NKCPD Considering Legal Action Against “Blogger” Exposing The Murder of Toni Anderson By NKCPD COPS!

Listen up “Boys In Yellow”…I am not a “BLOGGER” but a man who searches for the truth about crimes against innocent Americans. There is embedded in my soul a seething rage that God calls “righteous indignation”. It is He that activated this when he inspired me from the beginning that YOU targeted a innocent soul named Toni Anderson.

YOU premeditatedly chose her because of your own personal dark diabolical pathological agenda of evil that is embedded in each of your souls and which hides behind your uniform. I know who you are…understand? Sue me…let’s go to court so I can gut all of you with the truth! I don’t have a problem laying down my life for this woman. I am not a yellow belly coward like each of you reading this…emasculated PreTendCops who are connected together in your “Lucifer is your god fraternity of police brotherhood”…believing the “truth” that those guilty of her murder will never be known in the realms of time.

Guess what? The day will come when each of you “flat line! Then your souls will be fully owned by he who you represent…”The Liar and Murderer From The Beginning”. You can play this hide and seek game with the ignorant but not from THE JUDGE or from me because it is He who sent me to “out you” for this unforgivable act of murder of Toni Anderson.

Your sentence in the realms of eternity is sealed by your own actions and continuation of denial. In other words…there is no attorney that can save you from the “Lake of Fire and Brimstone”. Between now and then…God has commissioned me to represent Justice for Toni Anderson.

Semper Fi!!

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