Will Blacklisted Arizona Scout Leaders be Free to Abuse Boys again?

Judge Susan C. Pineda was/is active in the AZ pedophile infested BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA when these BSOA pedophiles did what they did…and under her WATCH…as if she did not know let alone use her “judicial power” to activate charges against which means… “hint hint”… SHE IS A COMPLICIT PEDOPHILE…

Among those from Arizona on the list, and the Scouting troops in which they molested boys, are:

Larry Wright Judd, Mesa, Troop 430

Larry Wright Judd, Mesa, Troop 255

Larry Wright Judd, Mesa, Troop 152

Jon Michael Blum, Phoenix, Troop 206

David James Borg, Sierra Vista, Troop 435

William Challberg, Phoenix, Troop 522

William Reese Edwards, PrescottValley, Troop 330

David Joseph Ellington, Phoenix, Troop 226

Herbert Henry Falk, Phoenix, Troop 721

Ralph R. Harper, Tucson, Troop 215

Kenneth R. LaBelle, Payson, Troop 354

Joseph R. Lopardo, Yacca Council

Ralph A. McKinney, Scottsdale, Troop 640

Dennis King McMacken, Flagstaff, Troops 2360 and 3034

Les Paul, Tucson, Troop 337

David W. Peabody, Phoenix, Troop 3

Wayne Sells, Woodruff, Troop 64

Ronald A. St. Laurent, Phoenix, Troop 13

Miles S. Vaughn, Tucson, Troop 700

Harvey Dee Wright, Flagstaff, Venturing 6129

Eric Bruce Webb, Tucson, Troops 96 and 213

Lee Frederick, Phoenix, Explorer 522

Wylie Jonathan Taylor, Phoenix, Pack 321

Thomas George Sargent, Phoenix, Pack 167

Gilbert M. Gonzales, Tempe, Troop 72

Barney A. Perdue, Lake Havasu City, Troop 25

I am going to make this pedophile sex trafficking enabling judge FAMOUS just like Judge Elroy Brown…MICHIGAN!

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