones to Resume Physical Erections and Have Sex with Women Prisoners6/23/22Feminism, LGBT, Perverse
Woke Media Machine Focuses All Fire on Small Oklahoma Theater That Made Vow About Lightyear6/23/22LGBT, Media,
Trans Suicide Is Not a Response to Bigotry (STAT%)6/22/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
You Are not alone in thinking Hollywood stars children are in trouble6/22/22Celebrities, LGBT,
Dan Le Batard Attacks Dark Side Michele Tafoya as Racist, Homophobe6/22/22Race, Media, Liberal Bias
The Feds: Fully on Board the Trans Train: Biden administration doubles down on the transgender fad.6/22/22LGBT, Biden, Education
Congressman Troy Nehls To Introduce Bill To Rescind Bidens Executive Order Requiring All States To Offer Gender Transition Therapy To Minors6/21/22LGBT, Biden,
VIDEO: GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts DOJ After High-Level Democrat Staffer Is Repeatedly Caught On Camera Vandalizing Her Office. Timothy Hysom, Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Jake Auchincloss’ chief of staff defacing a posters outside of Greens office6/21/22Vandalism, LGBT,
NASCAR Continuing to Shill for LGBT Agenda6/21/22LGBT, ,
VIDEO: We Are DOOMED: This Is Our Navy Now Under Biden6/21/22LGBT, Patriotism, Biden
Video: Etsy, PayPal CANCEL Biologist for Defending Real Gender Science6/21/22LGBT, Science, Economics
The Tom Hanks standard: A new, woke parlor game6/20/22Celebrities, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Box Office Analysts Ignore Real Reason Woke Buzz Lightyear Movie Tanked6/20/22LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Do English Bad And Let Your Kids Be They/Them6/20/22LGBT, ,
Saudi Arabia Begins Rainbow Raids to Pull Any and All LGBT Toys from Shelves6/20/22Islam, LGBT,
Fantasies and Infant Formula: The people who cant deliver on baby formula think they know what gender is right for your child.6/20/22Economics, Biden, LGBT
FAKE STUDY: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, which lowered the organizations recommended starting ages for both hormone treatments and surgeries is based on opinions, not science or facts6/20/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Transgender Org Releases New Guidelines, Lowers Recommended Age For Starting Children on Gender-Change Hormones and Mutilating Their Breasts6/19/22Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
Puberty Blockers, Cross Sex Hormones, and Youth Suicide (STUDY)6/19/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
26 AGs Take Action Against Bidens Unlawful Trans Kids Lunch Policy6/18/22LGBT, Education, Biden
How Transgenderism Moved From Sideshow to the Main Stage6/18/22LGBT, Conservative,
Report: Socialist Teacher Whose Timeline Is Full of Propaganda Calling Conservatives Pedophiles Now Arrested for Child Pornography6/18/22Perverse, Professors,
Biden Announces Sweeping Executive Order to Advance Radical LGBTQI+ Agenda In Schools – New EO Bans Conversion Therapy, Which Now Includes Suggesting That a Child Should Not Undergo Medical Transition6/17/22LGBT, Perverse, Biden
Fairfax Schools Pass Plan to Punish Students for Malicious Misgendering6/17/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Woke Hawaii teacher busted for grooming 13 year old, sexually assaulting him on video; also sent another teacher over 3,000 text messages containing child porn6/17/22Perverse, Professors,
Bishop Strips School of Catholic Affiliation for Flying Black Lives Matter, Gay Pride Flags6/17/22Christianity, Race, LGBT
Pride Org Drops State Media Partner for Daring to Discuss Trans Ideology6/16/22Indoctrination, LGBT,
Michigans Attorney General Wants a Drag Queen for Every School6/16/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Miss Universe Insists Not All People Who Menstruate Are Women6/15/22LGBT, Celebrities,
Doxxed and Named: Police Name the 31 Patriot Front Members Who Were Stopped and Arrested in Idaho for Allegedly Planning to Interrupt Gay Pride Event6/15/22LGBT, ,
Fake Anthrax Domestic Terrorist to Get Sex Change Surgery Using Your Tax Dollars; ACLU tweets how this is progress6/15/22Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
Parents Are Profiting From Child Abuse, And Corporate Media Like Fox News Are Helping6/14/22Media, LGBT,
Twitter Repeatedly Claims Error To Disguise Deliberate Censorship Of Conservatives6/14/22Media, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
Study Contradicts Transgender Narrative, Suggests Puberty Blockers Spike Youth Suicide (STAT%)6/14/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Progressivism, Sexuality, and Mental Illness (stat%)6/14/22LGBT, Healthcare, Indoctrination
Nancy Pelosi on Ru Paul Drag Race: Your Freedom of Expression of Yourselves in Drag Is What America Is All About6/13/22Media, LGBT,
Christina Aguilera Dons Bejeweled Phallus, Mimes Masturbation at All-Ages L.A. Pride Performance6/13/22LGBT, Perverse, Celebrities
MEDIAPOST: As Transphobia Intensifies, Pride Poses More Risks To Brands6/12/22LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
California State Senator Wants to Mandate Drag Queen 101 in K to 12 Curriculum; Same Democrat Who Proposed Bill to Relax Sex Offender Punishment For Sex Crimes With Minors6/10/22LGBT, California,
Sick parents conspire with a Dallas gay bar to sexualize children6/10/22LGBT, ,
Families of Trans Kids Are Suing Texas To Halt Child Abuse Investigations For Providing Sex-Change Therapies For Minors6/10/22LGBT, Texas,
Matt Walsh: Fox News Segment Praising Child Sex Experimentation Is Horrifying, Evil, And Sick6/10/22LGBT, Media,
The 3 phases of transgender progressivism; it is not happening and a conspiracy theory, it is happening but it is good, and finally, we are making it mandatory6/10/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Why Do Democrats Hate Our Children?6/10/22LGBT, Abortion, Conservative
Outraged Viewers Bombard Fox News For Segment Promoting Child Gender Experiments6/10/22LGBT, Media,
So Clever: Wonder Has Been Compares Church To Drag Shows6/10/22Celebrities, LGBT, Christianity
Lefts Coalition Cracking: Ilhan Omar Enrages Muslims by Wishing Gays a Happy Pride Month6/10/22Islam, LGBT,
Leftists at Phoenix Indian Art Museum Hold First Ever Native Drag Show With Children In Audience6/9/22LGBT, ,
In Canada, the LGBTQ+++ crowd is open about excluding parents; Canadian parents can go to prison if they object to their child wanting to change gender6/9/22LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
VIDEO: 7 Recent Acts of Leftist Extremism Targeted at Political Foes6/9/22Violence, ,
Twitter Censors Libs of TikTok for Exposing Drag Queen Child Grooming6/9/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Courage & What Is A Woman?6/9/22Feminism, LGBT, Conservative
Whitlock: BrokeBlacks Mountain; Washington Posts Jonathan Capehart grooms black people for the LGBTQ agenda6/8/22LGBT, Media, Race
WaPo: Black Americans May Need to Flee U.S. Due to Crazy White People6/8/22LGBT, Media, Race
North Carolina City Cancels Drag Queen Story Hour, An Event That Has A Big Impact On Kids6/8/22LGBT, Education,
VIDEO: State Farm Slammed for Pushing Gender Indoctrination Books on Children6/8/22LGBT, ,
Corporations See Dollar Signs, Not Rainbows, During Pride Month6/8/22LGBT, Economics,
Gay Baseball Player Slams Rays for Allowing Christian Players to Use Jesus as an Excuse Not to Wear Pride Patch6/7/22LGBT, Christianity,
Whitlock: ESPN broadcaster Sarah Spains childish behavior epitomizes the contagion undermining Matt Walshs documentary6/7/22LGBT, Media, Christianity
Italian Gay Pride Parade Features Topless Virgin Mary6/6/22Christianity, LGBT,
NYT Accuses Tampa Bayt Rays Christian Players of Condemning Gay Culture by Rejecting Pride Night Patches6/6/22LGBT, Christianity, Media
POLL: Media Leading Public to Believe Country Far More Black and Gay than Reality: Report (stat%). Poll respondents estimated 20% of UK was black, despite only 3%. Also estimated 15% were gay and 5% Transgender, in reality they are 1.8% gay and around 0.5% Transgender6/6/22Media, Race, LGBT
Sadiq Khan Accuses Woke London Police of Overt Systemic Sexism, Racism, Homophobia6/6/22Race, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Dallas Citizens Protest Against Groomer Drag Show6/6/22LGBT, Perverse,
Oreo Cookies Tout Pride Pack for June Pride Month6/5/22LGBT, ,
Some Tampa Bay Rays Players Choose Not to Wear LGBTQ Pride Night Patches, Citing Religious Faith6/5/22LGBT, Christianity,
Biden Admin Holding Childrens Lunch Money Hostage to Force Schools Into a Corner6/4/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Its Time to Drop the Word Homophobia6/4/22LGBT, Conservative,
The Anarchic Philosophy Behind LGBTQI+ Pride Month6/3/22LGBT, ,
Norwegian feminist faces 3 years in jail for claiming trans males are’t women6/3/22Feminism, LGBT,
Fatherly: Taking Your Kids To Pride Parades Is Absolutely Necessary6/3/22LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Why it matters that the BBC changed a rapists pronouns6/3/22LGBT, Media, Christianity
Discovery+ Debuts Show Following Teenage Drag Queens6/2/22LGBT, Media,
U.S. Embassy to Vatican Celebrates: Flies Rainbow Flag for Pride Month6/2/22LGBT, Christianity,
Florida State Health Agency Issues Report Challenging Science of Transgenderism6/2/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
VIDEO: The drag queening of Americas children6/1/22LGBT, Perverse,
San Francisco Pride Bans Police Uniforms At Parade While Other Attendees Prepare To March Naked6/1/22California, LGBT,
U.S. Marine Corps Goes Woke, Celebrates Pride Month with Rainbow Bullets6/1/22LGBT, Patriotism,
World Health Organization Says Its Important That Pride Celebrations Do Not Change Over Monkeypox Concerns5/31/22LGBT, Healthcare,
The Biden Administration Is Exploiting Poor Kids To Further Transgender Policies5/31/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
NC Teacher Pushes LGBT Agenda to Preschoolers5/31/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Microsoft and the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas announced a partnership to create an online course that aims to reach Latinx, a gender-neutral or nonbinary word used as an alternative to Latino or Latina5/31/22Media, Liberal Bias, PC
Children at Risk: School Shooters and Other Dangers: Will trans advocates use the Texas massacre as an excuse for more gender indoctrination?5/31/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
North Carolina Preschool Under Fire For Using Flash Cards Featuring Pregnant Man to Teach Kids Colors5/30/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Mattels New Transgender Barbie Doll Made in Majority Muslim Country Where Gay Marriage Is a Crime5/30/22Islam, LGBT,
Mattel Creates First-Ever Transgender Barbie Doll5/27/22LGBT, ,
Scientific Journal Goes Woke with Editorial Calling for Gender Identity in Study Proposals5/27/22Healthcare, Science, LGBT
More Diversity Follies: Audi Ad features hijabbed woman holding gay flag.5/27/22Islam, LGBT, Media
A Crash at the Intersectionality Intersection: How the cracks in the Leftist-Islamic alliance might just widen into a chasm.5/26/22Islam, LGBT, PC
Mattel Announces Barbie Doll to Celebrate Transgender Actor Laverne Cox5/25/22LGBT, ,
Biden Admin: K through 12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money5/25/22LGBT, Biden, Economics
Male High School Teacher Writes About How Good it Feels to Wear Womens Panties to School and Coming out as Non Binary to His Students5/24/22Professors, LGBT,
Woke Army Considers Letting Soldiers Change Base or State if They Dont Like Local Laws on Gender, Racism or Abortion5/24/22LGBT, Biden,
Vice: Abortion Rights Are Trans Rights5/24/22Abortion, LGBT, Media
The Left Has Effectively Banned Christian Kids From Public Pools, Libraries, And Summer Camps5/23/22LGBT, Christianity, Education
Dave Chappelle Attacker Says He was Triggered by LGBTQ Jokes5/23/22Celebrities, LGBT, Violence
Facebook Censors, Restores Blackburn Post Defending Women’s Sports from Biological Men5/23/22Media, Feminism, LGBT
Top LGBT GLAAD group attacks Bill Maher for questioning the spike in trans children (stat%). Number of LGBT people doubling every generation5/23/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
Drag Story Hour continues taxpayer funded programming in NYC schools, libraries5/23/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Trans children given puberty blockers prior to medical consultation due to high demand5/23/22LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
National Science Teachers Associations Gender Inclusive Biology Calls Women People with Ovaries5/20/22Professors, Healthcare, Science
Biden administration mandate could allow infants to be gender transitioned5/20/22LGBT, Perverse,
Under Biden’s Title IX Changes, Wisconsins Sexual Harassment Circus Over Trans Pronouns Would Ensnare Students In Every State5/20/22Feminism, LGBT, Education
A Washington school board director is set to host a queer youth open mic for children who are 0 to 18 years old at a sex shop she owns called WinkWink,5/20/22Professors, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: Detransitioner Helena Kerschner testifies how online communities convinced her she was male5/20/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Biological male absolutely demolishes female competitors to win womens surfing competition5/19/22Feminism, LGBT,
Disney Launches LGBTQ Clothing Line for Children and Older, Donating Profits to LGBTQ Groups5/19/22LGBT, Perverse,
GROOMER EPIDEMIC: 135 teachers and aides charged with child sex crimes so far in 20225/19/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: Pro abortion activist tells Congress that men can give birth, receive abortions5/18/22Abortion, Healthcare, Science
VIDEOS: School District of Philadelphia Teachers Attend Transgender Conference on Kink, BDSM, Trans Sex, Bigger Dick Energy Directed to Minors5/18/22Professors, LGBT, Perverse
Tucson HS Drag Show Promoter Arrested for Sex With Student5/18/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
Disney releases childrens Pride collection, will donate profits to trans kids advocacy groups5/18/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
What the leftist identity movement seeks to conceal5/18/22LGBT, Indoctrination,
Bidens Acting NIH Director Refuses To Condemn Chemically Castrating Kids Despite Irreversible Damage5/17/22Healthcare, LGBT,
Republicans Like Sen. Cynthia Lummis Should Never Apologize For The Scientific Truth About Biological Sex5/17/22LGBT, Science,
Federal Judge Halts Biden Admins Transgender Mandates that would have forced nonprofit and fo profit religious employers and health care providers to pay for and perform transgender medical procedures and counseling.5/17/22LGBT, Healthcare, Christianity
Fairfax, Virginia Schools May Expel Elementary Students For Misgendering People5/16/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Starbucks to Cover Travel Costs for Abortions, Gender Affirming Surgeries5/16/22LGBT, Abortion,
Wisconsin school district charges students with sexual harassment for not using trans pronouns5/16/22LGBT, Education, Freedom
Trans Craziness Has Ruined the Credibility of Gay Activism, Says Stonewall Founder5/14/22LGBT, Conservative,
Transgender Marvel Creator Debuts Transgender Mutant Superheroes5/14/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
West Hollywood has dropped the requirement for applicants to be LGBTQ for their $1,000 a month guaranteed income pilot program.5/14/22Economics, LGBT, California
U. of North Texas Student Govt Wants Conservative Groups Suspended for Transphobic Posts5/13/22Education, LGBT,
Texas Supreme Court Allows Child Abuse Investigations Over Mutilative Sex Surgeries To Proceed5/13/22LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
Johns Hopkins Center Against Child Sexual Abuse Hires former Old Dominion University professor who Defended Pedophiles5/13/22LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
ABC Show Station 19 Puts Stamp of Approval on Childs Transgender Decision5/13/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has adopted a new definition of woman that would reportedly allow male-to-female transgender residents to demand inclusion as women in jails, homeless shelters, and domestic violence shelters.5/12/22Feminism, LGBT,
Calvin Klein Features Pregnant Transgender Man as Underwear Model in Mother’s Day Campaign5/12/22Media, Feminism, LGBT
26 Year Old Transgender Child Molester Given Light Sentence Thanks to Marxist DA George Gascón Now Charged with First-Degree Murder5/11/22LGBT, Violence, Perverse
Queer Your Classroom: Teachers Trained on Injecting Gender Ideology into Science, Math Class5/11/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Marvel Promotes Executive Who Promised More Trans Characters in Disney Superhero Films5/11/22Media, Liberal Bias, LGBT
Marvel Releases New Pride Themed Poster To Celebrate LGBT Voices5/11/22LGBT, ,
LGBT Media Fear Homophobe Jackson Could Coach Again In NBA5/11/22Celebrities, LGBT,
Planned Parenthood Profits Big From Getting Kids Hooked On Transgender Hormones Through The School-To-Clinic Pipeline5/10/22LGBT, Healthcare, Abortion
Woke NBA to Play Games in United Arab Emirates, Where Homosexuals Can Receive the Death Penalty5/10/22LGBT, Liberal Bias,
Medical textbook changes definition of gender dysphoria after citation in Floridas guidelines on trans youth5/9/22Healthcare, LGBT, Indoctrination
GROOMER ALERT: Now They Are Trying to Get to Your Kids Through Their Breakfast Cereal5/9/22LGBT, Indoctrination,
New Biden Title IX Order Will Help Schools Push Transgenderism On Your Kids Behind Your Back; Redefinining the word sex in Title IX will pressure schools to mislead distressed children into thinking that they can change their sex5/6/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Oregon Mandates Feminine Hygiene Products in School Boys Rooms5/6/22LGBT, Education,
Disney funds gender identity, LGBTQ curriculum in schools; and has been for 20 years5/6/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Trans porn company owners sentenced for forcing 7 year old girl into sexual exploitation5/6/22LGBT, Violence,
Saving the Birthing People From Having to Birth (Daniel Greenfield)5/6/22Feminism, LGBT, Abortion
Biden’s HHS Secretary: Cutting Off Kids Genitals Is Health Care And Taxpayers Should Pay For It5/5/22Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
The Grooming of our Children Takes Many Forms5/5/22LGBT, Perverse,
VIDEO: Biden-Endorsed Plan Literally Has Girls Across US Removing Their Breasts5/5/22Feminism, LGBT,
5 Ways Democrat Policies Work To Destroy Childrens Lives5/4/22Abortion, LGBT, Healthcare
VIDEO: Teachers Brag About LGBT Indoctrination: My Classroom Is One of the Gayest Places Probably on the Planet5/4/22Professors, LGBT, Perverse
Normalizing Perversion5/4/22LGBT, Perverse,
After-School Drag Show Sparks Major Investigation, Staff Placed on Leave5/1/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: Discovery STUNS with new trailer for show about young drag kids4/29/22LGBT, Perverse, Media
Bidens Disinformation Chief Nina Jankowicz: There Are Many NonBinary People Who Give Birth4/29/22LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
Minor League Hockey Team Hosts Annual Pride Night4/25/22LGBT, ,
Illinois school district forces radical LGBT ideology on preschoolers as young as 34/25/22Education, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: WaPo Lorenz on Libs of TikTok Exposé: For All We Knew, This Could Have Been a Foreign Actor4/24/22Media, Liberal Bias,
Producer Behind BBC Nude Sex Education Program Targeting Children Is BLM; Show Included Cartoon Erections and a Song About the Clitoris4/23/22Race, LGBT,
Transgender Novelist Writes Depraved Psychosexual Horrorshow Book in Which J.K. Rowling is Burned Alive4/23/22LGBT, Perverse,
Amid Public Concern About Grooming Kids, American Library Association Picks Marxist Lesbian As President4/22/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Why Democrats Oppose Pro Grooming Disney Paying Its Fair Share4/22/22LGBT, Economics,
Can anyone spot the hypocrisy as progs fight for special tax status for Disney?4/22/22Economics, Media,
The White House Is Lying To You About The Irreversible Damage Chemical Castration Causes4/21/22Healthcare, Science, LGBT
Radical Left Goes Bonkers After Florida Votes to Eliminate Woke Disney Special Tax District4/21/22Economics, Education, LGBT
Lefty Protesters Screech Like Demons as Florida House Votes in Favor to Strip Disney Self Governing Status (VIDEO)4/21/22Economics, Education, LGBT
VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld Torches Hack Journo Taylor Loren4/21/22Media, LGBT,
Radical Gender Lessons for Young Children4/21/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
VIDEO: The WaPo triggers the Streisand effect for Libs of TokTok4/20/22Media, Indoctrination, LGBT
The Supreme Court Does Not Need Friends Like This; American Psychological Association (APA) changes the Born This Way narrative to get gay marriage and is now pivoting away from it4/20/22LGBT, Freedom,
BBC Cancels Nude Sex Education Theatre Show Targeting Children After Death Threats; Promoted Pleasure, Queerness and Gender to Little Children and Showed Them Erections4/20/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Steve Scalise Slams Twitter for Allowing Doxxing of Conservative4/20/22Media, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
WaPo Supports Their Reporter Taylor Lorenz Despite Horrible Record of Doxing Innocent Children Including Endangering Lives of Pamela Geller’s Children4/20/22Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Texas School Defends Pressuring 6th Graders To Protest As Part Of Queer Week4/20/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
VIDEO: Louisiana Teacher Says That if Educators Can Teach Her Children About Gender Identities She Should Be Allowed to Teach Them God Doesnt Make Mistakes4/20/22Professors, LGBT, Christianity
Jen Psaki Breaks Down in Tears, Says Anti Groomer Laws for Little Children Make Me Crazy4/19/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Washington Post Seeks to Blacklist Libs of Tik Tok with Wildly Dishonest Story4/19/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
WashPost Defends Doxxing Libs Of TikTok: Comports With Professional Standards4/19/22Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Ron DeSantis: Florida Lawmakers will Consider Terminating Special Districts, Including Disneys Special Tax and Governing Jurisdiction4/19/22Economics, LGBT,
Rules of Engagement: WashPost, Lorenz Dox Identity of LibsOfTikTok4/19/22Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Commentators SLAM Crybully Taylor Lorenz for Doxxing Libs Of TikTok, Disgracing Journalism4/19/22Media, Liberal Bias, Perverse
Trans Women Knock Up Real Women in NJ Prison4/19/22Feminism, LGBT,
Woke Med Student Suspended After Implying She Deliberately Hurt Patient4/18/22Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
How Democrats Transitioned into the Party of Trans Extremists4/16/22LGBT, Perverse,
Bellingham, Washington School District Pays Middle School Students $2,000 to Perform Drag Show4/15/22Education, LGBT, Perverse
Duke Divinity School Students: God Is Queer: To the Left, God is gay, woke, and whatever else they are idolizing at the moment.4/15/22LGBT, Christianity,
Hillary Clinton Pal and Dem Megadonor Ed Buck Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison in Connection with Meth Overdose Deaths of Two Black Men4/14/22LGBT, Clinton,
Washington Posts Aaron Blake Defends Groomers In Public Schools4/14/22Education, Media, LGBT
A drag show in a suburban high school showcases leftists narcissism4/13/22LGBT, Education,
VIDEO: The persistent myth of American style transgenderism in non White cultures4/13/22LGBT, Remove History, Race
NYT Columnist Admits Schools Are Grooming Children Into LGBT Identities4/13/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Texas Tech Health School Hosts All Ages Drag Queen Show Raising Money To Defend Mutilating Children4/13/22Education, LGBT, Perverse
Warner Bros. Bows to China by Censoring Gay Dialogue in Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore4/12/22Socialism, LGBT,
Twitter Censors Jack Posobiec for Calling Disney Groomers4/12/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
New Jersey to Force Second Graders to Learn Explicit Details About Gender Identity4/12/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
The Lefts War on Childhood: Leftists demand safe spaces for themselves, but take them away from children (Daniel Greenfield)4/12/22Conservative, LGBT, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Teacher Tells Kindergartners When Babies Are Born, Doctors Guess Whether the Baby Is a Boy or a Girl4/11/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
VIDEO: Abigail Disney: Laws Protecting Children from Grooming in Classrooms Are An Attempt to Push History Backwards4/11/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
The Truly Remarkable Thing about Floridas Anti Grooming Law4/11/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Defund Disney: It is time to stand up to the assault on conservatives, Christians and patriots4/11/22LGBT, Indoctrination,
VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg Says Prohibiting Classroom Instruction of Sex and Gender Identity in Kindergarten Classes Will Kill Kids4/8/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Maryland Teaches Kindergartners Sexuality and Gender Ideology4/8/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Biden Administration Threatens to Hold States Accountable for Passing Laws That Protect Children From Gender Surgery and Puberty Blockers4/8/22Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar Refuses to Answer Question on Whether Saying There are Only Two Sexes Considered as Health Misinformation4/8/22Healthcare, Science, LGBT
New Jersey Model Curriculum: Gender Identity Lessons for 1st and 2nd Graders4/8/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
The Gender Cultists Meet Resistance: DeSantis signs a parental rights bill – and the Left flies into a ferocious rage.4/8/22LGBT, Professors, Indoctrination
NYC Health Official Calls White Women Birthing People, Black and Hispanic Women Mothers; Then It Gets Crazy4/8/22Healthcare, LGBT, Feminism
How the Schools Got Queered4/7/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Weirdos Who Want To Sexualize Your Children Should Absolutely Be Stigmatized As Groomers4/7/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra Says He Supports HHS Funding Being Used For Sex Reassignment Surgeries on Minors4/6/22LGBT, Healthcare, Biden
15 Times Disney Promoted LGBTQ in Childrens Programing4/6/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
SoCal City to Give Transgender and Non-Binary Residents Up to $900 Per Month in Universal Basic Income4/5/22LGBT, California, Economics
Why Sexualize Kids if Sexuality is Inborn?4/5/22Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Seattle Museum Plans Drag tastic Summer Camp To Teach Kids Art Of The Drag4/5/22LGBT, Perverse,
VIDEO: THE VIEW Doesnt Know What a Woman Is4/5/22Liberal Bias, Freedom, LGBT
Loudoun County Again: Trans Identity Trumps Parents Right to Know4/5/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
The Left Attacks Florida’s New Parental Rights in Education Law: Opponents spread misinformation about a common sense law4/5/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
The Magic Kingdom Supports Sexualizing Childhood: A dangerous escalation in the decades-long ideological transformation of sexual mores4/5/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Biden Administration To Demand Colleges Erase Womens Sports, Due Process, Free Speech, And Men And Women4/4/22Feminism, LGBT, Education
Next step: Pedophilia4/4/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Media Decries banning disgusting LGBT books. Unprecedented Book Ban Attempts In 2021; Many With LGBTQ Themes; Library Group Reports4/4/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Oreo Releases Mini Film Supporting LGTBQIA+ People4/4/22LGBT, Media,
VIDEO: Another Woke Teacher Abandons Education to Talk to 5th Graders About Being Gay4/4/22Professors, LGBT,
The Left Unmasks Its Desire To Destroy Families , And The Nation, With Sexual Chaos4/4/22Education, Indoctrination, Socialism
UK Doctors to Be Paid for Putting People on Transgender Sex Change Hormones4/3/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
LGBTQ+: Leftisms corruption of Gods sacred gift to humankind4/3/22LGBT, ,
Disney just cant seem to quit grooming kids4/3/22Media, Indoctrination, LGBT
VIDEO: CNN: LGBTQ Are Culture War Victims, Parents Rights Like Segregation4/3/22LGBT, Media, Perverse
Bidens Deputies Demand State Welfare Agencies Affirm LGBT Children4/2/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Floridas New Law Is Only Bad For People Who Believe Parents Have No Rights Over Their Children4/1/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Biden DOJ Threatens States Seeking to Protect Children From Puberty Blockers and Genital Mutilation Surgery4/1/22LGBT, Healthcare, Biden
Arizona governor Doug Ducey signs bill to protect minors from destructive medical experimentation4/1/22LGBT, Healthcare,
School Nurse Suspended For Revealing Connecticut Public School Was Secretly Giving Children Puberty Blockers Behind Their Parents Backs4/1/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
Public Schools Are Cesspools of Debauchery. Get Your Kids Out Now, Before It is Too Late.4/1/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Absent minded conservatives allowed an army of perverts to take over the schools4/1/22Perverse, Professors, Indoctrination
Racial Profiling and Kiddie Porn Replace the Three Rs in Maine K to 12 Classrooms4/1/22Education, Indoctrination, Race
Biden Administration Promotes Transgender Sex Change Surgery, Puberty Blockers for Minors3/31/22LGBT, Perverse,
TSA Bows to the Radical Transgender Movement, Announces Plans for Gender Neutral Screening to Advance Civil Rights3/31/22LGBT, ,
Med Student, Trans Activist Implies She Hurt Patient Mocking Pronoun Pin3/31/22LGBT, Healthcare,
VIDEO: Disney Production Coordinator Touts Power of Putting Transgender, Queer Characters in Show for Children3/31/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
UK National Health Service admit that little is known about the long term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria and the psychological effects those experiments may have.3/31/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Disney Executives Admit: Of Course We’re Grooming Your Children3/30/22Indoctrination, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: Disney Exec with Pansexual Child Says Not Enough Lead Characters Are LGBTQIA3/30/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
If Men Can Become Women, Then The Powerful Can Force Others To Believe Anything3/30/22LGBT, Conservative,
VIDEO: Disney Executive Producer Admits She Regularly Adds Queerness to Childrens Programming3/29/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Ron DeSantis Slams Leftists Lying About the Parental Rights Bill: They Support Sexualizing Kids in Kindergarten3/29/22Indoctrination, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: Florida Teacher Worries He Cant Discuss His Personal Love Life with Kindergarteners After Passage of Parental Rights Bill3/29/22LGBT, Professors, Indoctrination
Lesbian couple sues a fertility clinic for the wrong type of baby3/28/22LGBT, Feminism,
Twitter Locks Out Federalist Editor For Stating Truth About Rachel Levine3/28/22Media, LGBT,
Disney Lashes Out at DeSantis for Signing Anti Grooming Bill, Vows to Fight in Court3/28/22LGBT, Liberal Bias,
STUDY: Stanford UniversitySchool of Medicine released the results of a study of 1.5 million pregnant women, including 2,572 lesbian couples, and found that mother pairs had more medical problems than mixed-gender couples; couples made up of a man and a woman3/28/22LGBT, Healthcare, Science
