NKCPD Considering Legal Action Against “Blogger” Exposing The Murder of Toni Anderson By NKCPD COPS!

The latest on NKCPD Rogue Terrorist Thug Bill Ficken and brothers

assaulted another woman!

UPDATED 4/18/2017

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Listen up “Boys In Yellow”…I am not a “BLOGGER” but a man who searches for the truth about crimes against innocent Americans. There is embedded in my soul a seething rage that God calls “righteous indignation”. It is He that activated this when he inspired me from the beginning that YOU targeted a innocent soul named Toni Anderson.

YOU premeditatedly chose her because of your own personal dark diabolical pathological agenda of evil that is embedded in each of your souls and which hides behind your uniform. I know who you are…understand? Sue me…let’s go to court so I can gut all of you with the truth! I don’t have a problem laying down my life for this woman.

I am not a yellow belly coward like each of you reading this…emasculated PreTendCops who are connected together in your “Lucifer is your god fraternity of police brotherhood”…believing the “truth” that those guilty of her murder will never be known in the realms of time. Guess what? The day will come when each of you “flat line! Then your souls will be fully owned by he who you represent…”The Liar and Murderer From The Beginning”.

You can play this hide and seek game with the ignorant but not from THE JUDGE or from me because it is He who sent me to “out you” for this unforgivable act of murder of Toni Anderson. Your sentence in the realms of eternity is sealed by your own actions and continuation of denial. In other words…there is no attorney that can save you from the “Lake of Fire and Brimstone”.

Between now and then…God has commissioned me to represent Justice for Toni Anderson.

Semper Fi!!


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Looks like the “chickens are coming home to roost”! This is a short to get the information out Blog and to inform the reader that today there will be TWO blog / podcast programs starting with this one. The next one at 9 pm tonight Central time.

Program One Link


Program Two Link Call in and “chat” available


Below is a copy and paste of the NCKPD Facebook page concerning the Slander and Untrue information I have been sharing 馃檪 I guess they can only target young women to abuse, kidnap, rape and murder like Toni Anderson or they target a 70 year old “Blogger” and USMC Vietnam Vet COMBAT who causes them to not reveal all the information thousands have asked for about their involvement in the murder of Toni Anderson which would clear their name and especially that of Bill Ficken, Romine and Kimmel of murdering her…NO ONE ELSE!

These “Boys and Yellow” have to go hide under the skirt of a LAWYER 馃檪 It is called circumstantial evidence folks. It is called following the trail from when she was stopped last by who and from their vanished. Say COPS!

I posted Ficken’s addy for ALL to see not because some crazy is going to go and put a bullet in him but for ALL to see just how close he was/is to Parkville and the boat ramp where she was found dead in her car in the Missouri River. And the tow yards. Romine and Kimmel live in KEARNEY! Connect the dots please!

What does he have to worry about? If innocent…then NKCPD would of and he would demanded to have all information released about him and others not on duty that night…that they did not stop Toni etc etc etc. SILENCE IS GUILT being exposed and with holding “no foul play” information to prove that…is the evidence that proves to me…GUILTY OF HER MURDER!

Want to know the rest of the story. Here is the MOTHER LOAD LINK containing ALL my Blogs on NKCPD, KCPD, FBI and their complicit connection to her murder either directly or indirectly in the abduction and murder of Toni Anderson .

Semper Fi and SUE ME! 馃檪

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The North Kansas City Police Department is aware of an internet blogger that has taken an interest in the missing persons investigation of Toni Anderson that is being conducted by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. The creator of this blog, absent access to any facts, is writing inaccurate information about our department, our officers, and the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

There have been many calls for our department to release our dash-cam video of one of our officers stopping Ms. Anderson on the morning she disappeared. This video does exist and is still part of an open investigation by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. Because the investigation is still open, the video continues to be a closed record pursuant to Missouri Sunshine Law and will remain a closed record until their investigation is closed. Once closed, all pertinent, factual information will be available to the public through normal request procedures.

We do appreciate people that have reached out to us to let us know the existence of this blog and we are currently considering our legal options against this blogger for the slanderous writings as well as any person(s) contributing and sharing this inaccurate information.

