Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hansen Paid Off To Hide The Truth About Toni Anderson’s Murder


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This blog and others below are what the paid off media whore organization Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hanson ignore! The don’t even name FICKEN… who stopped Toni Anderson…amazing but NOT! More below

I ID’d NKCPD rouge terrorist thug cop Bill Ficken LONG before NKCPD came clean with altered video dash cam and time line. TWO individuals on the Justice For Toni Anderson Facebook page have gone out of their way to discredit me and what I have share…Mary Ward a White woman and who had experiences with Ficken thanks to her “husband” Jason…a friend of NKCPD cops and Adrian Lang who “slandered me” as the “white black man” that he is because he also did not want Wards info shared. And why? Because he is a “friend” of KCPD is why! He has a White woman as a “wife” and I can assure you if she was the victim of NKCPD rogue cops…he would be on Mary Ward like fruit flies on a pile of fresh monkey shit. To bad she wasn’t because I don’t see her saying one word about Toni on her page or her “Oreo” on his. You bet I will put the “race issue” in this…because HE IS A RACIST by working to snuff any and all information that tags HIS FRIENDS who are cops as does Mary Ward. Get it? GOOD!

Radio program on Sat 6/3/2017  8 Central Time discussing the latest Crime Watch Daily / Chris Hansen cover-up of the murder of Toni Anderson.

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This is the lated Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hansens cover-up of the truth about the murder of Toni Anderson complements of being “paid off” accessories to what happened to her at the hands of North Kansas City rogue thug cops Major Kevin Freeman, Bill Ficken who was seen following her out of QT, and the other officers being Christoper Kimmel, and Patrick Romine who were involved in the second stop AKA…”OMG just just stopped again” NEVER to be seen again!

They were ALL on duty the night Toni was abducted which is why ALL the dash cams, stop light videos from NKC QT to Parkville were shut down, the QT video and all the NKCPD vehicle dispatch information that was removed after the Ficken stop of Toni with there being a 6 hour gap in dispatch records from 4:40 on for 6 hours on on Jan. 15th.

No wonder the 3 day delay of LIES by KCPD covering for their rogue brothers in blue and the lies CWD quoting the KCPD liar extraordinaire KCPD Sgt. Ben Caldwell among others.

Nothing about the discrepancies in the autopsy and lies contained in…especially concerning length of Toni Anderson’s body in the water and the LIES about the chemicals in her body…drugs etc.

Good job Hansen…how much were you and Crap Watch paid? To bad a women in your family wasn’t the victim of NKCPD rogue cops and I mean that!

The below blogs are what Crime Watch Daily has IGNORED from the moment Toni vanished and they always will and that is why KCPD contacted them and helped them with this “case is closed”…no foul play LIE video that was authored by the king of hell himself!


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