New Jersey Middle School Forced 12 yr Olds to Learn About Transgender Hormone Therapy without Parental Consent3/28/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Woman who lived as a man explains how the internet drives teens to embrace trans ideology3/28/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Imagine if Both Your Parents Were Hard Left Democrats3/28/22Conservative, ,
California: Now a Haven for Transgender Families Escaping Texas (stat%)3/28/22Healthcare, LGBT, California
Ketanji Brown Jackson is a Trojan Horse3/25/22Biden, Science, LGBT
A Senate Hearing and a Swimming Pool Give the Truth Its Due3/25/22Biden, Science, LGBT
STUDY: Biology for me but not for thee; of the 5,577 biologists he interviewed, surveyed, and reviewed, 96% believed human life begins at fertilization. (STAT%)3/25/22Abortion, Science, LGBT
Why Is NBC News Doctoring Photos Of Lia Thomas To Look Less Masculine?3/25/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Utah Legislature Overwhelmingly Overrides Governors Wish That Boys Invade Girls Sports3/25/22Feminism, LGBT,
USA Today: There Is No Simple Answer for Defining What Is a Woman3/25/22LGBT, Science, Feminism
Yes, Gender Clinics Are Performing Sex Change Operations on Minor Children. We Have the Receipts.3/25/22Healthcare, LGBT,
Photog Blasts NBC for Softening Pics of Lia Thomas for More Feminine Look3/24/22Media, Indoctrination, LGBT
Trans Closets: The Latest Way Schools Are Sneaking Around Behind Parents Backs3/24/22Professors, LGBT, Perverse
Democrats Arent Just Extreme Anymore. They Are Weird And Gross3/24/22LGBT, Perverse,
Leftist Chickens Come Home to Roost for Amazon after it donates to groups the LGBT lobby opposes3/24/22LGBT, Economics,
How Can Ketanji Brown Jackson Rule In Sex Discrimination Cases If She Cant Define Woman?3/24/22Feminism, LGBT,
VIDEO: Ted Cruz Grills Ketanji Brown Jackson, Who Cant Define the Word Woman; Could I Decide I Was an Asian Man?3/23/22Feminism, LGBT,
VIDEO: Bidens SCOTUS Pick Says She Cant Define What A Woman Is I Cant, Im Not a Biologist3/23/22Feminism, LGBT,
11 People and Outlets Censored by Twitter for Questioning Gender Ideology3/23/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Florida Aims to End Sexualization of Children3/23/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
Disney Launching Task Force to Make More LGBTQ+ Content for Children and Families3/22/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Twitter Bans Babylon Bee Staff, Charlie Kirk For Saying Men Are Men And Mocking Censorship3/22/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Leftists Tout Lies on Parental Rights in Education Bill, Push Transgender Discussions in Classrooms3/22/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
ESPN Pledges To Support LGTBQ+ Initiatives In Latest Memo3/22/22Media, LGBT,
VIDEO: Austin elementary school holds Pride parade, instructs students not to reveal what is said in community circles3/22/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
Twitter suspends The Babylon Bee for supporting actual science3/21/22Media, LGBT,
Christian conservatives are winning on education as the left normalizes obscene material3/21/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
NBC OpEd Compares Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas to Jackie Robinson3/21/22LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Twitter Temporarily Suspends The Babylon Bee For Hateful Conduct After Satirical Outlet Awards its Man of the Year Rachel Levine3/20/22Media, LGBT,
Oregon Top Childrens Hospital Teaches Young Boys To Tuck Their Genitals, Directs Kids To Sex Shop3/18/22Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
Female swimmers are frightened to speak out against dominant male competitor, concerned mom says3/18/22Feminism, LGBT,
Pixar restores same sex kiss in movie to protest DeSantis anti groomer law3/18/22LGBT, Media,
Mother delivers powerful message outlining how the LGBT agenda led her daughter to suicide3/17/22Healthcare, LGBT,
LGBTQIA+ Disney Employees Plan Walkout over Company Response to Floridas Dont Groom Kids Bill3/16/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Disney CEO Bob Chapek Chose to Be Joe Rogan, Not Dave Chappelle. He Chose Poorly3/16/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Joe Bidens Gender Obsession3/16/22Feminism, LGBT, Biden
USA Today declares Dr. Rachel Levine its 2022 Woman of the Year3/15/22Feminism, LGBT, Media
Hollywood Gay Lobby Will Now Grade Hollywood Studios On Donations to LGBTQ Groups3/15/22LGBT, Economics, Media
Adidas Celebrates Brazilian Trans Volleyball Player3/14/22Feminism, LGBT,
FAKE Poll Claims Americans WANT Elementary Schoolers Taught About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (stat%)3/14/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Grooming Our Children: We Need to Fight Back3/14/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
March Media Madness: Schools in NCAA Tourney Judged On LGBT-Friendliness3/14/22LGBT, Media,
Florida Parental Rights in Education bill gets the old Democrat histrionics treatment3/11/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Leftist organization Together Rising is investing money and raising funds to help transgender youth advocacy organizations in Florida after the Sunshine State passed a bill prohibiting gender theory from being taught from kindergarten to third grade.3/11/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Kansas teacher sues district after she was suspended for refusing to use students preferred pronouns3/11/22LGBT, Professors,
NYC: Alleged Transgender Serial Killer Charged with Murder in Connection to Dismembered Body3/11/22LGBT, Violence,
60 companies want Texas to allow healthy kids to irreversibly mutilate their bodies3/11/22LGBT, Perverse,
Parents are not entitled to know their kids gender identity, Wisconsin school district argues3/10/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Catholic League: For Joe Biden, Womens Rights Mean Abortion and LGBT Issues3/10/22Christianity, Biden, Feminism
Summer camp for teenagers promoted self managed abortions, sexual depravity3/10/22LGBT, Perverse,
The Studies Cited To Support Gender Bending Kids Are Largely Junk Science (stat%)3/10/22LGBT, Healthcare,
Bidens $2.6 billion gender equality request could fund abortions in foreign countries3/9/22LGBT, Abortion, Biden
Florida Democrats protest anti-grooming law by chanting gay, gay, gay (Chanting the strawman)3/9/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Are leftists liberating children or preying on them in public school classrooms?3/8/22Perverse, LGBT, Education
VIDEO: THE VIEW: The View Claims Florida Parental Rights Bill Allows Child Torture at Home3/8/22LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Florida Democrats expose both their dishonesty and moronic thinking3/8/22Perverse, LGBT, Education
Fact Check: Jen Psaki Misleads, Again, About Florida Bill Protecting K to 3 Kids from Instruction on Sexuality, Gender3/8/22Perverse, LGBT, Education
Utah GOP governor to VETO bill banning biological males from competing in girls sports3/7/22Feminism, LGBT,
Texas Court Blocks Abbotts Child Abuse Investigation into Parents of Transgender Children3/7/22LGBT, Healthcare,
VIDEO: In Wisconsin, a fight over whether children belong to the state or the parents3/6/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Sports Illustrated laughable puff piece about Will Thomas, the fake woman3/4/22Feminism, LGBT, Media
Biden moves to block Texas from restricting transgender procedures for kids3/4/22LGBT, Healthcare,
WaPo Reporter Viciously Attacks Parents Concerned About Scholastics Book Fairs Promoting Radical Ideologies3/4/22Media, LGBT, Education
As Russia Invades Ukraine, U.S. Army Gives Mandatory Training on Gender Identity3/4/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Biden
VIDEO: Radical Democrats and Kids Chant Fuck DeSantis in Capitol Rotunda Over Education Bill that Limits Gay Content and Porn in Schools3/3/22Indoctrination, LGBT, Perverse
New York Education Department Promotes Gender Queer Pornographic Book to Children3/3/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
CBS Detects Transphobia Amid Russia Ukraine War3/1/22Media, LGBT,
Even Alaska has been infected with the myth of transgenderism2/28/22LGBT, ,
Florida House votes to ban gender identity discussion with children in third grade or younger2/28/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Kids and parents win against LGBTQ propaganda in Florida2/27/22Indoctrination, Education, Indoctrination
Why is Fox News promoting the lefts gender propaganda?2/24/22Media, LGBT,
Washington State Tells Teachers To Hide Student Gender Transitions From Parents2/24/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Texas Governor Orders Child Abuse Investigation Into Children Receiving Transgender Treatments2/23/22LGBT, Healthcare, Conservative
Caitlyn Jenner: Woke World of Gender Ideology Exploited by Biological Men to Target Children2/23/22LGBT, ,
Spring Break Sex Ed Camp, which was set to pay teens $100 to attend in Austin, Tx., has been postponed, Austin Public Health told local news2/23/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
NY Magazine: Parents Tyrants for Not Wanting Trans Agenda In Schools2/23/22Media, LGBT, Perverse
Middle school teacher secretly recorded telling students to blur the line of gender until it disappears2/23/22LGBT, Indoctrination, Professors
VIDEO: Public Library PAYS Kids For Sex Ed Camp2/23/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
Activist says diet and exercise is conversion therapy for fat people2/23/22Healthcare, Science, LGBT
HOUSEHOLD TYRANTS: New York Magazine writer Sarah Jones is certainly on the anti transparency bandwagon. In a recent piece, she referred to parents as household tyrants, and insists that the call for parental transparency is a wacko Christian Republican plot. She states that since schools dont interfere with a childs life at home, parents should butt out at school.2/23/22Professors, Education, Indoctrination
Why Parents Should Assume Government Schools Will Sexually Abuse Their Children Until Proven Otherwise2/22/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
NPR Publishes Propaganda Piece Supporting Lia Thomas Victories2/22/22Media, Feminism, LGBT
Blue states consider letting anatomical males into womens prisons, hiding their backgrounds2/22/22Feminism, LGBT,
Sexually explicit LGBT content promoted to kids as young as 4, reveal private school association recordings2/21/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Outraged Parents Demand Answers After Non Binary Male Counselors Were Allowed to Sleep in Fifth Grade Girls Cabins at School-Sponsored Science Camp2/20/22Professors, LGBT,
National Geographic has become too woke to be taken seriously2/20/22Media, Indoctrination, Science
Once again, a man beats women at a swim meet2/18/22Feminism, LGBT,
Therapists Treat Dysphoria As A Trauma Symptom, Until It is About Sex2/17/22LGBT, Healthcare, Indoctrination
Prominent gay conservative Douglas Murray wants political right to surrender to the sexual revolution2/17/22LGBT, Conservative,
Meet The Sex Shop Founder Who Is Grooming Children Through Books In School Libraries; Cory Silverberg2/16/22LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Why Nearly 40 Percent of Gen Z Identify as LGBTQ2/16/22LGBT, Indoctrination,
NCAA Clears the Way for Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas to Compete in Women’s National Championships2/14/22Feminism, LGBT,
Caligulas Horse in the Senate, Biden’s Dog in the Department of Energy; Bidens handlers bring us to the late, decadent stage before the destruction.2/14/22LGBT, Biden,
The Jig is up for Transgenderism as Child Abuse (stat%)2/12/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
Biden puts an LGBT activist, gender-fluid drag queen pup fetishist in charge of the nuclear waste that could be used for terror bombs2/11/22LGBT, Perverse, Biden
Trans Athletes, The New York Times, and the Ivy League: All of them have thrown women under the bus. (Dennis Prager)2/11/22LGBT, Media, Feminism
Virginia Senate Passes Bill Allowing Parents to Review Public Schools Sexually Explicit Curricula2/10/22Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Schools Across America Observe BLM Week of Action, Sparking Outrage Among Parents2/7/22Education, Indoctrination, Race
Report: Red State Public Schools Encourage Kids To Go Transgender Behind Their Parents Backs2/7/22LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Radical Trans Ideology Being Taught in Mass. High School Biology Class2/3/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Promoting the Grooming and Sexualization of Children: Woke literature infects public schools.2/3/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
Catering To The Lefts Delusions Greenlights Sex Crimes, Looting, And Torturing Children2/1/22LGBT, Perverse,
Washington state approves insurance coverage for minors who undergo transgender surgeries2/1/22LGBT, ,
Under Biden Proposal, Everyone Including Kids Could More Easily Get Transgender Surgery (stat%)1/31/22LGBT, Perverse,
Feminist Hypocrisy on Display as Feminists Ignore Transgender Athletes1/31/22Feminism, LGBT,
Oregon Court of Appeals Overturns $135K Fine For Bakery That Refused to Make Same-Sex Wedding Cake1/30/22LGBT, Christianity,
Judge Reverses Decision to Place Loudoun County Schoolboy Guilty of Forcible Sodomy on Sex Offender List1/28/22LGBT, Perverse, Education
DC Comics Bisexual Climate Change Fighting Superman Is Kryptonite to Sales1/28/22LGBT, Media, Environmental
Teammates Uncomfortable Changing in Locker Room with Trans Swimmer1/28/22Feminism, LGBT,
Michigan AG admits defeat, will let religious adoption orgs refuse same-sex households1/28/22LGBT, Christianity,
Government Spending Mad Stacks on App to Study the Sex Lives of Gay and Trans Boys as Young as 13 Who Have Sex With Grown Men1/27/22LGBT, Perverse,
Parents Lawsuit Claims 12 Year Olds Suicide Attempts Occurred After Secret Gender Identity Meetings with School Staff1/27/22LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
LGBTQ activists are vigorously attacking Christianity1/26/22LGBT, Christianity,
Pope Francis Urges Parents Not to Condemn a Child with Different Sexual Orientations1/26/22Christianity, LGBT,
California Mom Sues School District: Claims Teachers Gave Daughter Tips on How to Bind Her Breasts and turn her trans1/25/22Perverse, Professors, LGBT
Why Accepting Child Transgenderism Will Pave The Way For Accepting Pedophilia1/24/22LGBT, Perverse,
Transgenders Blast App for Women That Doesnt Include Them1/24/22Feminism, LGBT,
Women no longer exist in the world of the New York Times1/22/22Feminism, LGBT, Media
An ACLU lawsuit attempting to block an Arkansas law concerning transgender children; seeks to prevent minors from receiving irreversible medical procedures, including hormone therapy and sex change surgery, as well as puberty blockers. It also prevents insurers from covering these procedures for children.1/22/22LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
VIDEO: Matt Walsh Nukes Transgender Debate on Dr. Phil With Facts and Logic, Other Guests Claim to Suffer From Nightmares, Depression Spirals After His Appearance1/21/22Feminism, LGBT, Media
NCAA Embraces Radical Gender Policy That Promotes Men Infiltrating Womens Sports1/20/22Feminism, LGBT,
The Trans Sect Is a State Sponsored Religious Cult1/18/22LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
LGBT Activists Have Been Using Courts To Harass This Christian Baker For Ten Years1/17/22Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Thankfully, women are starting to speak out against trans abuse in female prisons1/17/22Feminism, LGBT,
Marxist Los Angeles DA George Gascón Charges 26 Year Old Transgender as Juvenile in Sex Assault of 10 Year Old Girl1/17/22LGBT, Violence, California
USA Today Bemoans What the Public Keeps Getting Wrong About Pedophilia1/11/22Media, Perverse,
Transwoman Winner Mj Rodriguez Robs Golden Globe from Woman-Woman1/10/22Feminism, LGBT, Celebrities
Twitter suspends conservative blogger Matt Walsh for saying that men are men1/10/22LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Fox News Drinks the Trans Kool Aid1/8/22Media, LGBT,
NBC Out Celebrates LGBT Victory Over Catholic High School1/7/22Education, LGBT, Christianity
AOC Exposed Again at Drag Queen Event with No Mask In Miami – While Her Home State New York Crumbles Under COVID Tyranny and Socialist Policies1/3/22Healthcare, LGBT,
Progressives truly hate women1/3/22Feminism, Media, LGBT
6 Basic Concepts Liberals Do not Get1/3/22Conservative, Economics, Science
J.K. Rowling caves to the transgender mob12/31/21Feminism, LGBT, Celebrities
Nandini Jammi Check my Ads partner offers to buy sexual material for minors12/30/21Media, LGBT,
Erasing Women: Trans Jeopardy! Contestant Takes Crown for Highest Earning Female Win Streak12/29/21Feminism, LGBT,
Talk radio host suggests womens rights advocate should be cancelled for saying biological sex is real12/29/21Feminism, LGBT,
BuzzFeed: Deplatform White Parents; A long rant against two major pushbacks against the woke agenda, one from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling against transgender activists, and the campaign against the racist doctrine of critical race theory (CRT)12/28/21Media, Indoctrination, Race
VIDEO: Teacher: I Start Conversations About Gender and Sexuality with My Students12/28/21Perverse, Professors, LGBT
NFL Cozies Up To LGBTQ With Thursday Night Fluff Piece12/22/21Media, LGBT,
Convicted pedophile trans woman jailed for raping dog12/22/21LGBT, Perverse,
New York Magazine celebrates trans journalist, Gabriel Mac, who once staged her own rape12/21/21LGBT, Media, Perverse
Outraged Parents DEMAND Answers After LEAKED Training Audio Exposes California Middle School Teachers Conspiring to Hide LGBTQ Indoctrination From Parents12/20/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Florida is the new ground zero for LGBT influence within the Republican Party12/20/21LGBT, Christianity,
Twitter Censors APP Schweppe for Urging Governors to Ban Sex Change Surgery for Minors12/20/21Media, Indoctrination, LGBT
LGBTQ Nation Essay Implies You Aint Gay if You Dont Vote Democrat12/18/21LGBT, Media,
Parents Outraged: Claim Teacher Coached Daughter into Identifying as Trans Fluid12/17/21LGBT, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: Chicago Lutheran Church Hosts Drag Queen Prayer Hour For Children12/17/21LGBT, Christianity,
Twitter Crackdown: American Principles Project Executive Censored for Criticizing the Mutilation of Kids12/17/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
President of American College of Pediatricians slams transgender drugs as child abuse12/17/21LGBT, Healthcare,
UPenn Parents Plead with NCAA to Change Rules After Trans Swimmer Dominates Womens Competition12/16/21Feminism, LGBT,
VIDEO: Clay Travis: Nobody in Sports Is Defending Transgender Penn Swimmer12/16/21Feminism, LGBT,
VIDEO: Trans activists have much bigger plans than living as they wish; they admit they are using transgenderism to bring about a communist revolution12/16/21LGBT, Socialism,
Texas investigating dangerous promotion of puberty blockers for gender confused kids12/16/21LGBT, Perverse,
Twitter suspends pro family think tank director after tweet opposing chemical castration of children12/15/21LGBT, Media, Perverse
Free speech battles rage years after decision on Christian baker12/15/21LGBT, Christianity,
Actual Female Swimmer at UPenn Says Team Support for Transgender Swimmer Is Fake12/15/21Feminism, LGBT,
Defending Pedophilia Is The Logical Conclusion Of Queer Theory12/13/21LGBT, Perverse,
Parents have to fight Big Tech, government, schools and more to protect their kids from LGBT propaganda12/13/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Democrats Massive Entitlement Plans Include Banning Christians From Government Childcare (stat%)12/13/21Economics, Christianity,
J.K. Rowling Scolds Police for Documenting Male Rapists as Women12/13/21Feminism, LGBT, Violence
Study hides dangers of giving biological females high doses of testosterone: endocrinologist12/10/21Feminism, LGBT, Science
Arizona High School Halts Transgender Spirit Week After Outcry From Parents12/10/21LGBT, Education,
Mother Sues School for Refusing to Allow 7th Grade Trans Daughter to Play Boys Soccer12/10/21LGBT, Education,
Matt Walshs bestselling children’s book removed from Targets website12/10/21LGBT, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
North Carolina Parents Identify Over 100 Book Titles Containing Obscene Content, File CRIMINAL Charges Against Wake County School Board (PHOTOS)12/9/21Education, Indoctrination, Perverse
VIDEO: Transgender Swimmer Competing On Womens Team Destroys Women’s Records. Watch how far he wins by12/9/21Feminism, LGBT,
Why The Red Wave Could Become A Red Puddle; by catering to transgenders12/8/21Conservative, LGBT,
After Supreme Court Refused To Protect Her From Forced Labor, Washington Florist Settles With Gay Activists12/8/21LGBT, ,
The Lefts War With Biological Reality12/8/21LGBT, Science,
Transgender UPenn Swimmer Who Competed Two Seasons as a Man, Shatters Women’s Records – Winning by 38 Seconds12/7/21Feminism, LGBT,
Critical Crat Theory: When intersectionality intersects with reality12/7/21Feminism, LGBT,
MEDIAPOST: Havas New York, the Ali Forney Center and New York are partnering on a special ad section focused on the struggles of the more than 8,300 LGBTQIA+ youth who are abandoned or homeless.12/7/21Media, LGBT,
Boys Replacing Girls in Sports; Feminists Yawn (stat%)12/6/21Feminism, LGBT,
VIDEO: Chicago Is Removing Gendered Bathrooms From All Its Public Schools12/3/21Education, LGBT,
Video: Incest Embraced as Part of LGBTQ+ Community12/3/21LGBT, Perverse,
Chicago Public Schools Announces That It Will Be Moving To Genderless Bathrooms in Creepy Video Featuring Elementary Students – Bathrooms Will Be Open For Use By Anyone Who Feels Comfortable12/2/21LGBT, Feminism,
Matt Walsh releases childrens book explaining absurdity of transgenderism12/1/21LGBT, Conservative,
Fairfax County Public Schools Reintroduces Pornographic, Pedophilic Material11/29/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Trans Professor in Virginia Resigns After His Research and Book Attempted to Destigmatize the Attraction to Underage Children11/26/21LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Fairfax County Public Schools gives parents the double barreled middle finger11/26/21Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Bidens Build Back Better Free Preschool Forces LGBTQ Activist Curriculum on Faith Groups11/23/21Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
J.K. Rowling Says She is Received So Many Death Threats After Family Address Posted on Twitter11/22/21LGBT, Violence, Celebrities
J.K. Rowling Rips Trans Radicals: Prove You Arent a Threat to Women, Stop Stalking and Threatening Us11/22/21LGBT, Violence, Celebrities
Parents at the Long Beach, California, Unified School District were alarmed after the district unveiled plans to build a locker room to allow teenage students of both genders to shower and dress together.11/22/21LGBT, Perverse, Education
VIDEO: Obamas Evolving Views11/20/21Remove History, Healthcare, Environmental
VIDEO: Governor Of NY Makes It Illegal For Utility Companies To Misgender Someone11/19/21LGBT, Freedom, Indoctrination
Woke Overload: NBC show, New Amsterdam Has Doctors Protect Black Trans Illegal Immigrant with Cancer from ICE11/18/21Media, LGBT, PC
Members of Californias biggest teachers union plotted how to push LGBT politics on children and undermine concerns about their tactics from parents, principals, and communities, reveals leaked audio from an October conference of the California Teachers Association (CTA).11/18/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Without Notifying Parents, Loudoun High School Asked Students If They Are Transgender And How Much They Have Sex11/18/21LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Gay Couple Force Christian Florist to Retire11/18/21LGBT, Christianity,
Transgender: Connecticut Parents Report Kindergartners Taught Gender Ideology Without Opt Out11/18/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Virginia teacher wins lawsuit after being suspended for denouncing trans pronoun policy11/17/21LGBT, Professors, Education
Catholic Football Player Suspended for Saying There Are Two Genders11/16/21Education, LGBT, Christianity
Transgender Professor At Old Dominion University Rebrands Pedophiles As Minor Attracted Persons11/15/21LGBT, Perverse, Professors
A leftist paper misreports a story of gay porn in public school libraries11/15/21LGBT, Perverse, Media
FLASHBACK VIDEO: Fauci Says Kids can Get AIDS From Casual Contact – Withheld Life-Saving Drugs from Gays with AIDS11/10/21Healthcare, Science,
Woke U.S Navy Names Ship After Gay Rights Leader and pedophile Harvey Milk and Christened by Transgender Veteran11/8/21LGBT, Perverse,
General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher apologized after being accused of reposting a transphobic tweet that called transgender Biden administration official Rachel Levine a dude.11/8/21Celebrities, LGBT,
Pro Transgender Censorship Is Tearing Universities Apart11/8/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Democrats So Called Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Erases Sex And Hurts Women11/8/21Economics, Feminism, LGBT
The Radical Illogic at the Heart of Trans Activism; Rage against reality11/8/21LGBT, Indoctrination,
An UNBELIEVABLE 30% of Millennials Now Identify as LGBTQ According To New Study; In 2018 It Was Less Than 9%11/7/21LGBT, Indoctrination,
Only 17% of Americans Strongly Believe There Are Multiple Genders, Down From 24% Two Years Ago11/7/21LGBT, Indoctrination,
Transgender Reality TV Star Jazz Jennings Struggles With Mental Health, Obesity After Gender Reassignment Surgery, Humiliated, Fat Shamed By His Parents11/4/21LGBT, ,
Blame Public Schools for Transgender Bathroom Rapes11/2/21Education, Violence, LGBT
We Refused to Lie About Rachel Levines Gender; So Twitter Locked Our Account11/1/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
VIDEO: The Coordinated Push To Groom Children into Pedophilia11/1/21LGBT, Perverse,
STUDY: CNN and MSNBC Spend 17 Nights HIDING Horrific Loudoun School Sex Assault Case (stat%)10/29/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Florida School Board Member Chaperones Little Children on Gay Bar Field Trip10/28/21Perverse, Professors, LGBT
VIDEO: AG Merrick Garlands outrageous Senate testimony sparked ringing denunciations from GOP senators10/28/21Freedom, Biden, Professors
Leftists reach peak madness when the subject is lesbians and transgenderism10/28/21Feminism, LGBT,
LGBT Lobby Turns on Lesbians for not wanting to have sex with trans women10/28/21Feminism, LGBT,
Twix Releases Halloween Ad About a Boy Wearing Dresses With His Witch Nanny; Forgets to Mention Candy10/27/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Journalist Reads Filthy Porn Book from Schools Library at FL School Board Meeting; Board Members Call Police to Have Him Forcefully Removed for Reading Obscene Content Aloud10/27/21LGBT, Perverse, Education
VIDEO: Annoyed MSNBC on VA School Rape Cover Up: Arent Even Major Issues10/27/21Media, Perverse, LGBT
Kamala Harris proudly announces National Gender Strategy10/26/21Feminism, LGBT,
Disney Division Hosting Drag Queen Story Hour for Employees Children10/26/21LGBT, Indoctrination,
Texas Becomes Latest State To Pass Law Affirming Biology And Protecting Womens Sports10/26/21Feminism, LGBT,
The Religious Exemption Inquisition A man can call himself a woman, and everyone must play along, or else. But dont try pretending to be religious.10/26/21Healthcare, Freedom, Christianity
VIDEO: Networks Skip Judge Finding Loudoun Rapist Guilty, AP Calms Murky Case10/25/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Biden Radical Gender Agenda Starts With Eliminating Protections For Women10/25/21Feminism, LGBT,
Science Says Whats Really Compassionate Is Encouraging People With Gender Dysphoria To Love Their Real Bodies10/22/21LGBT, Healthcare, Science
An execrable correction from the Associated Press; calls violent lgbt mobs peaceful, frame the pro free speech guy as the villain10/22/21Media, Indoctrination, LGBT
National School Board Association Coordinated with Biden Regime Before Garland Classified Parents Domestic Terrorists10/21/21Education, Indoctrination, Race
Corporations Pull Out the Long Knives for Their Employees10/21/21Freedom, Indoctrination, Economics
VIDEO: AG Merrick Garland Admits He Took Word of National School Boards Association to Target Parents as Domestic Terrorists10/21/21Education, Indoctrination, Race
Bidens White House Colluded With School Boards Association To Launch Attack On Parents10/21/21Education, Indoctrination, Race
Christian employers sue Biden administration over transgender mandates10/21/21LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
San Francisco State University Prof Says Jewish Pot is Making Black Men Gay10/21/21Professors, Race, LGBT
The Equality blues: Feminists cry foul when boys netball team wins girls’ tournament10/20/21Feminism, LGBT,
Transgender Health Official Rachel Levine Sworn in as First Female Four-Star Admiral in Public Health Corps10/19/21LGBT, Biden,
Democrats Pushing Transgenderism In Schools Are Fully Responsible For Bathroom Sexual Assaults10/19/21Perverse, Feminism, LGBT
Loudoun County Prosecutor Who Sought Arrest of Man Whose Daughter Was Allegedly Raped Has Ties to Soros, McAuliffe10/18/21Education, LGBT, Perverse
Corrupt Media Spin Texas Legislature Saying Boys Cant Destroy Girls Sports As Controversial10/18/21Media, Feminism, LGBT
Opinion on the use of puberty blockers in America is turning10/16/21LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Texas House Votes to Ban Transgender Students from Girls Sports10/15/21Feminism, LGBT,
The Jon Gruden Story: Developed10/15/21Celebrities, LGBT, Race
VIDEO: Parents in Loudoun County Demand School Board Members Resign Over Coverup of Sexual Assault10/14/21LGBT, Perverse, Violence
VIDEO: NBC Ignores Loudoun Rapes, Smears Parents Opposed to CRT, Edits Audio10/14/21Media, Indoctrination, Education
VIDEO: Loudoun County Schools Covered Up Rape of a 14 Year Old Girl and Prosecuted Her Father To Protect Male Transgender Student Who Was Permitted to Use Ladies Bathrooms10/13/21LGBT, Perverse, Professors
VIDEO: School Board Attempts To Cover Up Bathroom Sexual Assault, Father Speaks Out10/13/21LGBT, Perverse, Violence
Report: Jon Gruden Called Joe Biden Nervous Clueless Pussy in Controversial Emails10/12/21Celebrities, Race, LGBT
Raiders Fire Gruden for Comments … Made 10 Years Ago?10/12/21Celebrities, Media, Race
Government as God: Is the Church becoming the servant of government?10/12/21Conservative, Christianity, Freedom
California mandates gender neutral toy areas in large stores10/11/21LGBT, California,
Superman Comes Out as Bisexual in DC Comics10/11/21LGBT, Indoctrination, Remove History
Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson refuses to back down before the LGBTQ crowd10/11/21LGBT, Conservative,
Netflix suspended three employees, including a transgender software engineer who tried to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle, for crashing a leadership meeting.10/11/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
VIDEO: CNN Urges Viewers to Cancel Netflix Amid Chappelle Show10/11/21LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Schools in Multiple States Ban LGBTQ Pride, BLM Flags: Too Political10/11/21Education, Race, LGBT
The University of Delaware is promoting a Northeast Queer Farmer Wellness Microgrant program to support queer and trans farmers through taxpayer funded grants.10/8/21Economics, LGBT,
The Democrats war on women continues unabated10/8/21Feminism, LGBT,