Mary Gillespie How is the investigation open when it was ruled an accident and stated continuously “no foul play”?
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Mary Gillespie
Mary Gillespie What? No. She is not missing. Her body was found inside her car in the Missouri river a month ago.
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Tiffany Pennington
Tiffany Pennington She isn’t missing! They found her body in her car and then dragged it out of the river.smh.
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Mckenzie Jeremy Thomas
Mckenzie Jeremy Thomas How is she missing if her body was found in the river inside of her car
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Tina Lundry
Tina Lundry Well, I most certainly look stupid now but…. I believe that your response answers your own question as well.
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Robyn DeLacy Kelly
Robyn DeLacy Kelly It’s just a way for them to not have to release any footage. SMH.
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Mary Gillespie
Mary Gillespie Tina Lundry how so?
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Tina Lundry
Tina Lundry Because as you said, her body was found in her car right.
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Krista Sanders
Krista Sanders That still doesn’t explain HOW she died Tina Lundry smh
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Mary Gillespie
Mary Gillespie Yes. So now my question is how can the police department sit there and claim that no dashcam footage or quiktrip footage be released because it’s an open investigation. Yet the police claimed it was an accident and no foul play since the day she went missing and even now that she’s dead.
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Mckenzie Jeremy Thomas
Mckenzie Jeremy Thomas And if she wasn’t then they lied 馃ぅ because they released a statement saying she was
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Scott Mullen
Scott Mullen You have to wait for final Medical Examiners report to be able to close any case. Can take up to 10 weeks to get those.
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Michael Roith
Michael Roith Holy crap you people are slow. If you don’t know how the proper procedures work then please don’t comment.
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Mary Ward
Mary Ward Funny how if its still an “open investigation”, how they DRAGGED her car out of the river, KNOWING there was a body in the car. Then the ” care” they took of it as it was being towed from Platte Landing. Cause it sure looked like they were just treatinSee More
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Boyden Richard
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Tina Lundry
Tina Lundry Go get em! Shut that nonsense down.
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Glo Lyons
Glo Lyons I am confused. The dash cam requested was supposedly for a traffic stop for illegal lane change. There has been no dispute relative to this stop so how or why is this documentation now bundled into what was a missing persons claim and now a potential death investigation, although NKC/KCPD has maintained since day one – No foul play.
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Jared Jaredmorton Morton
Jared Jaredmorton Morton Then what is the accurate information? cause none of us are going to stop till we get the answers.
How do you know she disappeared?See More
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Nyzjah Renee
Nyzjah Renee Do your job!
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Alex Sherard
Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts I have never heard the police actually state that it was definitely an accident, since her recovery.
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Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson They haven’t stated anything because it’s an ongoing investigation. They don’t owe anyone but her family any explanations as of now, and as soon as they have a TRUE story to tell (not the crap people keep spreading) I’m certain they will. This poor girl is someone’s daughter, someone’s granddaughter…have some respect and leave it alone until you know better. Quit making ASSumptions.
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Denette Stice
Denette Stice Everybody can have an opinion just because he posts on facebook does not need or no cause for slander…hell I’d be a millionaire
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4 Replies5 hrs
Mylissa Russell
Mylissa Russell The blogger is crazy, but has also put law enforcement in danger by posting addresses and specific names. I hope you do take legal measures. That blogger is a dangerous person.
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Adrian Lang
Adrian Lang You created people like Richard Boyden by not releasing the information that the public demanded.
Release the dash cam footage from the night Toni was pulled over, release the footage from Quick Trip, release the street cam from Park University that wSee More
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Adrian Lang
Adrian Lang Who do the people go to when their own trusted and respected law enforcement who work for the people won’t provide answers…who do we go to?
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Justice for Toni Anderson
Justice for Toni Anderson It’s been more than thirty days, Why is this still an open investigation?
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Justice for Toni Anderson
Justice for Toni Anderson Good luck with people who live out of your state/jurisdiction.
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Justice for Toni Anderson

Justice for Toni Anderson ” are currently considering our legal options against this blogger”

^^^See More

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Michael Roith
Michael Roith Did you forget the part where they said that’s its still an open investigation? Learn the law before you comment.
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Beth Whittle
Beth Whittle Maybe they should state why its still on going if no foul play was suspected… Just a thought..
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Kristy Price Albritton
Kristy Price Albritton Maybe because they have to wait for the final report from the medical examiner? A case has to have that before it can be closed if an autopsy was performed.
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Jeremy Buster Stonum
Jeremy Buster Stonum I do believe the family requested no autopsy.
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Carrie O'Connor
Carrie O’Connor It also states the video is protected under the sunshine law. I thought that law no longer covers her case since she has been located and is no longer a missing person. I could have this totally twisted tho, so asking for clarification?
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Boyden Richard
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Stefan Smith
Stefan Smith Would someone on here go and actually read the current Missouri Sunshine Law. Where it prohibits the police from releasing dash cam and body cam footage until an investigation is closed. And this case is open until at least the Medical Examiner finishes their report, at a minimum.
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Boyden Richard
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Dorine Stackhouse Graceffa
Dorine Stackhouse Graceffa Omg open investigation but no foul play? Come on your hiding something your officers did and you know it!!! We will get justice for Toni in the end of this. I don’t believe the blogger is wrong in this matter.
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Dorine Stackhouse Graceffa
Dorine Stackhouse Graceffa You do need to answer questions of why her car was mistreated when pulling it out of river!! Also her car was totally smashed you know Pete Sanchez knows things that are true so I’m thinking your bad cop better get fired soon or this will all be on theSee More
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Michael Watson
Michael Watson We support NKC PD! Some people will always blame “the cops” for anything and everything rather than take any responsibility 鈽濓笍
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Boyden Richard
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John Sponsler
John Sponsler I’ve heard the rumor. I stand with our police department.
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Boyden Richard
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Lynn Owen
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Boyden Richard

