“Rapist” Nate Parker And His Homie Raped Her (Murdered Her Spirit!”) And Should Be Hung Until DEAD!

UPDATED with important information that being the PENN STATE ALUMNI that support this feral black (color of feces) rapist are part of a FOUNDATION…say NATEPARKERFOUNDATION (2 of them) and guess who the FOUNDER IS… lol… no mention of that including the RACE OF THE “WHITE WOMAN” these to animated by Satan savages RAPED! Oh well…go to “newnation.org” and see just how “civilized” this race is…NOT!

Add to this reality…Native Americans have suffered at the hands of African descendants…say BUFFALO SOLDIERS and most ALL “pimps” of Native girls and women are BLACK BEASTS in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and KKKanda… read “Shattered Tears”… and in talking with the authors of stated that ALL THE PIMPS were BLACK which means…”BIRTH OF A NATION” Nate Parker’s drug, beat, and RAPE NATIVE FEMALES FOR FUN, PLEASURE AND MONEY…as did the BUFFALO SOLDIERS of Native women when working for their “Jewish Railroad Masters” i.e. US KKK Government!

Lots of LINKS in this blog…read and learn….

and I have to give a shout out to Nate Parker…

Hey You RAPING DOG…I OWN YOUR LYING SOUL and until you confess and come clean…consider your eternal demise to be with your father the DEVIL in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone with all your RAPING MURDERING DRUG DEALING HOMIES!

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