SEC Sued over Nasdaqs Diversity Rule for Race, Gender, LGBTQ Quotas on Boards. Requires most of the nearly 3,000 companies listed on Nasdaq to have at least one woman on their board of directors, along with one person from a racial minority or who identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer10/7/21LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
Christian Schools Join Fight to Protect Female Athletes from Transgender Competitors10/5/21Feminism, LGBT, Christianity
The pressure to stay relevant has driven Playboy executives crazy10/5/21LGBT, Media,
Washington Post Erases Women; New Style Guide Says to Use Pregnant Individuals Instead10/4/21Feminism, LGBT, Media
Trust Fauci and the Bureaucrats? Four decades of fraud; from AIDS to COVID 19.10/4/21Healthcare, Freedom, HoaxFraud
Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Named Sportswoman of the Year10/2/21Feminism, LGBT, Indoctrination
The Manifold Dangers of Pretending to Be the Opposite Sex10/1/21LGBT, Feminism,
VIDEO: Rep. Pressley: Abortion Bans Are White Supremacists Targeting LGBT Americans10/1/21Abortion, Race,
VIDEO: CRAZY Pro Abortion Activist Wants Everyone To Know People Get Pregnant And Not Just Women10/1/21Abortion, LGBT,
Professors: If girls who think they are guys can’t get abortions, they will feel bad when they are pregnant9/29/21Abortion, LGBT, Professors
Vacationer Magazine Relaunches To Better Serve LGBTQ+ Community9/24/21LGBT, Media,
California Governor Newsom Signs Bills That Enable Children to Hide Sex Operations and Abortions From Their Parents in AB 13569/23/21Perverse, LGBT, Abortion
Transgender Fighter Beats the Crap Out of Female Opponent, Wins MMA Debut9/11/21LGBT, Feminism,
Head of LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign Ousted for Helping Cuomo Discredit Victim9/9/21LGBT, Liberal Bias,
AOC Defends Using the Phrase Menstruating People; Not Just Women Can Menstruate9/8/21LGBT, Healthcare, Science
The Trans Exception: When it comes to gender identity, journalists give even criminals the benefit of the doubt.9/8/21LGBT, Perverse, HoaxFraud
Emory University, a Christian Methodist college in Georgia, has commissioned a Gay Pride mural and a mural featuring Democrat politicians like Stacey Abrams in one of their dorm halls.9/7/21Christianity, LGBT, Education
Study: Transgender Mortality Rate Twice as High as Those Without Gender Dysphoria (stat%)9/7/21LGBT, Healthcare,
VIDEO: Shocker: Trans Woman Who Exposed Himself to Wi Spa Customers Is Actually a Serial Sex Offender9/3/21LGBT, Perverse, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson And Andy Ngo EXPOSE Serial Sex Offender9/3/21LGBT, Perverse, HoaxFraud
VIDEO: 3rd Grade Teacher Brainwashes Classroom: Shows Off Pride Month Curriculum9/2/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
UK Toddler affirmed as transgender after allegedly trying to mutilate himself9/1/21Liberal Bias, Perverse,
Virginia Supreme Court Affirms Reinstating Loudoun Teacher Fired For Refusing To Use Anti-Science Pronouns8/31/21Professors, LGBT, Education
Pediatricians File Lawsuit Against Bidens Mandate that Doctors Perform Transgender Procedures on Children8/30/21Healthcare, Freedom, LGBT
Liberal Teacher At California High School Has Kids Pledge Allegiance To The Pride Flag (VIDEO)8/28/21LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Virginia School Board Pays Trans Former Student $1.3 Million in Bathroom Policy Settlement8/27/21Education, LGBT,
The Odious Campaign to Sexualize Children in Public Schools: Condoms, bananas, deviancy, and gender fluidity as education.8/20/21Education, Indoctrination, Perverse
Where Are the Gays?: While the Taliban prepares to execute gays, Western gay rights groups focus on gender reassignment surgery8/18/21LGBT, Violence, Islam
VIDEO: SHAMEFUL: Woke Teacher BRAGS About Teaching Pre Schoolers About Gender and Genitals8/17/21Perverse, Professors, LGBT
Scotland Will Now Let 4 Year Olds Identify As Opposite Sex Without Parental Consent8/13/21LGBT, Perverse,
Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services: Sex Change Surgery for Minors Is Child Abuse8/13/21LGBT, Healthcare, Conservative
Nations largest doctor group, the American Medical Association, recommends removing male, female from birth certificates8/12/21Healthcare, Science, LGBT
Oregon School Board Bans Black Lives Matter And Gay Pride Flags From Classrooms8/12/21Education, Race, LGBT
DC Comics makes Batman’s sidekick Robin bisexual in new comic8/11/21LGBT, Media,
Trans City Councilor Confronts Crusty Shop Owner Over a Sign in His Shop. Now Antifa’s Involved.8/7/21LGBT, Freedom,
Twitter Suspends Conservative Pundit Allie Beth Stuckey for Calling Transgender Weightlifter a Man8/6/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Fact Check: Kevin Cramer Misleads Americans on Woke Agenda in So Called Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that contains the word EQUITY at least 64 times (stat%)8/6/21Economics, Biden, Socialism
A Therapists Take on the Transgender Influx8/3/21LGBT, Healthcare, Indoctrination
VIDEO: The Muppets Introduces Transgender Character for Your Children to Watch8/2/21LGBT, Media, Perverse
Police Cuff and Arrest Trans Internet Star for Allegedly Raping His 80 Year Old Mother8/2/21LGBT, Perverse,
American Medical Association Pushes To Remove Sex From Birth Certificates8/2/21Healthcare, Science, LGBT
VIDEO: Liberal Weirdo Admits Some Libs Dont Feel Like Humans so Need New Pronouns8/2/21LGBT, ,
Transgenderism: Perception and Reality are Two Different Things7/30/21LGBT, Science,
The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It is Out In The Open7/30/21LGBT, Perverse,
Woke Homophobia: How trans ideology threatens not only gays but also women.7/29/21Feminism, LGBT,
The woke doctors of the future will know pronouns but not medicine7/28/21Healthcare, Science, LGBT
History Will Condemn Bigots Using Coronavirus to Persecute Trump Supporters7/27/21TDS, Violence, Conservative
Disneys Jungle Cruise Star Jack Whitehall Hopes His Characters Coming Out Scene Means a Lot to LGBTQ Kids7/27/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
The Bible Is Clear: Transgender Identity Is Incompatible With Christianity7/26/21LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
California Democrats are inviting violent male criminals who say they are transgender to move into housing with women prisoners and, in exchange, are providing the women with condoms and abortion pills.7/23/21LGBT, Feminism, California
A Teacher and an Assistant Principal Just Got FIRED Because They Dared to Oppose Transgender Orthodoxy7/23/21LGBT, Professors, Science
NYT Normalizes Pedophilia in article about Sex Workers featuring a 13yr old7/23/21Media, Perverse, LGBT
Court Rules California Law Requiring Nursing Home Staff to Refer to Transgender Residents by Their Preferred Pronouns Violates First Amendment7/21/21LGBT, Freedom, California
VIDEO: Pausing a minute to consider the damage leftism does to America by watching the word salada of new genders appear7/21/21LGBT, Conservative,
California Appeals Court: Mandatory Transgender Pronouns Violate First Amendment7/20/21LGBT, Freedom,
J.K. Rowling Fires Back After Hundreds of Transgender Activists Threatened to Beat, Rape, Assassinate, and Bomb Her7/19/21LGBT, Violence, Celebrities
American Booksellers Association apologises to LGBT groups for violent incident of promoting book exposing the transgender craze7/16/21LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
ACLU sues Montana over transgender ID law requiring proof of surgery7/16/21LGBT, Remove History,
Wikipedia Admins Support Banning Editors for Not Using Preferred Pronouns7/15/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Why Joe Biden Wont Defend Women from Transgenders7/15/21LGBT, Feminism,
Yale Professor Wants Your Kids To See Sex At Pride Parades So They Are Not Homophobes7/14/21Perverse, Professors, LGBT
TV ratings for ESPNs signature ESPY Awards show have cratered, losing nearly 90% of its audience since the network gave its Courage award to Caitlyn Jenner in 2015.7/13/21Media, PC, Celebrities
Medical Fascism: Medical Journal, the Journal of Medical Ethics, Receives Backlash After Suggesting Parents Lose Veto Power on Trans Children7/12/21Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: RAINBOW Monkey DILDO Story Hour for KIDS7/12/21LGBT, Perverse,
Lifestyle: How childrens literature can help in the move to normalise queerness; vows to indoctrinate children with queerness and make them unlike their parents7/12/21Media, LGBT, Perverse
L.A. Times Defends Male appearing Genitalia at Spa with Women, Girls7/9/21LGBT, Feminism, Media
Couple sues to get their money back after donating to pro LGBT, woke Catholic school7/9/21Education, LGBT, Christianity
Gay Mens Choir That Sang We Are Coming for Your Children Rushes to Cover After Pedophilia Accusations7/9/21LGBT, Perverse,
The LGBTs are coming for your kids; and they are not hiding it7/8/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Video: San Francisco Gay Mens Choir Promises to Convert Your Children in Poor Attempt at Humor7/7/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Lesbian, gay and bisexual adults are THINNER than straight people; but are more likely to drink too much alcohol, smoke and have worse mental health, study finds (stat%)7/7/21LGBT, Healthcare,
WaPo Promotes the Sexual Grooming of Children7/6/21LGBT, Perverse, Media
Transgender Privilege: When non discrimination evolves into special preferences.7/5/21LGBT, Conservative,
Aquatic Center: Nothing We Can Do, While Woman Goes Topless At Public Pool & Mens Locker Room6/30/21LGBT, Perverse,
Science Says Transgender Hormones and Surgeries Do Not Prevent Suicides6/30/21LGBT, Science,
California Boycotts America: After 5 years, California is boycotting 17 states, with a population of 103 million Americans across 1.2 million square miles6/30/21Freedom, Liberal Bias,
Hypocrites at Google Flash Gay Logo in US on YouTube During Pride Month but NOT in Turkey and China6/29/21LGBT, Media, Islam
Here is a Look at the Shocking White Privilege, Gender Equity Lesson Plans Used To Indoctrinate Your Kids6/28/21Education, Indoctrination, Race
Transgender High School Student Wins Bathroom Case After Supreme Court Declines to Hear Dispute6/28/21LGBT, ,
Leftist Logic: You Can Have Surgery To Change Your Sex But Not Your Race6/28/21LGBT, Conservative, Race
Virginia Library Invites Preschoolers, Babies and Toddlers to Drag Queen Story Hour to Celebrate Pride Month6/25/21LGBT, Indoctrination,
Woke Entitlements: House Democrats Pass Bills Pushing LGBT Loans, Abortion Drugs for Veterans; The LGBTQ bill gives LGBTQ owned businesses favoritism in lending, much in the same way minority owned businesses may.6/25/21LGBT, Economics,
Leftists Aghast at Rumors First Openly Gay NFL Player Is a Republican6/25/21LGBT, Celebrities, TDS
Trans Track Star Deemed Ineligible to Compete in Womens Olympic Trials6/25/21LGBT, Feminism,
Spotify, Soundcloud Delete Conservative Rappers Song Declaring Trans Aint Real6/24/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Critical Race Theory In One Perfect Photo: A queer, nonbinary Black fat femme writer breaks it all down for you.6/24/21Education, Indoctrination, Race
Associate professor at Yale University Joe Fischel echoed this sentiment in his article Keep Pride Nude, asks What is the presumptive harm if a child …. sees an adults butt cheeks, or even an adults genitals or breasts?6/23/21Perverse, Professors, LGBT
Trans Female BMX Athlete Representing the US Threatens to Burn American Flag on Podium if She Wins at Olympics This Summer6/21/21LGBT, Feminism, Patriotism
Female Athletes Sidelined As Biological Male Advances To Olympics To Compete In Womens Weightlifting6/21/21LGBT, Feminism,
University of Iowa Students to Remake Great Gatsby with a Black, Lesbian Art Dealing Gatsby6/21/21Education, Remove History, LGBT
Leftists spin fatal LGBT parade accident to smear conservatives as violent6/21/21LGBT, Violence, HoaxFraud
Mayor Dean Trantalis (D) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is walking back his claim Saturday that a fatal crash at a Gay Pride event was a terrorist attack after it transpired that both the driver and the victims were part of a gay men’s choir.6/20/21LGBT, HoaxFraud,
The Supreme Court issues another important unanimous decision6/18/21Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
NBC News Now Pushes Trans Propaganda Piece: TransAmerica6/18/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Two school board members are under fire for objecting to a pro LGBTQ+ Pride Month book display targeting children in a local school library, which in at least one instance promotes what one member calls nothing less than porn for youngsters6/18/21LGBT, Perverse, Education
VIDEO: 30 Kids Shows, Toys Push LGBTQ Agenda Over A Year6/16/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Sam Bee Says Intersex People Prove Sex Is Not Binary6/16/21LGBT, Media,
Nickelodeon is paying a price for its LGBT proselytizing6/16/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Mandatory body cameras for teachers, not just cops!6/15/21Professors, Conservative,
VIDEO: Teacher Who Berated 6th Grader as Straight Jerk will No Longer be Returning to Springfield Public Schools6/14/21Perverse, Professors, LGBT
New Jersey High School Pushes Pride Month Celebrations, LGBT Books On Students6/14/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Interior Secretary Deb Haaland celebrated Flag Day on Monday by hoisting the Progress Pride flag above the Interior building in Washington, DC6/14/21Perverse, Patriotism, LGBT
Biden DOJ retracts promise to vigorously defend religious schools exemption from LGBT activism6/10/21LGBT, Christianity, Education
Nickelodeon, a cable network that used to entertain children and is now aggressively looking to prematurely sexualize them, is facing a well deserved ratings collapse.6/10/21LGBT, Perverse, Media
New York mom tears apart school board over left wing, LGBT propaganda6/10/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Pride: The Sin at the Root of Pride Month6/10/21LGBT, Christianity,
Important new documentary asks Whats the rush to reassign gender in children?6/9/21LGBT, Perverse,
VIDEO: Nickelodeon Releases Video of Creepy Drag Queen Pushing the Black Power Fist and Trans Flag to Kids6/8/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Burger King recently took a shot at Chick fil A amid Pride month, saying it will donate money from its chicken sandwich to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the worlds biggest LGBTQ civil rights group6/8/21LGBT, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: ACLU Attorney: Absolutely Fair for Trans Women to Compete with Girls6/8/21LGBT, Feminism,
The Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Virginia is ordering the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia to immediately reinstate a gym teacher who was placed on leave after opposing transgender polices at a school board meeting last month.6/8/21LGBT, Education, Professors
Thrillist To Launch A LGBTQIA+ Travel Channel6/8/21Media, LGBT,
Born This Way: Do Biological Factors Drive Homosexuality?6/7/21Science, LGBT,
The Lefts Urgent Mission to Sexualize Children: As Pride Month begins, the Lefts predatory designs on our kids accelerate.6/7/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
San Francisco Giants Become First MLB Team to Wear Pride Themed Uniforms6/2/21LGBT, ,
The left is working overtime to sexualize your children6/2/21Perverse, Education, Indoctrination
Illinois Lawmakers Send Sexually Charged K to 12 Sex Ed Bill to Governor. Illinois, legislators passed a bill last Friday requiring K to 12 public schools that offer sex education to align their curriculum with the National Sex Education Standards (NSES). These standards state that between grades K to 2nd children should learn to define gender, gender identity, and gender role stereotypes. Between grades 3-5, children should learn to distinguish between sex assigned at birth and gender identity, define and explain differences between cisgender, transgender, gender nonbinary, gender expansive, and gender identity, and explain that gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum. The standards also require that children be taught about power and privilege, conscious and unconscious bias, intersectionality, and covert and overt discrimination, and the principles of reproductive justice, racial justice, social justice, and equity6/2/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Psychiatrist Paul McHugh: Transgender Folly Will Collapse, Just as Eugenics Folly Collapsed6/1/21LGBT, Science, Conservative
Hide Your Kids, Blues Clues TV show Is Trans Propagandizing Preschoolers6/1/21Indoctrination, LGBT, Perverse
Christian and Catholic Conservatives Slam U.S. Embassy to the Vatican for Flying Pride Flag6/1/21Christianity, LGBT, Perverse
Democrat states disregard inmate rape reports, push for more transgender males in women’s prisons6/1/21LGBT, Feminism,
13 TV Shows and Characters Pushing the LGBTQ Agenda on Children6/1/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Paramount+ Reboot Of Rugrats Turns Mom Gay5/27/21Media, LGBT,
Demented Woman Thrusts Dildo at Pastors 13 Year Old Daughter Outside Drag Queen Brunch Marketed to Kids, Police Laugh (VIDEO)5/27/21LGBT, Perverse,
Lawmakers in Maine are considering legislation that would allow incarcerated individuals in the state to be assigned cells according to their gender identity instead of biological sex.5/27/21LGBT, Feminism, Violence
USA Today Retroactively Changes OpEd to Use Woke Trans Language5/26/21LGBT, Media, Feminism
Kellogg, GLAAD Invite Children to Create Your Own Pronouns on Cereal Boxes5/25/21LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Some some real white supremacy: The phony word Latinx: Whities are basically imposing their cultural norms on Latinos, twisting the entire Spanish language to conform to their pre-set notions about gender neutral5/25/21Race, LGBT,
VIDEO: 60 Minutes Highlights Prevalence of Transgenders De Transitioning5/24/21LGBT, Media,
Michigan Residents Say They Identify As Fully Vaccinated To Ditch Masks In Public5/24/21LGBT, Healthcare, Conservative
PBS Station Defends Drag Queen Story Hour For Kids Ages 3 to 8: Performance Art That Can Inspire Creative Thinking (VIDEO)5/21/21LGBT, Media, Perverse
Gender Fluid Celebrities Like Demi Lovato Are Defining New Moral Relativism5/21/21LGBT, Celebrities,
Renowned Catholic psychiatrist compares transgender movement to eugenics movement5/21/21LGBT, Perverse, Conservative
Trans Golfer Who Played On Mens College Team Wins Womens Title, Eyes LPGA5/20/21LGBT, Feminism,
Lego Unveils LGBTQ Play Set To Virtue Signal; and Conveniently Cash In On Pride Month5/20/21LGBT, PC, Economics
Virginia Little League is partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to confuse children and adults about U.S. race relations and Critical Race Theory, Gender5/19/21Indoctrination, Liberal Bias, Socialism
STUDY: Forbes reported that more than half 52% of all transgender and nonbinary young people in the U.S. seriously contemplated killing themselves in 2020.5/19/21LGBT, Healthcare, Science
NCAA Caves, Will Allow States Who Place Restrictions on Trans Athletes to Host Events5/17/21LGBT, Feminism,
Tennessee Governor Signs Law to Make Bathrooms, Locker Rooms Separate by Biological Sex5/17/21LGBT, Feminism,
Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Saying Men Cant Get Pregnant5/17/21LGBT, Science, Media
Transgenderism: All of these minor changes amount to a cultural sea change5/17/21LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
There Is No Way To Fix The Equality Act. Its Identity Politics Or Equality Before The Law, And Republicans Must Choose; ens. Thom Tillis, R, N.C.; Rob Portman, R, Ohio and Susan Collins, R, Maine,5/17/21LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
LSU Sorority Kicks Member Out over Social Media Criticism of Rachel Levine5/14/21LGBT, Education, Freedom
Nancy Drew Show Focuses on Race and Homosexuality5/14/21Media, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
Joe Bidens Border: Transgenders Among Most Vulnerable Illegal Migrants Getting into U.S.5/14/21LGBT, Immigration,
LGBT activists in the UK are calling for a ban on hate prayer that would suggest active homosexuals need to convert5/13/21LGBT, Christianity,
Trans Obsessed NY Times Again Lies About Culture War Waged Largely by Republicans5/11/21LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Biden HHS Reverses Trump: Definition of Sex Includes Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity5/10/21LGBT, Indoctrination,
Nancy Pelosi Celebrate Mothers Day as Leftists Use Term Birthing People5/10/21LGBT, Feminism, PC
Biden HHS Passes Anti Science Rule Change To Redefine Sex5/10/21LGBT, Science,
VIDEO: DISTURBING: Parents Absolutely Support Choice of 4 Year Old to Change Gender5/10/21LGBT, Perverse,
Woke Science Gives Gender Neutral Name to New Ant Species5/8/21Science, LGBT, PC
The Abolition of Gender5/8/21LGBT, Conservative,
Teacher Reads Book About Transgenderism to First Graders, School Board President in District Owns ALL AGES SEX SHOP5/6/21LGBT, Perverse, Professors
New Zealand Weightlifter Poised to Become First Transgender Olympian5/6/21LGBT, Feminism,
Major Swedish Hospital Stops Prescribing Puberty Blockers, Hormone Treatments For Children5/5/21LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Ellen Page claims to be celebrating being transgender, but her eyes tell a very different story4/30/21Celebrities, LGBT, Media
LGBT Activists Are Taking Aim at Christianity Itself4/30/21Christianity, LGBT, Perverse
VIDEO: MSNBC Whines, GOP Is Trying to Solve Problems That Dont Exist (Projection)4/30/21Media, Race, LGBT
Franklin Graham Wanted to Honor Seattle Police. They Spat in His Face; the Seattle Police Department (SPD) issued a condemnation of Graham and his organization due to their support for biblical Christianity4/29/21Christianity, Violence, Perverse
5 Ways Joe Biden Attacked Americans Fundamental Rights in His First 100 Days4/29/21LGBT, Freedom,
Non Binary Singer Sam Smith Gets Tattoo of Young Boy in Underwear, Heels4/26/21Celebrities, LGBT,
CDC Director Uses Gender Neutral Language to Discuss Pregnant Persons4/23/21Healthcare, LGBT, Indoctrination
Former public school teacher and current Texas state Rep. James Talarico (D) said modern science recognizes there are 6 sexes4/23/21Science, LGBT, Professors
VIDEO: Joy Behar Apologizes After Repeatedly Misgendering Caitlyn Jenner4/23/21Media, LGBT,
Biden admin sues to force doctors to perform sex change surgeries, attacks Catholic nuns4/22/21LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Big Tech, American Airlines, Marriott attack bills that ban child sex changes, protect girls sports4/22/21LGBT, Feminism, Economics
VIDEO: The decadent world of woke approved child exploitation4/20/21LGBT, Perverse,
Planned Parenthood Ditches Margaret Sanger, Dives Head First Into Trans Debate for New Revenue Stream (stat%)4/19/21Abortion, Race, LGBT
Consensual incest should be decriminalized, advocates say4/17/21Media, Perverse, LGBT
Two professors at Montclair State University in New Jersey are arguing that LGBTQ sex education should be taught to kids in elementary school before cisnormative values become more deeply ingrained4/16/21LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
STDs in America Hit Record High For Sixth Straight Year. The research shows that gay and bisexual men account for nearly half of the primary and secondary syphilis infections (stat%)4/16/21Healthcare, LGBT,
CDC: 4 in 10 transgender women in major U.S. cities have HIV (Stat%)4/15/21LGBT, Healthcare,
Distinguished femiinist Professor Donna Hughes Endowed Chair in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Rhode Island is now being cancelled for saying for saying there is such thing as two sexes that cannot be changed4/13/21Professors, LGBT, Education
Governor Asa Hutchinson Quadruples Down On Genital Mutilation For Minors Under The Guise Of Limited Government4/12/21LGBT, Healthcare,
Two US bishops back pro LGBT campaign joined the Human Rights Campaign calling for acceptance of men who claim to be female4/9/21LGBT, Christianity,
The Endocrine Society, an international organization of over 18,000 endocrine clinical specialists and researchers, has released a scientific statement that asserts there are only two sexes; male and female; and that biological sex is measurable and is to be differentiated from gender identity.4/8/21LGBT, Science,
Activists Deliberately Amplified Transgenderism To Americas Gullible Kids, And Few Are Protecting Them4/7/21LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Gender transitioning for children is the biggest child abuse scandal of our time4/7/21LGBT, Perverse,
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Rip Apart RINO Arkansas Governor For Supporting Child Sex Changes4/7/21LGBT, Perverse, Conservative
State University of New York (SUNY) lifts suspension of student refusing to use preferred pronouns4/7/21LGBT, Education, PC
Arkasnsas House and Senate Override Veto on Bill Protecting Kids From Chemical Castration4/6/21LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
How the Transgender Movement is Destroying Feminism4/6/21LGBT, Feminism, Conservative
For CNN, biological sex no longer has any meaning4/1/21Media, Science, LGBT
Top Chef Host Condemns Parents Who Dont Believe Their Kids Are Trans4/1/21LGBT, Celebrities,
CNN: There is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth: Biological sex is a disputed term according to CNN.3/31/21LGBT, Science, Media
Former Students Sue to Force LGBT Orthodoxy on Christian Colleges3/31/21LGBT, Christianity, Education
Publisher HarperCollins Is Pushing Radical Trans Agenda on Elementary School Kids3/31/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
A professor of gender studies at the University of Rhode Island (URI) has sparked a firestorm over her recent assertion the left has fallen into a state of trans sex fantasy, a world governed by the belief one can change one’s sex and in which real children are becoming actual victims3/30/21LGBT, Professors,
Actress Sophia Bush has blasted Arkansas new law banning minors from receiving sex-change operations, puberty blockers, and other life altering medical procedures, saying the legislation is tantamount to murder3/30/21Celebrities, LGBT,
Parents Beware: This Nickelodeon Show Smuggles LGBT Identities Into the ABC Song3/29/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Teen Vogue Presents Queer Muslim Heroes to Celebrate This Muslim Womens Day3/28/21Islam, LGBT, Feminism
A student has been reinstated by State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo after being suspended from the schools education program after he expressed his views on biology on social media, stating a man is a man, and a woman is a woman3/26/21LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Michael Knowles GOES OFF on Megan Rapinoe Victimhood Speech3/25/21Feminism, Economics, Celebrities
The Democrat Party Has Declared War on America3/23/21Conservative, Race,
Alliance Defending Freedom: Noem Should Sign The Bill To Protect Womens Sports, Not Attempt Damage Control3/22/21LGBT, Feminism,
The Equality Act: Big Government Playing Doctor, Badly (stat%). STUDY: Review of 88 studies an estimated 31.0% of transgenders are in the sex trade3/20/21LGBT, Freedom, Healthcare
The American Police State Is Now Forming H.R.1 Equality Act3/20/21Freedom, ,
A transgender person who was born a biological male, won Miss Silver State USA, the biggest preliminary competition for the Miss Nevada USA pageant3/19/21LGBT, Feminism,
Pro Transgender Doctors Dismiss Male to Female Athletes as an Imagined Problem for Womens Sports3/19/21LGBT, Feminism, Science
Bidens Militarys Number One Focus – Not China – Not Iran – But Promoting the Rights of LGBTQ Around the World3/19/21LGBT, Indoctrination, Freedom
Houston Library Hosted Predator Who Sexually Assaulted 8 Year Old Boy for Drag Queen Story Hour3/18/21LGBT, Perverse,
Court judge linked to Drag Queen Story Hour charged with child pornography possession3/18/21LGBT, Perverse,
Marvel Comics To Unveil A Gay Captain America In Time For Pride Month3/17/21LGBT, Media, Perverse
The Equality Act, if passed in the Senate and signed into law, could be used to punish medical doctors, psychologists, and other mental health professionals who do not immediately affirm a teens stated desire to be treated with damaging cross sex hormones; Could Create Transgender Menopausal Teens3/17/21LGBT, Perverse, Science
VIDEO: Abigail Shrier Shreds the Equality Act3/17/21LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
Trans movements normalization keeps on going with another sad cover story3/17/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Democrats exclude mother of female athletes from testifying against Equality Act3/17/21Feminism, LGBT, Freedom
Canadian Father jailed after referring to biological female child as his daughter3/16/21LGBT, Freedom,
Vatican rejects blessings for homosexual couples3/15/21LGBT, Christianity,
Its time for Red States to start nullifying federal law3/13/21Freedom, Conservative,
The U.S. government under Joe Biden supports comprehensive sexuality education in UN policy once again. This controversial UN approach to sex-education includes teaching grade-school children that homosexuality and transgenderism are healthy, and that masturbation is positive.3/12/21Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Most American Schools Are Damaging Your Child: Children are being challenged about their sexual identity – and parents cant say they werent warned (Dennis Prager)3/12/21Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Todays Democrats Embody Neanderthal Thinking (stat%)3/11/21Healthcare, Science, Abortion
Poll Shows Broad Support for Banning Transgender Athletes from Womens Sports, Even Among Democrats (stat%)3/10/21Feminism, LGBT,
Leftists inconsistencies are catching up with them3/10/21LGBT, Immigration, Environmental
Fact check? Left-wing PolitiFact claims gender goes beyond male and female3/8/21Media, LGBT, Science
Twitter Blacklists Former GOP Candidate Lauren Witzke for Condemning Sexualization of Minors after she denounced comments attributed to a transgender activist that called little girls kinky3/8/21LGBT, Media, Perverse
Joe Biden Celebrates International Womens Day by Forcing Girls to Share Bathrooms, Sports Teams, With Boys3/8/21Feminism, LGBT,
AOC claims its weird, bigotry to keep men from encroaching on womens sports3/8/21Feminism, LGBT,
The Relentless 9 Year Assault on Jack Phillips Unmasks the True Threat of the Equality Act3/5/21LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
To maintain their identity and defend truth, conservatives must resist LGBT infiltration3/5/21LGBT, Conservative,
Terrifying Study Shows Academics Dont Need to Cancel Conservatives to Silence Them. His study found that roughly 1 in 3 conservative academics and graduate students have faced discipline or threats of disciplinary action. Between 20% and 50% of academics and graduate students have said they would discriminate against right-leaning grant applications, journal submissions, and promotion cases.3/5/21Professors, Education, Indoctrination
Rasmussen POLL on Transgenders participating in womens sports: A majority, or 54%, opposed the idea, followed by 32% who favored it and 14% who indicated they remained unsure.3/3/21Feminism, LGBT,
NBA Yet to Respond After Chinese Court Rules Homosexuality a Mental Disorder3/3/21LGBT, Socialism, Liberal Bias
Minnesota Bill Would Criminalize Trans Athletes Using Female Locker Rooms3/2/21LGBT, Feminism,
How could it be acceptable for Catholics to attend a same sex wedding?3/2/21LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
The DOJ withdrew its support for a lawsuit brought by three female high school athletes in Connecticut claiming that females being forced to compete against biological men violates Title 9.2/26/21Feminism, LGBT,
Ben Carson: Child Abuse to Prey on Childrens Curiosity with Transgender Ideology2/26/21LGBT, Conservative,
