A Woman’s God Inspired Vision Of What Happened To Toni Anderson And By Who

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https://valanderson.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/sisters-keeper.jpgIf I am not for them, I am against them. And woe that God’s reply comes to me, as it did to Cain: “What have you done?” [The echo in my head, “What have you not done?] “Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground!”

This was sent to me on April 23d by a woman friend and before Bill Ficken was outed by NKCPD with their cover their lying murdering asses altered video and Toni Anderson’s “fake autopsy”. When I read this…it was almost as if I too was seeing this “spiritually” as I felt the power of the imagery and the truth of what this woman was shown.

You reading this can decide what you feel or whatever you want to believe. For me…it is at least a confirmation of the NKCPD cops and Bill Ficken (and other’s) abducting Toni the second time after it was shown they followed her leaving Quick Trip. Yes…these are those who murdered Toni Anderson and God knows that Himself!


“I got caught up on your blogs and commend holy for taking a stand against the obvious. Nkcpd is fully corrupt and no one cares to admit it. Etc.

I went last week to park. No one paid one bit of attention to me. No drones. No neg eyes on me feeling. There was gun fire across river but sounded like cop shooting range. And felt one set of eyes on me. As if Toni was looking at me from houses on hill you can see from there.

And another vision. …. in the vision A male cop holding Toni’s phone…As if I was seeing thru it.

I saw all three cops you’ve mentioned. Both cop suvs. The black SUV two men not cops and the guy holding her phone was with them when they got Toni. I see her tied up in a barn in a very deep wooded area. This vision is of that am. It happened yesterday at work.

After I left park last weekend I went to nkc. I know it shows them following her south on Burlington but my gut says Buchanan street behind qt. So I turned into it.

That’s when I saw another vision. Her two cop suvs and black SUV stop her. The second stop. She texted. They approached and she ran. I never knew til recent she knew the area. Which I thought early on she did.
In my vision she turned left from Buchanan. Then right at light. Then left onto armor. Running all of it.

My vision early on , a good month into it, and visiting the 35 armor area a lot was the feeling of her presence. So as I drove the way i saw her doing I came to shoulder before exit to bond bridge. There is a 29 south sign and that’s is where I saw them finally get her.

Even last weekend that vision has never changed. They dragged her out of car. Kicking screaming etc and was put in black SUV. I see 6 ppl total. Three cops you’ve named. Two non cops and the male cop who is the same one on the vision w holding her camera of her being in a barn etc.

This male cop never harmed her. Only observed and helped.

But latest vision is that this guy has a very guilty conscience. He wants to come forward but can’t cuz he knows they will kill him for snitching.
Back to last week w me driving route I thought she ran and was caught. When I drove to that 29 south sign I felt Toni’s presence again as if she is still alive. If she is I felt her still in parkville. But then think why would ficken take chance in keeping her?”


Image result for her blood cries from the ground


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