“An Open Letter To North Kansas City Police And Especially The women of NKCPD”

The latest on NKCPD Rogue Terrorist Thug Bill Ficken and brothers

assaulted another woman!


KC STAR ARTICLE SUPPORTS THE MURDERERS OF TONI ANDERSON IN THIS WORK OF THE DEVIL Kansas City Star Reporters Glenn Rice and Ian Cummings of the KC Star are WHORES for the NKCPD KCPD and including Watters Team Sonar READ THIS http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article145543029.html

Radio Program/Podcast tonight 4/19/2017 about “NKCPD Law Suit” targeting me and all who share what I have shared! Say 100,000 or more via FB!   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/boyden-report-radio-program/2017/04/20/repeat-toni-anderson-law-suit-program-two-that-disconnected

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Letter to me from Holly Gene Custer, a woman that is more then upset with NKCPD Facebook lies and censorship of those asking simple questions about Toni Anderson’s death! Very to the point and in the face of those hiding the truth by not answering her questions.

I am writing this letter in regards to your post written on the North Kansas City Police Facebook page on April 17th regarding a certain blogger by the name of Richard Boyden and regarding the TONI ANDERSON MURDER. You made yourself look completely unprofessional and GUILTY. Are you going to sue him and 1,400 other people for having the same opinion as Richard Boyden for sharing his blogs?

Then please SUE ME TOO because I will continue to share his TRUTH ABOUT TONI ANDERSON BEING MURDERED BY NKCPD!

One of my biggest issue’s with you is that you only ONCE  talked about Toni Anderson on your Facebook page when she disappeared right from your city and that was not until  JANUARY 23RD and 9 days after she was last seen by your police department in your city! Why you were not spreading the story of her missing like wildfire the next day when she was last seen in your city? This made you look even WORSE.  Before then you were posting on Facebook on January 17th 18th and 19th with one post on January 17th about “how many weather-related accidents do you think we took tonight” and you took a poll on that when you should have been asking people if they’ve seen any trace of Toni Anderson.

We all know now why you weren’t because you’re guilty of her murder!!

So now lets address how you have completely blocked me from commenting on your page or sending you any private messages. And why would you do that? Was it because I was speaking so many facts regarding Richard blogs? Or was it because I had been asking since January on every single post on your page why you where not mentioning Toni?

I think you finally figured it out. I was not going to go away and I was going to be Toni’s voice for HER MURDER along with the other 1,400 people on the “Justice For Toni Anderson” Facebook page!! Now you have taken my First Amendment right away and blocked me from being Toni’s voice and SPEAKING MY OWN OPINION! Then anyone that sticks up for me and ask you why you deleted my comments you then delete their comment. What are you hiding???

Why are you hiding behind Facebook just to make sure the word doesn’t get out if the word wasn’t the TRUTH? Yet you wouldn’t put any effort in sharing her flier! This only MAKES YOU LOOK MORE GUILTY!

All this could go away if you would just share the QuikTrip surveillance video, the dash cam video and the street cam videos from the day Toni went missing! I know that you are using the Missouri Sunshine Law protects you from sharing this information and I call that bullshit!

The Missouri Sunshine Law protects certain videos from being shared if it’s going to hurt a case, jeopardize a victim, or spook a suspect. In this case since day one to the end you have screamed NO FOUL PLAY! So such laws wouldn’t protect said videos correct? Not to mention at one point when you were giving poor Pete Sanchez the run-around of which departments had the video and then you said that the dashcam video no longer existed. LIKE WHAT?? Now you make a post that it does! LIES LIES LIES LIES!

I’m going to end this letter by asking how the WOMEN POLICE OF NORTH KANSAS CITY and Capt. Stacy Graves of KCMO PD have the guts to protect murderers? This could be your daughter, niece, cousin, granddaughter! Did Toni deserve to die at age 20 at the hands of your “brothers in blue”?? How can you protect them. Stacy…how could you get on TV that horrible night when they recovered Toni and say it was an accident?? We could all tell by your body language that you were really weeping inside because you knew the truth and you had to lie.

WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO STAND AS ONE! Most all of you took an oath to protect your citizens of your city. SO WHY ARE YOUR PROTECTING murderers whether they wear a uniform or not? I’m very sad. Also if you don’t think NKCPD murdered Toni, then you’re still standing behind police officers on your force who have been sued for using excessive force towards men and women as a police officer. How can you protect cowards like that? That makes you women of North Kansas City PD no better.

Needless to say you can block me from your page but that won’t make Richard & I along with the other  people who will never go away EVER. We will continue to get the TRUTH OUT AND BE TONI’S voice! I kindly ask you to answer any and all questions in this letter to YOU.


TONI’S voice.

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