VIIDEO: CNN Champions Equality Act Bill That Attacks Religious Freedom2/26/21LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: The Authoritarian Threat Posed by the Equality Act Ben Shapiro2/26/21Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
7 Radical Demands in the Equality Act2/25/21LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
U.S. Spent $787 Million On Gender Equality Projects In Afghanistan2/24/21LGBT, Economics, Islam
Pro Family News Outlet, Global Christian Ministrys Focus on the Family, Censored By Twitter for Stating Biden Admin Official Biological Sex, Asst. Health Sec. pick Rachel Levine2/23/21LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
Biden HHS Nominee, Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine, Defended Subjecting Kids to Chemical Castration2/23/21LGBT, Perverse,
Gay Campground Faces Backlash for Banning Transgender Men: Only Guys2/22/21LGBT, ,
Joe Biden Collides with Catholic Bishops over Equality Act2/20/21LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Utah parents push back against the transgender agenda – and win2/18/21LGBT, Feminism, Education
The Backlash to Biden Transgender Agenda Is Already Brewing2/16/21LGBT, Feminism,
Joe Biden, AOC, and Loonie Bin Central: Where inmates are running the asylum (Open Borders, Race, Transgenderism, White Supremacy Conspiracy etc.)2/11/21Conservative, Indoctrination, Perverse
The Science Denying Woke War on Women and Girls Is Speeding up2/10/21LGBT, Science, Feminism
(VIDEO) Psaki When Asked About Biden EO Forcing Girls to Compete Against Biological Males: Transgenders are More Important Than Your Daughters2/9/21LGBT, Feminism,
Pied Pipers With Scalpels: An epidemic worse than COVID. The perversity of transgenderism2/9/21LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
ACLU Myths and Facts About Transgender Athletes Debunked2/5/21LGBT, Science,
Black Lives Matter at School Teaches Young Children to Be Transgender and Queer Affirming2/4/21LGBT, Education, Race
Secretary of State Antony Blinken Orders LGBT Flags Flown at U.S. Embassies, Will Name Special Envoy for Gay Rights1/31/21LGBT, Christianity, Indoctrination
BBC caves to parental outrage, pulls video teaching youngsters there are over 100 genders1/31/21Education, Indoctrination, Science
Twitter Suspends Christian Group for Accurately Describing Biden Transgendered Health Official Dr. Levine Biological Sex1/30/21LGBT, Christianity, Indoctrination
Joe Biden LGBT Agenda: Pedophilia Coming Down the Pike?1/28/21LGBT, Perverse,
Disagreeing With Biden Transgender Policy Is Incitement Now? Facebook Says So…1/27/21LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
MEDIA HEADLINE: PINK News: Bomb explodes at homophobic hate group masquerading as a church: The whole earth shook1/25/21Christianity, LGBT, Media
MEDIA HEADLINE: FBI investigating explosion, graffiti at church known for anti-LGBT views1/24/21Christianity, LGBT, Media
MEDIA HEADLINE: LA TIMES: Controversial El Monte church damaged by homemade bomb; FBI investigating1/23/21Christianity, LGBT, Media
MEDIA HEADLINE: WAPO: Improvised explosion at First Works Baptist Church1/23/21Christianity, LGBT, Media
MEDIA HEADLINE: BOMB thrown at anti gaay church in L.A. amid gay marriage protests1/23/21Christianity, LGBT, Media
MEDIA HEADLINE: Bomb thrown into El Monte church criticized for extremist views on gay people, others1/23/21Christianity, LGBT, Media
Joe Biden Obliterates Womens Sports, Reinstates Rule Allowing Transgender Students to Use Bathrooms According to Gender Identity on Day One of His Presidency1/21/21Feminism, LGBT,
Montana Lawmakers Move to Protect Girls’ Sports After Biden Signs Order Forcing Schools to Let Transgender Biological Males Compete With Them1/21/21Feminism, LGBT,
Court Blocks Biden HHS From Forcing Catholic Doctors to Perform Transgender Surgery1/20/21LGBT, Healthcare,
Trans Fact: Science Community Reeling After Study Shows Men Are Stronger Than Women (stat%)1/5/21LGBT, Science,
California Official: Insurance Must Cover Double Mastectomies for Young Girls with Gender Dysphoria1/5/21LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
The House Democrats New Gender Neutral Speech Code: The Left transgender agenda accelerates1/5/21LGBT, Freedom,
Democrat Rules Package for the 117th Congress Proposes Removing Gendered Terms Like ‘Father, ‘Mother, Son, and Daughter1/1/21LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
Man Convicted of Raping His 10yr old Daughter Approved for Transgender Surgery12/29/20LGBT, Perverse,
Transgenderism and the Equality Act12/28/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Ohio Judge Rules Biological Sex Can Be Changed on Birth Certificate to Reflect Preferred Gender12/22/20LGBT, Remove History, Science
The New England Journal of Medicine: Who Believes in Science, Now? Medical Journal Claims Biological Sex Has No Clinical Utility12/17/20LGBT, Healthcare, Science
The War on Manly Men: Why is the Left so heavily invested in reversing traditional sex roles?12/17/20LGBT, Feminism, Conservative
Put all kids on puberty-blockers? Transgender activist challenges conservatives12/16/20Perverse, Freedom,
Here is More Proof That the Transgender Movement Is Insane and Extremely Dangerous12/15/20LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
SCOTUS Declines Hearing Case Where Parents Dont Want Transgender Students Sharing Facilities12/7/20Freedom, , LGBT
Lawsuit: Christian Claims NJ Starbucks Fired Her for Refusing to Wear Pride TShirt11/27/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Child Abuse? HBO Max Documentary Celebrates 4 Year Old Boys Transgender Identity11/24/20LGBT, Media, Perverse
Left Cheers Harry Styles In Dresses; Candace Owens Pushes Back In Viral Tweet11/16/20LGBT, Celebrities,
Berkeley Professor: Questioning Surgical Experimentation On Minors Is Fascist, But Burning Books Is Not11/16/20Perverse, Professors, Race
Target Removes Book Critical Of Trans Agenda After Customer Complains Online; Book Shoots To Top 100 On Amazon11/13/20LGBT, Indoctrination,
Human Rights Campaign Readies for Sweeping LGBT Agenda with Biden11/13/20LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Anti Christian transgender extremists elected to state governments across the country11/12/20LGBT, Christianity,
Parents Sue to Allow Transgender Children to Change Sex on Birth Certificate11/12/20Remove History, LGBT, Science
Pink News Erases Ric Grenell As First Openly Gay Person To Hold Cabinet Level Position11/10/20Remove History, LGBT, Media
Joe Biden made no bones about it: If he wins the presidential election, he will gut religious freedom protections that allow faith-based homeless shelters, charities, and small business owners to act according to their consciences. Specifically, he will shove LGBT ideology down the throats of religious Americans in the name of fighting discrimination10/30/20Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
After lawsuit, Ohio county forbidden to force minister to officiate at gay weddings10/26/20Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
MATT WALSH: Biden Endorses The Idea That 8 Year Olds Can Choose Their Gender, Proving That He Is Owned By The Radical Left10/16/20LGBT, Perverse,
Debunking the Fourth Circuits Insane Transgender Ruling in Grimm v. Gloucester10/16/20LGBT, Freedom,
Oreo Debuts Rainbow Cookies Celebrating LGBT Community10/13/20LGBT, PC,
Democrat Cites False SPLC Talking Points in Demonizing Amy Coney Barrett10/13/20Liberal Bias, LGBT,
NFL launching initiatives throughout LGBTQ History Month10/9/20Media, Indoctrination, LGBT
Seattle Seahawks radio show host and Broadcaster Dori Monson suspended from over tweet mocking the concept of transgender identity10/9/20LGBT, Media,
A judge in Madison, Wisconsin, issued an injunction last week upholding parental rights by prohibiting staff of the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) from lying to or deceiving parents about gender identities their children may have adopted while at school.10/5/20LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Slasher City: New Yorkers Go Under the Knife: A Black Lives Matter hero slashing a gay man created a conflict for Democrats (Daniel Greenfield)9/30/20Race, Violence, LGBT
California Transgender Inmates Will Be Separated According To Their Gender Identity9/28/20LGBT, Perverse, Feminism
The Department of Education, headed by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, will withhold roughly $18 million from Connecticut school districts unless they withdraw from the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), which permits biological boys to compete in girls athletic events.9/18/20Education, LGBT, Feminism
Indianapolis Social Activist Pretended to Be Both Black AND Gender Neutral9/18/20HoaxFraud, Race, LGBT
Spotify is reportedly fighting with employees about hosting episodes of Joe Rogan podcast that some consider transphobic9/17/20LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Facebook Removes Ad about Joe Biden increasing taxes because Politifact called it false, but it is 100% true. Fake Fact Check. Also censors Biological men taking over womens sports9/17/20Media, Indoctrination, Economics
Facebook Fact Checks Pro Trump Ads About the War on Womens Sports9/15/20LGBT, Feminism, Media
Jill Biden Ripped Apart For Vote For Science Tweet9/15/20Science, LGBT, Abortion
NC Protesters At ROC City Hall Remove American Flag, Replace With BLM, LGBT Flags.9/15/20Patriotism, Race, LGBT
Gavin Newsom signs bill to fix sex offender registry law that penalized gay people9/13/20LGBT, Perverse, aims to help eliminate heterosexual bias in language with biggest update ever9/8/20Indoctrination, LGBT, Science
MATT WALSH: College Professor Admits She Was Pretending To Be Black. But If Gender Is Changeable, Why Not Race?9/4/20Professors, Race, LGBT
Merriam Webster Dictionary Adds to Definition of Female: Having a Gender Identity That Is the Opposite of Male9/4/20LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
CA Legislature Passes Bill Easing Punishment for Pedophiles Because of LGBTQ Equality or Something9/3/20LGBT, Perverse,
Trump Campaign Playing a Dangerous Game Bragging About His Support for the LGBT Revolution8/31/20LGBT, Conservative, Christianity
Progressive Predator Protection: For San Francisco Democrats, it doesnt matter whom pedophiles love.8/25/20LGBT, Perverse,
Dem convention features transgender non binary gender transcendent mermaid Queen King8/20/20LGBT, Liberal Bias,
Transgender: James Will Be Called Luna by Texas School, Says Report8/18/20LGBT, Freedom,
Idaho Only State To Bar Transgender Athletes From Womens Student Athletics. Judge Just Ruled To Block That Law.8/18/20LGBT, Freedom, Feminism
Obama: I Make Love to Men Daily8/18/20LGBT, Obama,
Court Scraps Past Ruling, Mom Can Transition Son On Dads Dime, Report Says8/17/20LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
A California state senator is seeking to salvage a bill that could decriminalize gay sex between young adults and minors in some cases, arguing that present state laws governing the sex offender registry unfairly discriminate against the LGBTQ community.8/16/20LGBT, Perverse,
Heartbreak: Judge Puts James Younger Under Mothers Control, Ordering Father to Pay for Counseling8/14/20LGBT, Perverse,
STUDY: Transgender Surgery Does Not Improve Mental Health, Academics Belatedly Admit8/11/20LGBT, Healthcare, Science
Black Lives Matter queer founders have emasculated professional sports8/10/20LGBT, Race, PC
Creator Says The Matrix Was Always a Trans Metaphor8/7/20LGBT, Celebrities, Remove History
Video: Leftist Hate of Male and Female8/7/20LGBT, Conservative, Video
A year ago, a massive study of transgender surgeries in Sweden claimed that people with body dysphoria who had the surgery were psychologically more healthy than those who did not have surgery. The same journal that published that finding just retracted it (stat%)8/5/20LGBT, Science, HoaxFraud
LGBT website doxxes women athletes opposed to diluting sex specific sports8/5/20LGBT, Feminism,
American Cancer Society Issues New Guidelines For Individuals With A Cervix…not women or females7/31/20LGBT, Science, Healthcare
ACLU Lawyer: J.K. Rowling Dangerous, Feeding Genocidal Impulse7/27/20LGBT, Celebrities, Feminism
A Special Made in Hell: Megan Rapinoe Hosts HBO Show with AOC & Racist 1619 Project Creator7/27/20Remove History, Celebrities, Media
VIDEO: Netflix Pushes Trans Propaganda On KIDS Show; Shapiro Responds7/27/20Science, LGBT, Media
Gender confused woman sues Catholic hospital for refusing to remove her healthy uterus7/21/20LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Betrayal From Within: Woke Christian leaders persecute the faithful.7/21/20Christianity, Liberal Bias, LGBT
Trans Journalists Association Style Guide Encourages Journalists to Censor Dissenters7/20/20LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Jeremy Roenick Sues NBC Sports, Claims He Was Fired For Being Straight, Supporting Donald Trump7/19/20TDS, Media, LGBT
Facebook, Instagram to ban all promotion of conversion therapy as hate7/17/20LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
The Strange Tragedy of the LGBT Community Supporting Islam7/14/20Islam, LGBT,
Author Fired After Supporting J.K. Rowling7/10/20Celebrities, LGBT, Feminism
Sports Illustrated’ First Transgender Swimsuit Model7/10/20LGBT, PC,
VIDEO: US senator blasts leftist woke ideology that fuels doctors to mutilate gender confused kids7/6/20LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
Reuters: LGBT Pride activists protest in Paris against racial injustice7/4/20LGBT, Race,
Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to demand the blocking of the upcoming film Habit in which Paris Jackson reportedly plays the role of a lesbian Jesus7/2/20Christianity, LGBT, Remove History
The Merriam-Webster dictionary has updated its definition of trans woman to woman who was identified as male at birth.7/2/20LGBT, Indoctrination,
Over 50,000 Sign Petition To Replace Christopher Columbus Statue With Black, Trans Activist Marsha P. Johnson6/30/20Remove History, Race, LGBT
Jemele Hill Apologizes After Backlash over Transphobic Social Media Post6/29/20Media, LGBT,
Majority of Black Voters Support a Position that the Left Believes Is Bigoted. The poll found 62% of Black U.S. voters said there are only two genders, biological male and females, while 49% of whites and 51% of Hispanics said the same. 30% of black voters said there were other gender identities, compared to 44% of whites and 39% of Hispanics (stat%)6/26/20LGBT, Race,
Supreme Courts LGBTQ Decision Is Formula for Chaos6/25/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Neil Gorsuch the Pharisee and Textualist Tomfoolery6/23/20Freedom, Remove History, LGBT
Fake Business Study: How the LGBTQ+ community fares in the workplace. McKinsey6/23/20LGBT, PC, Feminism
VIDEO: Austin, Texas Demonstrators Who Raised Transgender Flag Jeer as Police Raise American Flag6/22/20Patriotism, LGBT, Perverse
Authors quit JK Rowling agency over transgender rights6/22/20Feminism, LGBT, Celebrities
Sports: Justice Department Rejects SCOTUS Transgender Rule6/19/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
The World Has Gone Mad in 2020 (Katie Hopkins)6/19/20Conservative, Race, LGBT
Liberal Opinions from Conservative Supreme Court Justices: What Went Wrong? (J. Christian Adams)6/18/20Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
Senate Republicans block radical Equality Act that steamrolls religious liberty6/18/20Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
VIDEO: Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky releases Pride Month video lamenting white privilege, apologizing to gays6/18/20LGBT, Christianity, Race
Sen. Josh Hawley reacts to SCOTUS trans ruling: The end of the conservative legal movement6/17/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Supreme Court Redefines Sex, Threatens Freedom of Religion: When words dont mean anything, rights dont mean anything (Daniel Greenfield)6/17/20LGBT, Christianity, Feminism
VIDEO: The View Joy Behar: Shame on Thomas Dissenting on LGBTQ Ruling — He is Married to a Caucasian Woman6/16/20LGBT, Race, Media
US Supreme Court votes 6 to 3 to redefine sex, write transgenderism into 1964 law6/15/20LGBT, Remove History, Freedom
The Trump admini reverses of a 2016 anti discrimination rule which would have required healthcare providers receiving federal funds to perform gender transition operations and abortions.6/15/20Abortion, LGBT, Healthcare
Threats To Cancel J.K. Rowling Grow Amid Transgender Controversy6/11/20LGBT, Liberal Bias, Celebrities
Did you know Black Lives Matter supports abortion, homosexuality, anti family agenda?6/11/20Race, LGBT, Abortion
LA Pride Organizers Apologize After Involving Police In Upcoming Solidarity Protest6/5/20LGBT, ,
Facebook again deletes moms group dedicated to ending drag queen story hours6/3/20LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer Allows Gay Swingers Club to Operate While Barber Loses License5/20/20LGBT, Liberal Bias, Freedom
Stats show putting males who say they are female in womens prisons harms women5/15/20LGBT, Feminism,
Transgender Pennsylvania Health Director Melts Down In Press Conference After Reporter Uses Wrong Pronoun5/14/20LGBT, Liberal Bias,
The Dangers of the Equality Act5/14/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
The Religious Freedom of a Nation May Depend on One Small Cake Shop (Daniel Greenfield)5/14/20Freedom, Christianity, LGBT
Freedom of information request uncovers deviant sex ed 5th graders receive5/13/20Education, Indoctrination, Perverse
Pennsylvania health official Rachel Levine moved mother from nursing home as deaths skyrocketed5/13/20LGBT, Healthcare, Liberal Bias
10 Pet Projects in Pelosis $3Trillion Democratic Wish List Coronavirus Bill (stat%) includes LGBT training, releasing prisoners, and more5/12/20Economics, Healthcare,
Biological Males in Womens Sports Cannot Be Called Males, Must Be Called Transgender Females, Judge Says5/11/20LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
Attorneys for Conn. High School Runners Ask Judge to Recuse after He Forbids Them from Describing Trans Athletes as Male5/11/20LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
MATT WALSH: Three Girls Are Suing To Keep Boys Out Of Girls Sports. The Judge Just Rigged The Case Against Them5/11/20LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
USA Today: LGBTQ Americans are getting coronavirus, losing jobs. Anti gay bias is making it worse for them.5/9/20LGBT, Media, PC
VIDEO: Track Championship Shows Why Female Athletes Should Not Face Transgender Competitors5/6/20LGBT, Feminism,
Huge victory as Calif. parents torpedo depraved sex ed curriculum in their town5/6/20Education, Indoctrination, Perverse
MATT WALSH: LGBT Activists Rallied To Shut Down A Christian Field Hospital. This Is What The Gay Rights Movement Has Become5/5/20LGBT, Christianity,
NYC Councilman: Continued presence of Christian charity saving pandemic patients is painful for LGBTs5/4/20LGBT, Christianity, Healthcare
VIDEO: Actress Gabrielle Union Rages on Ellen: Parents Who Wont Transition Kids Feel They Are Disposable5/4/20LGBT, Celebrities,
Documentary TV Series on Transgender Kids Creates False Narrative5/1/20Media, LGBT,
Who Is Being Stupid: Jeff Goldblum or Islams Apologists? Once again, fake tears and outrage come to Islams rescue.4/27/20LGBT, Islam, Feminism
Jeff Goldblum faces backlash over comments on RuPauls Drag Race where he dared to ask; Is there something in this religion that is anti homosexuality and anti woman? The comment instantly sparked a backlash from fans, some of whom insisted that Islam is not the only religion that persecutes women and the LGBTQ community.4/26/20LGBT, Islam, Feminism
Polygamy Advocates Lay Groundwork for Civil Rights Revolution4/26/20LGBT, Perverse,
Trump appointed intel director determined to make spy agencies more LGBT friendly4/24/20LGBT, PC,
World Health Organizations History of Promoting Radical Sex Ed4/24/20Education, Indoctrination, Perverse
New HBO series gives drag queen makeovers to middle America towns4/23/20LGBT, Perverse, Media
Justice Clarence Thomas calls Roe v. Wade, gay marriage incorrect decisions in new opinion4/22/20Abortion, LGBT, Freedom
Why Jack Phillips Matters4/15/20Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
Left wing lawsuit demands Trump admin human rights org prioritize homosexuality, abortion3/26/20LGBT, Abortion, Freedom
Vice on Virus: Trans People Not Getting Life Saving Operations3/20/20Healthcare, LGBT, Media
Victorias Secret Launches Transgender, Plus Sized Campaign In Midst of Coronavirus Pandemic3/19/20LGBT, Feminism, Perverse
Professor appeals decision dismissing his LGBT pronoun lawsuit3/17/20LGBT, Professors, Freedom
Showtime Series Turns Christian Politician Into Adulterous Gay Lover, despite the Democratic star Andrew Gillum, recently being caught with a gay male escort and drugs3/16/20LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Minnesota bill would cut state funding for libraries exposing kids to drag queens3/16/20LGBT, Indoctrination, Conservative
The CDC was Fighting Racism and Obesity Instead of Stopping Epidemics (Daniel Greenfield) (Stat%)3/16/20Healthcare, PC, Conservative
Police Report: Andrew Gillum Involved in Suspected Crystal Meth Incident3/13/20Liberal Bias, LGBT,
Amazon, Microsoft, Uber & more threaten states opposed to transgender agenda. The signatories include Airbnb, American Airlines, Amazon, Apple, Capital One, Google, Hilton, Ikea, Levi, Microsoft, Nike, Paypal, Nestle, and Uber.3/12/20LGBT, Freedom, Economics
Prisons, sports, clothing stores examples of straight and cis privilege, says college display3/11/20LGBT, Education,
Twitter Censors Reporter for Exposing Socialist YouTuber and former Vox gay wonk Carlos Maza3/11/20Media, Freedom,
VIDEO: Woman who lived as man for 11 years begs Canadian politicians to not ban therapy that healed her3/11/20LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Grooming: Washington passes far left sex ed plan promoting promiscuity, LGBT, abortion3/10/20LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
California law would forbid retailers from placing childrens merchandise, toys, clothes, and childcare item in separate aisles for boys and girls3/9/20LGBT, Feminism, PC
The American Psychological Association recently announced several revisions to its LGBTQ policies in an effort to take into account the most recent research and changes in law.3/9/20LGBT, Science, Healthcare
YouTube socialist and former Vox personality, gay wonk, or Carlos Maza slams the wealthy but lived in luxury3/7/20Socialism, Media, Economics
Minnesota Middle school hangs LGBT flag in cafeteria, bans flag of traditional family3/6/20LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Petition boycotting Disney kids’ movie for pushing LGBT agenda surges past 50K3/6/20LGBT, ,
Arizona House Passes Bill Banning Transgender Female Athletes from Competing in Girls Sports3/4/20LGBT, Feminism,
Violent transgender evades jail time when judge can’t decide on male or female prison in UK3/3/20LGBT, Violence,
Pro gay priest James Martin: Lent is a time to engage more deeply with LGBT people3/2/20LGBT, Christianity,
Daily Beast: How do we know Jesus had male genitalia?3/1/20Christianity, LGBT, Remove History
Piers Morgan Tweets Go Viral: Posts Obvious Fact About Trans Weightlifter Who Dominated Womens Events Competing For Olympics2/29/20LGBT, Feminism,
White House getting gayer? Trump should exercise caution regarding gay affirmation2/28/20LGBT, Conservative,
VIDEO: MATT WALSH: Horrifying Video Shows Drag Queen Dancing Suggestively For Young Girl While Parents Applaud. This Should Be Illegal.2/28/20LGBT, Perverse,
PBS reboots Clifford the Big Red Dog with character having two lesbian moms2/28/20LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
AOC Pounds Table, Cites Her Faith To Rail Against Conservative Christians Bigotry And Discrimination2/28/20LGBT, Christianity, Socialism
Scottish Education Secretary: Drag queens part of health curriculum, but not ones with X rated social posts…hildren as young as four attended a school event featuring a drag queen who goes by Flowjob.2/27/20LGBT, Education, Healthcare
Brandon Straka at CPAC: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Gay Man Scorned by the Democrat Party2/27/20LGBT, Conservative,
Decriminalization of Polygamy in Utah Clears Key Hurdle in State Legislature2/27/20LGBT, Perverse,
California Bill Would Require Retail Outlets To Have Gender Neutral Space For Children2/27/20LGBT, Freedom, California
Diversity Org Admits Gays, Minorities Hugely Overrepresented in UK Television (stat%) POLL2/27/20Media, Race, LGBT
University of Kansas Runs Art Contest to Bash Chick fil A2/26/20LGBT, Christianity, Education
Lesbian Feminist: Its Time to Stop Trans Indoctrination in Public Schools2/26/20LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Catholic university Gonzaga opens LGBT center for advocacy2/25/20Education, LGBT, Christianity
It is time to defund LGBT activism on campus2/24/20Education, LGBT, Conservative
Politician defends X rated drag queen at UK childrens school2/24/20LGBT, Perverse,
Feminist Lesbian Quits LGBT, Becomes Conservative Free Speech Advocate2/24/20LGBT, Conservative, Feminism
WashPost Fawns Over Trans Advice Columnist Dear Prudence2/21/20LGBT, Media,
Texas A&M Hosts Sold Out Drag Queen Show2/21/20Education, LGBT,
A Shawnee State University professors lawsuit over gender pronouns has been dismissed. The lawsuit stemmed from a classroom incident in which a professor said calling a student by their preferred pronoun violated his religious beliefs.2/20/20LGBT, Education, Freedom
Wedding vendors will be forced to participate in gay marriages under new N. Ireland law2/20/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Therapy ban will make spiritual counseling a crime in Canada: psychotherapist2/20/20LGBT, Freedom,
Small New York Town Pushes Back Against Library Drag Queen Event For Young Children. Now Its A Battle.2/19/20LGBT, Perverse,
Parents sue public school district for enabling kids to change gender without parental notice, consent2/19/20LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
MATT WALSH: The People Applauding Drag Kids Are Applauding The Sexual Abuse Of Children2/18/20LGBT, Perverse,
VIDEO: Pro transgender UK politician claims children are born without sex on live TV2/18/20LGBT, Liberal Bias,
VIDEO: Disturbing Videos Show Famous 12 Year Old Drag Queen Pretending To Snort Ketamine, Interviewing With Convicted Killer2/17/20LGBT, Perverse,
HGTV features one man in polygamy relationship with two women searching for throuple dreamhouse2/17/20LGBT, Perverse, Media
Marvel Movie The Eternals Will Feature First Gay Man Kiss2/17/20LGBT, Media, Perverse
Rabbis defy education authorities, wont teach LGBT lifestyles in UK Jewish schools2/17/20LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
The Wall Street Journal has issued a throwdown to the gender lobby, insisting in an oped that sex is binary and there is no spectrum2/14/20LGBT, Media, Conservative
NY Times Cheers Marxist Activist and former Vox Gay Wonk for Bashing Bargain Basement Crowder2/14/20LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Megan Youngren to Become First Transgender Runner to Compete at U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials2/14/20LGBT, Feminism,
Womens Rights Groups Silent on Female Athletes Seeking to Preserve Womens Sports2/13/20Feminism, LGBT,
The Cowardly Republicans of South Dakota; votes against bill that makes suing doctors possible for transgender surgeries on kids amd all the complications2/13/20LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
Sweden: Gender Dysphoria in Teen Girls Cases up 1,500% Since 20082/13/20LGBT, Indoctrination,
South Dakota Senate Kills Bill Banning Surgical, Chemical Sex Change Treatments For Children Under 162/11/20LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
VIDEO: The New Pope TV SHOW Agrees to Upgrade Bible to Scrap Pointless Taboo of Gay Marriage2/10/20LGBT, Christianity, Media
Muslim and Coptic Christian Parents Join to Condemn New Jersey LGBT Rights Curriculum2/7/20LGBT, Islam, Indoctrination
Nike, Amazon, the NFLs Tennessee Titans and the NHL Nashville Predators are among 142 businesses warning Tennessee lawmakers that if they ban trans athletes from competing on the teams of their gender identity, the state could suffer economicall2/7/20LGBT, Freedom, Economics
Notre Dame hosts affirming care for gender diverse youth panel2/7/20LGBT, Education, Christianity
Pete Buttigieg Is No Friend Of Religious Liberty2/6/20Christianity, Freedom, Conservative
Supermarket Chain Forced to Apologize for Asking Customers to Report Shoplifters of Tampons2/6/20LGBT, PC,
MATT WALSH: The Lefts System Of Identity Politics Is Collapsing On Itself, And Its A Fascinating Sight To Behold2/6/20Conservative, PC,
Pro transgender protesters tried and failed to block a Seattle debate by gender critical feminists who argue that womens rights and status will be lost if men can switch legal sexes whenever they wish.2/5/20LGBT, Feminism,
Yale apologizes for calling gender identity disorder gender identity disorder2/5/20LGBT, Science, PC
A transgender North Carolina high school student filed a lawsuit alleging that the kidney disease she has suffered since birth had gotten worse since she decided to become a boy but was not allowed to use the boys bathroom.2/5/20LGBT, Education, Freedom
LGBT activists force France venue to cancel public debate on artificial procreation for lesbians2/4/20LGBT, ,
Gender affirming doctors authored an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics of the BMJ (British Medical Journal) in which they advise the trans industry how they can prevail over parents who are reluctant to allow their children to participate in treatments, such as puberty blocker, cross sex hormones, and surgeries.2/4/20LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
Designer Calls on Fashion Industry to End Male vs Female Clothing, De Gender Beauty2/4/20LGBT, Feminism, Celebrities
Child rapist having the time of his life preparing for womens prison after claiming to be trans2/3/20LGBT, Feminism, Violence
Syracuse LGBT studies program director: Give us more faculty, make program a major2/3/20LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Bill Would Allow Parents Say over Drag Queen Story Hours in Taxpayer Funded Libraries2/3/20LGBT, Perverse, Conservative
Elizabeth Warren Says She Wont Pick An Education Secretary Until They Are Approved By A Young Trans Person1/30/20Education, LGBT, Liberal Bias
Cross dressing LGBT activist to appear on Sesame Street1/30/20LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Virginia legislature goes all out for abortion, ERA, LGBT agenda1/30/20LGBT, Abortion, Freedom
Brooklyn Preschool Tells Kids to Choose if They Are a Boy or a Girl or Both or Neither or Something Else1/29/20LGBT, Race, Indoctrination
Elizabeth Warren Bashes Christian Schools With Anti LGBTQ Policies1/29/20LGBT, Christianity, Education
Transgender activists file bias report against lesbian crafting group at MIchigan1/29/20LGBT, Feminism, Education
VIDEO: Women at Womens March stumped when asked to define woman1/28/20Feminism, LGBT,
Billionaires and Big Pharma Are Bankrolling the Transgender Industrial Complex1/27/20LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
LGBT Rights Group Demands Sanders Renounce Rogan Endorsement1/26/20LGBT, Socialism,
Transphobic feminist professor gets bodyguards due to threats from activists1/26/20LGBT, Violence, Professors
Father Banned From Coaching Sons Hockey Team For Refusing To Take Gender Identity Course, Report Says1/22/20LGBT, Freedom,
TRANS Athlete Fallon Fox the male MMA Fighter Who Beat Up Women Dubbed Bravest Athlete In History1/21/20LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
MATT WALSH: Media Claims A Christian School Expelled A Student For Her Rainbow Birthday Cake. Now The Truth Has Come Out.1/20/20LGBT, Christianity, Media
