Crime Watch Daily Program To Be Critiqued On My Radio Program 6/4/2017 8pm Central

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Image result for toni anderson missing car LIES AND MORE LIES which we will talk about!

Two surprise guests for your listening pleasure and especially for those who are sincerely interested in Justice For Toni Anderson as we expose those who are working hard to protect those guilty of her murder…with Crime Watch Daily and Chris Hansen being just another example of complicity and collusion with the NKCPD murderers Bill Ficken, Officers Romine, Kimmel and Freeman.

The Crime Watch Daily LIES will be exposed as well as NKCPD’s by a former Police Chief and Officer who in fact has been targeted by NKCPD for “death”!

Don’t miss this one! If you do…it is a PODCAST when uploaded!

Tonights program Crime Watch Daily, Toni Anderson Bill Bunting Mary Ward & Bill Ficken Connection started late! 🙂

I had a technical problem with tonights program…it started “late” due to “alarm clock failure” 🙂 But…I did start and finish it…and it was really REALLY GOOD! 🙂

It is now uploaded as a PODCAST….be sure to listen to this one…kinda proud of it… 🙂 Featured subjects were those named and my personal commentary about in intimate detail plus and including about Adrian Lang… 🙂

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