Boyden Richard Well it’s about time. What took your lying cover up the murder of Toni Anderson by rogue Ficken AKA NKCPD etc. so long? I look forward to him and all involved in her vanishing answering questions as well as all others involved in stopping her the 2d time as seen in video to never be seen or heard from again. Is that still being investigated? Yes…who are you investigating? Oh…I know…it is me and all those that are SLANDERING YOU WITH THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT YOU DID TO TONI! And you should of mentioned that in ALL CASES that NCKPD have been sued and are NOW CLOSED ONES YOU NEVER RELEASED THE REQUESTED VIDEOS DASH CAMS ETC…HAVE YOU???? NO! Why because they would expose your CRIMINAL GUILT LIKE WITH THE “NO FOUL PLAY” / “MISSING PERSON” TONI ANDERSON CASE!

There is a more important law that trumps the Missouri Sunshine Law and that is THE SON SHINE LAW OF GOD that your lying souls will be confronted with. His law exposes everything and nothing is hidden! So are you going to sue all of her friends and Pete Sanchez and the 1453 on the Justice For Toni page? 馃檪

Jesus Christ is your judge jury and executioner NOT ME or them. He is using me and others you are threatening who love her to expose you. He knows and was the infallible witness to what happened to Toni Anderson by rogue NKCPD cop Ficken and his brothers in blue which is why for Him the investigation is CLOSED unto the damnation of your souls!

Your not releasing all the information demanded establishes your guilt per NO FOUL PLAY MISSING PERSON from beginning to end. Clothes changed. Stops followed by NKCPD documented by video and your lying for 3 days established your guilt of her “vanishing” story of endless KCPD lies to protect your guilt as well as the ad infinitum lies shared up to the day she was found and immediately after.

It’s all good…this Marine considers ALL OF YOU a blasphemous mark of shame on all things American as the domestic enemies of her citizens you are. Don’t think you…each of you will never see Toni Anderson again because you will at the Eternal Judgement Seat of God where there each of you guilty will personally experience what you did to her as will those by who stand by you who murdered her. What are you going to say to her THEN?

The god of your Lodge Lucifer will fully own your murdering lying souls in the realms of eternity as he does now. Best prepare your defence now because in God’s court of His Law murderers and Liars will end up in a place where where there is no end to His punishment. It is called Eternal prepared just for you and is called the Lake of Fire and Brimstone to be with your father the devIl and his latter day prophet Albert Pike.

Game time ends when you come before Almighty God. Between now and then your Satan appointed lawyer Baker should start preparing for your defence for when you come before Jesus Christ.

Trust me…I am the least of your worries!

So between now and then…bring it on.

Semper Fi to Toni Anderson who has been a major spiritual source of the information shared as endorsed and approved of by God Himself!

P.S.S. Stay tuned for the next blog radio program and if ANY OF YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO BE MY GUEST…FICKEN…CALDWELL. ..SNAPP…BAKER…ANYONE…MESSAGE ME! I will give you until 12 noon today to let me know!

But I won’t hold my breath because liars and murderers have no desire to be further exposed…ya know what I mean?

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Mary Ward
Mary Ward Then why can’t QT video be released??
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Mary Ward
Mary Ward We won’t rest until we get #JusticeForToniAnderson!!!!
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Boyden Richard

Boyden Richard Best sue Pete Sanchez too because he called your lies out big time! From Pete Sanchez Sr. Read and Learn The Truth Exposing KCPD LIES!