South Dakota bill would make it a felony to give kids puberty blockers, medical gender transition1/20/20LGBT, ,
A panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals refused a male prisoners motion that the name be changed to address him by female pronouns on account of his female gender identity. The ruling on personal pronouns sets an important precedent for free speech, judicial impartiality, and the basic meaning of pronouns against the transgender movements bastardization of language.1/17/20LGBT, ,
Chastity speakers web traffic, Youtube views skyrocket in wake of LGBT campaign to silence him1/16/20Christianity, Christianity, Christianity
Where do campus LGBT orgs get their training material? They wont say.1/16/20Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Students kicked out of Evangelical seminary for being in gay marriage sue for discrimination1/16/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Child molester who raped 15 kids, including a 1 year old, is being released from prison because he is no longer deemed a threat after transitioning into a woman. Convicted of sex crimes as a man, felon no longer deemed threat because of gender change.1/16/20LGBT, Violence, Perverse
Democratic lawmakers call on ICE to release transgender migrants1/16/20Immigration, LGBT,
LGBT Activists Slander the Evangelicals for Trump Coalition1/15/20LGBT, Christianity, TDS
Australia Gay Conservative Reportedly Kills Himself After Being Harassed For Publicly Opposing Drag Queen Story Hour. Celebrations Erupt Online.1/14/20Christianity, LGBT, Perverse
Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Comes Unglued and Punches a Reporter in the Head1/14/20LGBT, Violence,
House Democrats Call To Release All Transgender ICE Detainees1/14/20Immigration, LGBT,
UC Davis transgender student plops plastic penises in a garden, calls it art1/14/20LGBT, Perverse,
Tennessee senate passes bill so adoption agencies wont be forced to place kids with gay couples1/14/20LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
MATT WALSH: Every Sane Person Saw This Coming. Now A Pedophile Claims He Identifies As An 8 Year Old Girl.1/13/20LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
Elizabeth Warren Finds Her Platform: No More Trans Women with Male Genitals in Male Prisons1/13/20LGBT, Liberal Bias,
Transgender Men Claim Lack Of Gender Neutral Menstruation Products Causes Pain, Makes Them Unsafe1/13/20LGBT, Healthcare,
Illinois Becomes 20th State to Force Taxpayers to Foot the Bill for Transgender Surgery1/13/20LGBT, Healthcare,
The Pediatric Endocrine Societys Statement on Puberty Blockers Isnt Just Deceptive. Its Dangerous.1/13/20Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
Trans activist who demands women wax his genitals vows to stop Ricky Gervais show in Canada1/10/20LGBT, Freedom, Celebrities
Texas Austin prof who has written on pederastic intimacy (or sexual relationships between men and boys or pedophilia) defends his scholarship1/10/20Perverse, Professors, LGBT
Alabama Law Seeks to Block Transgender Athletes from Competing Against Girls1/10/20LGBT, Education, Feminism
#IAmNonBinary Day on Twitter and Its Terrifying1/10/20LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Colorado Allows Transgender Residents New Birth Certificate, No Surgery Required1/10/20LGBT, ,
Lawsuit Aims to Protect British Children From Experimental Transgender Drugs1/9/20LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
Christian College Sued Again For Expelling Man In Gay Marriage1/8/20Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Saved By The Bell Revival Casts Biological Male to Play Most Popular Girl in School1/8/20LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Transgender Surgery Scars Are Beautiful, Jazz Jennings Mom Says1/3/20LGBT, Perverse, Celebrities
United Methodist Church officially splits over gay marriage, clergy1/3/20LGBT, Christianity,
Marvel introducing First Transgender Character1/2/20LGBT, Celebrities, Liberal Bias
Did 2019 mark a decline in the power of the transgender mob?1/2/20LGBT, Conservative,
1st Person To Get Legal Non Binary Designation Admits He Was Indoctrinated …It Was All A Lie1/2/20LGBT, Indoctrination,
Radical LGBTQ organizations and the transgender drug and surgical industry are obtaining name brand support from the nations large medical and mental health societies who provide cover for their experimentation on children who suffer from gender dysphoria.12/31/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Healthcare
First Trans Person to Obtain Legal Non Binary Sex Status Changes Back to Birth Sex in Blow to LGBT Movement12/31/19LGBT, ,
Top NYC Education Official Arrested For Trying To Set Up Sex With Underage Boy; Background Check Never Finalized12/31/19Perverse, Professors,
UN official says US is torturing Chelsea Manning with detention12/31/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Craziest college courses of 2019: Course titles include Queering God and Angry While Male Studies12/27/19Education, Indoctrination,
Trans Beauty Queen Says Gender Is Arbitrary, Sues Miss United States Pageant to Let Her In12/26/19LGBT, Feminism,
Parents Shocked at Drag Queen Pre Show Ahead of Star Wars at Alamo Cinemas12/26/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Canadian School official receives top award for defending kids from LGBT agenda in Catholic schools12/23/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Iowa Man Gets 16 Years In Prison For Burning A Rainbow Pride Flag12/20/19LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
YouTube CEO Says She Consults LGBTQ Creators to Eliminate Bias12/20/19Media, Liberal Bias, LGBT
GLAAD: The Phrase Pillow Fight Is Offensive To Gay People12/20/19LGBT, PC,
Progressives Denounce Pete Buttigieg As The Epitome Of White Male Privilege12/19/19Race, LGBT, Feminism
US Navy begins construction on ship named in honor of homosexual pederast Harvey Milk12/19/19LGBT, Perverse,
MATT WALSH: J.K. Rowling Is Being Attacked For Saying Biological Sex Exists, Proving Again That Leftism Is An Anti Science Cult12/19/19LGBT, Science,
CANCELLED: J.K. Rowling Condemned By Twitter Mob For Transphobic Tweet12/19/19LGBT, Science,
Meet the liberal young women helping their peers detransition from transgender identity12/19/19Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Transgender Former Employee Sues Nike for Misgendering12/19/19LGBT, PC,
Supreme Court to decide if religious schools can choose their own religion teachers12/19/19Christianity, Freedom, Professors
An Australian male handball athlete who identifies as female is furious after being left out of an international womens competition.12/18/19LGBT, Feminism,
Transgender Suing Beauty Pageant For Barring Biologically Male Contestants.12/18/19LGBT, Feminism,
ACLU calls for tampons in mens rooms in order to achieve menstrual equity12/18/19LGBT, Feminism,
LGBT supporters step up attacks against Canadian school board member who voted against gender ideology12/17/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Christians are dumping Netflix over blasphemous gay Jesus comedy12/16/19Christianity, LGBT, Media
Hallmark reverses decision to pull same sex wedding ads after LGBT celebrity backlash12/16/19LGBT, Media, Perverse
The director of King County, Washington coordinating agency for homelessness was placed on leave after she organized a drag queens strip show at the agencys annual conference12/13/19LGBT, Perverse, Economics
Ex gay professor: I was fired from Southern Baptist seminary for expressing truth about gays12/13/19LGBT, Christianity, Professors
Portland State Queer Ecologies Course Will Instruct Students on Queering Science12/13/19LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
NYT Columnist: Rudolph Is The Queerest Holiday Special12/13/19LGBT, Christianity, Media
Netflix Catches Heat Over Gay Jesus Christmas Flick, 1 Million Christians Sign Petition Calling For Its Removal12/12/19Christianity, LGBT, Perverse
A controversial painting of Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata has pitted his family and supporters against the works artist and the LGBT community in a contentious dispute that erupted in heated protests. The divisive image shows the iconic figure naked and wearing a pink hat and high heels shaped like guns, while perched suggestively on a horse that has an erection.12/11/19LGBT, Perverse, Remove History
Portland State University offers queer ecologies class12/11/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
YAHOO Headline: Transgender girls brave journey as one of the youngest children in the UK to begin the transition process12/11/19LGBT, Perverse, Media
First HIV Positive Sperm Bank Opens in New Zealand12/10/19LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
They Is Merriam-Webster Dictionarys Word of the Year12/10/19Indoctrination, LGBT, PC
Prolife website LifeSite News was locked out of its Twitter account yesterday after it referred to radical transgender activist Jessica Yaniv by his male birth name, Jonathan12/10/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
LifeSite Twitter locked over tweet about transgender man wanting to see OBGYN12/9/19Media, Freedom, LGBT
The Secretive Strategy Behind the Transgender Assault on Parental Rights12/9/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Freedom
German bishops proclaim homosexuality normal, adultery not grave12/9/19LGBT, Christianity, Remove History
Canadian Court Rules For Bank Employee Claiming He Was Denied Promotion Because He is Heterosexual12/9/19LGBT, Freedom,
Disney+ High School Musical Series Introduces First Gay Teen Romance12/9/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Sports Illustrated has named anthem protester Megan Rapinoe as its sportsperson of the year for 2019.12/9/19Media, Patriotism, LGBT
Transgender cyclist insisted in a recent oped that trans athletes are not the end of womens sports, because men who claim to be transgender women truly are real women and have a human right to compete. Blames Trump admin for death threats and hate mail12/5/19LGBT, Feminism, TDS
New ChickfilA donation recipient hosts Drag Queen Story Hour events12/5/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Christianity
Woke doctors who are providing cross-sex hormones and sex change surgeries to individuals who claim to be transgender may be committing medical malpractice in many cases.12/5/19LGBT, Healthcare,
Wisconsin Hate & Bias Response Symposium’ aims to challenge straight white college men12/5/19Education, Race, LGBT
Polyamorous woman, 20, reveals she fell pregnant by one of her 4 partners after they all went on vacation together – but she says they will ALL raise the baby as a family (We told you polygamy was coming12/5/19LGBT, Feminism, Perverse
Dennis Prager: The Left Hates The Salvation Army – Thats All You Need to Know About Them12/4/19Christianity, Perverse,
Hallmark Channel CEO signals openness to gay Christmas films12/3/19LGBT, Christianity, Media
Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Furious: Gynecologist Refuses to Treat Him Because He is a Biological Male12/3/19LGBT, Feminism,
Violent male convicts claiming to be trans are terrorizing women in all female Canadian jails12/3/19LGBT, Violence, Feminism
VIDEO: ChickfilA has emboldened the LGBT mob11/29/19LGBT, Christianity,
Hallmark Channel Under Assault by Race Hustlers and LGBTQ Cult, Too White11/29/19LGBT, Race, Media
Woman who had breasts cut off, took hormones to live as male now regrets huge mistake11/29/19LGBT, Healthcare,
In 2017, according to tax records, Chick-Fil-A donated $2,500 to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a group that has targeted Christian organizations in the past by categorizing groups that disapprove of gay marriage as hate groups11/27/19Christianity, LGBT,
VIDEO: Toronto Catholic school board locks out priest, pro family org trying to deliver petition as part of a rally asking pro LGBT trustee Maria Rizzo to resign.11/27/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Transgenderism Brought To The Forefront As Biological Males Look To Compete In Womens Olympic Events11/26/19LGBT, Science, Feminism
MATT WALSH: The Left Claims There’s An Epidemic Of Anti Trans Hate Crimes. They are Lying. Here Are The Facts.11/26/19LGBT, Violence, Race
Canadas largest newspaper: Catholic schools must back LGBT rights or risk losing public funding11/25/19LGBT, Education, Freedom
Gay Publication Queerty Lists What You Stand To Lose By Avoiding Sex With People Who Have HIV11/25/19LGBT, Media, Perverse
Journalist Andy Ngo Confronts Chelsea Clinton With Facts About Transgender Violence. Twitter Suspends Him.11/25/19LGBT, Violence, Freedom
Leftist Bullying Works (ChickFilA)11/22/19LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Kamala Harris Criticizes Pete Buttigieg For Comparing Black Struggles To The LGBTQ Community11/22/19LGBT, Race,
A Southern Baptist wedding photographer in Kentucky has filed a lawsuit against a Louisville ordinance that she says violates her religious liberty by forcing her to lend her services to same sex wedding ceremonies.11/22/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Fuller Theological Seminary Sued For Allegedly Expelling Woman In Same Sex Marriage11/22/19Freedom, LGBT, Christianity
Mainstream liberals are scoffing at men can menstruate, but they will accept it soon11/22/19LGBT, Science, Liberal Bias
ChickFilA, Political Tribalism, And The Need For National Solidarity (terrible article by conservative calling for tribal unity with the left)11/22/19LGBT, Christianity,
ChickfilA Put an Obama and Hillary Supporter in Charge, but Dumped Christians (Daniel Greenfield)11/22/19LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Canadian LGBT activists pushing to oust Catholic school trustee who voted against gender ideology11/21/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Franklin Graham Claims ChickfilA Hasnt Caved to LGBT Bullies, But the Salvation Army Is Still Blacklisted (Not True)11/21/19Christianity, LGBT,
The Menace of LGBTQ Bigots: ChickfilA caves to cancel culture jihad.11/20/19LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Amid Chick fil A controversy, pro family and LGBT groups find rare agreement: Gays have won11/19/19LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
ACLU Celebrates International Mens Day: Men Who Get Their Periods Are Men11/19/19LGBT, Science, Liberal Bias
British pro life activist, mom of 5 denied entry to US after months of online persecution11/19/19Abortion, LGBT, HoaxFraud
Transgender Convicted Killer To Be Transferred To Female Prison11/19/19LGBT, Violence, Perverse
Chick fil A pulls support from Christian groups branded by LGBT lobby anti gay11/18/19LGBT, Christianity, PC
American Psychological Association now requires authors to use singular (they)11/18/19Science, LGBT, Education
19 Year Old Regrets His Transgender Surgery11/18/19LGBT, Healthcare,
A Texas teacher defended the presence of a drag queen during a high school class with a Facebook post in which he asserted the parents who objected are bigoted and should not have the final say in raising their own children.11/18/19Professors, LGBT, Perverse
Worlds largest higher education union says anyone should be able to identify as black11/17/19Education, Race, LGBT
Chick Fil A Food Truck Triggers Oregon Students, Sparks Walkout11/14/19LGBT, Christianity, Education
CBS Drama Pushes Polyamory Relationship Triangle…Again11/14/19Media, Perverse, LGBT
Planned Parenthood of Washington State hosts All Ages & Genders Pole Dancing Fundraiser11/14/19Abortion, LGBT, Perverse
Singer Ellie Goulding Threatens Dallas Cowboys, Salvation Army Over LGBTQ Smear. Goulding is threatening to pull out of the Cowboys halftime gig unless the Salvation Army makes a hefty donation to an unnamed LGBTQ cause.11/13/19LGBT, Celebrities, Christianity
Alicia Keys Frustrated Her 4yr old Son Did Not Want To Wear A Rainbow Manicure11/13/19LGBT, Celebrities,
Pro family group asks Toronto Cardinal to reverse school boards vote to adopt gender ideology11/12/19Abortion, LGBT, Education
Hollins University in Virginia has traditionally only admitted biological women or biological men who had undergone full gender reassignment surgery. Now college only requires applicants to dentify as women11/10/19Education, LGBT, Feminism
Iowa State professor reported to administration for allowing students to say only women have abortions11/8/19Professors, Abortion, LGBT
VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Shoots Down Lefts Transgender Arguments11/8/19LGBT, Conservative, Video
GLAAD Demands: Make 20% of TV Characters Gay by 202511/8/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Switzerland: Muslim migrant slits his sons throat for being gay11/7/19Islam, Violence, LGBT
Canadian Student: School suspended me for hate speech when I protested wearing LGBT rainbow poppy11/7/19LGBT, Education, Remove History
Censored: YouTube Silences Doctor Warning Against Transgender Mutilation11/6/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Lesbian Priest Tapped To Head Major Abortion Group, Calls Abortionists Modern Day Saints11/6/19LGBT, Christianity, Abortion
Big Tech Wages War on Gender Differences by Making Everyones Emojis Look Like Melissa Etheridge11/6/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
A first year Spanish teacher in North Carolina is currently under investigation by education officials for allegedly making her high school students line up based on their religious beliefs before asking for their views on abortion and LGBT issues.11/5/19Education, Indoctrination, Professors
VIDEO: Netflix Show: Penguins Are Gay and Climate Change Kills Them11/4/19LGBT, Environmental, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Ex gays, ex trans demand Congress not block escape from LGBT lifestyle with Equality Act11/4/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Christianity
No, Ted Cruz Is Not an Anti-Science Bigot for Opposing Trans Treatments For 7 Year Old Boy11/4/19LGBT, Perverse, Science
Trump admin: Adoption agencies wont be forced to give kids to gay couples11/1/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Texas school district to teach third graders about sodomy, condoms10/31/19Education, Indoctrination, Perverse
Trans Athletes Destroy The Meaning Of Women, Then Ask What Is A Woman?10/31/19LGBT, Feminism,
institutionalized child abuse: Experts comment on gender transitions for kids10/31/19LGBT, Science, Healthcare
Wired Article Argues Algorithms for Evening the Gender Playing Field10/31/19LGBT, Science, Feminism
Georgia State Representative Ginny Ehrhart is taking aim at the medical profession and its role in giving children life-altering, gender-changing treatment by making it a felony to engage in the controversial practice.10/31/19LGBT, Science, Healthcare
LGBT Activists Wont Admit Anythings Wrong With A Man Flashing Children During Drag Queen Story Hour10/31/19Education, LGBT, Perverse
The ABAs Attack on Lawrence VanDyke Doesn’t Make Sense10/31/19LGBT, Freedom,
Who Cares About The ABA’s Judicial Nominee Ratings?10/30/19Freedom, Indoctrination, LGBT
NY Times Weeps for Dem Victim of Revenge Porn, Sexist Double Standards10/30/19Media, Liberal Bias,
Progressives who insist that men can somehow transform themselves into transgender women are engaging in science denialism, says science journalist Jesse Singal.10/30/19LGBT, Science,
A Majority of White Democrats Have Become Non Christian (Daniel Greenfield) In Obamas first year in office, 68% of white Democrats described themselves as Christians, 7% claimed to be members of other faiths, and 24% said that they had no religious affiliation. A decade later, only 47% of white Democrats call themselves Christians. 10% are members of other faiths, and 42% have no religion. Democrats as a whole, only 55% identify as Christian. Thats down from 72% in 200910/30/19Christianity, Freedom, Liberal Bias
The mayor of a New Jersey township is holding firm against negative reactions to his forceful denunciation of a state law mandating that LGBT history be taught in public schools.10/29/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Education
Twitter Blocks Daily Mail Story About Katie Hills Sex Scandal10/29/19Indoctrination, Media, Liberal Bias
Katie Hill Blames Right Wing Media for Electronic Assault Leading to Her Resignation10/28/19Media, Liberal Bias,
Coach and Olympian: Allowing trans women to compete against biological women ruins sports10/28/19LGBT, Feminism,
Remember Those Who Told Us Gay Marriage Would Not Lead To Polyamory? They Were Wrong10/25/19LGBT, Perverse,
MSNBC Hides Bizarre Democratic Sex Scandal of Katie HIll10/25/19Media, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
Feminist Democrat: Media Wont Let Us Speak Out Against Transgender Agenda10/24/19LGBT, Feminism, Media
Purdue Senate favors requirement that all business uphold the same values ahead of Chick fil A opening10/24/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Texas Judge Rules Dad Has Say In Gender Transition Of 7 Year Old James Younger, Puts Gag Order On Dad10/24/19LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
Media Bias On Display For Katie Hill, The Latest Democrat Sex Scandals (michael Knowles)10/24/19Media, Liberal Bias, LGBT
MATT WALSH: To Prevent The Next James Younger Case, Senate Republicans Must Pass A Bill Banning Chemical Castration Of Children10/24/19LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
What is to Blame for the Transgender Epidemic Hysteria? (regressive)10/24/19LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
The Washington Post Refers to 7 Year Old James Younger as Luna10/24/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
CBS News ran a rather disturbing story entitled, Not Just One Big Orgy: Fighting The Stigma Of Consensual Non Monogamy10/24/19LGBT, Perverse,
CBS and NBC Censor Ethics Probe of Raunchy Democratic Rising Star, Katie HIll10/24/19Media, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
The First Freedom Fades; Religious libertys fate in a secularizing country;; William Barr speech10/24/19LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Hundreds of thousands demand Texas leaders step in to prevent gender transition of 7 yr old boy10/23/19LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
Big Sky Conference names male runner female athlete of the week, leaves out he is transgender10/23/19LGBT, Education, PC
Matt WALSH: Here Is The One Crucial Detail Everyone Is Overlooking In The Case Of The Transgender 7 Year Old10/23/19LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
HuffPost Demands Dangerous Christians Give Up Their Faith For LGBTQ Groups10/23/19LGBT, Christianity, Media
Beto ORourke claims 1964 Civil Rights Act forces churches to affirm LGBT dogma10/22/19LGBT, Remove History, Race
Sanity in Canada: Maybe Wax the Junk Isnt the New Bake the Cake After All10/22/19LGBT, Freedom,
MATT WALSH: Court Rules That A Mom Can Transition Son Into Girl Against His Dad’s Wishes. This Is Evil, Insane Child Abuse10/22/19LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
In the face of transgender attacks on societal norms, note the missing science (stat)10/22/19LGBT, Science, Healthcare
Man claiming to be female wins womens world cycling race, accuses critics of transphobia10/21/19LGBT, Feminism,
Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7 year old from gender transition10/21/19LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
Trans Activists Force Procter & Gamble To Remove Venus Symbol From Sanitary Pads Packaging10/20/19LGBT, Feminism, PC
Drag queens dance, read to children in Michigan dorm10/19/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Kelloggs Launches LGBT Cereal10/18/19LGBT, Indoctrination,
Expert witness in trial of 7 year olds transition downplays dangers of cross sex hormone therapy10/18/19LGBT, Science, Freedom
Kaiser Permanente Ad Promotes Drag Queen Story Hour10/18/19Healthcare, LGBT, Indoctrination
Chick Fil A Closing First U.K. Location After Pressure From LGBTQ Activists10/18/19LGBT, Christianity, PC
University of Alabama LGBT Month programming celebrates half a dozen queer identities. Gay men are not one of them10/17/19Education, PC, LGBT
Alleged Scientists at London Aquarium Seek Publics Help in Naming Their Gender Neutral Penguin10/17/19LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
Researchers find facial recognition software recognizes sex, not gender identity10/17/19LGBT, Science, PC
Attorneys: Dad opposing 7 year olds gender transition is unstable10/16/19LGBT, Freedom,
Harvard says masculinity and testosterone are not connected10/16/19Education, Feminism, LGBT
Matt Walsh: You Get Your Name, but you do not get your pronouns10/16/19LGBT, Freedom, PC
Different Sexes (John Stossel)10/16/19Science, LGBT, Conservative
Religious doctors cant be forced to perform sex change procedures, court rules10/15/19LGBT, Freedom, Healthcare
Harvard and Columbia PHDs write paper on Testosterone, saying the effects of it are basically a myth so men should go into womens sports10/15/19LGBT, Science, Professors
Democrats Blast Beto While His Campaign Walks Back Religious Liberty Stance10/14/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Chelsea Covers for Clueless Hillary: Yes Someone with a Beard and Penis Can Be a Woman10/14/19LGBT, Clinton,
New York Daily News Falsely Blames Trans Comics Suicide on Dave Chappelle10/14/19LGBT, Celebrities, Media
Beto ORourke pledges to penalize churches that oppose gay marriage10/11/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: Child Abuse to Harming Churches: Here is the WORST Questions from CNN LGBTQ Town Hall10/11/19LGBT, Christianity, Perverse
Bigoted Nonsense: Sen. Ben Sasse Condemns Betos Call To Strip Churches Of Tax Exempt Status For Opposing Gay Marriage10/11/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Joe Biden Demands SPLC Style Terror Watchlist to Protect LGBT People10/11/19LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
High school declines free Chick fil A lunch, alleges company has anti LGBTQ views10/11/19LGBT, Education, Christianity
VOX: These laws were meant to protect people from HIV. They have only increased stigma and abuse. Laws in many states make it a crime to have sex without disclosing your HIV status. Advocates say they may actually worsen the spread of the virus.10/10/19LGBT, Perverse, Media
Being a woman is apparently not the same as being female, according to a new Gender Pronoun Education/Awareness Initiative introduced by the University of California System.10/9/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Former Gov. Pat McCrory (R) slammed the NBA for what he says is its gross display of hypocrisy, bending to China in recent days but openly punishing North Carolina over its transgender bathroom law in recent years10/9/19Socialism, LGBT,
LSU Student oped argues Queer Eye reboot isn’t environmentally friendly enough10/9/19LGBT, Environmental, Media
A conservative group notes polling data shows an eight-point swing in voters shift to incumbent GOP Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin from Democrat candidate Andy Beshear after they view ads highlighting Beshears support of biological men competing in womens sports.10/8/19LGBT, Feminism, Media
NBC calls LifeSite report on dangerous puberty blocking drugs anti transgender fake news10/8/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Iowa boy and family fear retribution for resisting LGBT propaganda at school10/7/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
VIDEO: This gay abortion activists vulgar behavior reveals true colors of pro choice escorts10/7/19Abortion, LGBT, Perverse
Newsweek Doing the Serious Reporting? Tanning Salons Could Be Targeting Gay Men10/7/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Ohio High school votes 2 girls as homecoming royalty, plans to use gender neutral titles going forward10/7/19LGBT, Education, PC
Family advocates condemn revised Alberta schools law for failing to protect kids, parental rights10/7/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Vice Mag Explains Why Islam is Inherently Queer: A desperate attempt to shore up the unholy Leftist & Islamic alliance with Muslim Drag Queen (VERSE)10/7/19Islam, LGBT, Remove History
Headmistress of Elite Girls’ School: Some Students Claim to Be Trans to Cause Turbulence at School10/4/19LGBT, Professors, HoaxFraud
Publishers Are Missing Multicultural Opportunities says LGBT advocaate10/4/19Media, Indoctrination, PC
Lack of Belief in Transgenderism Is Incompatible With Human Dignity, UK Court Says10/3/19LGBT, Freedom, Science
A Tufts University professor is touring the country as a drag queen alter ego in order to teach students about queer nightlife. An advertisement for an appearance at Hamilton College claims that several university departments are sponsoring the event.10/3/19Professors, Perverse, LGBT
Disney confirms gay couple in Star Wars Resistance kids show10/3/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Portland Bans Urinals In $195M Gender Neutral Remodel of Government Building10/3/19LGBT, ,
LGBT Ally USA Today Surprisingly Runs Opinion Piece on Unfairness of Transgender Athletes10/3/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Gender Conscious Portland Bans Urinals From Mens Bathrooms In City Building10/2/19LGBT, ,
Minnesota Library hires blasphemous adult entertainer for toddlers drag queen story hour10/2/19LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Male student wins homecoming queen title at Tennessee high school10/1/19LGBT, Feminism, PC
UK Rugby Referees Quitting Over Transgender Players Breaking Womens Bones10/1/19LGBT, Feminism, Violence
VIDEO: Men Zoom Past Female Runner In World Athletics Championships Mixed Relay10/1/19LGBT, Feminism,
USA Today Article about gay teen committing suicide says the following: Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott made headlines in 2018 with anti LGBTQ views he shared at a Bible conference. He was reportedly recorded saying he didn’t believe in gay marriage and promised that same sex partners wouldn’t receive protections from domestic violence laws, outlets including WZTZ report. The state Supreme Court’s Board of Professional Responsibility began investigating Northcott in June, The Tennessean reports. The outlet reports Northcott also called Islam an evil belief system10/1/19LGBT, Islam, Indoctrination
Judge rules in favor of adoption agencys right not to adopt to gay couples, says lesbian AG targeted them9/30/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: Wrecking NBC Trans Debate With Matt Walsh9/30/19LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
Virginia Teacher fired for refusing to use students preferred pronoun sues school district9/30/19Professors, LGBT, Freedom
MATT WALSH: Doctors Give Gender Confused Children Same Drug Used To Castrate Sex Offenders. NBC Calls It Health Care9/30/19LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
Drag Queen: Get Children Excited About Books that Explore Progressive Themes9/30/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Parents: Here is a Calendar of LGBTQ Indoctrination Events Planned for Public Schools9/30/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Christian colleges cheer Trump administration plan to end religious discrimination against contractors9/30/19Christianity, Education, Freedom
Youth and Ignorance: A self described transgender prof stands against brainwashed, narcissistic students (Walter Williams)9/30/19Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
U. California system president announces Gender Pronoun Education Awareness Initiative9/28/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
More than 600,000 Mexicans in Mexico City and 100 other cities and towns throughout the country took to the streets to protest their governments embrace of abortion and radical LGBT gender ideology9/27/19LGBT, Abortion, Conservative
Study: Transgender Athletes Have Advantages in Womens Sports Despite Hormone Therapy9/27/19LGBT, Science, Feminism
Boston Straight Pride Parade requires 1,000 cops to repel tolerant leftist violence9/27/19LGBT, Violence,
Dad fights to save 7 year old son from gender transition9/27/19LGBT, Freedom,
Why the Hippocratic Oath is disappearing from medical schools; it is not PC enough or inclusive enough9/27/19Healthcare, PC, Remove History
Gender historian admits he basically just made up claims in transgender scholarship9/25/19LGBT, Science, Professors
WOKE BARBIE: Mattel Releases Gender Neutral Dolls To Meet Demand From Children9/25/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
World renowned child psychiatrist calls trans treatments possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history9/25/19Healthcare, LGBT, Perverse
Thousands of deaths linked to puberty blockers for gender confused kids since 2004. The UK National Health Service (NHS) is investigating the use of medications to block normal sexual development that may have irreversible effects among children and teens. In the UK, nearly 1,200 children under 15 were referred to the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) in 2018. Of these, 63 took powerful medications intended to block or pause their normal sexual development. In August, departing mental health minister Jackie Doyle-Price told Parliament that the ethics of the service will be examined because the effects of the treatment may be irreversible9/24/19LGBT, Science, Healthcare
UK University transgender conference utilizes traffic light badge system for safe spaces9/23/19LGBT, Education, PC
Democrats Demand Ben Carson Resign After Media Twists His Words on Trans Issues9/23/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
New Ad In Kentucky Gubernatorial Race Scorches Democrats On Radical Gender Policy9/23/19LGBT, Conservative,
STUDY: The Link Between Societal Success and Sexual Restraint: A Look at J. D. Unwin9/23/19LGBT, Conservative,
Queer Eye Star Jonathan Van Ness Reveals He is HIV Positive, Opens Up About Drug Addiction and Sex. Showing the greatness of the gay lifestyle9/21/19LGBT, Celebrities,
Lawsuit goes ahead to force Catholic hospitals to remove uterus from gender confused females9/20/19LGBT, Healthcare, Freedom
House Dems want to strip tax exempt status from pro family groups who oppose homosexuality9/19/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Prominent Gay Democrat Donor Arrested After Third Overdose Victim Found in Home9/18/19LGBT, Violence,
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced that California would ban state funded and state-sponsored travel to Iowa because the state passed a law barring the funding of gender-transition surgeries under Medicaid, making Iowa the 11th state that California has placed on its travel ban.9/17/19LGBT, Healthcare, Freedom
Student at Fresno State says professor nearly flunked her after she made pro life brochure for pregnant men9/17/19Abortion, Professors, LGBT
Newly passed California resolution blames religious groups for LGBT suicides. Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 declares that homosexuality and transgenderism are part of natural variations that occur in sexual orientation and gender identity and condemns counseling services that help people resolve unwanted gender confusion or same sex attraction.9/17/19LGBT, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Trans café employee curses, kicks out 23 year old pro family activist9/17/19LGBT, ,
Netherlands: Mosques found to be teaching Sharia, death for gays and apostates, mosque council shocked9/16/19Islam, Immigration, Violence
Christian Artists Cant Be Forced to Make Gay Wedding Invites, Arizona Supreme Court Rules9/16/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Duke student senate denies Christian org recognition over traditional beliefs9/16/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
BBC Tells School Children Aged 9 to 12 That There Are More Than 100 Genders9/16/19Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Pete Buttigieg Distorts Logic and Scripture on Abortion9/13/19Abortion, Christianity, Remove History
The Democratic Party Has Become A Parody Of Itself9/13/19Conservative, Liberal Bias, Guns
As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider whether long standing anti discrimination laws should be reinterpreted to cover homosexuality or gender confusion, conservative groups are filing amicus briefs articulating the importance of ensuring the government does not impose a fluid understanding of biological sex on the rest of the country.9/12/19LGBT, Science, Freedom
WSJ: Take Two Aspirin and Call Me by My Pronouns: At woke medical schools, curricula are increasingly focused on social justice rather than treating illness.9/12/19LGBT, Science, Healthcare
Canadian Cancer Society Claims Men Without Cervixes Can Get Cervical Cancer9/11/19LGBT, Science,
University libraries hosting Drag Queen Story Hours9/11/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
A University of California, Berkeley course gives students credit for sharing queer related stories with local middle and high school students.9/11/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Toronto Star: Chick fil A is ideologically opposed to my existence9/11/19LGBT, Christianity, Liberal Bias
LGBT supporters verbally abuse Christians protesting Down syndrome drag show in Michigan9/10/19Christianity, LGBT, Perverse
Michigan Approves America’s First Gay Credit Union Because… Discrimination?9/10/19LGBT, ,
Bernie Sanders Attends ISNA Convention With Islamists Who Backed Killing Gay People9/10/19LGBT, Islam, Violence
Pete Buttigieg pastor brother in law calls on 2020 Dem to repent for pro abortion claims9/9/19Abortion, Conservative, Christianity
This professor at USC has helped guide 1,000 youths into transgender identities9/9/19Professors, LGBT, Indoctrination
LGBTQ Activists Outraged That Pennywise From The Movie It Chapter Two Isnt a Gay Ally9/9/19LGBT, PC,
Protesters will pray the rosary against Missouri drag queen story hour9/9/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Christianity
MATT WALSH: Pete Buttigieg Tried To Use The Bible To Argue For Abortion Up To Birth. He is Wildly Wrong, As Usual.9/9/19Abortion, Conservative, Christianity
Open Letter to the Gender Confused Dude in the Beard and Lipstick: My Kid Is Going to Stare. Get Over It9/9/19LGBT, Conservative,
Hate Crime Investigation: After San Diego Church Vandalized After Opposing Drag Queen Story Hour9/9/19LGBT, Christianity, Vandalism
Disability & Societys Michele Moore wrote on Twitter that transgender ideology is inherently dangerous to children and young people, and noted she was one of over 120 who signed on to a statement attesting to just that. Now The editor of an academic journal is facing calls for her resignation over alleged anti transgender comments9/8/19LGBT, Science, Perverse
Childrens publisher promotes bisexuality, political activism in school fairs9/6/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
CNNs LGBT Town Hall Will Put Democrats Anti Christian Bigotry on Full Display9/6/19LGBT, Christianity, Liberal Bias
ACLU Targets Republican For Refusing To Host Drag Queen Performers With Down Syndrome9/6/19LGBT, Perverse, Liberal Bias
Catholic university cancels long running drag show because of divisiveness on campus9/6/19LGBT, Christianity, Education
Drew Brees Is Being Attacked As Anti Gay. All He Did Was Promote The Bible.9/6/19LGBT, Christianity, Celebrities
Catholic university cancels long running drag show because of divisiveness on campus9/6/19LGBT, Christianity, Education
High School Assignment in North Carolina Forces Kids to Disclose Sexual Orientation, Reveals Massive Political Agenda9/5/19Education, LGBT, Freedom
Facebook censors LifeSite, claims opposition to giving kids trans hormones is hate speech9/4/19LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Transgenderism war on language is a war on truth and reality. Here is another example9/4/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Conservative
FEMINIST: HETEROSEXUALITY IS JUST NOT WORKING: Marcie Bianco announces that the patriarchy is on the verge of a nervous breakdown9/4/19Feminism, LGBT, Celebrities
Sociologist: New study explodes narrative that people are born gay9/3/19LGBT, Science, Conservative
Satanic Temple Vows to Fight to the Death for the Gay Community9/3/19LGBT, Perverse, Christianity
Transgender professor defends celebrating deaths of those deemed transphobic9/1/19LGBT, Perverse, Professors
Satanic Temple head: More than 50% of our membership is LGBTQ8/30/19LGBT, Christianity, Perverse
Transgender Activists Terrorize Womens Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti8/30/19LGBT, Feminism, Vandalism
There Is No Gay Gene, Comprehensive Scientific Study Finds8/29/19LGBT, Science,
Chanel hires first transgender model for makeup campaign8/29/19LGBT, PC,
College president calls straight pride parade a perversion, desecration8/29/19Professors, LGBT,
Biology is not bigotry: teacher blasts bill that would force teachers to receive LGBT training8/28/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
LGBT activist says girls should change in nurses station if they dont like boy in locker room8/27/19LGBT, Feminism, Education
Court Orders Idaho To Pay For Sex Offenders Trans Surgery; Governor Refuses8/26/19LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
You might wish to ignore the great trans social experiment on our kids, but its not ignoring you8/26/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Single Woman Marries Herself On 36th Birthday: Im Independent And Strong8/26/19Feminism, LGBT,
PREDATOR VS. PEDERAST. Like Jeffrey Epstein, LGBTQ hero Harvey Milk also liked them young.8/26/19LGBT, Perverse, Liberal Bias
Religious Freedom Win for Christians Who Refuse to Create Gay Wedding Videos in Minnesota8/25/19LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
Medical Expert: Doctors Are Actually Giving Trans Kids a Disease, and Its Child Abuse8/25/19LGBT, Healthcare, Indoctrination
Study: 78% College Students with Gender Issues Meet Criteria for Mental Health Problems8/23/19LGBT, Science, Healthcare
Down syndrome drag show kicked out of venue amid storm of concerns about exploitation8/23/19LGBT, Perverse, Conservative
Queer Eye Star Karamo Brown Cancels Twitter After Leftists Attack Him For Calling Sean Spicer A Good Guy8/23/19Celebrities, LGBT, Media
DRAG QUEEN STORY HOUR BRANCHES OUT: Groundbreaking program expands its outreach in tolerance, diversity and vicious misogyny.8/23/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
LifeHacker engages in culture war activism with cheap shot at Chick fil A8/20/19LGBT, Christianity, Media
Study: Nearly four fifths of gender minority students have mental health issues: The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine8/20/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Healthcare
Palestinian Authority bans LGBTQ activities in West Bank, police to chase those promoting LGBTQ8/20/19Islam, LGBT,
Kansas Library board cant agree on sex crime checks proposed after drag queen story event8/20/19LGBT, Perverse,
Maryland to add school history lessons on LGBT, disability rights8/19/19Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
A high school teacher in Jacksonville, Florida has been counseled and his colleagues will get training to ensure an inclusive [school] environment after a students preferred pronoun request was denied.8/19/19Professors, LGBT, PC
Pete Buttigieg: opposition to gay marriage will wash away among black Americans8/18/19LGBT, Race, Liberal Bias
Gay Republican group endorses Trump in reversal from 20168/17/19LGBT, ,
Middle school science teacher in California asks to be called Mx. not Mr, hands out gender unicorn8/16/19LGBT, Professors, Science
MATT WALSH: LGBT Site Celebrates Relationship Between 49 Year Old Man And Adolescent Boy8/16/19LGBT, Perverse, Liberal Bias
More states pledge to include LGBT history in school curriculums: Illinois just joined California, New Jersey, and Colorado in mandating the teaching of LGBT History, while the Department of Education in Maryland has just signed on to include gays, lesbians and transgenders who are viewed as historically underrepresented in lesson plans8/16/19LGBT, Remove History, Indoctrination
Gender Is Over: New York Times Celebrates Genderless Fashion8/16/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Down syndrome drag show created by LGBT activist coming to Michigan8/16/19LGBT, Perverse,
Trump rule to nix Obama order forcing religious contractors to hire LGBT workers8/15/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Judge rules Harvard sanctions on single sex clubs at Harvard may violate Title IX8/14/19Education, Freedom, Feminism
Lone boy holds crucifix high to protest LGBT march, police carry him away in Poland8/14/19LGBT, Christianity, PC
Jeffrey Epstein Compared Homosexuality To Pedophilia In Interview Before His Death8/14/19LGBT, Liberal Bias,
CNNs Don Lemon is reportedly being sued in Suffolk County by a man who claims that Lemon sexually assaulted him last summer at a Sag Harbor bar.8/13/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Chicago Dad horrified as public school convinces daughter she is a boy and he cant stop it8/13/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
A California middle school teacher is under fire for giving students a handout about gender identity and sexual attraction.8/11/19Professors, Perverse, Indoctrination
Illinois Governor Signs Bill Mandating Public Schools Teach LGBTQ History8/11/19Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Rockos Modern Life Reboot Features A Transgender Story Arc8/9/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
DOE Will Investigate Whether Connecticut Trans Sports Policy Discriminates Against Girls8/9/19LGBT, Feminism, Education
VIDEO: Joe Biden Forcefully Grabs Girl After Being Asked How Many Genders There Are8/9/19LGBT, Liberal Bias,
University of Miami, Ohio masculinities committee offers learning opportunities for male identified students8/8/19Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
New Woke Taylor Swift Has Issue With White Cisgender Males8/8/19Celebrities, Race, LGBT
Sixth grader dragged out of class for saying gender confused boy is a boy8/8/19Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
UK Drag queen teaches kids to twerk at library story hour8/7/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Dayton mass shooter and Drag Queen Story Hours both motivated by hatred of women8/7/19LGBT, Feminism, Violence
Maryland boots school from voucher program, demands $100K for supporting marriage. When the state of Maryland found out that Bethel Christian Academy affirms the biblical view of marriage in its student handbook, officials last fall cut the Baltimore area school from a state-sponsored school voucher program, arguing it practiced sexual discrimination.8/6/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Education
Christian nonprofit claps back after Vassar claims it is a homophobic and misogynist hate group8/6/19Education, LGBT,
Senate confirms lesbian judge tied to radical LGBT legal group8/6/19LGBT, Freedom,
Venue cancels child drag queen event after call from Activist Mommy8/6/19LGBT, Perverse, Conservative
SPLC Gets Conservative Crowdfunding Site Shut Down8/6/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
YouTube Deplatforms Conservative Teen Girl After Criticizing Pride Month8/6/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Media
VIDEO: Trans Activist Responds To Allegations Of Inappropriate Contact With Minors, Brandishes Illegal Weapon8/6/19LGBT, Violence,
A calculated media campaign is gaslighting the world on transgender insanity8/6/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Victorias Secret Hires Its First Transgender Model8/5/19LGBT, PC, Feminism
A prestigious Ivy League university curates a large collection of gay pulp fiction from the 20th century, with the compendium reportedly one of the most substantial collections of homosexual erotica at any library8/5/19LGBT, Education,
HUFFPOST Gay Son Of Straight Pride Organizer Slams Event As Dog Whistling To White Supremacy8/5/19LGBT, Race, Media
MATT WALSH: Mario Lopez Proves Yet Again That It Never Pays To Apologize To The Left Wing Mob8/2/19LGBT, Celebrities,
NBC Execs Considering Whether To Ax Mario Lopez From Access Hollywood, Report Says8/2/19LGBT, Celebrities,
MATT WALSH: You Are A Maniac If You Disagree With Mario Lopez Comments On Transgender 3yr Olds7/31/19LGBT, Celebrities, Conservative
Mario Lopez Caves: Apologizes For Ignorant And Insensitive Comments About Trans Kids by saying that kids should not choose their gender7/31/19LGBT, Celebrities, PC
Womens Groups On Trans Athletes: Males Competing In Womens Sport Is Blatantly Unfair7/30/19LGBT, Feminism, Science
The gaying of Major League Baseball, and every other professional sports league, is almost complete7/29/19LGBT, Indoctrination, PC
Study: Olympic Guidelines Give Transgender Women an Intolerable Advantage in Womens Sports7/29/19LGBT, Feminism, Science
Meghan Markle, guest editing Vogue, praises gender confused man as woman of impact7/29/19LGBT, Celebrities, Media
Harvard med school remains tight lipped about transgender overhaul of curriculum7/29/19Education, Indoctrination, LGBT
Meet the ex–drag queen who now fights public libraries to save innocent kids7/29/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Conservative
Facebook Urges Gay Men To Give Blood as a Reminder they are not allowed because of high risk HIV7/29/19Media, LGBT, Perverse
Who Will Liberals Back? Veiled Muslim Woman Goes at It With LGBT Rainbow Flag Marcher7/28/19LGBT, Islam, Conservative
The mayor of a town in Nevada is speaking out against a local librarys decision to host a Drag Queen Story Hour event, detailing his unsuccessful efforts to block the event.7/26/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Michael Knowles: Drag Queen Story Time, The Left’s New Standard For Tolerance7/26/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Conservative
Hamline Univ. offers social justice major complete with Gender Politics course7/26/19Education, Feminism, LGBT
Number Of British Prisoners Claiming They Are Transgender Explodes7/26/19LGBT, HoaxFraud,
Feminist: Twitter Is in the Business of Protecting [Trans] Predators and Silencing Women7/26/19Feminism, LGBT, Media
A Minnesota mother asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a case in which local county officials and the school district did not stop her teenage son from getting gender transition treatments despite the fact that her consent had not been given.7/26/19LGBT, Education, Perverse
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a new law barring the state or local governments from acting against businesses on the basis of the owners religious beliefs,7/24/19Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
Michael KNOWLES: The Lefts Gender Identity Movement Is Erasing Women7/24/19LGBT, Feminism, Conservative
LGB vs. T: How the trans issue is dividing a movement7/24/19LGBT, Conservative,
VIDEO: Matt Walsh destroys transgenderism in less than a minute7/24/19LGBT, Conservative, Video
Transgenderism leads to horror of trans woman demanding females wax his genitals7/23/19LGBT, Freedom,
FAKE STUDY: When the British National Health Service (NHS) decided that hormone blocking drugs may be dispensensed to gender confused children as young as eleven, it did so partly on the basis of a study thats now being investigated for poor methodology and omitted data.7/23/19Science, LGBT, HoaxFraud
UNLV provides exclusive housing for women, black, LGBT students (regressive)7/23/19Education, Race,
Canadian transgender activist, a biologically born male who now claims to be female, asking for permission to host topless LGBT swim parties for people aged 12+ at the municipality public swimming pools. He is also requesting that parents be prohibited from attending the events where 12 year old girls could be present7/22/19LGBT, Perverse,
Pediatricians warn surgeon general: Hormones, surgery harm gender confused kids7/22/19LGBT, Healthcare, Perverse
Conservatives call on Amazon to bring back banned books on overcoming homosexuality7/22/19LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
School that said all pupils must wear gender neutral uniform faces legal challenge from parents7/22/19Education, PC, LGBT
MATT WALSH: A Trans Person Is Trying To Force Women To Wax Male Genitalia. Disturbing Messages Reveal True Motivations, Report Claims. The person actually joined womens gym because he said immigrants are not clean7/22/19LGBT, Perverse, Freedom
Coming out as conservative harder than coming out as gay, says Miss Michigan sacked over racist tweets7/22/19TDS, Conservative,
LGBT-Leading Dem. Admits Lying About Pulling 77 Bullets From Pulse Shooting Victims7/21/19Guns, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Trans man gives birth, fights to be called father on UK birth certificate7/19/19LGBT, PC, Science
UC Berkely Gender studies professor: Women who believe men cant become women are like white supremacists7/19/19Professors, Feminism, LGBT
The City Council in Berkeley, California., voted to ban gender specific words in the liberal city municipal code, clearing the way for the changes to become official; ban gendered words like manhole and manpower7/19/19California, PC, LGBT
VIDEO: Penn. mayor refuses to display LGBTQ flag, saying it represents a political movement7/18/19LGBT, PC, Christianity
San Diego City Worker Awarded $300K Because His Boss Encouraged Him to Read the Bible7/18/19California, Christianity, PC
A student run study at the University of Washington finds that gay Asian Americans are perceived as more American than their straight counterparts.7/17/19Education, LGBT, Patriotism
Gender confused male athlete takes gold medals in womens weightlifting7/16/19LGBT, Feminism,
LGBT activists permitted to break rules at Baylor University, conservative students are not7/16/19Education, LGBT,
Planned Parenthood Booted Leana Wen As President was fired for not using trans inclusive language7/16/19Abortion, LGBT, Science
Franklin Graham: Equality Act will lead to Christian persecution as never before7/15/19Conservative, Christianity, LGBT
Scholars new book questions transgender ideology7/15/19LGBT, Professors,
Anti Trump Surgeon Tweets: Its a scientific and medical fact that men can get pregnant and also have abortions7/15/19LGBT, Science, Abortion
Tucker Carlson: big business is now at war against your family; Even cookie companies like Oreo, he noted, are now pushing advertising that asks kids to name their pronoun; aiming transgender propaganda at children. This is a corporation, pushing the idea that biology is obsolete and that the gender binary is no longer operative7/15/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Media
British approval of homosexuality dips, even as religious affiliation declines7/12/19LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
Academic uses cross-dressing to spur LGBT interest in science7/12/19Professors, LGBT, Science
A Christian doctor in Alabama has said that he was dismissed from his job at a government office because he refused to call 6ft tall bearded man madam, an employment tribunal has heard, in other words, because he did not use gender pronouns7/12/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
University investigates feminist grad student for saying men cant become women7/12/19Professors, LGBT, Feminism
CommScore SVP Argues that Advertising Data Companies should take gender fluid into account for demographics7/12/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
NYC public schools begin complete transgender insanity, blindsiding parents7/11/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
the American Psychological Association (APA) has overseen a Consensual Non monogamy Task Force, which advocates for relationships like polyamory, open relationships, swinging, and more. This task force claims that people in such relationships are marginalized and need their practices to be normalized. Social conservatives have long warned that the legalization of gay marriage and the normalization of homosexual activity would follow a slippery slope, leading to the normalization of other aberrant behaviors like polygamy.7/10/19LGBT, Perverse, Science
Can we slow the speeding trans train?7/10/19LGBT, Conservative,
California mandates LGBT sensitivity for teachers, even when they disagree. Under a new bill just approved by the state assembly, every junior high and high school teacher would be ordered to undergo training on how to support kids who identify as LGBTQ. That includes everything from referring students to activist organizations to launching school-wide efforts aimed at encouraging confusion like transgenderism. The legislation, AB 243, passed unanimously; 61 to 0, with virtually every Republican refusing to vote.7/9/19LGBT, Freedom, Indoctrination
A professor is suing the University of Arizona after the school refused to cover his gender transition surgery7/9/19Professors, LGBT,
Researchers: Scrap gender binary in sports to allow transgenders to compete fairly7/9/19LGBT, Science, Feminism
We Fought the Transgender Activists, and Lost. Here Are 5 Lessons for Every Parent.7/8/19LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
Amazon bans books on gay conversion therapy. Is the Bible next?7/5/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
A new study has concluded that psychiatric diagnoses are scientifically worthless as tools to identify discrete mental health disorders. (DSM)7/5/19Science, Indoctrination, LGBT
Young people pushing back against transgender nonsense has LGBT activists alarmed7/4/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Conservative
Moms expose librarys shocking Youth Pride event: homosexuality, transgenderism, drag queens7/4/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
A Harvard University policy prohibits students who join single gender groups from achieving university endorsement for Rhodes scholarships, captaining school varsity sports teams, or leading student groups. Harvard professor Harry Lewis said that this initiative is part of a broader effort by Harvard at reprogramming students into right thinking grads it wants them to be7/3/19Education, Indoctrination, Freedom
Disneys Toy Story 4 praised by LGBT activists for lesbian moms scene7/3/19LGBT, Media, PC
n an Instagram post published last week, Wendy Napoles, the mother of 11 year old Desmond Napoles; the drag kid known as Desmond is Amazing, blasted a convicted pedophile” blogger for sexualizing her young son, calling his statements highly inappropriate. Napoles also took a shot at conservative media for allegedly suggesting she is purposely attracting pedophiles7/3/19LGBT, Perverse, Liberal Bias
2 British children suspended from school for their Christian faith has attracted more than 11,000 signatures.7/3/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Christianity
Kids in NYC schools can now change their name, gender without legal documentation7/3/19Education, PC, LGBT
200+ companies urge Supreme Court to make sexual orientation, gender identity protected classes7/3/19LGBT, Freedom, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Can Kids Really Handle The Kink? SF Pride Parade7/2/19LGBT, Perverse,
VIDEO: Elderly Man Beaten With Crowbar, Another Has Head Split Open By Antifa While Trying To Help Gay Man In Sundress7/1/19Violence, ,
10 year old girl suspended for asking to be exempted from LGBT school lesson. Last month, the children, a girl and a boy, asked their teacher if they could be excused from a lesson in which they were asked to color in LGBT Pride Month material. Although the children cited their religious objections, he refused and afterward allegedly accused them of homophobic language7/1/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Christianity
Is Pete Buttigieg An Anti-Christian Bigot?7/1/19LGBT, Christianity,
Female athlete alleges retaliation by coach because her mother complained about transgender policy7/1/19Feminism, LGBT,
Manhattan Chick Fil A Vandalized During Pride Parade7/1/19LGBT, Vandalism, Christianity
Oreo Cookies Hands Out Pronoun Packs To Celebrate All Gender Identities7/1/19LGBT, PC,
Barclays new Gay Pride logo is upsetting social media: This is not putting the customer first6/30/19LGBT, PC,
Leaders of the Evangelical Covenant Church voted to defrock a Minneapolis pastor and expel his church for permitting gay marriage.6/29/19LGBT, Christianity,
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) attempted to demonize opposition to transgender activism and Drag Queen Story Hour by connecting it to white nationalism and Nazis. The article appears to focus on white nationalist threats to transgender people, but demonizes far right dissent on transgender and drag queen issues.6/28/19LGBT, Race, Media
Gallup: Americans Still Greatly Overestimate U.S. Gay Population by 5x, And Here Are Some Possible Reasons Why6/28/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Debate Crowd Cheers as Buttigieg Attacks Christian Republicans, Trotting out Kids in Cages Lie6/28/19Immigration, Christianity, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Drag queen on all fours roars, growls incoherently at library pride event for teens6/27/19LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Progressive Sweetheart J.K. Rowling Attacked By SJWs Over Her Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism6/27/19Feminism, LGBT, PC
Marvels First Transgender Actor Speaks About Studio Adding More Trans Superheroes6/27/19LGBT, Celebrities, Media
Christian college president out after inviting Pence to speak6/26/19Education, PC, Christianity
VIDEO: Students Celebrate Che Guevara, Then Told About His Treatment Of Gays6/26/19LGBT, Violence, Socialism
Tampons for men: Numerous schools have installed menstrual products in mens restrooms6/26/19Education, PC, LGBT
Several upcoming events at a small Catholic university will focus on same sex attraction, in an effort to create a more open dialogue between the Catholic teachings on same sex attraction and the student body6/25/19LGBT, Education, Christianity
Willow Smith talks sexuality, says she could see herself with both a man and a woman in a polyamorous relationship, basically gender fluid6/24/19Celebrities, LGBT,
VIDEO: Here is What Happened To Student Who Told His Teacher There Are Only Two Genders; teacher accused the teen of choosing to make an issue of this when he had the opportunity to keep quiet6/24/19LGBT, Professors, Indoctrination
A popular fundraising website has cancelled a fundraiser for a Christian rugby player who was fired for his religious beliefs about sexual sin, making the Christian-friendly WonderWe site even more relevant to social conservatives6/24/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
VIDEO: Undercover moms expose graphic Teen Pride public library event, then get doxxed by Antifa6/24/19LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Madonna: Something Poetic and Sometimes Sexual About Jesus Hanging on the Cross6/21/19Celebrities, LGBT, Christianity
VIDEO: Media applaud 9 year old Austin Texas drag queen spreading message of love6/21/19LGBT, Perverse, Video
TRUMP VS. CHE GUEVARA ON GAY PRIDE; A MEDIA COMPARISON: The ignorance and insanity of the mainstream media adoration of a mass-murdering homophobe6/21/19LGBT, TDS, Media
500 Mom Strong group leads rally against Drag Queen Story Hour6/20/19LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
US bishops give $750K grant to group pushing homosexuality, LGBT propaganda6/20/19LGBT, Christianity, Indoctrination
Family files complaint against Canadian school district for convincing their daughter she is not a girl6/19/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Active homosexual men in the United Kingdom are deliberately breaking a regulation that bans them from giving blood if they have had sexual contact with men in the past three months. While the rule is designed to keep the blood bank safe from blood borne diseases,like HIV, the active homosexuals are donating blood anyways, calling the measure discrimination and homophobic6/19/19LGBT, Perverse,