“Jan 15th -Toni鈥檚 last text sent out to Roxy, 鈥淥MG just just got pulled over.鈥

Jan 16th -According to Fox4KC.com, KCPD Sgt Kari Thompson states, 鈥渨e have no indication that she was pulled over by Kansas City, Mo., Police Department.鈥 鈥淲e have also checked with other local agencies in Missouri as well as in kanas, and there is no indication that Toni Anderson was pulled over by local police.鈥

Jan 17th -Late Tuesday, KCPD issues a statement saying it was determined that the North Kansas Police Department did stop Toni Anderson prior to her disappearance.
Jan 18th 鈥揇arin Snapp said, 鈥渋mproper lane change is what she was stopped for. She stated to the officer that she was almost out of gas. There鈥檚 a Quik Trip real close.鈥 So the officer just told her, you know, 鈥榯here鈥檚 a gas station right there, 鈥榞ave her a warning for the violation, and watched her actually go to the Quik Trip and that鈥檚 the last we have seen of her.鈥

This report is full of lies. If you look at the video from Fox4 news you will see Toni was stopped on the wrong side of the road on 26th street. When she departs, she has her blinker on to turn right. As do the two police cars which stopped her. So we can surmise they are heading south on Burlington after the stop. The Quik Trip video of Toni driving through the parking lot are two different time frames. Seems Toni was driving around the Quik Trip long enough that a car is at the pump on one occasion and not in another occasion (video clip 1:04 and 1:09).

North KCPD only gave a warning for a lane violation. Snapp says Toni was pulled over on 20th and Burlington. Yet, later when the video from JB Byrider is shown, it clearly shows Toni pulled over on 26th street, near the Burlington intersection and across the street from the Quik Trip. Not very likely Toni was pulled over on 26th street for lane violation as there are not any lanes to violate on 26th street.

Wife showed me the AMAP video. The next day I drove the area and we had a couple of people hand out flyers in the area in the afternoon.
We continued to search the North Kansas City area.

Then we got information from Brian and Liz 鈥 We talked about Toni鈥檚 phone being pinged from the NKC Quik Trip to Parkville via the 9 corridor. We discussed the cell tower that Toni鈥檚 phone locked on when it went off the grid.
My son began to communicate with Renee Francis and April Marie. We conducted daily searches in the Parkville area and North Kansas City parks and lakes.

Several searches by the Missouri State Highway Patrol of the Missouri River could not locate Toni鈥檚 vehicle.

March 13th -Capt Stacy Graves says, 鈥渁t this point we do not have any evidence that suggests foul play.鈥

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Boyden Richard
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Boyden Richard
Boyden Richard For sure you need to sue this former cop and police chief that Ficken and brothers in blue beat the hell out of and almost MURDERED…2 trips to the emergency rooms….choked by Ficken until he passed out…laughing about it…right? Just like the younSee More
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Boyden Richard

Boyden Richard Yep…you have to sue Pete Sanchez…here is all you need right here! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/pete-sanchez-shares…

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Boyden Richard

Boyden Richard And here…. be sure and bring both of these for “EVIDENCE” of slander and defamation of your “character” OK? http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/2d-interiew-w-pete…

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Boyden Richard
Boyden Richard Want to be my guest on my radio program TONIGHT? 馃檪 Just message me PLEASE! I will give you till 12 noon to answer and then if a no call…will mean you are hiding under Bakers skirt! 馃檪
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Boyden Richard
Boyden Richard These folks really WANT TO BE SUED…like you said…”any and all”…here ya go…over 14000 and wait…I forgot…I am sure I can get some volunteers from THE THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND WHO HAVE READ ABOUT YOU ON MY BLOGS TO COME AND OFFER TO BE SUED… 馃檪 https://www.facebook.com/justicefortonianderson/
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Boyden Richard
Mary Ward
Mary Ward Well, this just escalated quickly!! ,#JUSTICEFORTONIANDERSON
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Lenae Snedeger
Lenae Snedeger How can the dash cam video go from “doesn’t exist”
“part of an on going investigation”
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4 Replies28 mins
Mary Ward
Mary Ward Hmmm, a lot of things and stories have changed…
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4 Replies12 mins
Boyden Richard
Boyden Richard Did you say SHARED? Say about 30,000 on the last 4 days FACEBOOK wise and there is the blog 馃檪 Do you want everyone to call Baker’s office or the prosecutor? Let me know and I will help get the word out FOR FREE EVEN!
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Boyden Richard
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Mary Ward
Mary Ward Public records people! Sunshine Law can’t protect them from that.
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Dorine Stackhouse Graceffa
Dorine Stackhouse Graceffa Everyone needs to contact attorney generals office so they can look into the scandle and coverup here!!!
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Michele Rowland-Namanny
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Andrea Nicole De Luca
Andrea Nicole De Luca No sense at all……
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Clifton Fitzpatrick
Boyden Richard
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Anna Marie Greer
Anna Marie Greer Geez now they deleted your 1st comment Kelly Kells…everyone better screen shot their comments…take cover…because they pick and choose comments, but can’t pick and choose the facts…


Boyden Richard
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