Teen Athletes Challenge Connecticut Policy Allowing Transgenders To Compete Against Girls6/18/19LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
Nicholas Sparks, who cofounded a Christian school that appeared to uphold biblical principles on sexual morality, Expresses Unequivocal Support For All Things LGBT Following Christian School Controversy6/17/19LGBT, Christianity, Celebrities
Supreme Court annuls lower court decision fining Christians $135K for not baking gay wedding cake6/17/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Trans Poet Nominated For Pulitzer Prize Rearranges The Alphabet To Survive Its Ferocity Against Their Body6/17/19LGBT, PC,
Discovery Family Show My Little Pony To Introduce Lesbian Couple6/14/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
LGBT activists criticize the text of Vatican stance on gender theory for its clear affirmation that human persons are either male or female, saying it keeps the Vatican in the dark ages, promoting a false teaching that relies on myth, rumor, and falsehoods.6/14/19LGBT, Science, Christianity
Charlotte Clymer, the press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign; LGBTQ Advocate Champions Censoring Opponents6/13/19LGBT, Christianity, Media
Queer Bible Hermeneutics course teaches students about queerness in the church6/13/19LGBT, Christianity, Remove History
HBO show Euphoria markets fornication, homosexuality, drug abuse to preteens, critic warns6/13/19Media, Perverse, LGBT
University of Arkansas putting tampons in mens bathrooms6/13/19LGBT, Education, PC
Parents Say Children Can Handle The Kink6/13/19LGBT, Perverse, Media
YouTube CEO Apologizes To LGBTQ Community After #VoxAdpocalypse6/12/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
LGBTQ Bigotry: Tyranny Masquerading as Tolerance6/11/19LGBT, Freedom, Conservative
Trump admin bans rainbow flags above US embassies, reverses Obama policy6/10/19LGBT, Christianity,
Will They Ever Leave Him Alone? Christian Baker Jack Phillips Is Being Sued Again6/10/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
MATT WALSH: How The Left Is Normalizing Pedophilia Right In Front Of Our Eyes6/7/19Conservative, LGBT, Perverse
D.C. Dyke March Bans Jewish Star of David on Gay Pride Flags6/6/19LGBT, Race,
Gay Black Guy Accosts Store Owner over Confederate Flag Vintage shirt. Claims victimhood. Article defends him6/6/19LGBT, Remove History, PC
California City Officials Fight To Keep Chick Fil A From Doing Business6/6/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Toronto Al Quds rally : Muslim openly endorses murder of gays, proclaims sharia is Canadas future6/6/19Islam, Immigration, Violence
YouTube Wont Ban Steven Crowder. Vox Reporter Behind Banning Campaign Has Meltdown.6/5/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
TIME: A Transgender Asylum Seeker Has Died After Being Released From ICE Custody6/4/19LGBT, Immigration,
Joe Biden names pro LGBT Equality Act as top priority if elected6/4/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Budweiser Launches Complicated, Flag-Themed Marketing Campaign For Pride Month6/3/19LGBT, Media, PC
Sunny Hostin On The View: Jesus Would Be Attending A Gay Pride Parade; God is love, Jesus is love, love is love6/3/19LGBT, Christianity, Media
Transgender asylum seeker dies after 6 weeks in ICE custody, she was also HIV positive6/3/19LGBT, Immigration,
Bishop faces backlash after tweet about Pride Month6/2/19LGBT, Christianity,
Taylor Swift pens open letter to support Equality Act: I personally reject the Presidents stance6/1/19LGBT, Christianity, Celebrities
GayWonk at Vox is trying to get Steven Crowder banned from YouTube for debunking his videos5/31/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Ohio drag queen program for kids shut down after families, taxpayers rise up5/30/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Virginia Tech University offers ten specialized grad ceremonies for LGBT students, black students, others5/30/19Education, Race, LGBT
Students at the University of Michigan who purchase the school’s health plan will get some rather unique services. Starting in July, the school will offer facial feminization surgeries in addition to fertility preservation5/30/19Education, LGBT, Healthcare
Transgender woman at Franklin Pierce University (who competed as a man last year) wins NCAA track championship5/29/19LGBT, Education, PC
USC LGBT center offers nearly 20 educational activities5/29/19LGBT, Education, PC
By declining to hear a Pennsylvania case called Doe v. Boyertown Area School District, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed school districts to continue letting students to use locker rooms and facilities designated for the opposite sex.5/29/19Freedom, LGBT,
Professor: Since Trump, My Students Have Become Biology Deniers For Social Justice5/29/19Science, Professors, LGBT
World Health Organization removes Gender Identity Disorder from list of mental illnesses5/28/19LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
Dad Teaches Transgender Son How To Shave In Emotional Gillette Ad5/27/19LGBT, PC, Media
Ex homosexual and ex transgender men and women from around the country descended upon D.C. for the Second Annual Freedom March where they proclaimed the freedom they have found in abandoning homosexual and transgender practices.5/27/19LGBT, Christianity,
Drag 101 course for teens to be taught at Ohio public library5/26/19LGBT, Perverse,
Feminist icon learns on air that her new book on Victorian gay-sex executions is wrong5/24/19LGBT, Feminism, Remove History
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed new rules that would end an Obama era regulation defining sex discrimination as including gender identity and abortion5/24/19LGBT, Abortion, PC
Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New Anti Hate Proposal5/23/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Laverne Cox calls trans inclusive language matter of life and death during Cali commencement speech5/23/19LGBT, Celebrities, PC
Minnesota Mall Hosts Event Not Usually Attended By Children5/23/19LGBT, Perverse,
Philosophy professor Michael Clifford, who teaches at Mississippi State University, injected left wing political bias into questions on a final exam; uses exam to share opinions on diversity, wage inequality, Chick fil A5/23/19Professors, Education, Indoctrination
Yale womens studies professor: Gay white men are symbols of heterosexuality5/22/19LGBT, Professors, Feminism
LGBT immigrants suffer in solitary confinement in U.S. detention centers5/22/19LGBT, Immigration,
Liberals Are Livid After Alabama Public TV Pulls Gay Wedding Arthur Episode5/21/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Target stores donate $100K to LGBT nonprofit that promotes inclusive K12 schools5/21/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Texas House Passes Save Chick Fil A Bill. LGBTQ Activists Arent Happy5/21/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Pediatric specialist warns public that child transgender therapy is very harmful, poor science5/21/19LGBT, Science,
MATT WALSH: With The Equality Act, The Democratic Party Has Again Proven That It Is An Anti Science, Anti Woman Cult5/20/19LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
HUFFPO Chick fil A Executive Calls Supporting Anti LGBTQ Organizations A Higher Calling5/19/19Christianity, LGBT,
Twitter Blocks Heritage Foundation Director Over Trans Sports Tweet5/17/19LGBT, Science, Feminism
Gender Theory Threatens Family and Christian Faith5/17/19Christianity, LGBT, Conservative
House Passes Bigoted, Anti Christian Equality Act with 8 GOP Votes; this repressive bill would enshrine an ideology of gender that destroys womens rights, force supporters of traditional sexuality to violate their consciences, and force health care providers to perform abortions. It undermines women’s equality by denying female athletes fair competition in sports, depriving women of business opportunities designed for them, and forcing them to share private, intimate spaces with men who identify as female. Like similar state and local laws, it would also force Americans to participate in events and speak messages that violate their core beliefs, all in the name of an equality that tolerates no dissenters. This bill undermines human dignity by threatening the fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience that the First Amendment guarantees for every citizen.5/17/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Facebook Blocks Trump Board Member for Pro Life Post Contrasting Trans and Pro Choice Arguments5/16/19Media, LGBT, Abortion
Transgender Tragedy: This Baby Died Because the Mother’s Medical Records Listed Her as Male. The New England Journal of Medicine published a bizarre story. A transgender man entered a hospital with severe abdominal pains. Because she was identified as a man, the doctors naturally did not think to treat her for labor and delivery, so she tragically lost the baby. Rather than emphasizing the danger of placing gender identity over biological sex, both the journal and The Washington Post made the absurd claim that the hospital should not have ruled out pregnancy for a man.5/16/19LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
HR5, or The Equality Act, is an Egregious Attack on Religious Freedom. HR 5 is a sweeping assault on the religious liberty rights of people of faith while simultaneously enacting powerful special legal rights for the LGBT community. It would position the government to lord over churches and other faith-based institutions, dictating potentially who they hire, how their facilities are used, and even punishing them for not falling in step with a view of human sexuality that directly contradicts orthodox biblical teaching:5/16/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
MATT WALSH: The Simple Preschool-Level Question That No Leftist Can Answer: What is a Woman?5/15/19Feminism, LGBT, Conservative
PBS kids cartoon Arthur features homosexual wedding5/14/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
MATT WALSH: Explaining Progressive Gender Theory To Right Wing Bigots5/14/19LGBT, Conservative,
The father of the 16 year old transgender student who allegedly shot up STEM School Highlands Ranch last week is a criminal illegal alien who has been deported multiple times.5/13/19LGBT, Immigration, Violence
Forcing Congenital Females to Compete Against Trans Women Will Destroy Womens Sports and Everyone Knows It5/13/19LGBT, Feminism, Science
Expert Psychologist Blocked on Twitter for Expressing Clinical Opinion on Transgenderism5/12/19LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
California faculty that voted to boot Chick fil A off campus, compares Christian chain to selling porn5/10/19LGBT, Christianity, Professors
California Dept of Education passes obscene K to 12 sex ed over parent protest5/10/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
An Oregon elementary school teacher tried to convince an 8 year old student that he was transgender. The schoolteacher did this without involving the parents. The result? The boy is now aggressive, depressed, and confused.5/10/19LGBT, Professors, Indoctrination
Controversial sex education framework for California approved despite protest; features, among other things, graphic descriptions of sodomy and bondage.5/10/19Education, Indoctrination, Perverse
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo faculty senate at a public California university voted overwhelmingly to kick Chick fil A off that campus, citing the chains purported support of anti LGBT causes as a violation of the universitys values5/9/19LGBT, Christianity, Professors
Texas Christian college, Trinity University student gov votes to ban Chick fil A5/9/19LGBT, Christianity, Education
Transgender Tyranny: UK Tax Expert Fired for Tweeting Men Cannot Change Into Women5/9/19LGBT, Freedom, Science
Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is Terrible at Christianity5/8/19LGBT, Conservative, Christianity
Converse Launches LGBTQ+ Shoe Line Featuring Child Drag Queen5/8/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
The California Department of Education approved controversial sex education guidelines for public school teachers Wednesday that encourage classroom discussions about gender identity and LGBT relationships, but removed five resources and books, including one that explains sex to students as young as kindergarten.5/8/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Colorado School Shooter Posted About Hating All These Christians Who Hate Gays5/8/19LGBT, Violence, Christianity
California votes to overhaul sex ed guidelines for public schools to include LGBT issues. One suggested book for high schoolers is S.E.X.: The All You Need to Know Sexuality Guide to Get You Through Your Teens and Twenties. It includes descriptions of anal sex, bondage and other sexual activity5/8/19Education, Indoctrination, Perverse
Pete Buttigieg Thinks God Is a Democrat Because God Doesnt Pick Sides5/7/19LGBT, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Hundreds of California parents protest after LGBT curriculum passes school board5/6/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Education
Why a live and let live attitude toward transgenderism has got us into a mess5/3/19LGBT, Conservative,
Bud Light Selling Rainbow Bottles To Benefit GLAAD For Pride Month5/3/19LGBT, PC,
UC Berkley Gender Equity Center: The term is being straight is commonly thought of as attraction to the opposite gender, but since there are not only two genders…this definition is inaccurate5/3/19Education, Science, LGBT
A sociologist said that when it comes to children’s welfare, homosexual marriage accomplishes the exact opposite of conjugal marriage, placing children at four times the risk of emotional distress.5/1/19LGBT, ,
Orwellian Attack on Parental Rights: Canadian Court Warns Father He’ll Be Arrested if He Calls His Daughter a Girl5/1/19LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
CNN promotes adults who transition from human species to identify as mermaids5/1/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Tunisia invokes sharia law in bid to shut down LGBT rights group4/30/19Islam, LGBT,
Biological man who identifies as a woman took the Masters world records for womens squat, bench press, and deadlift4/30/19LGBT, Feminism,
Second Drag Queen Story Hour library reader exposed as convicted child sex offender4/30/19LGBT, Perverse, Violence
Parents protest extreme pro LGBT school curricula legislation at New Jersey state house4/29/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Star Zoe Saldana Raising Sons In A Gender Neutral Environment4/29/19Celebrities, PC, LGBT
A British Columbia (BC) Supreme Court judge has found the father of a 14 year old girl claiming to be transgender guilty of family violence because he continued to refer to his daughter as she4/29/19LGBT, Freedom, PC
Over 100 schools now offering transgender medical coverage for students4/24/19LGBT, Education, Healthcare
U.S. Cardinal Tobin calls Catholic teaching on homosexuality unfortunate…hurtful4/22/19LGBT, Christianity,
The Supreme Court will hear three cases concerning whether gay and transgender people are protected from discrimination on the job, marking the first major LGBT rights issue to reach the court since its 2015 opinion legalizing same-sex marriage4/22/19LGBT, Freedom,
Supreme Court Considers Redefining Sex to Prohibit Discrimination4/22/19LGBT, Freedom, PC
MATT WALSH: A British Publication Outrageously Lied About My Comments On Gay Adoption. Here’s What I Actually Said. (Media Matters)4/22/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Conservative views got prep-school student, 16, expelled, parents claim4/21/19LGBT, Education, Freedom
CDC: One in Seven Transgender Women Have HIV; 44% among black MTF trans people and 26% MTF Hispanic people4/20/19LGBT, Healthcare,
MATT WALSH: Parents Who Let Their Toddlers Choose Their Own Genders Are Either Mentally Ill Or Evil4/19/19LGBT, Conservative, Perverse
VIDEO: Joe Rogan Destroys Adam Conover on transgender kids4/19/19LGBT, Conservative, Video
Drag group cries homophobia as Dublin library cancels Story Time event over age appropriateness4/18/19LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
A Louisville professor was fired after criticizing transgender ideology. He is fighting back with a lawsuit.4/18/19Professors, LGBT, Freedom
Kim Foxxs chief ethics officer, integrity unit director resign following Jussie Smollett controversy4/18/19HoaxFraud, Race, LGBT
on Yahoo Homepage: Transgender cadet loses college scholarship because of Trump military ban4/17/19LGBT, TDS, Media
VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg: Christianity Does Not Belong to the Right — Scripture Is Progressive4/17/19Christianity, Remove History, LGBT
Middlebury College Cancels Conservative Philosophers Lecture on Totalitarianism; liberal activists took issue with Ryszard Legutko critiques of multiculturalism, feminism, and homosexuality, calling them homophobic, racist, xenophobic, [and] misogynistic4/17/19Education, PC, Indoctrination
Scientific American has proposed the rather unscientific idea of calling people by genderless pronouns like they and them4/16/19Science, LGBT, PC
Teen girls stage school walkout to protest boys in their bathroom who claim to be girls4/15/19LGBT, Feminism,
Assault on Transgender Woman Investigated as Hate Crime: Police4/15/19LGBT, ,
Transgender Activists Attack Movie Database Site IMDb for Publishing Trans Actors’ Birth Names4/14/19LGBT, PC, Remove History
HUFFPO: Mike Pence Deflects Criticism Of His LGBTQ Intolerance, Citing First Amendment4/13/19LGBT, ,
Progressive Christian Hypocrites4/13/19Conservative, Christianity, LGBT
MATT WALSH: The LGBT Lobby Has Been Trying To Exact Revenge On A Chicken Restaurant For Seven Years. This Is Not Normal.4/12/19LGBT, Conservative, Christianity
MATT WALSH: Democrats Are Trying To Force Males Into Female Sports. Here Is Why That Is Great News For Republicans.4/11/19LGBT, Conservative,
State coerced child gender transitioning is here in Canada. Parents are horrified4/10/19LGBT, Freedom, Perverse
A federal judge is allowing a lawsuit against transgender facilities in a school district to proceed, but warned the student-plaintiffs that, if the government allows boys who claim to be female to use the girls bathrooms and locker rooms, then the girls have no right to visual bodily privacy.4/9/19LGBT, Feminism, Freedom
The 11 countries where being gay is punishable by death are all majority-Muslim4/8/19Islam, LGBT, Violence
How Testosterone-Fueled Trans Athletes Are Erasing Women in Sports4/8/19LGBT, Feminism, Conservative
Yes, Conservative Christians Are Triggered By LGBT Pride Flags. Here is Why4/7/19LGBT, Christianity,
Gay Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Lectures Trump and Evangelicals on Biblical Sexual Ethics4/7/19LGBT, Christianity,
Google canceled its AI ethics board after 2,476 employees signed a petition urging the company to remove Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James for opposing transgender activism.4/5/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Media
Second Child Sex Offender Unmasked at Drag Queen Story Time, Houston Activists Say4/5/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
School district that forced girls to shower with boys cant get out of Title IX lawsuit4/5/19LGBT, Education, Freedom
VIDEO: Radical Feminist: The Equality Act Would Hurt Women4/4/19Feminism, Freedom, LGBT
Hooray for Incest! 61 year old gives birth to own grandchild, allowing married gay son to have family by using his sisters egg implanted in her4/3/19LGBT, Perverse,
Yale Law School: no more stipends for students working at Christian conservative orgs4/3/19LGBT, Christianity, Education
American Muslim scholar salutes Brunei for implementing sharia stoning of gays4/2/19Islam, LGBT,
Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) will file a powerful groundbreaking lawsuit against a local Ohio sexual orientation gender identity (SOGI) non-discrimination law that some say may become the most significant religious freedom case since Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (2018). This lawsuit aims to protect a small Catholic school from stifling LGBT laws that cut to the heart of religious education.4/2/19LGBT, Christianity, Education
Trans Activists Went After This Womans Husband, Her Kids, Even Her Ex, for Opposing Transgenderism4/2/19LGBT, Freedom,
New study shows differences between male and female brains in utero4/2/19Science, LGBT, Abortion
LGBT groups file suit against Arizona law banning pro gay messages in AIDS education4/1/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
VIDEO: Teen Vogue Advises Teenagers About Biological Sex: Binary Is Bullshit4/1/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Chicago Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel blamed President Donald Trump for creating the toxic environment that caused actor Jussie Smollett to allegedly fake a hate crime3/29/19TDS, HoaxFraud, Liberal Bias
Ilhan Omar Refuses To Condemn Gays Being Stoned To Death Under Sharia Law, Violence Against Israel From Hamas3/29/19LGBT, Islam, Violence
The Anti-Religious Crusade Continues: Chick fil A Banned from Buffalo Airport3/29/19Christianity, Christianity, Freedom
TINA TCHEN TO THE RESCUE: High powered Obama fixer pulls strings for hoaxster Jussie Smollett3/29/19HoaxFraud, Obama, Freedom
Mary Poppins Returns director says family film sequel should address LGBT rights3/28/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Celebrities
Google, Amazon try to stop Texas from passing religious freedom protections. A coalition of business interests is descending on Texas lawmakers to pressure them to abandon several pieces of pending legislation that would protect various professionals in the state from being forced to engage in practices that violate their consciences on issues such as abortion and sexuality.3/28/19LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Police dump convicted male serial pedophile on Canadian city, claim he is now female3/27/19LGBT, Violence,
Grace Brethren Christian School, a pre kindergarten through 12th grade school in Maryland, has withdrawn from their athletic conference due to a transgender policy that allows biological males to compete against girls.3/27/19LGBT, Education, PC
Woman claiming to be male sues Catholic hospital for canceling sex change surgery3/27/19LGBT, Christianity,
A New Study Blows Up Old Ideas About Girls and Boys3/27/19Science, LGBT, Abortion
A 42 year old gay headteacher who was fired for having sex with two 17 year old boys he met on Grindr has won a discrimination case against his former employer.3/26/19LGBT, Professors, Perverse
Can Hatred of Christians Lead to Support of Sexual Minorities?3/26/19Christianity, LGBT,
The Pride Center and LGBTQ+ Multicultural Support Network at Oregon State University posted that they do not want a student veteran group to occupy a student lounge. Student vets jeopardize well being of students3/25/19LGBT, Patriotism,
Barbra Streisand, Pedophilia, and the Left’s Slippery Slope of Sexual Deviancy3/23/19Celebrities, LGBT, Perverse
San Antonio, Texas Blatantly Violates the First Amendment to Punish Chick fil A for Donating to Christian Organizations3/22/19Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
Googles battle with the Bible: YouTube demonetizes Christian authors 1,600 videos3/21/19Christianity, Media, LGBT
LGBT groups demand Google censor app offering relief from unwanted homosexual attraction3/21/19Indoctrination, Media, LGBT
Attorneys representing a female high school student in Pennsylvania have filed a federal civil rights complaint, challenging the practice of forcing girls to change with gender confused boys on sexual harassment grounds.3/20/19LGBT, Education, Feminism
An article published in The Journal of Medical Ethics by a Finnish bioethicist made a moral case for the legal change of a persons age to correspond with that persons experienced age3/20/19LGBT, Science,
MATT WALSH: The Left Must Keep Its Bizarre Religious Doctrines Out Of The Classroom3/19/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Conservative
UK Authorities threaten to take autistic son from parents after they object to sex change3/19/19LGBT, Freedom,
Catholic Columnist In The UK Under Investigation For Misgendering A Child On Twitter3/19/19LGBT, Media, PC
School Lets Transgender Advocate Address Kindergartners, Says It Informed Parents They Could Opt Out. This Report Says District Lied.3/18/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Drag queen who reads to kids in libraries is a convicted child abuser3/18/19LGBT, Violence, Indoctrination
Houston, Texas Library Allowed Sex Offender to Read to Kids During Drag Queen Storytim3/16/19LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Texas Sex Offender Busted as Drag Queen Who Read Books To Children in City Library3/16/19LGBT, Perverse,
Michigan lesbian AG investigating Catholic media org as part of hate group crackdown3/15/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Canadian Lesbian prof: Church teaching makes Catholic schools hotbeds of homophobia3/14/19Professors, LGBT, Christianity
VIDEO: Transgender Activist attacks Virgin Mary Statue outside drag queen story hour3/13/19LGBT, Vandalism, Christianity
Media Matters president and far left activist Angelo Carusone is under fire after The Daily Caller unearthed hateful and inflammatory comments he made in the past about everything from transvestites to ethnicity.3/13/19Media, Liberal Bias,
Cuomo order against defunct NC bathroom bill means swim team must stay in another state3/13/19LGBT, Education, PC
Media Matters Another Hit piece on Tucker Carlson about Race and Islamophobia and homophobia3/12/19Media, Liberal Bias,
The creative team behind Vice has launched what they are calling a genderless artifcial intelligence voice in order, they say, to combat the gender bias that pervades modern technology.3/12/19PC, Media, Liberal Bias
Iowa Supreme Court unanimously forces state to cover sex change operations via Medicaid3/12/19LGBT, Healthcare,
Former Olympic swimmer says transgender men could ruin the sport for real women3/12/19LGBT, Feminism, Celebrities
Ohio student suspended after posting Bible verses around school during a day where gay pride flags are put everywhere; school says she was attacking the m3/12/19Christianity, LGBT, Education
Students can get more than $400 from Pomona College to legally change gender3/8/19LGBT, Education, PC
College of Charleston Transgender professor: Excluding men from womens sports is like excluding black women3/8/19LGBT, Race, Professors
MATT WALSH: Understanding The Lefts Victimization Flow Chart3/8/19Conservative, ,
Colorado Drops Case Against Christian Baker amid Mounting Evidence of Anti Religious Bias3/5/19LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova Called A Nazi For Arguing Against Trans Athletes Not Backing Down.3/5/19LGBT, Feminism, Celebrities
UK School Program Teaching Kids About Homosexuality Shut Down Because Muslim Parents Protest3/4/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
French politician compares gay marriage opponents to Muslim radical terrorists3/1/19LGBT, Liberal Bias, Islam
Canadian judge rules dad cant stop 14 year old daughter from transitioning into boy3/1/19LGBT, Freedom,
1,500 transgender troops cost taxpayers almost $8 million since 2016; Between psychotherapy visits, hormone prescriptions, and surgical procedures such as breast reductions or augmentations and male reproductive procedures3/1/19LGBT, Economics,
Male NCAA Track Star Switches To Female Senior Year And CLEANS UP2/28/19LGBT, Feminism,
LGBT Groups Condemn Trump admin for campaign to end criminalization of homosexuality worldwide as stunt2/28/19LGBT, TDS, Liberal Bias
Elementary Schools In Canada Mandated To Fly Gay Pride Flags. The One Dissenting Voice Got Shut Down2/28/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
United Methodist Church Rejects Proposal to Allow LGBT Approval in Church Teachings2/26/19Christianity, LGBT,
Professors link religion with queer and transgender studies at new academic conference2/26/19LGBT, Christianity, Remove History
Transgender sprinters finish 1st, 2nd at Connecticut girls indoor track championships for second year in a row2/24/19LGBT, Feminism,
LGBTQ rainbow is a political symbol that doesnt belong on soccer fields,2/22/19LGBT, PC, Indoctrination
Matt WALSH: The Lefts Demand For Oppression Has Exceeded The Supply2/21/19Conservative, HoaxFraud, Race
CNN Don Lemon complained that it was not Jussie Smolletts fault that he lost the battle in the court of public opinion after the actor was charged with felony disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report2/21/19HoaxFraud, Media, Race
Actor Indya Moore says the penises of biological men who identify as women are actually biologically female.2/20/19LGBT, Science, Celebrities
Popes Biographer Questions If Jesus Had Homosexual Tendencies2/19/19Christianity, LGBT, Remove History
12 Top Democrats Tweets About The Jussie Smollett Hate Crime. They Didnt Age Well.2/18/19HoaxFraud, Media, Race
College courses now feature sexist food, queering childhood, Gender Gaming, and Beyoncé2/18/19Education, PC, Indoctrination
Conservatives SEIZED? Left Leaning Media Runs Interference For Jussie Smollett2/18/19HoaxFraud, Media, Race
Canada: Transgender insanity: Police now jailing people for laughing at men in womens clothes2/18/19LGBT, PC,
Matt WALSH: The Media Claims It Didnt Mislead On Smollett Story. These Headlines Prove Otherwise.2/18/19HoaxFraud, Media, Race
Matt WALSH: The Jussie Smollett Hoax Is What Happens When A Culture Fetishizes Victimhood2/18/19HoaxFraud, Media, Race
Colorado State rules the Phrase Ladies and Gentlemen deemed degrading and designed to harm2/15/19LGBT, Education, PC
VICTORY: Relentless mom overthrows LGBT agenda at her kids school2/15/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Empire Actors Assault Accusations Dont Add Up2/15/19HoaxFraud, Race, LGBT
The Left Attacks Homophobia In Christian Churches, Ignores Mosques. The Double Standard Is Insane.2/14/19Islam, Christianity, LGBT
A Transgender Hero Breaks Ranks; goes from man to trans to non binary and now back to man. Now he is rejected by the Left2/13/19LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Matt WALSH: 5 Reasons Why The Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Story Is Probably A Hoax2/12/19Conservative, LGBT, HoaxFraud
A transgender university professor has filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for its discriminatory health insurance plan that does not cover hysterectomies for transgender individuals.2/8/19LGBT, Professors, Healthcare
Google claims motive of Pulse Nightclub mass murderer who pledged allegiance to ISIS is inconclusive2/7/19Media, LGBT, Indoctrination
Spanish Cardinal: Gender ideology is the biggest threat to humanity…dictatorially impose gender ideology at all levels of education and clearly penalize the various levels of educational institutions, parents, families and so forth…it is not the state which grants that freedom as a grace to parents2/7/19LGBT, Christianity, Conservative
Potty parity: Yale Law converts two restrooms to all gender for LGBT students2/5/19LGBT, Education, PC
Report: Transgender teens now represent almost 2% of U.S. high school students, according to a new report from the CDC2/4/19LGBT, ,
Why are the police stopping a 74 year old tweeting about transgenderism?2/4/19LGBT, ,
Dad In Custody Battle With Ex Wife Who Says 6 Year Old Is A Transgender Girl: I Have To Watch The Sexual Abuse Of My Son Every Day1/31/19LGBT, Freedom, Indoctrination
Disney Is Holding A Pride Parade At One Of Its Theme Parks For The First Time Ever1/30/19LGBT, Indoctrination,
UK: Muslim parents take children out of classes that teach gay rights1/30/19LGBT, Islam, Indoctrination
UK Man Subject Of Hate Crime Investigation For Liking Transphobic Tweet, Cop Probes His Thinking1/28/19LGBT, Media, Freedom
Panel kills ban on gender-based pricing at dry cleaners1/28/19LGBT, Freedom,
Lesbian and her transgender partner plan 5 year old sons transition to girl1/25/19LGBT, Perverse,
University hosts LGBT Discovery Camp for young teens1/23/19Indoctrination, LGBT, Perverse
Minnesota lawmakers: Mandate gender identity, implicit bias training for teachers1/23/19Indoctrination, LGBT, Professors
Progressives Treat the Unequal as Equal1/21/19Conservative, Feminism, LGBT
NY Times refuses to publish gender dysphoria expert letter countering transgender narrative1/20/19LGBT, Science, Media
MATT WALSH: They Will Come For The Churches Next1/17/19Christianity, Education, LGBT
MATT WALSH: The Left Is Outraged Because Mike Pence Wife Got A Job At A Christian School1/16/19Christianity, Education, LGBT
Transgender activists gearing up to rewrite Harvard Medical Schools curriculum1/15/19LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
Gender affirming treatment for confused children has no scientific basis, medical experts warn court1/15/19LGBT, Science,
Federal Judge Rules Christian Baker Can Sue Colorado For Religious Persecution1/14/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Pro lesbian or trans exclusionary? Old animosities boil into public view: A transgender-exclusionary radical feminist, or TERF, is a contentious term used to describe feminists whose views about gender are seen as anti trans1/14/19Feminism, LGBT,
Stephens College, a private school in Columbia, Missouri, has decided to change its definition of womanhood for the first time in its 185 year history; to accept applicants who either live or identify as women while no longer accepting women who now identify as men. The college has refused to comment on this new policy.1/11/19Feminism, LGBT, Education
Chelsea Manning Issues Annual Message On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: Fuck The Police1/9/19LGBT, Violence, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Young Sheldon Sexualizes Teenage Baptism1/7/19Media, LGBT, Perverse
Transgender activist lied about getting feminist critic fired from university, she claims1/7/19LGBT, HoaxFraud, Professors
Dubia Cardinal: Statistically proven that clerical sex abuse is linked to homosexuality1/7/19LGBT, Christianity,
Website Selling Genital Prosthetics For Transgender Children1/5/19LGBT, Perverse,
Lesbian Batwoman Gets Greenlight At CW1/4/19LGBT, Media, Indoctrination
Federal Court Sides With Trump Admins Transgender Military Ban1/4/19LGBT, Freedom,
University offers class that explores non human perspectives of LGBT1/2/19LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Justice Department sides with Christian student group derecognized for biblical sexuality rules1/2/19Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
The New York Times has treated one mans deranged act of environmental insanity and suicide as some sort of noble sacrifice worthy of reverence.1/2/19Environmental, Media, LGBT
From Now On, A NYC Newborns Gender Can Be X1/2/19LGBT, PC,
LGBT activist calls for protest at pro family politicians parents home1/2/19LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Transgender Woman Wins Discrimination Suit, $20,000 For Being Cut From Women’s Football Team12/28/18LGBT, Feminism, PC
Rush LIMBAUGH: That Giant Liberty Sucking Sound From The Tolerant Left12/22/18LGBT, Liberal Bias, Christianity
Princeton student groups: Menstruation isnt just a women issue12/21/18Feminism, Science, LGBT
Two Female Christian Artists Could Be JAILED For Not Creating Art For Same-Sex Weddings12/21/18Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Mount Holyoke College, an all female school, dumps new logo because it was not Trans Inclusive12/20/18LGBT, Education, Feminism
MATT WALSH: Jack Phillips Is Now In Court For Not Baking A Gender Transition Cake. This Is Blatant Religious Persecution.12/20/18Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
Christian college group formally endorses LGBT protections in federal law12/20/18LGBT, Christianity, Education
Critics of Ontario controversial sex education curriculum simply deny the existence of same sex households and want children to remain completely ignorant of basic biology, according to a comedy segment recently aired by the taxpayer funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation12/20/18LGBT, Christianity, Indoctrination
The Lefts War On Parenting (Ben Shapiro)12/19/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Conservative
Vimeo censors Christian group for videos on overcoming same sex attraction12/18/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Freedom
City council in the UK has approved new education guidelines that claim boys can menstruate just as girls can12/18/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Science
Matt WALSH: A Male Miss Universe Contestant Is Being Applauded By The Same People Who Complain About Appropriation12/17/18LGBT, Liberal Bias,
At Stanford, term homosexual will no longer be used when discussing spread of hepatitis12/17/18LGBT, Education, PC
Mattel Schedules Meeting To Discuss Gay Wedding Sets For Barbie Dolls12/17/18LGBT, Indoctrination,
11 Year Old Boy Dressed In Drag Dances At Gay Bar, Gets Dollar Bills Thrown At Him12/17/18LGBT, Perverse,
An Ethics Lesson For USA Todays Queer Bullies12/15/18LGBT, Conservative, Media
Owen Jones: Members of the LGBT community must stand behind under fire Muslims12/14/18Islam, LGBT,
Survey: Santa needs a makeover; should be gender neutral12/14/18LGBT, PC, Remove History
Why Puberty Blockers Are A Clear Danger To Childrens Health12/14/18LGBT, Science, Healthcare
VIDEO: MSNBC Mika Brzezinski Calls Mike Pompeo A Homophobic Slur12/12/18LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Preferred Gender Pronouns Required in Virginia Public Schools. The Bible? Still Not Allowed.12/11/18Christianity, LGBT, Indoctrination
Another Week, Another Black Man Taken Down by White Liberals (Kyler Murray from Oklahoma)12/10/18Race, LGBT,
He Played Handball For Australia’s Mens Team. Now Transgender, He is Dominating Womens Handball12/7/18LGBT, ,
Ohio State University student government recently passed a resolution that demanded the university require its residential advisors to undergo LGBT training-12/7/18LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Virginia school board fires teacher who refused to call female student he or him12/7/18Professors, LGBT, Freedom
Kevin Hart Was Taken Down By White Folks, But Its Not Racist Because They Are Liberals12/7/18LGBT, Race, Liberal Bias
Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Now the Favorite To Win, Has Message For Trump12/5/18LGBT, PC, TDS
French Islamist Allegedly Plotted To Kill Men After Luring Them on Gay Dating Apps12/5/18LGBT, Islam, Violence
Lawmakers in Michigan are so worried about the ill effects of sexism on children that they’ve proposed a law leaning on restaurants like McDonalds to cease offering gender specific toys inside their kids meals11/29/18LGBT, Freedom, Feminism
Harvard Med School falls silent, wont clarify why it opposes Trump admins definition of sex11/29/18Science, LGBT, TDS
STUDY: 37.9% of Transgender women will become engaged in the sex trade. Estimating the Prevalence of HIV and Sexual Behaviors Among the US Transgender Population: A Systematic Review and Meta Analysi11/29/18LGBT, Healthcare,
Twitter has declared war on biology by banning misgendering11/28/18Media, Indoctrination, Science
Harvard is a toxic space for LGBT students, activists say11/27/18LGBT, Education,
VIDEO: Drag queen admits he is grooming children at story hour events11/27/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Texas Mom Says 6 Year Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son.11/27/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
The Real World Consequences of Submitting to the Transgender Zeitgeist11/27/18LGBT, Freedom, Science
Twitter bans misgendering, deadnaming as hateful conduct in updated rules11/26/18LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
A transgender prostitute who stabbed another man to death is being given a break on his prison sentence because a judge thinks the convict has already suffered more than non-transgender felons by being incarcerated in a mens prison after his arrest.11/21/18LGBT, Violence, Liberal Bias
NBC News declared LifeSiteNews to be alt right11/20/18Christianity, Media, Liberal Bias
Celine Dion launches clothing line that liberates children from traditional roles of boy and girl11/16/18LGBT, Celebrities, PC
University of California administrators are urging womens center administrators across the nation to take up the task of deconstructing masculinities; also urge Masculinity Is Not Attached to a Gender. They seek to include everyone except for cisgender men.11/16/18LGBT, Professors, Feminism
Public university dumps Vagina Monologues because it doesnt include men11/14/18LGBT, Education, PC
Male Gym Teacher Punished For Refusing To Oversee Middle School Girl Get Undressed In Boys Locker Room in Florida11/14/18Professors, LGBT, Freedom
Victoria Secret Consumed By Outrage Mob After Executive Says There Shouldnt Be Transsexuals In Fashion Show11/13/18LGBT, PC,
Canadian man claiming to be female sues 16 women for refusing to wax his genitals11/12/18LGBT, Freedom,
A Christian student senator at the University of California, Berkeley, is refusing to back down from her beliefs about marriage and sexuality even as she continues to weather intense backlash from her fellow students and others11/12/18Education, Christianity, LGBT
LGBT members of migrant caravan reach US border, say they endured verbal abuse by other migrants11/12/18Immigration, LGBT,
A conservative legal defense organization claiming a California professor was fired for promoting his dangerous conservative views on marriage, gender roles and sexual orientation helped him emerge victorious after a two year legal battle.11/9/18Professors, Christianity, LGBT
A Shawnee State University professor is suing his university, alleging that he was punished over refusing to use a student preferred gender pronoun11/9/18LGBT, Professors,
US bishops Catholic Campaign for Human Development continues to fund pro abortion, pro-LGBT groups11/9/18Christianity, Abortion, LGBT
Transgender arguments now being used to change legal age. We told you11/8/18LGBT, ,
NPR is simply wrong to blame traditionalist Catholics for Church sex abuse crisis11/8/18Christianity, LGBT, Conservative
Florida school board rams through transgender guidelines despite parental outrage11/8/18LGBT, Education, PC
Colorado Elects First Openly Gay Governor In U.S. History As The State Persecutes Christians11/7/18Christianity, LGBT,
An educational psychology course at the University of Texas ditches men and women for people with penises and people with vaginas11/7/18LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
Study finds decrease in support for free speech among strongly liberal and LGBT students11/6/18LGBT, Freedom, Education
An email to students at Northwestern Universitys Kellogg School of Management provided recommendations regarding for whom and what students should vote. The recommendations came from the schools Diversity Inclusion Committee and was based on the opinion of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago.11/5/18Education, Indoctrination,
Landmark study proves homosexuality is strongly linked to Catholic clergy sex abuse11/5/18Christianity, LGBT,
Shawnee State University sued for threatening professor who refused to call male, but transgender, student Miss11/5/18Professors, LGBT, Freedom
56 Big Companies Oppose Trump Admins Transgender Policy11/2/18LGBT, TDS, Liberal Bias
Bernie Calls Trump Most Racist President In History. He Forgot About These 3 Guys11/2/18Socialism, TDS, Race
Bernie Sanders: Trump Is The Most Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Bigoted President In History10/31/18TDS, Race, Liberal Bias
Parents were shocked and angered to discover that an x rated drag queen showed up to their childrens school last week as part of a career day event.10/26/18LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Now GLAAD Wants 10% Of Characters On TV To Be LGBT10/26/18LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Pittsburgh wants to revoke Chick fil A sponsorship of kids event over Christian marriage views10/24/18LGBT, Christianity,
Surgeon Says Sex Change Regret Is On The Rise But No One is Talking About It10/23/18Healthcare, LGBT,
Christian group director burns kids LGBTQ library books in video: What the German church leaders should have done10/23/18Christianity, Education, Indoctrination
Matt WALSH: How To Prove That Gender Is A Spectrum10/23/18LGBT, Science, Conservative
VIDEO: Transgender Man Identifies as a Dog (Paul Joseph Watson)10/21/18LGBT, Conservative, Video
VICTORY: Twitter restores LifeSite account after thousands protest online10/19/18LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
Stony Brook Drops Homecoming King And Queen Titles In the Name Of Inclusivity10/19/18LGBT, Education, PC
Gay 60yr old Bronx man attacked for being white in new york suffered a broken eye socket and a torn retina. The victim claimed the man who attacked him, who has yet to be identified by authorities, was yelling about how evil white people are before assaulting him10/18/18Race, Violence, LGBT
Twitter locks LifeSite out of account for hate: fact based post on rise in gay STDs10/18/18LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
NYU class has students write a gender autobiography10/18/18Education, PC, Indoctrination
Feminist org pushes ban on term pregnant woman because all genders can fall pregnant10/18/18Science, Feminism, LGBT
School wont say whats in its LGBTQ Sex Education workshop10/17/18LGBT, Education, Indoctrination
A woman who lost a world championship cycling race to a biological male who identified as a transgender woman criticized the result as unfair.10/16/18LGBT, Feminism,
Scotlands New Anti Hate Campaign Threatens Christians: You Should Be Worried10/15/18LGBT, Christianity, Indoctrination
VIDEO: MSNBC commentator Christine Quinn called former Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth of New York a sham after Hayworth revealed she has a gender queer son during a heated debate over President Donald Trump’s treatment of the LBGTQ community.10/11/18LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Pedophile Who Later Claimed To Be Transgender Sentenced To Life After Attacking Women In Women’s Prison10/11/18LGBT, Violence,
Trans, non binary students at womens college push back on biological definition of woman10/10/18Science, LGBT, Feminism
Trans activists demand everyone be pro-LGBT at the expense of reality10/9/18LGBT, Perverse,
Public university demands $8,000 in security fees for event on transgender threat to womens rights10/8/18LGBT, Feminism, Education
Read NBCs gushing story about how Iceland is ironing out gender differences by forcing boys to play with traditional girls toys, and vice versa.10/8/18Media, LGBT, Indoctrination
Police charge Ohio University Student Senate commissioner with making false alarms after she claimed she received homophobic death threats10/8/18HoaxFraud, LGBT,
Canadian universities allow men identifying as female to compete against women in sports10/4/18LGBT, Feminism, PC
A group of scholars has been getting bogus studies published in peer reviewed journals to make the point that many in academia no longer value reason when it comes to gender issues.10/3/18Science, Professors, Indoctrination
School district sent child services after mother when she reported restroom assault by gender fluid student10/3/18Education, Professors, LGBT
Azusa Pacific University (APU), an evangelical Christian school in California, has reinstated official language prohibiting homosexual relationships on campus following backlash10/2/18Christianity, LGBT, Education
A primary school in England makes children as young as six write love letters inserting themselves into a homosexual fairytale, according to a recent video from BBC Radio Manchester.10/2/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
More than 50 colleges are endorsing the inaugural International Pronouns Day10/1/18LGBT, Education, PC
We oppose biological essentialism: Campus feminists embrace transgender ideology9/28/18LGBT, Science, Feminism
After LGBTQ activists demanded that prominent Christian college Azusa Pacific University (APU) remove its ban on homosexual relationships on campus, the university has finally caved and reversed its longstanding policy.9/25/18Christianity, LGBT, Education
An administrator from George Washington University has curated an exhibit titled Queering Pleasure, an LGBT centric show that explores new and existing networks between pleasure, erotics, and queerness9/21/18LGBT, Professors, Perverse
Pediatrician explains new transgender suicide study: Not scientific fact9/20/18LGBT, Science,
Trans activist complains that women suffering breast cancer are delaying top surgeries9/19/18LGBT, Perverse, Healthcare
Left wing media uses misleading audio to attack GOP congressman on same sex adoption9/18/18LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
Officials investigating reason for over 4,000% rise in kids seeking sex change treatments9/18/18LGBT, ,
Pro LGBT media outlets and activists groups have been emotionally manipulating and even entirely misleading LGBT people with misleading or even entirely false reports of persecution by a homophobic government and culture9/17/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Media
Germany: Muslim teen plotted jihad massacres at gay club and Catholic church9/13/18Christianity, LGBT, Islam
A transgender lecturer at a London university worked to compile a list of academics deemed insufficiently committed to transgender ideology, as part of a smear campaign to shame those academics for their reluctance to embrace transgenderism9/13/18Professors, LGBT,
A leftist student group defended Stalins Gulag labour camps, calling them more compassionate than the western, capitalist notion of prison9/12/18LGBT, Violence, Socialism
More Yale freshmen identify as LGBTQ than conservative, survey finds9/12/18LGBT, Education,
Coca Cola, IBM among corporations demanding N. Ireland allow same sex marriage9/12/18LGBT, Freedom,
Colorado Lawmaker Calls For A DOJ Probe On Harassment Of Christian Baker9/10/18Christianity, LGBT,
Homosexual activists are still calling and harassing an 81 year old Ontario man even though his Christian themed billboard they deemed offensive has been down for more than a week9/6/18LGBT, Christianity,
Left wing sex abuse survivor group: Its immoral, dangerous to say homosexuality is part of crisis in Catholic church8/31/18LGBT, Christianity, Liberal Bias
Brown U. censors study that found gender dysphoria can be caused by social and peer contagion8/30/18Science, LGBT, Indoctrination
Facebook suspends Activist Mommy again for calling gender confusion a mental illness8/29/18LGBT, Media, Liberal Bias
An instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University is taking aim at the current state of queer politics in a new book, slamming the relentlessly corporate LGBT movement for having assimilation as its most central goal8/29/18Professors, LGBT, Indoctrination
The unreliable facts of a fact checking site; plays fast and loose with the First Amendment and makes Christianity a target8/29/18Media, Liberal Bias, Indoctrination
VIDEO: Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson: Pulse Nightclub Shooter Would Have Been Caught With Comprehensive Universal Background Check. However, the Pulse Nightclub shooter did pass a background check. Not only that, he passed an even more stringent background check than most firearm purchasers.8/28/18Guns, Liberal Bias, Violence
University Removes Study That Asked If Teens Identifying As Trans Yielded To Peer Pressure and did not like the results8/28/18LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
A new British company is advertising a fabulous product for the gender non binary men in your life: lacy lingerie for men8/27/18LGBT, ,
NBC News goes after baseball player Daniel Murphy for not being a champion of gays. Would never ask the same if he were a Muslim player8/24/18LGBT, ,
Boston sued for refusing to fly Christian flag at city hall despite flying LGBT flag8/23/18LGBT, Liberal Bias,
Gay Out Magazine cheered an upcoming queergender adaptation of Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet set after society has exterminated cisgender men8/23/18LGBT, ,
singer Samuel Schultz has accused a prominent homosexual couple whose marriage was officiated by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of drugging and violently raping him in 20108/23/18LGBT, Violence,
Justin Trudeau: homosexuality is no longer about tolerance, but acceptance8/22/18LGBT, Indoctrination,
Child sex predator Harvey Milk in San Francisco, Margaret Sanger, and Lenin in Seattle8/22/18Remove History, Conservative,
A health information site titled Healthline, which serves a reputed 85 million people a month, is offering an LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide that stipulates the word vagina is no longer appropriate for that part of the female genitalia. Instead, the proper term for that orifice is front hole8/21/18LGBT, PC, Science
CANADA: Trans Woman Files Human Rights Complaint For Having To Buy Breast Implants8/21/18LGBT, ,
FAKE STUDY: A study by the University of Minnesota published in the journal Pediatrics found that almost 3% of 9th through 12th graders identified as transgender or gender-nonconforming,8/19/18LGBT, Science,
3 Disgusting Ways the Media Twisted the Truth in the Colorado Baker Transgender Cake Story8/17/18Media, Christianity, LGBT
Australian university cancels speech by major critic of transgenderism8/17/18LGBT, Indoctrination, PC
A research institute at the UCLA School of Law estimates that at least 78,000 transgender individuals could face disenfranchisement due to strict voter ID laws in 8 states. The report argues that obtaining an accurate ID after gender transition can be difficult and expensive, though 7 of the states that it cites actually offer free identification cards for the purpose of voting.8/17/18LGBT, HoaxFraud, Freedom
EWTN panel: The Catholic sex abuse crisis in US Catholic Church has a direct link to homosexuality and is largely about homosexuality, not pedophilia8/17/18Christianity, LGBT, Violence
The Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) will open a new clinic this month that caters exclusively to transgender health8/17/18Healthcare, Education, LGBT
Pomona college, This school year, colleges and universities across the country will be offering courses on queering children, the Bible, and theology in general8/16/18LGBT, Christianity, Indoctrination
Andrew Klavan: The Catholic Church Pedophilia scandal is a gay scandal, too8/16/18Christianity, LGBT,
Pediatrician who calls transgenderism a delusion to address Australia university despite protests8/16/18LGBT, Science,
An Oregon mother who sued the local school district and some of its employees, charging they interfered with her parental rights and created a plan to prevent her daughter who believes she is a transgender boy from returning to the mothers home so that the mothers custody could be terminated, has lost her case in court8/15/18LGBT, Education, Freedom
Jack Phillips back in court as Colorado demands he bake gender transition cake8/15/18LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
VIDEO: Vermont Democratic transgender candidate for governor Christine Hallquist admitted that she has no idea what socialism is, insisting that she is not big on labels after bashing capitalism,8/15/18LGBT, Socialism, Video
A Christian university in Canada has dropped a policy barring students from any sexual activity outside of marriage between a man and a woman, a change that comes after the university’s law school was denied accreditation due to the schools sexual code8/15/18Education, Freedom, Christianity
Jungle Cruise, the upcoming film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, will reportedly feature Disneys first openly gay characte8/13/18Media, LGBT, Indoctrination
A new study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that an overwhelming majority of folks would not date a transgender person, but wish to date a person of the sex and corresponding gender they are attracted to. When the study is broken down further, a near majority of those who claimed they would date a trans person did so in relation to their biological sexual orientation, not in line with the gender the trans person believes themselves to b8/9/18LGBT, Conservative,
45 Hollywood groups sign letter demanding transgender inclusion in movies8/8/18Celebrities, LGBT, Indoctrination
Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order creating the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs, a body dedicated to promoting homosexual and transgender interests in a wide variety of ways.8/8/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Perverse
Oregon Judge upholds transgender bathrooms: Female students do not have a fundamental privacy right8/7/18LGBT, Freedom,
The families of three transgender teens are suing an Ohio judge in federal court because he denied their request for a legal name change8/6/18LGBT, ,
University of Oregon art museum to host camp for transgender children8/6/18LGBT, Education, PC
Gay Irish Prime Minister to promote LGBT agenda when he meets Pope8/6/18Christianity, LGBT,
A transgender University of Georgia employee is suing the entire University System of Georgia after he was denied insurance coverage for a gender affirmation surgery in 2017.8/3/18Education, LGBT, Healthcare
Support rises for religious Americans right not to participate in gay events8/3/18LGBT, Conservative,
California prosecutors said Thursday the University of Pennsylvania student who was stabbed to death and buried in a shallow grave in January may have been killed because of homophobia.8/2/18Violence, LGBT, Liberal Bias
VIDEO: Public School Drag Show: Drag queens in the classroom now indoctrinate our children with gender ideology.8/2/18LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Christian club rejects University of Iowa mandate to accept LGBT leaders8/1/18LGBT, Christianity, Indoctrination
Bishop Schneider explains the correct Catholic response to Gay Pride8/1/18Christianity, Conservative, LGBT
Eugene Lang College (New York) Course Disputes the Notion that Heterosexual sex is natural. Now offering a Queer Ecologies course this fall devoted to countering heterosexist explanations of animals and nature.7/27/18LGBT, Science, Indoctrination
Chick Fil A opening in Toronto. LGBT fascists are calling for boycotts7/27/18LGBT, ,
Canada state broadcaster hosts anti Christian gay activist Dan Savage as sex education expert7/26/18LGBT, Perverse, Christianity
Vanderbilt University offers workshops for kink, queer sex7/25/18Perverse, LGBT, Education
American Library Association endorses drag queen storytime for libraries across U.S.7/25/18LGBT, Perverse, Indoctrination
Republicans passed the Aderholt Amendment, a provision introduced by Rep. Robert Aderholt (R, Ala.) protecting adoption agencies from state or local discrimination on the basis of their religious beliefs. Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, have railed against this amendment, calling it a license to discriminate against LGBT people7/24/18Christianity, LGBT, Conservative
Harvard bullies sorority into letting men join7/23/18Education, PC, Feminism
MATT WALSH: Gender Neutral Parenting Is Child Abuse7/23/18LGBT, Conservative,
Ryan Reynolds Wants To Explore Deadpools BiSexuality In Future Films7/23/18Celebrities, LGBT,
California: Muslim boasted of plans to bomb gay nightclubs, set fires, and give homeless people explosive backpacks7/20/18Islam, Violence, LGBT
Drag queens at public libraries: the new strategy to indoctrinate kids and sideline Christians7/19/18LGBT, Christianity, Indoctrination
9th Circuit court blocks Trump from implementing transgender military ban7/19/18Freedom, LGBT,
Controversy erupted recently over a TEDx talk featuring a German medical student who exclaimed that pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality.7/18/18Perverse, LGBT,
A former Liberty University student alleged that she was threatened with expulsion due to her friendship with a homosexual student, but school officials claim she fabricated the email she had cited as proof of the discrimination.7/18/18Education, LGBT, HoaxFraud
UMass Boston teaches class with goal of denaturalizing heterosexuality7/18/18Education, PC, LGBT
At Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, students can now minor in Queer Studies7/16/18LGBT, Education,
Planet Fitness bans woman for objecting to sharing locker room with transgender man7/16/18LGBT, PC, Freedom
The University of Minnesota has proposed a policy that would punish students and professors for not using someone’s preferred gender pronoun. Failure to do so may result in expulsion for students or firing for professors.7/16/18Education, Freedom, LGBT
Kent State prof: To promote social justice, gym teachers should stop separating kids by gender7/16/18Professors, LGBT,
After a vast backlash from transgender activists, Scarlett Johansson has now pulled out of her role as a transgender man in Rub and Tug, a new film regarding a massage parlor7/13/18Celebrities, LGBT,
Allah: splitting the moon in half and killing gays for 1400 years7/13/18Islam, Conservative, LGBT
Two Arizona calligraphy artists faced with fines and jail time for declining to take part in promoting gay weddings are asking the state’s Supreme Court to hear their challenge to the city of Phoenix law that compels them create artwork that violates their religious beliefs.7/13/18Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
A Republican U.S. House committee has approved an amendment to a Labor and HHS spending bill that would prevent religious adoption agencies receiving taxpayer money from being forced to violate their beliefs by placing children with gay couples.7/13/18Christianity, Freedom, LGBT
Public university in Virginia has course of gay cultural studies and gives academic credit for LGBT community activism7/10/18LGBT, Indoctrination, Education
Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage defied LGBT activists by vetoing a bill that would have banned therapists from counseling people with unwanted same sex attraction, arguing it was too broad7/10/18LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
Blame the Left for Making the Supreme Court Too Political7/10/18Freedom, LGBT, Abortion
U.K. House Speaker: LGBTQ Rights Trump Religious Liberty7/9/18LGBT, Christianity, Freedom
Government drops doctor who says gender given at birth. Article calls defining gender at birth a Christian belief and not science7/8/18LGBT, Science, Christianity
UK House speaker: LGBT rights has to trump religious liberty7/6/18Christianity, LGBT, Freedom
The professor forced out by a Jesuit run Catholic university for blogging about an undergrad student being assailed by his teacher for his having voiced defense of marriage has won in court . The professor used his blog to publicly criticize a graduate teaching instructor who forbade an unnamed student from openly disagreeing with same sex marriage in her class.7/6/18Christianity, Freedom, Education
Law Firm Faces Charges for Defending Womens Homeless Shelter because an intoxicated transgender wanted to be housed at the womens shelter and he was turned down and sued the shelter7/5/18LGBT, Freedom, Christianity
In a Pennsylvania school district, after roughly 2,800 students were forced to watch LGBT videos during LGBT Unity Week in April, parents and conservative activists asked the district to provide links to the videos so they could see what their children had watched but the school district refuses to provide them. Wonde